Solidarity with Venezuela Concert

News from Cuba | Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Thousands of Cubans gathered at the University of Havana’s Grand Stairway to express their unconditional solidarity with Venezuela and opposition to U.S. aggression.

The evening concert began with the two country’s national anthems - the Venezuelan heard in the voice of Commandante Hugo Chávez, via a recording made during the final days of his 2012 election campaign.

In the name of Cuba’s youth, Yosvany Montano, president of the Federation of University Students (FEU) welcomed the crowd to the event saying that Cuba’s youth sings for peace and self-determination for the peoples of Our America; that at a time when the Bolivarian Revolution is attacked, Cuba’s youth reaffirms its unconditional support to the Venezuelan people and government.

Speaking for the Cuban Five, all in attendance, René González Sehwerert recalled that this past December 17, when the anti-terrorists imprisoned in the United States for over 16 years were freed, the world awoke to a more just world with the U.S. empire recognizing that it could not defeat a people such as Cuba’s. Despite the celebrations which followed the announcement of talks to reestablish diplomatic relations, he emphasized that, as Che said, imperialism can never, never be trusted, “not even a bit.”

Solidarity was expressed musically by Raúl Torres, Pepe Ordaz, Marta Campos, Adrián Berazaín, Patricio Amaro, the Moncada group, the National Art School Jazz Band, Anny Garcés and Tammy López.

Also attending were Mer?cedes López Acea, first secretary of the Communist Party in Havana and member of the Political Bureau; José Ramón Balaguer; from the Party secretariat; Rober?to Montesinos from the Central Committee; Presidential advisor Abel Prieto; and Minister of Culture Julián Gon?zá?lez; in addition to other members of the Cuban Five and representatives from several diplomatic missions in Havana.

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