Cuba's Civil Society Delegation Not Present in Meeting with Presidents

News from Cuba | Friday, 10 April 2015

The entire Cuban delegation to the Civil Society Forum has decided NOT to participate in the dialogue that the representatives of this meeting were going to have on Friday with a group of leaders present in Panama for the 7th Summit of the Americas.

Rosa Maria Perez, president of the Cuban Association of Social Communicators read outside the Vasco Nunez de Balboa Convention Center, where the meeting was to be held, the declaration in which the island's social actors denounced that a mechanism had been designed " to force us to meet with mercenaries paid from abroad with the purpose of subverting the country's political and social system."

Since the arrival of the Cuban delegation to Panama the delegation has repeatedly denounced, with documented evidence, the identity of mercenaries and terrorists that do not represent the interests of the Cuban people.

"We want to express our rejection of any document that may arise without it being a result of the discussions that took place on Thursday in the tables of Citizen Participation and Democratic Governance held in the Cristal and Bella Vista halls," he pointed out.

Likewise, Perez denounced the manipulation the press has made of Cuba's performance, calling it as "intentional omission of the evidence we have presented."

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