Fidel Castro Awarded Honorary Degree in Bolivia

This article originally appeared on TeleSUR | Friday, 31 July 2015 | Click here for original article

Seven years after leaving office, Fidel Castro remains one of the Latin American left's most prolific figures.

A Bolivian university is set to award former Cuban head of state Fidel Castro with an honorary degree, Cuban media reported Saturday.

Fidel Castro will officially be handed the degree on Sunday by Bolivia's National University of the 20th Century, according to Cuban state newspaper Granma.

The newspaper reported the degree is in recognition of Fidel Castro's “fight in favour of the poor peoples of the world.”

Fidel Castro isn't expected to travel to Bolivia to receive the award. Instead, the award will be delivered to the Cuban embassy.

Although Fidel Castro left office in 2008, he remains today one of the Latin American left's most prolific figures.

Along with regularly writing on current affairs, since leaving office Fidel Castro has also received numerous international awards in recognition of his achievements while leading Cuba's revolution.

In 2014, Fidel Castro received China's Confucius Peace Prize for his contributions to advancing world peace.

At the time, prize co-founder Liu Zhiqin praised Fidel Castro for his peaceful approach to resolving international issues, according to the Chines state-owned Global Times.

“While in office, Castro did not resort to violence or force to settle disputes in international relations – especially with the United States,” Zhiqin stated.

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