Bush is making the world unsafe, says Cuban paper

Campaign News | Monday, 13 September 2004

Anti-terror crusade is excuse to impose US domination, says Cuban newspaper

Havana, Septmeber 11: The US government has led the world to the edge of the Apocalypse with its alleged anti-terrorist crusade, whose real purpose is to strengthen Washington's power over the rest of the world, the Cuban Granma daily newspaper said on Saturday, the anniversary of the attacks of September 11.

Three years after the September 11 attacks against New York and Washington, the Cuban newspaper said those tragic events gave the Bush administration the pretext it needed to put into practice "a lethal philosophy of racism, hegemony dominance, occupation, colonization and lies."

Granma questioned why Washington ignored so many possibilities to avoid the attacks, including intelligence reports from allies like Germany, and affirmed that despite the passage of time and various investigations, "many questions remain unanswered."

It recalled that the so called anti-terrorist crusade began in Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries in the world, while the threat of US aggression still hangs over what President Bush has called "60 dark corners of the world."

Thousands of Afghans massacred, cities destroyed, and a $400-billion war budget were some of the effects of the Bush policy, which has still not found Osama bin Laden.

The newspaper states that Afghanistan is still occupied by foreign forces, the country is poorer than ever, while instability and opium production increase.

The Cuban Communist Party daily says that oil led the White House to make Iraq the enemy and make a war based on lies such as existence of nuclear and chemical weapons, which were later discarded.

It also states that Bush's policy of force is a failure, with over a thousand dead and over 10,000 wounded soldiers by Iraqi resistance actions.

It finishes stating that three years after that tragedy of September 11 and after the war launched against the world, Bush's confrontation policy makes the world unsafe, and warns that the United States could be able to invade new territories, but not subjugate them, as demonstrated Afghanistan and Irak.


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