Trade Unions for Cuba eNewsletter Winter 2015 edition

Campaign News | Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Winter 2015 issue of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign's Trade Unions for Cuba eNewsletter is now available for download here. The newsletter contains the latest news on Cuba and CSC with particular emphasis on our work with trade unions.

This issue includes:

- Victory in the courts for Miami Five visa
- Cuban Futures and Latin America Conference round up
- The Co-op Bank Unilaterally closes the CSC bank account
- Visit Cuba for May Day 2016
- Trade Union News Round Up

To affiliate your branch to CSC, please either join online here or contact Ollie Hopkins, Campaign Officer, on Affiliating is solidarity in action against the US blockade for just £40 a year. Affiliates also recieve:

- Our quarterly journal CubaSí; packed full of the latest Cuban news, campaign work and music, book and film reviews

- Advice on study tours and twinning options with sister unions in Cuba

- Access to speakers and materials for meetings, events and conferences

- Additional briefings and campaign materials

- Voting rights at the Cuba Solidarity Campaign AGM

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