Cuba develops biopharmaceuticals to treat cancer

Granma | Thursday, 4 February 2016 | Click here for original article

Cuba currently has a total of 28 drugs registered, or in various stages of investigation, for the treatment of cancer, which include therapeutic vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, interferons and peptides, developed in different scientific institutions linked to the country’s biotechnology sector.

Dr. Rolando Pérez Rodríguez, of the Centre of Molecular Immunology, reported on Cuban advances in the sector an international seminar.

He noted that these biopharmaceuticals should have an increasing impact over the coming years in cancer treatment, with the aim of turning advanced cancer into a long-term manageable chronic disease, with an acceptable quality of life.

He also highlighted that the planned introduction in the country of advanced imaging equipment in nuclear medicine and oncology will lead to more effective treatment for malignant neoplasms, according to the specific biological characteristics of each tumour.

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