¡PRESENTE! Contemporary Art from Cuba

Campaign News | Thursday, 25 February 2016

¡PRESENTE! Contemporary Art from Cuba

October 2016, London

Help bring a young Cuban artist to Britain for the show

The Music Fund for Cuba, in collaboration with the Cuban Ministry of Culture and the GX Gallery, is organising a major exhibition of art from Cuba in London this Autumn. They need your help to bring Adislén Reyes, a rising young star of Cuban art, to Britain for the show and to participate in an associated programme of events.

To donate to the appeal please visit the Crowdfunder page by 20 March here.

The show will feature over 50 works of art, highlighting the diversity of Cuban visual artistic practice – from established artists with international recognition to emerging young prize winning artists. Two artists will travel to the UK for the opening and to participate in a programme of public talks and educational activities in London and other cities.

¡PRESENTE! has two goals. First it will give artists from Cuba a rare opportunity to display their work in Europe. And, second, the surplus from sales of the art will fund much needed supplies and materials for Cuba’s art schools. Both of these elements are vital aspects of this project as long as the US blockade remains firmly in place.

With a commitment to free arts education at all levels, Cuba boasts world-renowned arts schools which have produced many brilliant visual artists but the blockade by the US government starves students and artists of materials and opportunities for cultural exchange.

Adislén’s artworks use popular imagery in thought-provoking ways. They offer a social and political commentary on Cuba’s youngest generation and its relationship with the past. She will take part in public talks, educational activities and wider cultural events, reaching out to young people and broad audiences in the UK.

Support the Crowdfunder appeal by 20 March here

¡PRESENTE! Contemporary Art from Cuba

6—29 October 2016

at GX Gallery, Denmark Hill, London SE5

More about the exhibition here

About the charity here

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