Cuba: US Needs to Halt All Plans for 'Regime Change'

Telesur | Thursday, 10 March 2016 | Click here for original article

Granma asked Washington to end all radio and TV broadcasts to the island nation and to abandon all plans to fabricate a political opposition.

Cuban news outlet Granma published an op-ed Tuesday highlighting Barack Obama’s historic visit to the island, saying that despite the U.S. president's efforts to normalise relations with the Caribbean nation, there was still a very long road ahead for this to come true and told Washington to abandon all intentions to push for a change of government and all plans to "fabricate" an internal political opposition.

“The (U.S.) policy of 'regime change' has to be definitely buried,” the article states. “Also, all pretensions to fabricate an internal political opposition with money from U.S. taxpayers must be abandoned.”

The op-ed also demanded that “radio and television aggression against Cuba must be ended as they are a clear violation of International Law, as are the illegitimate use of telecommunications with political aim.”

The newspaper also criticised as “paradoxical” that the U.S. government takes measures toward ending the over 50-year blockade against Cuba, while at the same time increasing them affecting the Cuban people.

The article calls on Obama, whose visit March 21-22 marks the first time a U.S. president will visit the island since 1928, to embrace and respect the country’s unique history and alternative model of economic development.

“The Cuban people enjoy rights and have experienced important achievements that represent a model for many countries around the world, despite the limitations and conditions produced due it’s isolation, Cuba has earned it international recognition and respect.” The Granma op-ed stated.

The editorial goes on to note that Cubans are hopeful that a change in bilateral relations will improve upon the country’s important social gains, while also reducing the impacts of U.S. hostility and interference.

The article also encouraged the U.S. leader to lift the more than half-century-old U.S. economic blockade against Cuba, by using his executive powers to bypass the U.S. Congress.

Since December 2014, Cuban and U.S. officials have been working to mend ties between the two countries. In less than one year, important breakthroughs have been achieved.

However, the op-ed insists that the island’s socialist model will remain intact, “regardless of the progress that can be achieved in ties with the United States.”

“The Cuban people will continue. With our efforts and proven ability and creativity, we will continue working for the country's development and welfare of Cubans.” The article added.

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