Pedagogy 2017

News from Cuba | Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Cuba and the Havana Convention Centre has invited British teachers to participate in the fifteenth edition of the biannial Pedagogia Conference. Pedegogia 2017 will take place between 30 January and 3 February 2017 at the Havana Convention Centre.

Pedagogy 2017 is sponsored by UNESCO, UNICEF and many other international organisations and is widely seen as one of the leading events of its kind in the world.

The Cuban Teachers trade union, the SNTECD, has invited British teachers to the conference to join in the discussions and learn from each other's experiences.

For more information on Pedagagy 2017 please download the documents here

General Topics include:

1. Education in civic values and a culture of peace.

2. The professional performance of teachers in the development and transformation of educational systems

3. Challenges and perspectives in teacher education.

4. Public policies in science, technology and innovation for inclusive and sustainable development.

5. Information technology and communication in education. Their contribution to a culture for sustainable development.

6. Quality assessment for inclusive and equitable education within the framework of the 2030 Education Agenda.

7. Environmental education for sustainable development and disaster prevention.

8. Culture, education and society.

9. Physical education, sport and health in educational institutions.

10. Over-all attention for childhood and adolescence.

11. Directing the teaching-learning process.

12. Vocational training, employment and professional orientation in terms of social demands.

13. Organisation and administration of educational institutions. The contributions of the Educational Sciences to the development of educational practice.

14. School - Family - Community Integration for sustainable human development.

15. Literacy and education for youth and adults.

16. The thoughts of José Marti and Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro in the work of Cuban education.

17. Latin American Educational Thought.

18. Challenges and Prospects for training professionals in an innovating university.

19. Influence of unions and teacher associations on the sustainable development of education

20. Inclusive education, equitable, quality and life -long learning for all.

21. Education for indigenous peoples and the rural sector. Innovative policies for sustainable human development.

22. Quality technical and professional training and their contribution to the socio-economic development of countries.

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