Brazilian trade unions thank Cuba for support

Granma | Monday, 5 September 2016 | Click here for original article

The Brazilian Workers’ Federation (CTB) thanked the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba for its strong rejection of the parliamentary-judicial coup staged to oust the country’s legitimate President Dilma Rousseff.

The CTB sent a message of thanks to the Cuban government following its statement denouncing the impeachment of Rousseff, published in Granma and disseminated by workers and progressive and social movements from Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Brazil’s Popular Front called on progressive and social movements from the country and around the world to unite and mobilize against the antidemocratic coalition which led the impeachment process against Dilma Rousseff.

The National Workers’ Federation of Panama (CNTP) also sent a message to the Cuban government denouncing the parliamentary coup led by a group of corrupt legislators.

The Our America Trade Union Meeting condemned the anti-democratic character of Brazil’s bourgeois institutions and called a Continental Event for Democracy and against Neoliberalism for November.

Meanwhile, the Cuban Workers’ Federation (CTC) ratified its solidarity with the CTB and Brazil’s Workers’ Party, immersed in a struggle against the leaders of the coup, who are attempting to privatise the country’s resources for the benefit of transnational companies.

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