Stand with Cuba and vote against the US blockade

Campaign News | Monday, 24 October 2016

On 26 October Cuba will present a resolution at the United Nations General Assembly calling for the US to end its blockade of the island.

In the run up to the vote you can show you stand with the Cuba people and are against the blockade by taking part in the international social media campaign

#CubaVsBlockade #YoVotoVsBloqueo

What you can do

1. Please share the image and message below on your social media sites:

I support Cuba at the UN vote to end the US blockade. Add your voice #CubaVsBlockade #YoVotoVsBloqueo

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Upload a picture ofyourself and colleagues with the message #CubaVsBlockade #YoVotoVsBloqueo and post to your facebook feeds, tag us @CubaSolidarity or send us a copy to

2. Vote against the blockade on the Cuban site www.cubavsbloqueo/en

3. Join the Cuba Solidarity Campaign

The best way to support the campaign to end the US blockade of Cuba is to join the Cuba Solidarity Campaign. Join today and receive a special 15 track Cuban music CD and out magazine 4 times a year.

Find out more about the blockade

Background and history to the blockade
Read Cuba's 2016 Report to the United Nations
Watch a short film about the impact of the blockade

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