European-Cuban Solidarity movement declares its opposition to the Bush agenda

Campaign News | Thursday, 25 November 2004

UK CSC among 21 orgnanisations that met in Luxembourg

On November 20th the European solidarity orgnaisations met in Luxembourg for their biannual conference. The UK CSC was represented by two delegates. Below we reproduce the final declaration.

Final Declaration

We, more than a hundred and twenty representatives of solidarity and friendship organisations from 21 countries, who participated in the European-Cuban Solidarity Meeting in Luxembourg, November 20-21th 2004, declare:

The independence of Cuba and all the social achievements of its society are in danger. Although this October in the General Assembly of the United Nations 179 countries voted against the blockade of Cuba imposed by the United States, the danger is evident. During his re-election campaign, George W. Bush stated: “Just like Afghanistan and Iraq, I am worried about Cuba”. He added that he is committed to see an end to the “Castro regime”.

We condemn the reinforcement of the measures to economically strangle Cuba that were recently introduced by the Bush Administration.

The European Union uses Human Rights as a weapon against Cuba. In a resolution, passed on November 16th, the European Parliament criticises the supposed lack of Human Rights in Cuba. In reality, they want to change the political and economic system of the island. By its “Common Position”, the European Union clearly shows it is unwilling to respect the sovereign will and choice of the Cuban people.

We call upon the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament to change the “Common Position” and to establish normal relations with Cuba in all fields on the basis of mutual respect.

We demand that the European governments who are members of the UN Commission on Human Rights vote against the annual resolution that unjustly tries to accuse Cuba of violating human rights. We will oppose this potential attack upon Cuba, for instance, by organising a great demonstration on the 18th of March in Geneva.

We call upon the governments of the European countries to increase pressure on the government of the United States to free the five Cuban political prisoners serving unjust terms in US prisons. Their only “crime” was to fight against terrorist activities which, supposedly, are the major concern of the US government. In that way we demand their families visiting rights to be respected.

We call upon all people to defend Cuba against any kind of aggression and reaffirm our continuing solidarity and support to the Cuban people.

Luxembourg, November 21st 2004

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