CSC Statement on Trump's expulsion of Cuban diplomats

Campaign News | Wednesday, 4 October 2017

CSC Responds to Trump's Cuban Diplomat Explusions on TRT World

The expulsion of Cuban diplomats from Washington is a real set back in the recent efforts by Cuba and the previous Obama administration to foster a better more respectful relationship between the two countries.

Unfortunately, it’s another victory for Marco Rubio and the hard line anti Cuban groups in Miami who are the bedrock of his support. At a time when Trump is seeing his domestic support wane away, Rubio has become crucial as one of the few Republican cheerleaders for Trump’s policies.

Yet Rubio’s support comes at a price and Cuba finds itself once again as a sacrificial pawn within the US domestic power game, as recently displayed in Trump’s further tightening of the blockade announced at a rally in Miami in June.

The Cubans have called on US authorities not to politicise the alleged incidents. And indeed, the US government has made no accusation of Cuban involvement.

The entire incident has been blown up by Rubio and his accomplices who have repeatedly called for an ending of diplomatic relations with Cuba, a halt to US travel to the island and a return to overtly aggressive policies towards the island.

While the majority of Cuban Americans support the improvement of relations with Havana, an intransigent element remain committed to the failed policies of aggression and violence in their long standing 60 year ‘war’ against an independent and sovereign Cuba.

This is a dangerous time for Cuba which is still in recovery from the serious affects of Hurricane Irma. International solidarity with the island is as crucial now as ever.

Rob Miller, CSC Director, 03.10.17

Watch: CSC Repsonds to Trump's explulsion of diplomats on TRT World

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