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The Primsa preview the 2018 Summer Solidarity Brigade

The embargo imposed by the United States on Cuba is a commercial, economic and financial blockade enforced initially in 1958.

While the first blockade only included restrictions on the sale of arms, two years later, it was extended to all exports with the exception of food and medicine. Then, in 1962 the embargo included almost all kind of imports.

Additionally, the blockade included restrictions on travel for all people under the jurisdiction of the United States. According to Washington, the embargo will continue to take place as long as Cuba refuses to move towards “greater democratisation and respect of human rights”.

In 2016, the Obama administration took a step towards Cuba, announcing a relaxation of the blockade, allowing easier travel to the island and more commerce between the two countries.

However, back in the United States, supporters of the economic sanctions argue that Washington would appear weak for lifting the embargo, as, according to them, Cuba still has not met their conditions.

Most importantly, the embargo has been condemned by an overwhelming majority of the member states of the United Nations General Assembly, as it totally lacks legitimacy.

Moreover, the measures of arbitrary constraint have both economic and social effects denying people in Cuba the exercise of their basic human rights. The Cuba Solidarity Campaign is organising a summer brigade to allow members of solidarity organisations across Europe to travel to the island, show support and see the reality of the embargo. This experience also allows participants to learn about the country’s economic and social development.

As part of the initiative, participants will have the opportunity to work alongside Cuban farmers and participate in a program full of meetings with representatives of mass organizations, and talks about the current challenges of the blockade. Also, there will be the possibility to take part in cultural and eco-community projects.

The brigade includes a four-day trip to Santiago de Cuba, via Sancti Spiritus and Camaguey in commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada barracks of 1953.

On this occasion, it will be possible to meet veterans of the underground struggle, and participate in special activities for the celebration of the 26th of July, which is Cuba’s National Revolution Day.

The summer solidarity brigade to Cuba will take place from the 9th to the 29th of July 2018.

For further information email, call 0207 490 5715, or visit the Cuba Solidarity Campaign website to download the factsheet and application form.

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