Cuban Parliament Approves Declaration Condemning Helms-Burton Act

Prensa Latina | Sunday, 14 April 2019 | Click here for original article

The People''s Power National Assembly (Parliament) on Saturday condemned the hostile policy by the Government of the United States against the Caribbean island and the Helms-Burton Act, a genocidal extraterritorial project against the Cuban people.

The president of the International Relations Commission, Yolanda Ferrer, read the document that ratifies total commitment to the spirit of the Cuban Dignity and Sovereignty Reaffirmation Act, Law No. 80 of 1996, which declares the Helms-Burton Act illicit, inapplicable and without effect, and supports the Law on the Protection of National Independence and the Economy of Cuba, Law No. 88 of 1999.

In addition, the declaration reaffirms the irrevocable commitment to the will of the majority of the Cuban people, determined to defend their right to peace and self-determination, and to build a prosperous and democratic future in a Socialist Democracy.

Likewise, it thanks the lawmakers of the world who have expressed their rejection of the blockade and the Helms-Burton Act, and their respect for a loyal people, their lineage, who will make no concessions of any kind, nor will they renounce a single principle.

The declaration recognizes the statements and actions by the US Government against Cuba, aimed at deepening the deterioration of bilateral relations and resuming the policy of direct confrontation against the island-nation.

In that regard, it recalls that the blockade imposed for nearly six decades is a unilateral and arbitrary policy that violates the Cuban people's human rights.

That genocidal policy is the main obstacle to Cuba's development, violates international law, the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, and the rules of free trade, the declaration adds.

The document describes the Helms-Burton Act as a political instrument with pretentions of colonial domination that ignores the independence, sovereignty and right to self-determination of the Cuban people, and aims to persecute and sanction institutions and entrepreneurs of the world for doing business with Cuba.

The United States bets on the Helms-Burton Act to tighten its economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba, despite the world's rejection of the siege and the violation of international law that it implies.

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