President: Helms-Burton Act Reinforces Economic Siege of Cuba

Prensa Latina | Sunday, 14 April 2019 | Click here for original article

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said on Saturday at the People''s Power National Assembly (Parliament) that the Helms-Burton Act reinforces the economic siege of the Caribbean island. Washington is trying to activate that law aimed at taking us back to the beginning of history when we were a slave nation of an empire, Diaz-Canel underlined at the extraordinary session of the Cuban Parliament at Havana's Convention Center.

This year it (the United States) threatens us with the possible enforcement of Title III of the abovementioned law, which should be called slavery act, it has done so year after year since 1996, now it postponed it for a month or for a few days with arrogant threats.

The Helms-Burton Act is the 60-year-old blockade turned into a law, the president stressed.

What else can it do to us after so much time of persecution and aggressions? Evidently it seeks to close the siege against Cuban sovereignty, Diaz-Canel noted.

The current US administration, which disregards multilateralism, decided to bring back the world to its worst times, the Cuban head of State added.

We cannot underestimate Washington's escalation, financial persecution and the economic and commercial blockade of Cuba have increased, he went on to say.

The US has rolled back its relationship with our country by fabricating fake acoustic incidents and channeling millions-worth funds for counterrevolution and political subversion.

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