Cuba suggests United States to use subversion money in health insurance

RadioRebelde | Thursday, 28 May 2020 | Click here for original article

The money that United States annually allocates to promote subversion against Cuba could guarantee health insurance of some 10,000 people in that country, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said on Twitter today.

According to the Cuban FM, health insurance in USA exceeds four thousand dollars a year per capita, while the White House spends 40 million a year to destabilize inner order of the Caribbean island, "amount that could be used for the insurance of about 10,000 people, "he tweeted.

Analysts say that with the increase in unemployment following the COVID-19 pandemic, around 48 million people in United States have lost their health insurance or are underinsured, and most do not have the resources to cover a new one, even with state subsidies.

Rodriguez criticized yesterday also on social media that while the US government attacks Cuba´s international medical collaboration, it assesses as acceptable the death of one hundred thousand of its citizens due to COVID-19.

He also questioned the management of the pandemic by the current American administration, which ignored recommendations of prestigious experts, which would have saved half of those who have died in that country by COVID-19.

To date, the death toll in United States from the infectious disease exceeds 102,000, with more than 1,774 million infected.

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