Cuban FM denounces that United States attempts against peace in Latin America

Cuban News Agency | Friday, 28 August 2020 | Click here for original article

Bruno Rodriguez, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, denounced today that the government of the United States violates the principles of peace in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In his official Twitter account, the Cuban FM said that the peoples of the region have committed to fostering relations of friendship and cooperation, regardless of differences in political, economic and social systems.

It is above all about exalting the principle and way of acting that emphasizes unity in diversity, said the Cuban diplomat.

The government of the United States continues with the imposition of restrictive measures that hamper the full realization of trade and other activities, which hold back the development of many Latin American and Caribbean nations.

Rodriguez has stated on previous occasions that Latin American countries are committed to the peaceful settlement of disputes in order to forever banish the use of force in the region.

The colonial attitude of the United States on the hemisphere undermined efforts for peace and security, he stressed.

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