Rachel Hopkins MP nominates Cuban medics for Nobel Peace Prize

Campaign News | Friday, 20 November 2020

British Member of Parliament, Rachel Hopkins, has nominated Cuba’s Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade to receive the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. Rachel Joins fellow MPs Grahame Morris and Navendu Mishra in making a formal nomination.

In her submission to the Norwegian Nobel Committee Rachel Hopkins MP explained that

‘After COVID-19 was declared a pandemic the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade offered its assistance to any nation that requested help. Between March and August 2020, brigades have gone to 38 countries, treating over 350 thousand people and saving more than 9000 lives. More than 3,700 Cuban healthcare professionals have taken part in these brigades and over 60 % of the medics involved are women.’

Rachel Hopkins MP said

‘The Cuban medics of the Henry Reeve Brigade are a shining example of international solidarity. The Cuban medical brigade’s policy of compassion and humanitarianism epitomises the internationalism that all countries must work to replicate.’

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