Breaking the Blockade 3: Reactions to the 2021 UN vote online meeting

Campaign News | Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Join us live from New York to discuss the results of the latest United Nations General Assembly vote with Ana Silvia Rodríguez, Cuba's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN

On 23 June 2021 the United Nations General Assembly voted for the 29th time on Cuba’s resolution calling for an end to the US blockade.

In the third and final of our Breaking the Blockade series, which takes place a week after the UN meeting, we will discuss how the votes stacked up, what position countries took, what it means for Cuba, and how do we prepare for the thirtieth annual vote in 2022 – a year that also marks six decades of the US blockade against the island.

You can join the meeting live on Zoom at the link below:

You can also watch it live on YouTube here:

and send your advance questions for Ana Silvia Rodríguez to

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