Nearly 50 Percent of Cubans Vaccinated Against COVID-19

TeleSur | Wednesday, 6 October 2021 | Click here for original article

In addition, the Caribbean island leads the list of Latin American countries with the highest percentage of people vaccinated.

Cuba on Tuesday reached 48.9 percent of its population (5,470,999 people) with the complete Covid-19 vaccination scheme, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported.

The scheme includes people with a third dose and COVID-19 convalescent patients to whom 'Soberana Plus' has been administered. The vaccine was initially designed for those who had overcome the disease and then was used as a booster of other immunizers.

According to the latest reports from MINSAP, 9,500,166 people have received at least the first dose of one of the local immunizers, representing 84.9 percent of the country's entire population (11 million, 180 thousand approximately).

These numbers are for the 97 percent of all people eligible for vaccination, that is, those without any health problem and with all possibilities to have the Cuban vaccines Soberana 02, Soberana Plus, or Abdala administered.

This marker is above the world average, as only 45.8 percent of the globe's population have the initial injection, according to data from the information platform "Our World in Data."

In addition, the Caribbean Island leads the list of Latin American countries with the highest percentage of people vaccinated.

Out of the nine million Cubans mentioned above, there are six million 804 thousand three (60.8 percent) with a second dose applied and five million 245 thousand 735 (46.9 percent) with a third.

By the end of October 3, according to the Ministry of Health, a total of 21 million 549 thousand 854 doses of immunogens had been administered in Cuba.

Months ago, the nation approved a vaccination schedule to reach 92.6 percent of immunization by the end of November.

In addition, the country is the first in the world with a mass anti-Covid-19 immunization campaign for pediatric ages between two and 18 years. The campaign began on September 3 and by the end of the month, more than 1.6 million children had already received the first dose of Soberana 02 and Soberana Plus scheme (0-28-56 days).

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