UK Government presses the US to do more to end their unilateral Blockade of Cuba

Campaign News | Friday, 27 May 2022

British Foreign Office Under-Secretary Vicky Ford welcomed (24 May) the recent limited easing of US sanctions against Cuba announced by the Biden administration, calling the measures to allow family remittances and increased US-Cuba flight routes “a first step towards encouraging economic growth, especially in support of the private sector, and enabling the reunification of many Cuban families”

Her reply, in response to a parliamentary question tabled by Shadow Minister Fabian Hamilton MP, set out the UK’s continued opposition to the activation of Titles III and IV of the Helms Burton Act, which strengthen the blockade against Cuba, “to be contrary to international law. We have made our position on this clear, and continue to regularly engage US officials on this issue”.

Rob Miller, CSC Director said,

“It is great to see the Government continue its opposition to the extraterritorial aspects of the Blockade in parliament and at the United Nations. But the best way to encourage the US to change track is to show clearly that the UK supports trade, exchange and engagement rather than isolation and blockade. The British Government should be supporting UK companies wanting to trade with Cuba and use its own Protection of Trading Interests legislation to ensure that UK companies do not comply with US sanctions in this country”

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