Cuban teachers send their solidarity to British teachers in their fight for pay and conditions

Campaign News | Friday, 10 March 2023

Niurka González addressing the NEU conference in 2022

Niurka González addressing the NEU conference in 2022

The Cuban National Union of Education, Science and Sport Workers (SNTECD) has sent a letter of solidarity, on behalf of its membership of over half a million, to the National Education Union (NEU) as it prepares for more industrial action.

The letter, addressed from General Secretary Niurka González Orberá, expressed SNTECD’s gratitude for the “friendship and solidarity” that the NEU has shown over many years and wished the NEU every success in the “campaign for better pay and conditions for education workers across Britain.”

Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretaries of the NEU, expressed that the NEU “greatly value[s] the ongoing relationship of mutual respect and solidarity between the NEU and SNTECD” in their reply. They noted the “high esteem in which education staff are held in Cuba” and highlighted the “widespread respect for the teaching profession” in the country.

You can read the SNTECD’s full letter here.

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