Solidarity at the CWU - conference fringe report

Campaign News | Tuesday, 7 May 2024

CSC was pleased to welcome the new Cuban ambassador and General Secretary of the Communications Workers Union (CWU) to the Cuba fringe at the CWU national conference in Bournemouth in April.

It was the first visit to a trade union conference since arriving in the UK earlier this year for Ambassador, Ismara Vargas Walter, who used her opening remarks to state clearly how “the blockade continues to be the central element of the United States policy towards Cuba."

"The effects of this undeclared war on the economy, society, daily life and dreams of over 11 million Cubans are immeasurable," she said, and went on to explain that over 80 per cent of Cuba’s current population has never experienced life in Cuba without the blockade.

CWU General Secretary, Dave Ward, reiterated his union’s steadfast support for the people of Cuba pledging that “Our union will back the Cuba Vive medical aid appeal and look for ways to do everything we can to support of our friends and colleagues in Cuba at this difficult time.”

Allan Eldred, CWU executive member chaired the meeting and thanked members for their ongoing international solidarity and appealed for even more CWU branches and regions to affiliate to CSC.

Rob Miller, CSC Director, reminded delegates that the US had designed the blockade “to cause hunger and desperation upon the Cuban people and that was still the objective today”. Rob called for trade unions here to increase their levels of international solidarity at a time when the Cuban people need that support more than ever.

Cuban Ambassador, Ismara Vargas Walter,

Cuban Ambassador, Ismara Vargas Walter,

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