Victim of terrorism reveals more of Posada Carriles' crimes

Campaign News | Tuesday, 19 July 2005

More than 60 people killed by his groups

Havana, July 18 (AIN) One of the victims of torture by order of terrorist Posada Carriles, recently revealed a list of 60 people killed by groups led by the terrorist in Venezuela during the 1960's.

Angel Bastidas, former member of the Venezuelan Communist Youth, was arrested and tortured by a group of the General Direction of Police led by Posada, who was known then as Captain Basilio.

In an article published by the Todos Adentro weekly newspaper, Bastidas published a list with more than 60 names of victims and he added that the list was not complete. It included Fabricio Ojeda, Dora Gonzalez, Lídice Alvares, Jose Gregorio, Rodriguez, Alberto Lovera y Federico Botin Marín.

Bastidas recalled that Posada was one of the Cuban counter revolutionaries taken on by the Venezuelan governments from 1965 to 1970 to lead repression in that country.

Orlando Bosch, Ricardo Hernandez Navarrete (El Mono) and Orlando Garcia, among others were also part of this group, said Basilio, while denouncing that some of these murderers have never been tried for their crimes.

The Venezuelan recalled that on November 2000, Posada Carriles and three other terrorists organized a murder attempt against Cuban President Fidel Castro to be carried out during the 10th Iberian American Summit held in Panama.

Bastidas also mentioned Posada Carriles' services for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which included planning the blowing of a Cuban airliner in midair in October 1976, killing all 73 people aboard.

Venezuela has petitioned the US government to turn in Posada Carriles to the Venezuelan authorities, so he could be tried there for his crimes.

Torture victim reveals Posada?s evil past

Caracas, July 17: A man previously tortured under the orders of Posada Carriles in Venezuela revealed a list of more than 60 people killed by groups led by the Cuban born criminal.

Angel Bastides, a former member of the Communist Youth, then arrested by a group from the Police General Division (DIGEPOL) headed by Posada Carriles, denounced that many of the killers are still free.

Bastidas ascertained Posada, already wanted by Venezuelan justice from the United States, has played a role in the repression of civil rights activists in the 1960's and 70?s.

Venezuela is currently clamoring for the extradition of the Cuban born terrorist with a Venezuelan citizenship, responsible of the blowing of the a Cuban plane in mid-air, which took the lives of 73 people.

In an article published in “Todo Adentro” weekly edition, Bastidas recalls that Posada was one of several Cubans counter-revolutionaries hired by the Venezuelan government during the term of 1965 -1970 to lead repression.

The group included among others, Orlando Bosch, Ricardo Hernandez Navarrete (El Mono) and Orlando Garcia.

He also stated Posada and his accomplices organized former guerrillas into a group of informants called the “Escorpion Group” headed by Luis Borges (El Niño Jesús) with the participation of Miguel Morao, Julio Lobo (Cocolia), Julio Alencar (Nerio) and Ramon Vargas (Ariel).

Bastidas detailed in his article a list with more than 60 names of people killed, which he said is not complete, among them Fabricio Ojeda, Dora Gonzalez, Lidice Alvarez, Jose Gregorio, Alberto Lovera and Federico Marín.

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