Trinidad, Cuba under repair after Hurricane Dennis

Campaign News | Thursday, 21 July 2005

Intense recovery work following hurricane continues

Trinidad, July 20: The repair of thousands of homes affected by Hurricane Dennis is underway in the colonial city of Trinidad, Cuba, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the picturesque town in south-central Cuba over 7,900 homes were damaged including 457 totally destroyed.

Trinidad was founded in 1514 and the oldest part of the villa including highly valuable architectural buildings suffered the 200 km/h winds of the hurricane.

Damage to 181 houses, mainly the roofs, has already been repaired. Another 632 home owners have received the necessary construction materials. Work is also underway to rebuild the 36 totally destroyed houses in the coastal town of Casilda.

Electrical workers from Villa Clara and Havana are working to repair the 33,000 volt power lines while those from Sancti Spiritus are in charge of distribution to the population.

Residents in the municipality of Trinidad are still without electricity due to the destruction of 51 cement towers that carry the 110,000 volt line between the city and Cienfuegos.

Workers from Ciego de Avila and Camaguey provinces are working in a difficult access zone between the ocean and the Escambray Mountains, using bulldozers and other heavy equipment.

On July 8, the powerful Hurricane Dennis hit the sea close to Trinidad. It was considered the strongest hurricane that has ever affected the villa founded by Diego Velazquez.

Cuban power system reconnected

Havana, Jul 18 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban power system, brought down by powerful hurricane Dennis, has been reconnected again after 15 days of intense work, local TV informed Monday.

Such efforts also allowed reestablishing the power line supplying about 100 extra megawatts to the national power system from the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Plant, in western Matanzas province.

The power plant has now increased its generation capacity to 300 megawatts.

Cuba?s electricity system was cut off after Hurricane Dennis brought down several electricity pylons between Matanzas and Villa Clara provinces.

Recovery works in the provinces hit by hurricane Dennis continue at high speed, with electricians working up to 15 hours daily.

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