United Nations: Cuba ranks among top 57 countries in human development

Campaign News | Thursday, 8 September 2005

Cuba officialy recognised as having acheived human development

United Nations, Sep 7: Cuba is among the 57 member countries of the UN Development Programme with high human development scores, according to a report published Wednesday at the UN.

The document compares high, medium and low human development states for life expectancies, education and real incomes.

Among nations with high human development are Norway, Iceland, Australia, Luxemburg, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland and Belgium. The United States and Japan are 10 and 11, while Great Britain and France 15 and 16, and Germany and Spain 20 and 21. Cuba is 57.

Countries with medium human development include 88 states, among them Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Guatemala.

Haiti and 31 African nations are among those with low human development.

The UN report states that the information that determines these scores was taken in 2003 and includes 175 UN member countries, along with the Chinese territory of Hong Kong, Palestine and the occupied territories.

The report lists Cuba as having the lowest infant mortality rate in the whole of Latin America.


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