Cuba converting cane-growing areas for food and reforestation

Campaign News | Saturday, 10 September 2005

Second stage of restructuring begins

Havana, Sep 9 (Prensa Latina) Over 300,000 hectares of cane will be replaced with other cultivation in the second stage of the restructuring process undertaken by the Cuban Ministry of Sugar (MINAZ), called task Alvaro Reynoso.

The lands will be sown with food, vegetables, seasonings, fruits and timber-yielding trees to strengthen production for the domestic market and reforestation in the country, which has faced excessive exploitation of its forests since 1958.

As in the first phase of task Alvaro Reynoso, salary and employment or study support will be guaranteed, and are evidence of appropriate social and industrial assistance, informed the document discussed with sugar producing workers and their families.

Through the information provision and discussion process, farmers and agronomists learned that transport, health services, and food provision will continue under the charge of the Ministry of Sugar.

Luis Manuel Avila, first Vice Minister of the Sugar Industry, informed workers in the municipality of Melena del Sur in Havana province, that more than 2500 social constructions will be built in areas where sugar refineries have been closed down.

Tania Varela, Georgina Brito and other citizens expressed to Prensa Latina their confidence in the measures suggested and approved at the public meeting, attended by officials and authorities from the Ministry and the municipality.

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