Book links both Bushes to terrorist Posada Carriles

Campaign News | Friday, 2 December 2005

Authors say Bush Jr. is protecting his father

Caracas, 1 Dec: The book "The Terrorist of the Bushes" ("El Terrorista de los Bush") by Venezuelan journalists Ernesto Villegas and Alexis Rojas went on sale Thursday at Kuai Mare bookstores, main Venezuelan publishing house.

The book discloses links between terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and both Bush administrations and with Venezuelan ex President Carlos Andres Perez' first administration, Villegas told Prensa Latina.

"Today's US administration has not responded to the extradition request made by Venezuela because it has a very powerful reason not to deliver him," Villegas added.

According to the author, Posada Carriles, arrested several months ago in the US, knows too many secrets and if he leaves the country, many dark facts and tricks could be disclosed on the relations between the Bushes and violent anti-Cuban groups.

The book depicts the actions of the terrorist of Cuban origin and with Venezuelan nationality between 1961 and 2005 and the title suggests the clear links he has with two US presidents.

The book reveals documents demonstrating CIA knowledge of the plan to blow up the airborne civilian Cuban plane and doing nothing to prevent it.

That terrorist attack took place on October 6, 1976 off the coasts of Barbados, resulting in 73 killed. Posada Carriles admitted being one of the masterminds behind it.

George Bush senior was a CIA agent at the time the agency recruited Cuban counterrevolutionaries, including Posada Carriles, and later was the agency's director when the attack on the Cuban plane took place.

Bush padre was US vice-president when the terrorist was illegally taken from a Venezuelan prison in 1985, where he was being held for trial for the bombing of the plane.

Authors Rosa and Villegas have pictures linking Posada Carriles with terrorist Felix Rodriguez, in charge of the operation to pull him out of the prison.

Part of the book's information was based on documents from the Venezuelan intelligence agency (DISIP) delivered by an informant.

The documents reveal ties between Venezuelan authorities of the time and Posada Carriles during Carlos Andres Perez's first administration (1974-1979), when Posada became DISIP Chief of Operations and when he tortured Venezuelan revolutionaries, another of the accusations against him.

Posada Carriles is held in custody in the United States waiting for a judicial decision on a minor charge of illegal entry into the US.

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