Fidel says Condoleeza Rice is 'mad'

Campaign News | Monday, 26 December 2005

Cuban leader slams new US hostility

Havana Dec 24: Cuban President Fidel Castro has called the US secretary of state "mad" to think US moves to engender democratic and economic change on the island could be successful.

On Dec. 19, Condoleezza Rice said a government commission on Cuba had been reconvened and would report by next May on more measures to promote change.

She said the time had come to end 46 years of "cruel dictatorship".

But Mr Castro described the venture as "befuddled" and said the Cuban revolution was stronger than ever.

President George W Bush appointed the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba in late 2003 under the leadership of Ms Rice's predecessor, Colin Powell.

It received its first recommendations in May 2004.

The proposals are designed to hasten the fall of Mr Castro and prevent his younger brother, Raul, from succeeding him.

Mr Castro asked the National Assembly if there could be "anything more befuddled than having this crazy woman speak of transition [in Cuba]?"

"They are stark raving mad. It's pitiful," he said, quoted by Efe news agency.

Mr Castro also described the revolution as "the sanctuary of universal ethics."

Cuban TV exposes the subversive activities of US diplomats

Havana 22 Dec: The US government has multiplied this year its anti-Cuba subversive and provocative activities through its Interest Section (SINA) in Havana.

Panelists speaking at the TV news analysis show Round Table on Tuesday and Wednesday night said these actions seek to accelerate the Bush-promoted "Transition Plan for a Free Cuba," designed to topple the Cuban Revolution and recolonize the country.

The new SINA chief Michael Parmly has continued the same cynical and aggressive conduct of the previous White House representative in Havana, Cuban journalists commented at the program.

They noted that the call made by the US diplomatic head in Havana to counterrevolutionary elements on December 10 was another anti-Cuban act, under the pretext of the International Human Rights Day.

The aim, said the analysts, is to seek a political argument to justify a direct aggression and the military intervention in the island, by allotting large quantities of money and indoctrinating internal mercenaries.

This escalation of actions has been bolstered by visits of SINA?s alleged diplomats and officials to the houses of the main counterrevolutionary groups? leaders.

In Parmy?s new method, he joins tele-conferences in and outside Cuba, meets with US academic institutions to raise funds and promotes TV and radio broadcasts, specially using radio Praga.

Panelists also rejected the new proposals by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who will propose President George W. Bush additional measures to accelerate the so-called transition and speed up what she called "the necessary transformation of Cuba."

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