Cuba reaffirms commitment to Caribbean integration

Campaign News | Friday, 6 January 2006

ACS secretary general meets with Carlos Lage

Havana 05 Jan: CARLOS Lage, vice president of the Council of State, today reaffirmed Cuba’s commitment to the aspirations of integration and sustainable development with justice defended by the Association of Caribbean States (ACS).

On receiving Rubén Silié Valdez, secretary general of that agency, the likewise secretary of the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers of Cuba confirmed the interest, political will and genuine priorities by asking his guest: "How can we help you?"

The meeting with the Dominican ACS secretary, who talked to Lage about his visits to the island, was a cordial one.

Speaking of his current tour, Silié Valdez said that he was impressed by the titanic effort of the Cuban people and the results, a creative work all the more surprising given the conditions in which it has been attained.

In that context he mentioned his talks this Wednesday with Carlos Manuel Pazo, minister of transport, and his subsequent meeting with railroad workers in the Ciénaga workshop in City of Havana.

"That is how I learned of projects, advances and obstacles in the recovery process of the sector but, above all, and that is what most moved me, of the awareness of the workers and their conviction that everything that they do is not just for the well-being of their people, but also for the Caribbean and the world," he emphasized.

He added that Cuba’s support is essential for the integrationist ideas of the ACS, with 25 member states and for which the time has come to move from little to great projects linked to development and that would place it in a higher dimension.

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