Vice president reaffirms confidence in future of Chilean people

Campaign News | Sunday, 12 March 2006

Carlos Lage attends inauguration of Michelle Bachelet

SANTIAGO DE CHILE, 12 March-Cuba’s Vice President Carlos Lage reaffirmed here today his confidence in the future of Chile and wished new President Michelle Bachelet success in her term of office.

“We totally share the hopes of the Chilean people at this historic moment,” affirmed the leader, who arrived Friday in Santiago accompanied by a Cuban delegation to attend the investiture ceremonies, reported PL.

Today Lage and his delegation placed a wreaths at the monuments guarding the remains of President Salvador Allende (1970-1973) and those of the emblematic communist leader Gladys Marin, in the capital city’s general cemetery.

They also visited the monument to the “Chilean Internationalist Combatants, the resting place for the remains of more than one dozen militants from distinct leftist organizations who fell fighting in Nicaragua and El Salvador in the 70’s.

The Cuban delegation included Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque; Yilliam Jiménez, deputy minister of foreign affairs; and José Arbezú, deputy director of the International Relations Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, among others.

Lage and Pérez Roque were received hours after their arrival by Bachelet in a meeting that Cuban sources described as friendly and relaxed, in which they spoke of topics related to the future of relations between the two nations.

In a statement to journalists, the Cuban vice president emphasized that Latin America today is experiencing a “new awakening” as a result of the “total failure of neoliberalism”, inequalities and the lack of any solution to the fundamental problems confronting its people.

He underlined that the process has also been accelerated by the hegemonic and imperialist policies of the United States, “using imposition and lies as tools for trying to dominate the world,” explained Lage.

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