BBC Radio broadcasts documentaries on Cuba and planning for death of Fidel

Campaign News | Thursday, 13 April 2006

Programmes air on 13 and 17 April

London 11 April - The BBC correspondent Nick Caistor has been to Havana and Miami to assess the future of Cuba after Fidel Castro dies.

His programmes entitled "After Castro: Preparing for the Unthinkable" are to be aired in the Crossing Contenents series.

BBC Radio 4's Crossing Continents are being broadcast on Thursday, 13 April, 2006 at 1102 BST and will be repeated on Monday, 17 April, at 2030 BST.

In the programme from Havana, he talks to Cubans who talk frankly about the prospect of the death of Fidel and make clear their determination to continue the revolution.

But Caistor also talks to dissidents and Miami Cubans.

Further details and downloads of the programme are available at:

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