Bush is an ally of terror, Fidel tells May Day million

Campaign News | Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Cuban leader condemns US hypocrisy

Havana, May 2 (Prensa Latina) Cuban head of state Fidel Castro has accused President George W. Bush of complicity with international terrorism.

Addressing the huge International May Day rally in Havana?s Revolution Square, Fidel referred to Washington?s protection of the masterminds of horrendous crimes against Cuba and other nations in Latin America and the world.

More than one million Cubans had gathered before dawn in the square to take part in the May Day celebrations.

To illustrate Washington?s involvement with terrorists, Fidel mentioned the now officially-recognized ties between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency with the illegal entry to the US of the notorious criminal Luis Posada Carriles and his scorts in the Santrina vessel from Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

"Posada Carriles enjoys privileges while thousands of undocumented immigrants are pursued, jailed and repatriated," he stressed.

Likewise, the Cuban statesman emphasized the recent detention in Los Angeles of terrorist Robert Ferro, of Cuban origin, who had 1,571 weapons in his California residence. Fidel disclosed Ferro?s links with Alpha 66, a Miami-based terrorist organization, and stressed that some of those weapons came from the US government.

He described Alpha 66 as one of the most dangerous and active Miami terrorist organizations, also linked to the Operation Condor that killed former Chilean foreign minister Orlando Letelier, whose car was blown up in Washington DC, and Chilean democratic military officers Carlos Pratts and Juan Jose Torres.

There is no sea or border that limits these criminal groups, and an example of that is the mid-air bombing of a Cuban civilian aircraft off the shores of Barbados in 1976.

The most important fact of these actions of terror -Fidel continued- is their linkage with the Bush family, Orlando Bosh and Posada Carriles.

Fidel cautioned that the ongoing military exercises in the Caribbean involving modern US aircraft carriers, tens of sophisticated warplanes and a nuclear submarine with missiles and other weaponry devised to destroy communications should not be draw apart from Washington?s hostile anti-Cuban policy.

In addition, the Cuban leader flatly rebuffed what he called White House?s cynical accusation of terrorism against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Havana.


Huge celebrations planned for May Day

Havana 30 April: Millions of workers and their families will celebrate May Day throughout the villages, communities, towns and cities of Cuba.

Every year, May Day serves as a reaffirmation of the Cuban revolution and the fighting spirit, discipline and enthusiasm that characterizes the nation.

Under the banner of United in Defense of the Socialist Homeland, massive and colourful marches, parades and celebrations are being planned in every corner of the island in response to the call set forth by the Trade Union of Cuban Workers (CTC).

In preparation of celebrations, a plenary meeting with political, administrative, union and youth leaders from the provinces of City of Havana and Havana, and leaders from the Revolutionary Armed Forces (Far) and the Ministry of the Interior was held in Havana.

Esteban Lazo, a member of the Political Bureau, said that there are many reasons to celebrate this historic day including the work of the Cuban Revolution and advances in healthcare, education and other sectors, reported AIN news agency.

Lazo pointed out that the US is about to announce new threats against Cuba and that this constitutes another reason to demonstrate the unity of the country and the support of its leaders. He said that people must keep in mind that cherished values are at stake including the ideals that many Cubans have fought and died for over the long history of Cuba. The meeting was also chaired by Pedro Saez, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Havana; and Pedro Ross, general secretary of the CTC.


British Solidarity Delegation to celebrate May Day in Cuba

Havana, Apr 27 (ACN) Ken Gill, president of the British Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba arrived in Havana to participate in the May Day celebrations and to join the island in the battle against the blockade and the aggressions of the US government.

The European delegation also includes Rob Miller, director of the organization, which groups union activists and outstanding social fighters.

Leonel Gonzalez Gonzalez, member of the Secretariat of the Cuban Workers Confederation (CTC), received the group, which promotes important protests against the blockade, not only in Great Britain, but also in all of Europe.

Their members also support the battle for the liberation of Gerardo Hernandez, Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero, Rene Gonzalez and Ramon Labanino, the five Cuban anti-terrorists unjustly imprisoned in the US since 1998.

They have gathered thousands of signatures to be sent to the US Attorney General bolstering the international actions for the freedom of the Cuban Five.


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