Cuba working hard to finish 100,000 homes

Campaign News | Thursday, 1 June 2006

People urged to participate in building programme

Havana, 31 May (ACN): Due to a serious shortage of housing, Cuba is working hard to complete the 100,000 homes expected to be constructed by the end of this year.

Victor Ramirez Ruiz, President of the National Housing Institute made this announcement on Tuesday in Havana adding that, in the project, Havana is the only province that has fulfilled with its program up until April completing 2,990 homes.

But, in addition to Havana, other territories are also joining into the effort like Camaguey, Ciego de Avila, Sancti Spiritus and Matanzas, promising good prospects for the island.

However, the territory must carry on with other aspects like the construction of homes for those that were affected by the hurricanes and bringing in the participation of the families in their construction efforts, said the specialist.

He added that they must eliminate the backlog of 200 homes promised to the Cuban Workers Confederation to be given out by the trade unions.

Lazaro Calderin, Union leader said that the objective is to arrive at the 19th CTC congress with 10,000 homes completed in the country.

Israel Alonso, member of the Central Committee, urged the encouragement of people’s participation in the construction of homes, the local production of materials and not to work carelessly on the quality of what is being built. He reiterated that Havana has the possibility of fulfilling its target in this respect.

The territory has a year plan for 8,280 homes, but is working to reach 10,000 and closed the month of May with over 880, at the same time surpassing the plans for renovation and conservation with 1,841 and 3,828 homes, respectively.

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