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Campaign News | Thursday, 29 May 2003

Explore, Experience and Enjoy the Real Cuba.


Explore, Experience and Enjoy the Real Cuba.

Architectural and Housing Study Tour

31st January – 14 February 2004, 29th January – 12 February 2005

From £1,225.00

A pioneering study tour looking at Cuba’s unique architectural heritage and the achievements and challenges facing Cuba’s housing system today. The tour will include visits and discussions with Cuban housing and development agencies, restoration programmes of colonial buildings under the direction of the Office of the City Historian and community organisations participating in local housing projects. A fascinating tour that will look far beyond the traditional guidebooks’ image of crumbling colonial buildings in Old Havana.

The Eco Trail

Exploring Cuba’s Green Agenda.

21st February – 6th March 2004

From £1,299.00

Luis Santamaria will be leading the Campaign’s original Eco Trail Tour in an exciting encounter with the Cuban environment. Luis has travelled extensively throughout Cuba, is a fluent Spanish speaker and has co-ordinated an exciting study tour that will enable you to experience a unique perspective into Cuba’s developing green issues. The full ecological agenda will include visits to a food conservation project, organic farm/allotment and an environmental research station with opportunities to meet Cuban researchers and workers at Cubasolar, ICAP and the Mountain Agronomy Faculty at Las Villas University. The tour is a three centre based programme, including Havana, Trinidad and the Escambray Mountains and Las Terrazas, a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Ample time for relaxation and enjoyment of local historic and cultural visits has been incorporated into this tour.

Today’s Cuban Revolution is also a Green Revolution.

The José Martí Sponsored Cycle Cuba Challenge

14th – 22nd February 2004

£200 registration and £1,600 sponsorship

Join the Campaign’s Sponsored Cycle Challenge and raise money for medical and educational aid projects in Cuba. An exhilarating 210-mile cycle tour through the lush Cuban countryside, UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and National Parks with guided cultural visits on route. Experience rich Cuban culture at first hand whilst pedalling to the Cuban salsa beat. Each participant will pay a £200 registration fee and then raise £1,600 in sponsorship. The group will deliver educational materials to a Havana school.

“Cycle round Cuba and raise money for Cuban hospitals and schools? What a revolutionary idea!” says Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn, a previous years’ Cycle Cuba Challenger.

Santa Clara Libre!

Group Study Tour of Central Cuba

27th December 2003 – 11th January 2004, 20th November – 4th December 2004

From £1,299.00

Join Father Geoff Bottoms on one of his unique Study Tours to Cuba. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the Cuban people in their neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools and hospitals and experience the achievements of the Revolution as well as the problems caused by the US blockade of over forty years, with time to relax and enjoy the local entertainment and stunning scenery. Highlights include the multi-media celebration at the Che Memorial on the anniversary of the attack on Batista’s troop train and taking part in the 45th anniversary celebrations of the Revolution on New Year’s Day in Santa Clara, soaking up the delights of the museum town of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, joining the Cuban vaqueros (cowboys) on a cattle ranch and visiting one of the centres of excellence of Cuban ballet in Camaguey. Returning to Havana, after a couple of days at the idyllic island resort of Las Brujas, we visit the historic sights and even find time to follow the Hemingway trail to Cojimar. The final day in Havana will include a visit to ICAP with a possible meeting with the families of the Miami Five.

Solidarity Work Brigades

30th August – 20th September 2003, 13th December 2003 – 3rd January 2004,

26 June – 17 July 2004, 18 December 2004 – 08 January 2005.

From £875.00

Solidarity brigades give participants the opportunity to express practical solidarity with the Cuban people on a working holiday to Cuba alongside people from several other European countries. The brigades consist of approximately two weeks working and one week sightseeing on a fully guided itinerary. Brigadistas will work in the verdant orange and grapefruit groves in the rich citrus producing area south west of Havana or help with construction work in the camps. The brigades include a diverse programme of visits to schools, hospitals and workplaces to enable you to gain a unique insight into present day Cuban society and the opportunity to meet with Cubans from all walks of life. Participants can also enjoy salsa lessons, Spanish language classes, sports and cultural meetings at the camp.

Experience Cuba from a Unique Perspective

For further details, information and application forms please contact

Simon Bull, Specialist Tours Coordinator

Tel: 020 7263 6452


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