Bush’s Mein Kampf

Campaign News | Monday, 17 July 2006

By RICARDO ALARCON DE QUESADA, President of the Cuban Parliament

Havana, July 14: "For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open." (Mark 4.22)

Speaking about Cuba, Tom Crumpacker* is not exaggerating when he compares Bush’s annexationist plan to Hitler’s Mein Kampf. In fact, these are the only examples of publicly announced plans to subjugate a nation.

The two programs are equally genocidal and racist. In my previous article on this topic, I noted that if Bush’s Plan were implemented, Cuba would be destroyed as a nation and its citizens would be enslaved until extermination. That was what happened to millions of people in European countries occupied by Hitler’s army.

The blockade against Cuba is undoubtedly an act of genocide, and has always been. A policy which is intended to "cause hunger and desperation" -as it was recorded on eventually declassified official documents drawn up in 1959 and 1960- can only be described as genocidal. The plan approved in 2004 and the additional measures Bush endorsed this past Monday are intended to increase Cubans’ suffering. But the Bush administration wants go beyond that. Hitler’s disciple, just like his teacher, knows no bounds.

The blockade was conceived and has been implemented for close to half a century to seriously harm Cuba and its citizens. But now Washington wants to extend it to other countries and peoples of the Third World.


Some measures included in Bush’s Plan seek to impair Cuba’s medical cooperation with other nations. The US administration wants to obstruct the provision of medical services being provided in Cuba -or by Cuban doctors in other countries- to thousands of patients to cure cataracts and other eye diseases.

They are trying to prevent Cuba from training thousands of young people as doctors and other specialists. Likewise, they persist in sabotaging the work of our physicians, technicians and nurses in other countries. Bush believes he can cripple the "Operacion Milagro" program, wreck the Henry Reeve Medical Contingent, and bridle Cuba’s Latin American School of Medicine.

Of course, things are easier said than done. But whether Bush succeeds or not, those are some of the measures he has just approved. That is some of the filth he has just announced.

The American government should "deny export licenses" for medical equipment that could be used "in large-scale medical programs that cater to tourists and foreign patients" or in "tourist or foreign care institutions." This is what Bush proclaimed on pages 31 and 32 of the document he endorsed on June 10.

Ironically, such an endeavor would entail the recognition of a fact that is becoming more difficult to conceal: Cuba’s noble gesture of internationalism and solidarity with millions of people from Pakistan, Indonesia, Africa, the Caribbean, the Andes and Central America.

Neither the arrogant empire nor any of its minions in other capitalist countries can demonstrate anything even remotely similar to this genuine international effort. Our cooperation is an example of a struggle for life and for the fundamental rights of millions of human beings. None of them is capable of doing what this small, blockaded and persecuted island does.

We feel indignation to know that thousands of victims of Katrina Hurricane in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are still demanding help. Many of the victims were displaced and are currently living as refugees in their own country. A great number died unprotected and unassisted. Cuba’s Henry Reeve Medical Contingent- which Bush now wants to destroy- was not allowed to assist those people. Thousands of children disappeared and thousands of parents are still looking for them. New Orleans and the Katrina Hurricane will always remain symbols of the inhuman character of capitalism. Bush’s political short-sightedness over the Katrina affair will forever haunt him.

It is well known that Bush despises Black and poor Americans, as Hitler did. He does not give a damn whether they die abandoned. Now we also know, because he has just admitted it openly, that he also hates all poor people, Indians, black and multi-racial people of the world. He must be stopped and defeated.

Crumpacker reminds us that many Europeans simply ignored Mein Kampf when it was published in 1924. Fifteen years later, the worst of tragedies befell them.

History must not repeat itself.

The situation today is worse. Bush has weapons his teacher did not know of. Hitler was in prison when he wrote his despicable pamphlet, but his pupil is on the loose. There is no time to waste.

(*) Planning for the Re-Colonization of Cuba, taken from the Internet. Tom Crumpacker lives in Austin, Texas. He is a member of the Miami Coalition to End the US Embargo of Cuba. His article can be found at:


This article was published in Granma daily newspaper, Havana:


A withheld appendix backing terrorism

By Jean Guy Allard of Granma International Review

THIS is a NON-classified report: for reasons of security and EFFECTIVE IMPLEMENTATION, some of the recommendations are contained in a separate appendix, states the introduction to the latest document produced by the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba, which has just been approved by President George W. Bush.

A veritable gift to those in Miami who are preaching terror and annexation - and use their rhetoric in the press and even before the courts - the sentence says everything in terms of the value of a document whose most indecent regulations will be kept secret, given that they are not be to confessed to the world.

The 85-page lecture, in which the word “regime” - to designate the Cuban government with full-blown imperial arrogance - is repeated 145 times, bears the signature of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Cuban-American Carlos Gutiérrez, secretary of trade.

More than 100 officials from 17 federal agencies and departments under the authority of proconsul Caleb McCarry - the man behind the disastrous putsch in Haiti and now in charge of Plan Bush - have been meeting over months in order to round off the usual anti-Cuban rhetoric for the consumption and satisfaction of the Miami terrorist fauna.


“This is the time for bold, decisive action and clarity of message,” write the authors of the report, in an evident reference to the latest activities of the U.S. Interest Section (USIS).

Expanding the use of recruited mercenaries, directed and funded by the USIS is overtly suggested, in the framework of a “diplomatic strategy to undermine the regime’s succession strategy.”

Without concealing in any way its will to involve other governments in is gross interference maneuvers, the document affirms that the United States and “other friends of democracy” should support the “work” of those USIS informers.

However, the Plan proposes to further fund - to the tune of tens of millions of dollars - the groups in Miami, whose links with the cruelest acts of terrorism against Cuba are even documented in FBI files.

For this clientele of the Bush clan, the report notes first that a further $80 million of taxpayers’ money should be squandered in the next two years via a “Fund for the Democratic Future,” which will further enrich the partners.

But it adds that another $20 million will be annually allocated to “democracy programs” until “the dictatorship ceases to exist.”

The impossible dream of transmitting TV Martí “by the most effective means possible” will have to be resolved via a study within a 90-day period. Owned by the Voice of America, TV and Radio Martí have also provided - since their creation - the softest and most scandalous jobs from which hundreds of professional parasites of the so-called anti-Castro movement have made a living for years.


Implicitly stating the intention to occupy Cuba in one way or another, the authors of the text are seeking personnel. They propose identifying trained Cubans living abroad and other Spanish speakers interested in supporting a possible imperial intervention and encouraging these individuals and groups to keep at the ready.

The text, in which an abysmal ignorance of Cuban realities is apparent, affirms that “the regime” does not attend to people’s “most basic humanitarian needs.”

“You do not have a better friend than the United States,” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told the Cubans on presenting the report with Trade Secretary Carlos Gutiérrez.

Gutiérrez promised “emergency food supplies, water, fuel and medical equipment” for an eventual “transition government" although he did not comment on some of the plan’s directives anticipating the return of property to the landed rich of pre-Revolution times, the dismantling of social security from which more than millions of Cubans benefit; the privatization of schools and hospitals, and amen to the persecution and trial of members of the island’s political and mass organizations.

Everything in the document reflects the will to undertake, sooner or later, the annexation of the island of Cuba. Everything is written by the imperial power and its lackeys in a tone that would delight individuals like Orlando Bosch, Luis Posada Carriles, Santiago Alvarez and other killers, whose dreams of a Cuba subjected to the empire are reflected in the very existence of the withheld appendix, an augury of fresh aggression.


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