Energy revolution includes recycling

Campaign News | Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Household appliances are being replaced to save fuel

Las Tunas, July 19 (P-26): As part of the energy revolution taking place throughout the island, to date more than 384,000 low-consumption household electrical appliances have already been distributed in this eastern Cuban province.

The Revolution also includes recycling of the components of the replaced equipment. Fundamentally in this first stage we have taken advantage of the old inefficient fans that were replaced, explained Jorge Rivera Barban, head of production of the Provincial Company for the recovery of raw materials.

Everything is useful

These “devices to throw air” as they were called by Cuban President Fidel Castro, have an average weight of eight kilograms and were built with motors from Aurika washing machines, made in the former USSR.

By half way through the month of June, the raw materials company had processed 44,779 of the “fans.” Rivera Barban explained that after putting those “inventions” out of action by the specialists at the Dismantling Point of each district, they count each unit and its components, as well as certify their weight. It is in the Economic Unit of Basic Precious Metals assigned to the company where they do the final procedure of dismantling and classification of the fans.

As our company’s motto says: ‘everything is useful’, Hector Refeca, a worker of this unit affirms as he skillfully disarms an old fan. Hermes Cutido, on the other hand, adds that they have extended the working day to cope with the enormous task facing “Precious Metals” of handling all the fans replaced from the province.

Maricela Rivero, the economist, says that they still haven’t finished with all the fans and have already classified 96 tons of steel, 2.2 of aluminum and 3.3 of copper.

The program of replacing the old household electric equipment, which began in April 2005, also includes other appliances like refrigerators and television sets.

By the beginning of June, some 370,000 refrigerators have been replaced, while the old televisions in the provinces of Pinar del Rio, Havana, City of Havana, Granma and Santiago de Cuba have already been replaced. Also in the provinces of Pinar del Rio, Havana and Cienfuegos they are replacing the high energy consuming air conditioners.

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