Hugo Chavez dedicates electoral triumph to Fidel and Cuba

Campaign News | Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Crowds celebrating throughout Venezuela

Havana, Dec 4 (ACN) “I repeat what I said some days ago, we dedicate this victory to the Cuban people and President Fidel Castro,” said President Hugo Chavez after he learned of his electoral triumph in Sunday’s presidential elections.

The vote counting confirmed what was predicted by surveys, analysts and the huge demonstrations of people, Hugo Chavez will continue to be Venezuela’s President for the next six years, Granma daily reports on Monday.

In its first announcement, Venezuela’s National Electoral Council said the Bolivarian leader was far ahead the thirteen other candidates, when more than two thirds of the votes had been counted.

Sunday evening, the president of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, announced that Chavez had garnered 61.35 percent of the votes (5,936,141 votes). Meanwhile opposition candidate Manuel Rosales had received 38.39 percent of the votes (3,715,292).

Although, the final figure of votes will be announced on Tuesday, after the counting concludes in more than 33,000 electoral stations, the result should show no significant change.

Hundreds of international observers certified the transparency of the election and agreed that the Venezuelan vote was marked by calm, order and peace. Spokespeople and officials from several opposition parties admitted the validity of the vote and committed themselves to respect the National Electoral Council report.

Following the announcement, supporters took to the streets to celebrate the victory under fireworks and shouts of ‘Long Live Chavez’. The charismatic Venezuelan President greeted the thousands of people who came to congratulate him; he called on those who voted against him to join in the construction of a new country and he urged their leaders to behave with responsibility.

Chavez said that December 3rd marked a new starting point, a new stage with a main strategy aimed at consolidating the Bolivarian Revolution on the way to Socialism and he said that, “Today we have given US imperialism a lesson in dignity.”

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