New Anti-Cuba plot brewing in the European Union

Campaign News | Friday, 9 February 2007

Cuban press highlights threat from former eastern European socialist countries

By Patricio Montesinos of Periodico 26 newspaper, Cuba

Several media outlets are reporting on a new plot brewing against Cuba within the European Union by several of the 27-member nations whose governments are well known for their servility to the United States and their failed obsessions of seeing the destruction of the Cuban Revolution.

The most recent maneuver, led by the Czech Republic and supported by Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania and Slovenia -all so-called converted Eastern European countries-, seeks to bring to fruition to Washington’s dream of forging a “common agenda” between the US and the EU to undermine the independence and sovereignty of the Cuban people.

The plan, spearheaded by the “Friends of a Democratic Cuba” -a group organized by and under the direct orders of the White House- seeks to coerce the Old Continent to become involved in what it calls its “short and long term strategy” towards Cuba.

Translated into good English, the intention of the “converted” Eastern European nations is to have the EU once again take an approach of interference towards Cuba, and join the years-old US goal of overthrowing the island’s legitimate government.

Approval of this EU plan, covertly manufactured and promoted since last year by the Bush Administration, would further hamper bilateral relations between the European nations and Cuba, and the citizens of those countries who wish to see normal relations with the island.

Ties between Cuba and the European Union have also been affected as of late by similarly macabre Made-in-USA projects such as the so-called Common Position, implemented for more than a decade by the European bloc and a series of sanctions put into place in June 2003, which are temporarily suspended.

It was also the United States that, through the mediation of former Spanish President Jose Maria Aznar, dragged the EU into adopting the Common Position towards Havana in 1996, which has kept European relations with Cuba at a dead-end.

This selective and hypocritical posture of the EU with respect to Cuba, contrasts with the evasiveness and blatant silence towards the tortures and abuses daily committed by the US against individuals it illegally holds at its detention center in Guantanamo, and at other prisons around the world.

The EU has never forcefully pronounced itself against the CIA secret flights over European territory or the clandestine prisons it keeps with Europe.

To date, the European Union has shown itself incapable of formulating its own independent policy on Cuba; an assertion that may become even more evident if the block allows US satellite countries, like the Czech Republic, to impose its designs on the regional bloc.

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