Join the international call for Cuba’s Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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The work of the Cuban medics internationally, taking their skills all over the world has been well known for many many years and it is truly inspirational what they do. It's actually incredible when you look into it in some depth. You know, Cuba is a small country, but it has a massive, a huge humanitarian heart. I am absolutely pleased to be able to add my support and my unions support to endorse the nomination of the medics to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. I along with many many people here in the UK admire what the Cuban people themselves have had to stand up against and I only hope that the work that is done by these incredible people in different parts of the world is recognised. Good luck, if anybody deserves this recognition, it is the Cuban medics.

Len McCluskey, General Secretary, Unite the Union (United Kingdom)

I have been truly inspired watching over recent months how the small island of Cuba has used its experience and professionalism to assist other countries in the fight against Covid -19. Today I understand that there are over 40 Cuban medical brigades working in 39 countries around the world. I am therefore really pleased to be able to add my support for the campaign to award the Cuban medical teams the Nobel Peace prize, and I will be urging my fellow parliamentarians to join with me to make the nomination to the Nobel Prize Committee.

Baroness Christine Blower, Labour member of the House of Lords (United Kingdom)

Coronavirus affects people across the globe regardless of their nationality, and Cuba has shown just how countries who are able, can help those who need assistance. Cuba’s response is a shining example of internationalism. This pandemic demands a global response where sharing and cooperation across frontiers is the norm. The dangerous attempts by the United States to block international cooperation at this time is a threat to the whole of humanity and must be resisted. By campaigning for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to Cuban medics, we are not only recognising their selfless professionalism and the efforts of the Cuban people, but we are also helping to build a better and more caring global community.

Rob Miller, Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Director (United Kingdom)

For their humanitarianism during the COVID-19 pandemic alone I believe that the Cuban medical brigade deserves the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. They have cared for more than four million patients in the aftermath of epidemics and natural disasters, including floods, earthquakes and hurricanes in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. For the great example they set and the hope they bring to people across the globe, they would be a worthy recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

Kate Osborne MP (United Kingdom)

The Cuban medics of the Henry Reeve Brigade are a shining example of international solidarity. The Cuban medical brigade’s policy of compassion and humanitarianism epitomises the internationalism that all countries must work to replicate.

Rachel Hopkins MP, Labour (United Kingdom)

Sinn Féin are delighted, indeed privileged to be able to be able to nominate the Henry Reeve international medical brigade from Cuba for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

I think that the perhaps fitting nomination there has ever been for this proud accolade.

I think that they are a credit to the Cuban People, to the Cuban Revolution and everything that Cuba stands for.

As the world was locking down in the grips of COVID-19, Cuba sent it's best and finest people out across the world

to help many thousands of people, and fair play to them for doing that.

They have earnt the honour that they deserve and in 2021, they should pick up the Nobel Peace Prize.


Chris Hazzard MP for South Down (Ireland)

They are selfless yet contribute so much. It should be recognised.

Kenny MacAskill MP, SNP (United Kingdom)

The Cuban medical brigades deserve this award for their humanitarian work through their outstanding contribution to health in many of the poorest countries of the world.

Elaine Smith MSP (United Kingdom)

It truly has been marvellous over the past few months to see the response from Cuba at this time and show what can be done when a country shares it’s expertise and it’s resources. The Nobel Peace Prize would be a welcome acknowledgement of the efforts of these Cuban medics.

Navendu Mishra MP, Labour (United Kingdom)

In this Covid pandemic, Cuban doctors and medical staff have once again flown to the assistance of the poor and oppressed of other countries. Their courage and idealism is one of the brightest beacons in a world still disfigured by poverty, disease and war.

Robert Griffiths - General Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain (United Kingdom)

It is inspiring to see how a small country such as Cuba is able and willing to work across the globe at this time, as indeed they have done so many times before.

Susan Michie, Professor of Health Psychology (United Kingdom)

Cuba is a small island, but its heart and humanity is gigantic. This wonderful internationalism deserves to be recognized and the award of Nobel Peace Prize would be much deserved recognition.

Grahame Morris MP, Labour (United Kingdom)

Cuba provides hope and inspiration to people around the world with its international medical brigades. I sincerely hope they receive the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of their amazing work.

Paula Barker MP, Labour (United Kingdom)

Cuban humanitarianism deserves admiration and respect, not sanctions and smears

Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London (United Kingdom)

Arvin (United Kingdom)

It is long overdue that Cuba stopped being on the terrorist list of countries. Cuba needs the blockade lifted on humanitarian and social grounds.It is immoral that the US has neglected to review their situation and downgraded the 'threat' and subsequently lift the blockade.

Francesca Rinaldi (United Kingdom)

God bless all you humanitarian people who provide selfless care and hope to people around the world xx

Ann Halligan (United Kingdom)

Aaron masina pondayi (Botswana)

Truly deserve an accolade.

Moffat Nyamadzawo (Zimbabwe)

Dragana (Serbia)

Athina Xanthi (Greece)

Carly Jeffrey (United Kingdom)

Michiel van Lint (Sweden)

Lee Oh (United Kingdom)

Marcus Unger (United Kingdom)

Justin Bell (United States of America)

Zuhaib (United States of America)

Enough is enough Jo. Time to make us proud!!

Lyn Williams (United Kingdom)

Nikolai Arnaudov (Germany)

Kristin (United Kingdom)

The World must acknowledge the help Cuba has contributed to help relieve the global health crisis.

Darryl Sugg (United Kingdom)

Andy Google (United Kingdom)

Aerin Turnquist Vanhala (United States of America)

Erik Petersson (Sweden)

Stay Solidarity!

Yuanzhe Jiang (China)

Alberto Rabano (Spain)

Andres De Santiago (United Kingdom)

Leo Whitman (United States of America)

Per Kristensen (Denmark)

Cuba is an inspiration to the world. Health care and education are excellent and their film making impressive.

julie boston (United Kingdom)

Andrea (Macedonia (FYR))

Andres Reyes (United States of America)

We need a Cuban Nobel Prize Winner !

Roysi Bello (Cuba)

Neil Michael Anderson (United Kingdom)

Jorge Rodriguez Palau (Spain)

True heroes and humanitarians, every one.

Richard Howard (United Kingdom)

Rosemary Taylor (United Kingdom)

Ronald Beswick (Australia)

Soeren Falk (Dominica)

Diane Wyles (United Kingdom)

End the inhumane blockade of Cuba.

Benjamin Daykin (United Kingdom)

Aron Mondell (United States of America)

Paul (United States of America)

Xochitl Berumen (United States of America)

Eustace M Frilingos (United States of America)

Gorm Winther (Denmark)

Nobel Prize to Cuban doctors- incredible work .

Chowdhury Usmani (United Kingdom)

Nicolai Vigneswaren (United Kingdom)

Good on you, Cuba.

Donald Morel (Australia)

Onore al merito dei medici cubani attivi da anni in molti paesi!

Fabio Fiorillo (Italy)

TommyfKing (United Kingdom)

Frances Foulkrod (United States of America)

Brendan McAleer (United Kingdom)

Aways admired the way the Cubans have helped out in times of trouble...They never refuse to give help...

Allan Astin (United Kingdom)

Nicholas Roussos (Australia)

Ann E Butterworth (United Kingdom)

SAD that USA has become U S of Assassins, Bombers,of Death Destruction. Apparently it's actions based on JUDEO CHRISTIAN VALUES. What a joke?

Az (United Kingdom)

Maria (United Kingdom)

Eve (United Kingdom)

Stephan (United States of America)

Jeanne (United States of America)

Adam James Moore (United Kingdom)

Viva thé cubanos doctores l

yolanda moirat (France)

They do so much that is unknown around the world. About time the countty was recognised for their efforts

Judeth Fenton (United Kingdom)

Adrianna (Poland)

Soul Emam (Canada)

Cristina Vinuela Lopez (United Kingdom)

Cubans doctors ought to be given the 2021 Nobel prize for Peace for the work a supposedly underdeveloped country such as Cuba is doing to help other less socialist, therefore, imperfect underdeveloped countries.

ERIC MARTINAND (United Kingdom)

Henry Kane (Scotland)

they are truly Angels among us in times of our need. They deserve the Best.

Robert Mawe (Papua New Guinea)

Carol Davis (United Kingdom)

These health workers are true “heroes”.

Helen Lang (United Kingdom)

Anne Knight (United Kingdom)

This shouldn’t be political, Cuba do more than they are given credit for. It is time for the world to say thank you.

Leon (United Kingdom)

Alison Brown (United Kingdom)

Give credit where it's due!

sandra watfa (United Kingdom)

Susan Thomas (United Kingdom)

Lena Eriksson (Sweden)

Sven Broqvist (Sweden)

Ethan Robinson (Australia)

Gracias a los medicos cubanos por su trabajo humanitariano en todo el mundo!

Susanna Jacob (Canada)

Cuban should be recognised for the outstanding humanitarian work it's Doctors, Nurses and Technicians have undertaken to provide vital health care around the globe.

Debbie Noble (United Kingdom)

Buena Suerte

Marjorie King (Canada)

Barbara Corlis (Canada)

I strongly recommend this highly successful, humanitarian organization for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021.

Bronwyn Best (Canada)

Irene Carr (Canada)


Kenneth a zubko (Canada)

Cuban doctors are a saviour to the poorer countries of the world.

Kweku Ampiah (United Kingdom)

This is an honour well - deserved and long overdue.

Annita Montoute (Saint Lucia)

Viva 🇨🇺 Thank you for generosity to the world at this difficult time. I hope that the world wakes up and gives you the recognition you deserve and blockades are lifted. I had the privilege of visiting your lovely country three years back and was very impressed by your values, music, health system, education and the warmth I received. I also made a friend whom I regularly correspond with. I wish you every success and hope that the world realises how much your nation has to give us all. Kind regards Camille

Camille OBrien (United Kingdom)

olga (Canada)

Glenn Wadell (Sweden)

Lift trade embargo and free Cuba

Ramu Nair (United Kingdom)

jacqui Lovell (United Kingdom)

Stop the economic embargo/ blocking to Cuba

Janett Mendoza (Sweden)

Danny Smith (United Kingdom)

Estrella (Peru)

laura martin (United Kingdom)

För Cubas freds ,solidaritets,och hälsoarbete, Stoppa blockaden

Stig larsson (Sweden)

Anita Larsson Mann (Sweden)

Kendrick Paterson (Canada)

I am proud to support the Nobel Peace Prize nomination of Cuba's Henry Reeve Brigades.

Janice Durst (Canada)

Odd Oystein Leinum (Norway)

Cuban Medics volunteering in the Covid crisis is an example to the whole world.

Krystyna Kordas (United Kingdom)

Lorenz Bernleithner (Italy)

Marco Antonelli (South Africa)

Kari Sund (United Kingdom)

Jakob Thonander Glans (Sweden)

Joshua Johnson (United States of America)

Ketil Ervik (Sweden)

I as the Chief of International Human Rights Commission IHRC as intergovernmental organization nominate the Cuban Medical Health Workers for 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for their services during the pandemic, while humanity and people were suffering and Doctors, Nurses, Health Care workers and experts from Cuba helping the world.

Ambassador Dr Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan (Pakistan)

Martyanov Andrey (Russian Federation)

Linda Renate Campbell (Norway)

Geir Hansen (Norway)

Venetia Sladek (United Kingdom)

Bente Willassen (Norway)

Rolf Vaardal (Norway)

Kay Richards (United Kingdom)

Rigolet Linda (Norway)

Guttorm Johnsen (Norway)

Ole August Iversen (Norway)

Sergio Villegas (Norway)

Veronica Weishaupt (Norway)

Tore Wold (Norway)

Brage Skrede Kyllo (Norway)

Give Nobel peace prize to Cuban Doctors.

Odd Naess (Norway)

Vidar Hovden Jensen (Norway)

willy nilsen (Norway)

Eva Sennesvik (Norway)

Adrian Willmott (United Kingdom)

Mari Schumann Nicolaisen (Norway)

Ginevra Pieracci (Norway)

Vivian Jacobsen (Norway)

Sverre longva (Norway)

Thore Bringeland (Norway)

Ingjerd Yousef (Norway)

Audun Eftedal (Norway)

Runa Evensen (Norway)

I want to see my grandparent before it’s to late for me and dad

Fatima pereira (United States of America)


Guy bo (Canada)

Damaris Reid (United States of America)

Luca (Italy)

James Johnson (United Kingdom)


Ishbel Lochhead (United Kingdom)

Thank/Love yo,u Cuba.

Caffy St Luce (United Kingdom)

Victoria Holmes (United Kingdom)


Daniel Repton (United Kingdom)

Samuel Hunt (United Kingdom)

Marco Bertamini (United Kingdom)

I visited Cuba for the first time in January 2020, as the pandemic was beginning. Cuba is undoubtedly a fascinating and resilient country which deserves our support and recognition. It’s efforts in tackling Corona virus at home and abroad and in vaccine development are truly heroic. The international community must acknowledge this. I look forward to returning to the island when circumstances allow and I hope that the new Biden administration will make life easier for those living in Cuba.

Ben Asson (United Kingdom)

Tania (Denmark)

No una mas

Tim Rathcke (Denmark)

Basak (Belgium)

Brian Bartholomew (United States of America)

Cuba's longstanding support for world health deserves recognition.

Trevor Phillips (United Kingdom)

Robert Svorinich (United States of America)

Alison CARMICHAEL (United Kingdom)

for the love of people and the planet, they do this work.

Shawna Doran (United States of America)

Ian Spilsbury (United Kingdom)

Ronald Hughes (France)

It would be a very good choice

Henry Grahn Hermunen (Finland)

Stephen Shenton (United Kingdom)

A salvation for so many, for so long without recognition - you definitely deserve this, every year.

Julie Blunt (United Kingdom)

Katerina Skouroliakou (Greece)

Ioannis Kalatzis (Greece)

Healthworkers from Cuba have risked their lives to help and save people in 39 others countries from the coronavirus pandemic. Their sacrifice and humanity should be recognised by the world through the award of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Heather Pomroy (United Kingdom)

Gareth Lowe (United Kingdom)

Robert Inwood (United Kingdom)

sebastian peattie (United Kingdom)

Judy White (United Kingdom)

Cuba has an inclusive health service and many qualified doctors. Cuba shares the expertise and medical knowledge with poorer countries.

Jackie King-Owen (United Kingdom)

Batool Aly (United Kingdom)

Branka (United Kingdom)

chris blacktop (United Kingdom)

Robert Jackson (United Kingdom)

The most obvious demonstration of humanity in this whole pandemic.

ian wilson (United Kingdom)

Celia Smallwood (United Kingdom)

The selfless service of the medical professionals of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade throughout the Covid19 Crisis is deserving of the highest recognition possible. No matter what natural disaster or health emergency was or is, they have and will respond to save lives. The world needs more of this.

John Roach (United States of America)

Elizabeth Ammenwerth (United States of America)

Pam Stenehjem (United States of America)

I adore & respect the integrity of Cuba and all that the country represents . Thankyou for being the bright beacon of light in the world leading the way . Peace <3

Paula Moss (United Kingdom)

Alex Cabrera (United States of America)

It was a beautiful sight of international solidarity from the Cuban doctors. Their help to other people and nations in this time of crisis is something I incredibly admire.

Daniel Sands (United States of America)

I am an Australian educational philosopher, specialising in Ethics, and who traveled with my daughter to Cuba in 2019. I write to say that my experience of that country and its people was life-giving. Everyone I met there from fellow humanities scholars, development workers and even clergy, including a Dominican priest (i.e a member of the Dominican Order who is the Parish Priest at Santiago de Cuba) impressed me with their lived values, their absence of indoctrinative invective and propaganda (which, given the rift between Cuba and the US, I was on the look-out for) and their capacity to critically address themselves to the needs of their society as well as the global world (in contrast, say, to the United States and Mexico, which I visited at the same time). It seemed to me that whatever had happened in Cuba during the prior 50 years had not just improved the condition of its people socioeconomically but also ended up making them the biggest net contributors to a just and peaceful global society in terms of affordable medical and healthcare assistance, especially, as now eventuates, in a time of Covid. I unequivocally commend and recommend Cuban medics for the award of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. Thank you for inviting me to express my endorsement of this proposition.

Dr Michael FURTADO (Australia)

Dave Shaw (United Kingdom)

Encompassing the true context of the National bel Peace Prize, an obvious choice for the award.

Francis Hankinson (United Kingdom)

Aidan Ratchford (United Kingdom)

Julianna Lucas (United States of America)

Corinna Cuciureanu (United Kingdom)

pauline colledge (United Kingdom)

humanity has been served for the past 15 years by the altruistic work of the henry reeve international medical brigade and supported by the people of cuba in solidarity.

bryan crookes (United Kingdom)

Victor Eck (France)

Cletus (Sweden)

Ingeli (Sweden)

Luke Surl (United Kingdom)

Stephanie Clark (United Kingdom)

Peter OShea (Australia)

Eric Chipulina (United Kingdom)

Kirsten Galsworthy (United Kingdom)

Jennifer Juniper (United Kingdom)

John Lynch (United Kingdom)

Went to a talk given by a Cuban doctor who treated Ebola patients. Good and very brave people. Can't think of any group of people more deserving.

Enis March (United Kingdom)

Please add my vote. Thank You. Guy Moore.

Guy Stephen Moore (United States of America)

Truly deserving of this award

janis Riley (United Kingdom)

These doctors go mainly unrecognised for the incredible humanitarian work they do.

Hedda Moore (Ireland)

June Bedi (United Kingdom)

Ryan Mills (United Kingdom)

Christine Howes (United Kingdom)

Mike Dobson (United Kingdom)

Colin Ormesher (United Kingdom)

A Nobel recognition would do much fir Cuba

Celestine Randall (United Kingdom)

Jan Olesen (Denmark)

Glendra (United Kingdom)

Declan Gandee (United Kingdom)

Cuban Doctors and Nurses continue to be at the forefront of humanitarian efforts across the world, made more impressive by repressive and unfair sanctions against Cuba. The willingness by Cuba and its people to extend help to other countries even as it is ostracised internationally shows really how much of a credit these doctors and nurses are. These healthcare workers have been deployed all over the globe and provide much needed assistance at a time when health care is already stretched beyond its limit, and as other countries seek to maximise profit or even deny the pandemics impact on themselves, Cuban health care workers have shown themselves to be not only selfless in their professional capacity, but in their compassion. They are a true credit to themselves and the country of Cuba.

Christopher Wright (United Kingdom)

Robert Jones (United Kingdom)

Robyn Moore (United Kingdom)

They really deserve this prize and recognition for their humanitarian work.

Charlotte Moore (United Kingdom)

Jasmin Ramovic (United Kingdom)

Kevin Powell (United Kingdom)

I too a delighted to nominate these wonderful doctors for the nobel peace prize

Andrew challis (United Kingdom)

Marie Evers (Denmark)

Compassion must be rewarded in a an uncaring exploitative Capitalist World

james dent (United Kingdom)

Tom Wray (United Kingdom)

Dave Morgan (United Kingdom)

Andrew McAskell (United Kingdom)

Kozan Yilmaz (United Kingdom)

James (United Kingdom)

Emma Carroll (United Kingdom)

They deserve it

Kerry Oandasan (United States of America)

Denis Foley (United Kingdom)

Charlotte Butcher (United Kingdom)

patrick england (United Kingdom)

Cuba is one of the most Socialist nations on Earth. This little country is always at the forefront of any medical or socialist crisis, wherever it may occur in the world. The COVID-19 Pandemic was no different. Many of these people have lost their lives and no accolade has been given to these brave soul's. What they did in the name of Humanity was above and beyond their call of Duty.. What their Motherland did was beyond it duties of benevolence towards fellow human beings and what they received from major factions of the rest of the world was malevolence from the likes of America under trump and others.. What they enacted against Cuba was a pure action of Hypocracy. These people of Cuba should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize -They came to help the World They were enabled by the good Socialist people of Cuba. Their actions and their funding, gave hope and salvation to the rest of the world without them asking for payment.. Splendid People...

John David Hopper (United Kingdom)

Nancy Klinck Keith (Canada)

#Solidarity and thank you for Cuba has done for the world.

Sheila Gorman Flynn (United Kingdom)

Lyn kirby (United Kingdom)

Billiy Alon (United Kingdom)

Hilary Worsley (United Kingdom)

Unlike other countries, Cuba makes healthcare a priority rather than war. They are an example to all the World.

Dee Hodson-Wright (United Kingdom)

Sue Page (United Kingdom)

Let’s show the Cuban doctors that we care and value there unselfish and heroism in supporting other countries during the pandemic.

Debbie Norton (United Kingdom)

Chris Wilson (United Kingdom)

Val Kelynack (United Kingdom)

Meriel McGowan (United Kingdom)


Stephen Rimmer (United Kingdom)

Allan Norgard (Denmark)

Caroline walsh (United Kingdom)

Sharon Bsker (United Kingdom)

Sue White (United Kingdom)

Margaret Shewring (United Kingdom)

They are an example to the world.

Tim Weller (United Kingdom)

Katherine Scott (United Kingdom)

Never give up

Sherry dixon (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Jane Malkinson (United Kingdom)


Conroy trenchfield (United Kingdom)

Anne Stanford (United Kingdom)

Amazing humanity

Gwyneth Bannister (United Kingdom)

Nola (Spain)

I. Have all ways had great affection for the cuban pew but there currage is unprecedented they so deserving of this aword

Lydia (United Kingdom)

Yousif Mariwany (Germany)

Dimitri Amiras (United Kingdom)

Martin (United Kingdom)

Alan Short (United Kingdom)

Nik Zalesky (United States of America)


Fatima Muley Estrada (Spain)

Gill Page (United Kingdom)

Anne Gregory (United Kingdom)

Geraldine Flanagan (United Kingdom)

Francis Mortimer (United Kingdom)

Well desreved

Elizabeth McEvoy (United Kingdom)

Annie Davies (United Kingdom)

Nicola Aris (United Kingdom)

Gaynor Lynch (United Kingdom)

Van den Bremt Michel (Belgium)

Ann Chaggar (United Kingdom)

Balvinder Bassi (United Kingdom)

Lorna Hutchinson (United Kingdom)

Cuban health workers have unselfishly worked wherever required and deserve the highest public recognition.

Anne Ellmes (United Kingdom)

Vassilis Papageorgiou (Greece)

Humanity at its best

Liz Roddy (United Kingdom)

David Toller (United Kingdom)

Ed Clegg (United Kingdom)

The unselfish dedication of a people ravaged by the USA is exceptional & their contribution to the fight against Covid World wide should be recognised.

Paul Moran (United Kingdom)

Francesca Hanlon (United Kingdom)

Anthony Muldoon (United Kingdom)

Pete Newell (United Kingdom)

Alicia Harvey (United Kingdom)

Their remarkable efforts ‘should’ be recognised and widely reported in the main stream media.

Derrick Sutton (United Kingdom)

Daphne Gilbert (United Kingdom)

Margaret Brown (United Kingdom)

Roger Kelly (United Kingdom)

Mark Caffrey (United Kingdom)

Colin Smith (United Kingdom)

Rosalind Larner (United Kingdom)

Lars Ernholm (Sweden)

Fiona Annand (United Kingdom)

Mila Manley (United States of America)

Les Mitchell (South Africa)

Sarah Owens (United Kingdom)

Chris Stocker (United Kingdom)

Norah Prance (United Kingdom)

Patricia Thornley (United Kingdom)

William Walsh (United Kingdom)

Janet Matthews (United Kingdom)

MIRJANA EVTOV (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Hasta la victoria siempre!

clive healiss (United Kingdom)

Cuba is an inspiration to all the world they are truly amazing and beautiful people

Jane Stone (United Kingdom)

Mandy Shering (United Kingdom)

I 100% ++ fully support this Petition 🌹🌹🌹.

Aneurin Davies (United Kingdom)

B McGowan (United Kingdom)

In awe of the feats the Cuban medical team have undertaken in recent years.

Paul Curtis (United Kingdom)

No medical team anywhere has shown such a commitment to humanity as the Cuban one.

Maureen Taft (United Kingdom)

roger mckay (United Kingdom)

Steve Gardham (United Kingdom)

Wajahath Dean (United Kingdom)

Daniel (United Kingdom)

Fleur Griffiths (United Kingdom)

Sara Lennon (United Kingdom)

Magnus (United Kingdom)

Laura (United Kingdom)

The only reason to not award them is to appease the Cold War era politics that helped lead us to this horrible international tragedy

Raheel Chaudhry (United States of America)

brian warshaw (France)

Anders Bjerre Mikkelsen (Denmark)

Patrick (United Kingdom)

Susan Henry (United Kingdom)

Saptarsi Mondal (India)

Denise (United Kingdom)

Jonathan cooper (United Kingdom)

Michelle Morris (United Kingdom)

Madeline Harrison (United Kingdom)

I have great admiration for the whole Cuban nation.

michael dobson (United Kingdom)

Morgan (United Kingdom)

Martyn Wemyss (United Kingdom)

When I visited Cuba some years ago I was impressed by the medical provision available to the general public compared to other countries of similar economic standing. The international work and altruism of the Brigade has impressed me even more.

George Dawson (United Kingdom)

It is time for Cuba.

Shweta S (United Kingdom)

Solidarity and respect to the people of Cuba.

Keith Egerton (United Kingdom)

Tracey Macleod (United Kingdom)

Cameron Dale (United Kingdom)

Jon Finsen (Denmark)

Averil Parkinson (United Kingdom)

Rezgar Omer (Iraq)

Arend Goodheir (United Kingdom)

KIRSTY LOWE (United Kingdom)

aysegul davis (United Kingdom)

Jan Pritchard (United Kingdom)

Tim Adams (United Kingdom)

Jake Hogg (United Kingdom)

David Bruce (United Kingdom)

Debra (United Kingdom)

Oliver Warren (United Kingdom)

Anes Podic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Svjetlana Nedimovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Sharon Cousins-Clarke (United Kingdom)

Laura Martin Domenech (United Kingdom)


Amy Field (United Kingdom)

Faruk Erbil (United Kingdom) from cuba did come here in italy So helpful

Rita (Italy)

Janice Burns (United Kingdom)

Ejnar Jepsen (Denmark)

Valerie West (United States of America)

Cuban doctors deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for their altruism and dedication to save lives everywhere in the world. Thank you.

MOUIGNI CHIONI Abdillah (Mayotte)

Jennie Twydell (United Kingdom)

Linda Hall (United Kingdom)

Amie Gallagher (United Kingdom)

Ashley Michelle (United States of America)

Mark Serttle (United Kingdom)

Thank you for being there in our time of need

Catherine Clarke (United Kingdom)

Andrew Bowie (United Kingdom)

Denise Carr (United Kingdom)

where they have been welcomed or nor, they have gone faced adversity and improved the lot of the common people

john buckley (United Kingdom)

Ian Merricks (United Kingdom)

Christine Knight (United Kingdom)

Cuba deserves this prize ! They have done a great job during the pandemic and have saved many lives.

Thomas Michael Doherty (United States of America)

Mohammed (Iraq)

Anna (Ireland)

For their selfless work providing humanitarianism and hope to people across the globe.

SANA IRVING (United Kingdom)

Janet Lungley (United Kingdom)

Jane Marriott (United Kingdom)

Kevin Conroy (United Kingdom)

Bridget Crone (United Kingdom)

Faye Arrowsmith (United Kingdom)

Ian Jones (United Kingdom)

Tjerk nemetz (Belgium)

Jenny (United Kingdom)

Joan Wall (United Kingdom)

Jeff Roe (United Kingdom)

Ruth Handal (United Kingdom)

Ana Bello (Serbia)

Viva la revolución y hasta la victoria siempre!

Robert Britton (United Kingdom)

I wholeheartedly support this nomination. They are an amazing example to the rest of the world.

Lesley Boyce (United Kingdom)

Giorgia Cassandro (Italy)

Alexandra Arabadzhyan (Russian Federation)

Laraine Mitchell (United Kingdom)

Anastasia Arabadjian (United Kingdom)

Robert Lowes (United Kingdom)

Graham Martin (United Kingdom)

Maximilian Dixon (United Kingdom)

Yes, please - these are amazing people, who do amazing work, from an amazing country.

Rachel Driver (United Kingdom)

Liam Kelly (United Kingdom)

Jean Brant (United Kingdom)

Their selfless humanitarianism worldwide is enough reason to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2021.

Fred Read (United Kingdom)

Lynne Cooper (United Kingdom)

Christine Robins (United Kingdom)

Those who risk their own lives, to save strangers across the world, should be recognised with the highest of honours.

Marie Shout (United Kingdom)

Peter McDermott (United Kingdom)

Andrew Temperley (United Kingdom)

Carolyn Frayne (United Kingdom)

Yasir Imran (United Kingdom)

Such efforts for humanity should be rewarded

Marco Porto (United Kingdom)

Tess Wood (United Kingdom)

Joe Broderick (United Kingdom)

Derek Turner (United Kingdom)

Cuban medics are a beacon of light shining in very dark times. love and gratitude to them x

KATHLEEN KING (United Kingdom)

Miriam Cogni (United Kingdom)

Ferrari alessandrina (United Kingdom)

Jim Mcilravey (United Kingdom)

Daniel Fields (United Kingdom)

Barbara Dotti (United Kingdom)

I agree with everything stated above.

Jan Plummer (United Kingdom)

Moazzam Hussain (United Kingdom)

Steve Hatton (United Kingdom)

An incredible effort to help fellow human beings across international boundaries for the good of humanity regardless of their nationality. They are worthy of such a prestigious award.

Neil Tucker (United Kingdom)

Paul Kelly (United Kingdom)

Darrell John Pointing (United Kingdom)

For once let's give the prize to people who deserve it

Athel Dunning (United Kingdom)

We think its outstanding and they would be fully deserved in receiving the prize .

Dennis Parker (United Kingdom)

Steve Arblaster (United Kingdom)

Coli John Macnab (United Kingdom)

The willingness of these Cuban health workers to share their expertise with traumatised people in terrible circumstances across the world, is an inspiration. They probably do not desire recognition and in some ways that makes them all the more worthy of the accolade.

Delia McNally (United Kingdom)

Thank you brave people ❤

Andrew Moir (United Kingdom)

Every time they show up. Hurricanes, pandemics, mudslides....and all in spite of the opprobrium heaped on them by countries with an agenda to make them look weak and underhanded.

Peter Gibbs (United Kingdom)

D robertson (United Kingdom)

David Hanlon (United Kingdom)

Cat Jones (United Kingdom)

We need hands that heal, not just mouths that promise

Jenny Fenu (United Kingdom)

Rosa Curran (United Kingdom)

Katerina Katsimpardi (United Kingdom)

James Matthews (United Kingdom)

Ljiljana Scully (United Kingdom)

Kawa (United Kingdom)

June Gosling (United Kingdom)

decency personified

Jean Syme (United Kingdom)

Tomasz Jablonski (Poland)

It is time Cuba is recognised as the force for good it is within the world; even under a crippling sanctions regime it has done everything it could to help anybody it could. Their kindness, solidarity care and compassion not to mention resilience, should be held up as a beacon for the world to follow, especially as the climate crisis intensifies. Western people could learn so much.

Tessa Caley (United Kingdom)

Owen Mills (United Kingdom)

Oliver Gregory (United Kingdom)

Eilidh Young (United Kingdom)

David (United Kingdom)

Good luck

Jim Quinn (United Kingdom)

Always, always had immense admiration for these people.

Philip John joyce (United Kingdom)

Compassion, internationalism, heroism..

Davey Ivend (United Kingdom)

Margaret Morel (France)

Kevin Kriel (United Kingdom)

Nathalie Makarem (United Kingdom)

Carolyn Last (United Kingdom)

Deb Sutherland (United Kingdom)

Would be very well deserved

Joe Buckley (United Kingdom)

matthew smith (United Kingdom)

Risorgimento Socialista (Italian Socialist Party)

Giuseppe Morelli (Italy)

Phil Evans (United Kingdom)

Lauren (United Kingdom)

Pat Tough (United Kingdom)

Good job Cuba. Thank you. x

Marcus O'Higgins (United Kingdom)

Stuart Bain (United Kingdom)

Amanda Sorrell (United States of America)

Kim Davies (United Kingdom)

Solidarity & admiration from South London xXx

Deirdre Oconnor (United Kingdom)

Chris Kolbeck (United Kingdom)

Peter MC Keown (Ireland)

Stella Curley (United Kingdom)

Swati Chintala (United States of America)

Asad Jamil (United Kingdom)

Laura Gutierrez (Mexico)

Isabelle Gray (United Kingdom)

Clarke Fullerton (United Kingdom)

Jane Foster (United Kingdom)

Eileen Sagar (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with Cuba and its people. May love be upon them.

Joseph Smith (United Kingdom)

Chris Donnelly (United Kingdom)

Rahul (United Kingdom)

the Henry Reeve International Brigade bring hope to me and people across the globe

Kai Birk Nielsen (Denmark)

Cuba's Henry Reeves doctors and nurses are an example of international solidarity and must receive the Nobel Peace Prize

Jan Kjaergaard Hansen (Denmark)

Sonja Mogensen (Denmark)

This act of solidarity gives hope to poor people.


JP de la Fuente (Denmark)

Arne Steiner Jensen (Dominica)

Kirsten Lind (Denmark)

Anders Hostrup Daugberg (Denmark)

David Hinde (United Kingdom)

Henrik Juul (Denmark)

Riaan (South Africa)

Wonderful work in the spirit if Che Geuvara's medical passion and the legacy of a health centred government

Adrian Oelofse (South Africa)

Tage Hald-Jacobsen (Denmark)

Hugh Foy (United Kingdom)

Yvonne Bruce (United Kingdom)

James Rigley (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba!

Bo Winding (Denmark)

Joe Iles (United Kingdom)

Ray Brink (South Africa)

Dorte Kofod (Denmark)

Per Holscher (Denmark)

Peigi Whelan (Ireland)

Cuba has always been a world leader in medical science p look please recognise the work they do

Tec Huxley (United Kingdom)

MacNeil (United Kingdom)

Mirja Karjalainen (Finland)

John Rouse (United Kingdom)

Helen Bowers (United Kingdom)

Sakariye Ali (United Kingdom)

It is time for the world to stand up in recognition of Cuba good in our world!

Gerald La Touche (United Kingdom)

Erik Ottosson (Sweden)

Pat Cooper (United Kingdom)

Thank you Cuba

David O'Donnell (United Kingdom)

Patrick Wilkinson (United Kingdom)

Kevin L Walsh (United Kingdom)

Gary James (United Kingdom)

crawfordTom (United Kingdom)

AJ Garrett (United Kingdom)

John Vance (Scotland)


Nicholas Poole (South Africa)

Angels Carr (United Kingdom)

The contribution that Cuban medical professionals have made over many years to emergencies across the globe has been immense. Their dedication, commitment and professionalism, often in the face of danger to their own health and lives, is an example to all nations, and should be recognised by the award of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Graham Kidd (United Kingdom)

I can't think of a more deserved recipient!

Thulani (South Africa)

Somayya Jooma (South Africa)

Sean Devitt (Ireland)

Casper Davey (Sweden)

Pat Carr (United Kingdom)

Mercedes Fnfria (United Kingdom)

It’s time to give recognition to truly humanitarian work

Elena (Ireland)

Enrique Fonfria (Spain)

Marion Leonhardt (Germany)

Maria (Sweden)

H-G Persson (Sweden)

peter nimmo (United Kingdom)

The Henry Reeves’ brigades witth the Cuban healthcare workers are working in a true humanitarian spirit. During this last year they have given hope to many different countries by fighting the coronavirus with their medical experience, solidarity and enthusuasm. I hereby nominate the Henry Reeves’ Brigade for The Nobel Peace Price 2021.

Lisbeth Nowotny (Sweden)

penny gulliver (United Kingdom)

The further left the government, the fewer covid fatalities.

John Calder (United Kingdom)

Andrew Lewis (United Kingdom)

Annakarin Karlsson Lidman (Sweden)

Karin Stenvall (Sweden)

Peter Dunmill (United Kingdom)

George keenlyside (Australia)

The work of the Cuban doctors is very much appreciated - we thank them

Dorothy Newton (United Kingdom)

Jenny (United Kingdom)

Anders zadik (Sweden)


Eva Laurin Bofeldt (Sweden)

I still can not understand how UN can permit a terrorist nation to starve other nation just because of ideology

Milan Cordasevic (Canada)

Cuban health workers should have recognised for all the hard they have done to help people over many years . Amazing people

Linda (United Kingdom)

Eva Hagberg Kling (Sweden)

Asha Singh (United Kingdom)

Carol Singh (United Kingdom)

Yasmani (United Kingdom)

The Chiltern Peace & Justice Group has agreed to support this nomination. We hope it is successful and fully appreciate what excellent work Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians undertake. Richard Dunn Chair. CP&JG

Richard Dunn (United Kingdom)

Lesley (United Kingdom)

William Barnett (United Kingdom)

Cuban health workers truly deserve recognition for selflessly giving humanitarian relief in so many countries during a pandemic, where their own lives were at risk. Greater love hath no man...

Lesley Walton (United Kingdom)

Johan Franzen (Sweden)

charles w williams (United Kingdom)

Perdana Halim (Indonesia)

The Cuban medics are heroes. Definitely should have the Nobel Peace Prize

ANGELA Eglin (United Kingdom)

Guje Hoglund (Sweden)

Bo Einar Erlandsson (Sweden)

Lizzie Karlsson (Sweden)

Paul Greening (United Kingdom)

Ann-Carin Landstrom (Sweden)


CHRIS TRANCHELL (United Kingdom)

Svein Dagfinn Vestheim (Norway)

Anastasia Twigg (United Kingdom)

Sammy PALFREY (United Kingdom)

For the succes of the Henry Reev brigade

PerOlof Forsblom (Sweden)

Roland svensson (Sweden)

Gunnar Silvermo (Sweden)

frances Kelly (United Kingdom)

Christine Rawlings (United Kingdom)

award the nobel peace prize 2021 to the members of the henry reeve international brigade !

KOHN Carlo (Luxembourg)

Bo Staaf (Sweden)

Shiree Byrne (United Kingdom)

Peer Hovden (Sweden)

Adrian ADAMS (Australia)

The example of the Cuban medical volunteers who work around the world is inspiring.

Barry Healy (Australia)

We love you Cuba The whole world turned their backs against each other whilst the Cuban medics were out there fighting the pandemic in the front line Viva la Cuba Viva la humanity

Lewis Timur (United Kingdom)

Marianne Persson (Sweden)

David Alexander (United Kingdom)

Georgia Lomax Thorpe (United Kingdom)

Lance Dyer (United Kingdom)

I add my support to the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize 2021 to the deserving doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade. As a Grenadian national, I am well aware of the work of the peace-loving government and the people of Cuba, in training Grenadian doctors and nurses for many decades. Their work over the past year to provide assistance during COVID- 19 pandemic is humanitarianism at its best.

Sally-Ann Richards (United Kingdom)

Alice Dempsey (United Kingdom)

jorgen johansson (Sweden)

Dan Persson (Sweden)

Inspirational...fully dererved

Peter Lee (United Kingdom)

Linus Saxvik (Sweden)

Michael Matthews (United Kingdom)

I strongly recomend Nobel peace prize 2021 for Cuban doctors / Henry Reeve International Brigade for there humanitarianism and solidarity around the world since its formation 2005. Sincerely Christer Carneby GP

Christer Carneby (Sweden)

Norman Hindson (United Kingdom)

Maria McGuinness (Ireland)

Heather McNeil (United Kingdom)

Rolf Marteleur (Sweden)

Jimmy Ginsby (Sweden)

Kent Ahlstrom (Sweden)

Anders Svensson (Estonia)

Anders Olsson (Sweden)

Jim McGinley (United Kingdom)

outstanding service to humanity .thank you

alison currie (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Jones (United Kingdom)

Michael Wongsam (United Kingdom)

For their selfless work providing humanitarianism and hope to people across the globe.

Bo Ek (Sweden)

David Elgindy-Johnsson (Sweden)

Bo Olsson (Sweden)

Mari-Ann Nilsson (Sweden)

Ronny Larsson (Sweden)

Jarl Nilsson (Sweden)

Yves FARAUD (France)

The people of Cuba have always set an example of what practical international solidarity is and looks like, and have done so in defiance of the USA's cruel and punitive blockade. Recognition and thanks for this is long overdue.

Cllr Stephen Smith (United Kingdom)

We need to stand together to fight this horrible virus that have already taken innocent lives.

Alejandro De La Torre Gonzalez (United Kingdom)

Supporting the Henry Reeves Brigade for the Nobel Prize!

Jose R Oro (United States of America)

Richard Lohman (United Kingdom)

David Blow (United Kingdom)

Hugo Wils (United Kingdom)

They really desert it for the great work they have done

Christine Laycock (United Kingdom)

Barrie Potter (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors are the upholders of human health and peace all over the world.

Bryn Rowlands (United Kingdom)

Cuba is well overdue recognition for its multinational contribution to global health.

Joe Kelsall (United Kingdom)

Jane Williams (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors worked in Brazil with great efficiency and had been very well approved and even loved by our people. Unfortunately, our last elected President made the bad choice rejecting so many good participation and help.

Maria Lucia Weffort Rodolfo (Brazil)

Awesome precious medical work with unbelievable energy and lovevable drive to help the people ! What more is there to say..

Hans Jansen de Vries (Netherlands)

David Allan (United Kingdom)

Catriona Matthews (United Kingdom)

Fantastic achievement and very worthy of this recognition.

Gerry Crines (United Kingdom)

Massimo Zambolin (Italy)

Paul Wainwright (United Kingdom)

As a scrub nurse for the NHS the impressive example Cuba gives to world gives us all hope of redemption. In fact, my own country could learn a lot from Cuba. Please vote for Cuba to help change our world

Kerry Noble (United Kingdom)

Guy Cowman-Sharpe (United Kingdom)

Hellmut Naderer (Germany)

Patricia Duffin (United Kingdom)

John Heddle (United Kingdom)

John innes (United Kingdom)

For their selfless humanitarian work saving lives and promoting friendship and cooperation between nations, I join the international call for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to the Cuban health workers who form the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade.

Thomas Quigley (Ireland)

The fact that Cuban Doctors rushed to help Italy in the initial weeks of the pandemic should be enough for them to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. It is not the first time that Cuban Doctors have helped deliver medical aid to other countries and as so I believe that the key principals of the Brigade are, Health,Peace and solidarity make them a great exemplar of what socialism is all about

Steve Ellison (United Kingdom)

Cuba leads the world in selfless acts of generosity and compassion. It’s time the world recognised this and that can start with a token of appreciation with the Nobel Peace Prize. Viva Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade

Neil Holden (United Kingdom)

It is about time that the Cuban people were recognised for their great contribution to World health and the unjustified embargo is lifted.

Mr Philip Meek (United Kingdom)

Consistently & freely medical assistance is given, the recognition is small but the help is huge xx

Paul Fowler (United Kingdom)

Anne Wilkinson (United Kingdom)

carole geerts (United Kingdom)

Ron connolly (United Kingdom)

This example of solidarity at a time of global catastrophe should not go unrewarded.

Mercedes Kemp (United Kingdom)

Rhavy Davidrajuh (United Kingdom)

Rhoda Grant (United Kingdom)

Well done Cuba deserve recognition for contribution to world health.

Pauline McNeill (United Kingdom)

A humanitarian gem that deserves the recognition

Gill Davies (United Kingdom)

Talisa Van de Velde (Belgium)

Andy Donnelly (United Kingdom)

The Cuban doctors well deserve the honor

Lavina Shaw (Canada)

Anders Martinsson (Sweden)

Phyllis Toews (Canada)

Jabulani Magula (South Africa)

Alan Bradley (United Kingdom)

Jacqueline Contre (United Kingdom)

Nick Magafas (United Kingdom)

Janathan Michelas (United Kingdom)

I support the nomination of the Henry Reeve International Brigade for their selfless dedication and commitment to ensure world is a better place for the present and future generations.

Jomo bonokwane (South Africa)

Radheeshan Yogaratnam (United Kingdom)


Dom har förtjänat Nobelpriset för humanism och solidaritet utan ekonomiska personliga intressen. Lycka till.

Alejandro Suarez Ortega (Sweden)

Nasheima Sheikh (United Kingdom)

Ulf Brandstrom (Sweden)

The Cuban medics deserve recognition for their unending efforts to save lives whilst putting their own at risk.

Rosalia Valentino (United Kingdom)

Lesley Marshall (United Kingdom)

Majd Khalid (Palestine)

Scott Lumsden (United Kingdom)

Theresa (United Kingdom)

They set an example to the world.

Kelly DeSantis (United Kingdom)

Mark Edwards (Australia)

Congratulations and thanks to the Cuban Medical services for the international assistance you have provided over many years

Gregory Douglas (United Kingdom)

Julian Morales Sanchez (Colombia)

Roy Smith (United Kingdom)

Please, award the Nobel Peace Prize to Cuban doctors

Daniel Fonfria-Perera (United States of America)

Kelly Elshafey (United Kingdom)

Cian Ronayne (United Kingdom)

Recognise these unsung heroes

Nigel Brown (United Kingdom)

Rolf Jonsson (Sweden)

Gerard Armstrong (United Kingdom)

Peter McCorry (United Kingdom)

Maureen (United States of America)

thomas lamb (United Kingdom)

A beautiful example to the world of loving kindness to those in need.

deane banning (United Kingdom)

Tony kelly (United Kingdom)

jenny abbott (United Kingdom)

Ann Lawrence (United Kingdom)

Harry Murray (United Kingdom)

Ambar Kahrod (United Kingdom)

Eve Brady (United Kingdom)

William WILLIAMS (United States of America)

Cuba are always just incredible at helping the world in terrible medical situations. They have just been pheonominal in helping and giving expertise for covid19 while suffering themselves

Jill zucker (United Kingdom)

Graham Jones (United Kingdom)

Cuba’s contribution to World health has been consistent and vital to the poor countries it serves. At this time of unprecedented international health crisis, recognition by the Nobel Committee would be very well-deserved and universally approved.

Dr Graham Jowett (United Kingdom)

Congratulations and well done best of humanity and shames so many who deride their Country!

Des Byrne (United Kingdom)

Daniel Patrice McCool (United Kingdom)

Laura Clarke (United Kingdom)

Susan Penney (United Kingdom)

michael fish (Canada)

Alexander Morgan (United Kingdom)

On behalf of Latin American Historical Awareness Society of the Americas (United States of America)

ozgur ozel (United Kingdom)

The truly selfless work of Cuba’s Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade has saved more than 80,000 lives worldwide since its formation in 2005. The organisation's medics have helped tend the sick in many desperate and dangerous public health situations and in countries all across the globe, regardless of politics. They are a shining example to all of us of a truly International Humanitarian organisation working in solidarity to deliver health care and promote peace between nations of the world. I believe that Cuba’s Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade would be a very worthy recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Yours respectfully, John Jackson Kent, UK

John Jackson (United Kingdom)

Viva cuba! Viva la revolucion!

Johannes Riseth (Norway)

What a brilliant health service. What a brilliant international help service. It is not just Coronavirus. Cuban medics have helped all around the world in all manner of health crises.

Darwin Smith (United Kingdom)

Valerie Burlinson (United Kingdom)

I nominate the wonderful & caring Cuban doctors for the Nobel peace prize.

Warren Parsley (United Kingdom)

cris adams (United States of America)

Janette Smith (United Kingdom)

long live cuba

Alastair Smith (United Kingdom)

Lots of love for the amazing job

Agnieszka Brannsether (Norway)

The world needs to learn from the example shown by Cuba. International co-operation is the only way forward for the human race - whether that is to combat a pandemic, deal with the climate emergency or end global poverty and injustice. Thank you to all the Cuban people.

John Lessells (United Kingdom)

I stand in solidarity with the people of Cuba, and also would wish that the Henry Reeve International Brigade receive the well-deserved credit for all the acts of solidarity they have made globally. They should therefore receive the Nobel Peace Prize. I have personally seen the commitment of doctors sent to assist the Health Service in Zimbabwe in the 1990s and admire their response to emergencies during the Ebola outbreak and now with the COVID pandemic.

Maxine Sadza (United Kingdom)

Lars Nerpin (Sweden)

Denise Roberts (United Kingdom)

Conor O Neill (United Kingdom)

Wishing Cuban doctors success and thanks as the noble academy considers them for peace prize

Eoin casserly (United Kingdom)

Linda Dodds (United Kingdom)

Karen Rue (United Kingdom)

No people have ever been so deserving of this

Robby white (United Kingdom)

Robert Wyatt (United Kingdom)

Patricia Morrison (United Kingdom)

Robin Cant (United Kingdom)

Margaret Norcross (United Kingdom)

Paul Sandham (United Kingdom)

Louis (United Kingdom)

Maria Moorat (United Kingdom)

Barry Jones (United Kingdom)

Louise Lee (United Kingdom)

Karen Dumont (United Kingdom)

God bless Cuba

Edward Tapia (United States of America)

Simone Claire Balzama (United Kingdom)

Cuba needs to rejoin the world

Maris (United Kingdom)

Carl Lamb (United Kingdom)

Patrick Cahill (United Kingdom)

Jeanette Wiseman (United Kingdom)

Rise Smythe Freed (United States of America)

Cuba and Cubans have consistently demonstrated a willingness to share their expertise and humanity with the world. I fully endorse this recommendation for the prize to be awarded to the doctors, nurses and technicians of Cuba.

Giulio Bortolozzo (Australia)

Maz Gaskell (United Kingdom)

Zinka Brkic (Australia)

Phil Agee (United States of America)

Sara Jonsson (Sweden)

John Gately (United Kingdom)

Jari Tertsunen (Finland)

Clare Oxby (United Kingdom)

Juha-Pekka Vaisanen (Finland)

FERESHTEH Shahidi (United Kingdom)

I have seen them in action in Haiti and they are great and should have recognition

hilary (United Kingdom)

Angy Ries (Luxembourg)

True humanitarian values

Suzette Markwell (Australia)

Manuel (Cuba)

Emerita Professor Christine Barrowclough (United Kingdom)

Saving lives, not taking them.

Barbara Pryor (United States of America)

Cuban Doctors deserve this award for their work all over the world and especially their work in fighting Covid 19.

Patrick Joseph Lynch (Northern Ireland)

Professor Emeritus Nicholas Tarrier (United Kingdom)

Manooch Kashan (United Kingdom)

Margaret Kashan (United Kingdom)

darren (Canada)

Wonderful humanitarian work. The world needs more of this.

Joan Abrams (United Kingdom)

Solidarity forever

Clayton Clive (United Kingdom)

Bill Gaines (United Kingdom)

Nicola Harwin (United Kingdom)

Kathryn (United Kingdom)

James Dutton (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba

Dave Penn (United Kingdom)

Dianne Beck (United Kingdom)

Katharina Schubert (Germany)

Thank you for all you are doing.

Joe Paglia (United Kingdom)

Paul Drain (Ireland)

Cuba has been an amazing example of solidarity and indeed how to react to a global pandemic with very few cases and very few deaths. The Cuban doctors that helped treat people around the world deserve this recognition

Martin Richard Abrams (United Kingdom)


Milka Milliance (United States of America)

Brianna Barry (United States of America)

Joy (United Kingdom)

lo merecen, por su compromiso con el bienestar de la humanidad.

Juana Torres (Colombia)

Cuba, a light in the darkness, an example of humanity.

Jim Moody (United Kingdom)

Brian Nicholson (United Kingdom)

John Stephen Strain (Canada)

Jace Brantley (United States of America)

Fantastic work especially whilst enduring very harsh sanctions, bravo.

Paul Moss (United Kingdom)

Cuba is the best

Tarek Benmouffok (Algeria)

Zoe (United States of America)

Lorraine Mcilwaine (United Kingdom)

Wonderful people

Karen Isobel Carmichael (United Kingdom)

Sophia lindner (United States of America)

Jamie (United Kingdom)

Diego Garzon (Netherlands)

Sean Harrison (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba!

Gary Lee (United Kingdom)

The work of Cuban doctor work overseas has helped millions over the years.

Roy Kirby (United Kingdom)

Helen Cunningham (United Kingdom)

William Kane (United Kingdom)

Robert Palermo (United States of America)

Stephen J Hackett (United Kingdom)

Rickard Branzell (Sweden)

Sue Dutt (United Kingdom)

Linda Jean Doucett (Canada)

Michael Dunford (China)

Michele Spiller (United Kingdom)

Rob Rankin (Canada)

Robert Svorinich (United States of America)

alfredo (Dominican Republic)

Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Cuban healthcare workers would go a long way to giving the award itself the prestige it is claimed to have.

Jennifer Hor (Australia)

Marilyn Hyde (Canada)

Ilse Schroeder (United States of America)

Lewis b (United Kingdom)

Xiao Alba (Canada)

Frederico Soares (Brazil)

Fabiana Borges Teixeira dos Santos (Brazil)

John McCaul (Ireland)

Darren Wapplington (United Kingdom)

KATHRYN Hodkinson (United Kingdom)

Marissa Picone (United States of America)


Huang yeh chien (Taiwan)

Javier Marrero (Cuba)

Cuba, walking the walk. Medical care for Cubans AND the rest of the world.

Anast Liascos (United States of America)

Tanya Vassi (United Kingdom)

Totally agree it is about time they are been recognized for their altruism service to humanity.

Michel blais (Canada)

I support this iniciative 100%



Cllr Pat O'Rourke (United Kingdom)

They deserve it.

tom lim (Singapore)

Todo el apoyo al gran pueblo cubano!!! HLVS!!

Roxana Cecilia Ynoub (Argentina)

Exceptional work.

Simon J Gibson (Philippines)

Ozgun Yagmur (Turkey)

Kemar (Barbados)

Well deserved!

Don English (Canada)

Andrew gregory (United Kingdom)

Chris Knight (United Kingdom)

Thumbs up Cuba.Your medics are doing a great job in South Africa.Cuba deserve more than this.

Michael Buku (South Africa)

The Committee need take into account the long tradition of medical s

Patrick Lefevre (United Kingdom)

Lars Wallin (Sweden)

Alison Selwood (United Kingdom)

Carlie SMITH (United Kingdom)

Margaret (United States of America)

Patricia McDermott (United Kingdom)

Ava Eldred (United Kingdom)

The Cuban doctors are held in my highest esteem for their humanitarianism and bravery.

Simon Herbert (United Kingdom)

Neil Harvey (United Kingdom)

David (United Kingdom)

Wolfgang Bachmann (Germany)

Zack Campbell (United States of America)

Paul Allan-Smith (United Kingdom)

Jacqui Rafferty (United Kingdom)

Eilis Barry (Ireland)

Gerard McNally (United Kingdom)

Some if the world’s best trained health workforce driven to serve

Jane Lomax-Smith (Australia)

Such selfless brave acts deserve recognition.

Cllr Charmaine Morgan (United Kingdom)

Alan russell (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with our Cuban comrades who are putting their lives at risk to help others. Inspirational.

Declan Owens (United Kingdom)

Phil Turner (United Kingdom)

Audrey White (United Kingdom)

The inspirational work of the Henry Reeve International Brigade is an example of the way that cooperation and mutual support should replace the competition and exploitation which has typified globalisation.

Lord John Hendy QC (United Kingdom)

carole hawkins (United Kingdom)

Gwenan Richards (United Kingdom)

Son un ejemplo para la humanidad.

Jorge Vega Dominguez (Costa Rica)

Alicia Alpizar Barquero (Costa Rica)

I applaud the phenomenal work of the clinicians of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade. They carry the torch of inter-national solidarity and support, taking care and cure to the people of so many countries during the stress of an international public health crisis. They are a testament to the people of Cuba and their selflessness and sacrifice really must be rewarded.

Ian Mearns MP (United Kingdom)

Annette Webb (United Kingdom)

Louise Ellis (United Kingdom)

Joy Gough (Ireland)

Jodi Thomas (United Kingdom)

James Stewart (United Kingdom)

gordon ross (United Kingdom)

Jim Gavine (United Kingdom)

Lance Dyer (United Kingdom)

MORGWN C DAVIES (United Kingdom)

Luiz carlos PIZZOLO da silva (Brazil)

Carmel Meacle (Ireland)

Stuart Dye (United Kingdom)

Caroline hillier (United Kingdom)

Exemplary of solidarity in action and a group that thoroughly deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jack Mahoney (United Kingdom)

Yngve Johnsson (Sweden)

Peter Jones (United Kingdom)

Thank you, dear medical professionals, for promoting peace globally!

Jane (Czech Republic)

Dawn Fyfe (United Kingdom)

Shoreh Zareh (United States of America)

Deborah Ann Norton (United Kingdom)

Kate Blair (United Kingdom)

les Professionnels de la santé Cubains ont été des vrais soldats contre cette Pandémie à travers le Monde,je les félicite et je leurs tire : Chapeau-Bas.

Embarek (Algeria)

Gary Stewart (United Kingdom)

DJEDAI (France)

Stewart Whitehead (United Kingdom)

Cuba deserves recognition for its humanitarian health work around the world. Cuba should be awarded the Novel Peace Prize

Gloria Zaror-Behrens (Canada)

NORMAN (United Kingdom)

Niki Barnett-Henry (United Kingdom)

John Grisdale (United Kingdom)

Paul Field (United Kingdom)

Simon Lolk Lauridsen (Denmark)

Cuban doctors have saved thousands of lives around the world, the Nobel Peace Prize 2021, is deserving for their excellent work saving human lives around the world.

neysha sima (Canada)

Eftychia Angelou (Greece)

Cuban Doctors are real brave players on the world stage. They deserve the prize.

Phillip Sparrow (United States of America)

Josephine Lowrey (France)

David Patenaude (United States of America)

For once, let's reward those people who have been and are now working tirelessly to save lives, provide urgent medical help and comfort to so many in the world.

Gui In De Betouw (Belgium)

Give the prize to people who put their lives on the line for humanity.

Edward Meyers (United States of America)

Well done Cuba. In the face of years of illegal U.S. sanctions you still managed to send medics out into the world on mercy missions. You should be proud of yourselves and so should everyone else. Happy New Year to you all.

Geof Hughes (United Kingdom)


ROGER CAMP (United Kingdom)

I praise THE NOBLES WORK of the more than 3,700 Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians have volunteered alongside health workers in 39 countries to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

george patterson (United States of America)

Gracias a todos estos héroe de la medicina con batas que salvan vidas.

Lucho Campbell Hernandez (Panama)

These doctors and nurses fully deserve this award.

Rob Gardiner (United Kingdom)

Liv Leffler (Sweden)

Jean Myers (United Kingdom)

heidi spielhagen (Germany)

Hans Christian Knudsen (Denmark)

Zarah Larsen (Denmark)

It's the least I can do to support and honor the brave and selfless Cuban doctors that were the first to have brave the deadly Covid vaccine to help save lives around the world. The world must honor their efforts by at least awarding them, the Nobel Peace Price. However, it must not stop there and the recipient countries and other well eishers must rather help to finance their medical instruction in their efforts to further advance their medical and scientific research programs,to help humanity.

Dan John (United States of America)



Timothy Loncarich (Canada)

Neil Burton (United Kingdom)

I've always been impressed by the way Cuban health workers have helped in heath care and health emergencies across the world and what they've done during Covid is brilliant.

Mary Holmes (United Kingdom)


Sean Doolin (Ireland)

Alcides Zumaran (United States of America)

Terry McEvoy (United Kingdom)

Marian Cowler (United Kingdom)

Philippa C (United Kingdom)

Gavin Evans (United Kingdom)

SANGGOO GANG (South Korea)

Natalie Howard (United Kingdom)

seongwook (South Korea)

Ulf Jonasson (Sweden)

Thank you for your humanity

Paul (United Kingdom)

Serap Sokulu (Sweden)

Diana Jeater (United Kingdom)

Peter Blennarhassett (United Kingdom)

Jackie McMaster (United Kingdom)

Kerima Mohideen (United Kingdom)

Nina Gavrieli (United Kingdom)

Thanos Tsapas (United Kingdom)

Kim Hansen (Denmark)

Please, let's give the Nobel Peace Price to these awesome doctors who help worldwide fighting the pandemic and show their solidarity and humanity.

Andrzej Wiencek (Germany)

Lena Brunzell (Sweden)

Carina Hansson (Sweden)

Sean Murphy (United Kingdom)

C (United Kingdom)

Nynne Pagels (Denmark)

Thanks to the Henry Reeve Interntional Medical Brigade for all they have done and continue to do to help people world wide. From each according to their ability to each according to their need, indeed. Rational practical action fo humanity. During a pandemic where so many are running round like headless chickens, they are showing the way. Viruses know no borders people and thankfully Cuban healthcare understands this. An example to us all.

Janet Gaspar (United Kingdom)

Allan Hosey (Scotland)

Dorcas Haller (United States of America)

Tanja Mikkelsen (Denmark)

Birgit Olesen (Denmark)

Janne Wedenborg (Denmark)

G C Cuthbert (United Kingdom)

I recommend the cuban doctors team for the nobel price.

Finn Larsen (Denmark)

Amazing that Cuba is not accepted as a democratic friend in the world

Frank Smith (United Kingdom)

Lene (Denmark)

The actions and beliefs of such an example to us all.

Carol Mills (United Kingdom)

Jorgen Petersen (Denmark)


Megan Eden Coyne (United Kingdom)

Christopher Boylan (Ireland)

Mikael Eriksson (Sweden)

Sammy lowe (United Kingdom)

Please consider these Doctors for the Nobel peace prize 2021.

Roger Williams (United Kingdom)

Shea O Loingsigh (Ireland)

Well deserved and to risk your live helping other in other countries is an award in itself


Nobel prize for the heroes of Cuban Revolution!

Gerasimos Papadatos (Greece)

Siobhan McKee (United Kingdom)

John Donaghey (United Kingdom)

John Burt (United Kingdom)

Henrik Krogh (Denmark)

Hirohide Tabata (Japan)

R Bertram (United Kingdom)

The amazing solidarity and support provided from one of the poorest countries deserves to be recognised and honoured. I thought Cuba couldn't beat the support given during the enola crisis, this tops that. During a time when richer countries like the UK are slashing foreign aid.

Angela halliwell (United Kingdom)

Ben jones (United Kingdom)

Tea Jonsson (Sweden)

Marianne Maass (Denmark)

Anne Jeanette Rasmussen (Denmark)

Cuba deseves massive recognition for its healthcare, despite the damage done by the USA.

Steve Ritchie (United Kingdom)

Truly international in outlook.

Colin Harris (United Kingdom)

Karen Taylor Searle (United Kingdom)

Sanaz (Canada)

Alan Bain (Australia)

Sean mc govern (United Kingdom)

Mr Gordon Armour (United Kingdom)

Thank you for all that you have done for the countries you have assisted in this unprecendented time we're going through for all the medical professionals in the Henry Reeve brigade much love and health.

Marquis Wilhite (United States of America)

Liz cullen (United Kingdom)

Keep up the good work for all.

Alexander Edgar (United Kingdom)

Mark Ewington (United Kingdom)

Ian McMillan (United Kingdom)

Susan Wood (United Kingdom)

No country more deserving than Cuba. The brigades deserve this and more.

Jaime Hodson (United States of America)

America should pay attention to WORLD OPINION - leave Guantanamo 109% and stop the blockade

Mike Kelly (United Kingdom)

Kostas (Greece)

Maarten Smeets (Belgium)

Franklyn Sweeney (United Kingdom)

Lasse Voetmann (Denmark)

Fergal Hanrahan (Ireland)

Eren Zehra (Turkey)

Allison Fewtrell (United Kingdom)

Richard Brathwaite (United States of America)

Louise Bjorknas (Canada)

Desiree Mules (Ireland)

Julie Hood (United Kingdom)

This is what the world should be about

Nathaniel (United States of America)

Lily (United States of America)

Jane (United Kingdom)

Fionnbarr Dorrian (Ireland)

Cuban health workers are the salt of the earth and along with all of Cuba should be recognized for their humanity while others look the other way.

Alex McLean (United Kingdom)

George Dixon (United Kingdom)

For a country that seems to be despised by the west and the establishment this is proof the people of Cuba have respect for their fellow man, irrespective of the colour of their skin or their politics. Well done to the Cuban government and the health care professionals who have given their time to provide humanitarian aid to people around the world., especially during these very difficult times. They fully deserve to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Liam mcnally (United Kingdom)

I strongly support this endeavour.

Wende Anne Maunder (United Kingdom)

For a small country with a huge humanitarian heart as displayed by the Henry Reeve International medical brigades, the Nobel peace prize would be a fitting honour allowing the world to say Thank you.Viva

Simon Artherton (United Kingdom)

Cuba needs international recognition for its brilliant contribution in the fight against Covid19-19 worldwide.

Chris ODonovan (United Kingdom)

Leon Murray (United Kingdom)

Such community spirit by a country with limited resources needs to be supported by the international community

Nessan Thambiah (Australia)

Norm Glennard (United Kingdom)

Hartash Dale (United Kingdom)

A country where the health of its citizens comes first

Gareth John (United Kingdom)

Sue Keefe (United Kingdom)

kevin M webb (United Kingdom)

Julie Alley (United States of America)

Dick Westlund (Sweden)

Deborah (United Kingdom)

Eva Androutsopoulou (Greece)

We owe so much to people like this!

Patsy Stoneman (United Kingdom)

En solidaridad con los trabajadores de la salud. Gracias y buena suerte. ¡Viva Cuba!

Margaret Sharkey (United Kingdom)

Colin Stoneman (United Kingdom)

UNISON John Riley (United Kingdom)

Anders Kilefors (Sweden)

Elena Paz-Vizcaya (Ireland)

Ute Herbert (Germany)

Mairin Ni dhuibhir (Ireland)

Markus Greiner (Germany)

A relatively poor country economically but rich in human spirit. They deserve recognition

Marie Davies (United Kingdom)

Keith Sharpe (United Kingdom)

Christopher John Williams (United Kingdom)

These wonderful people have dearly earned this honour.

Jerry Cutler (Canada)

Peter Jenner (United Kingdom)

Leonard Karl Weiss (United Kingdom)

Sharad Rana (United Kingdom)

Solidarity from Suffolk in the United Kingdom.

David Cull (United Kingdom)

Michael Bishop (United Kingdom)

Dabiri Mujibat Abiola (Nigeria)

richard jones (United Kingdom)

Paul Lawley (United Kingdom)

Thank you isn’t enough, please recognise the incredible and selfless contribution these health care staff made to the world. An example of heroism and humanitarianism that all countries need to respect and mirror.

Maria Carroll (United Kingdom)

Maja Grings (Ireland)

Kon Hanson (United Kingdom)

Sarah Macgregor (United Kingdom)

Josef Dillon (United Kingdom)

Philip Moroney (United Kingdom)

Kerstin (Sweden)

Susan Hyett (England)

David Alun Roberts (United Kingdom)

Fiona Leach (United Kingdom)

Avi Chia (United Kingdom)

Ciaran Hickey (United Kingdom)

Jane Chandler (United Kingdom)

Ann Logan (United Kingdom)

My support to this brave Cuban doctor. They deserved the novel price.

Armando LaO Alvarez (United Kingdom)

Richard Ireland (United Kingdom)

Omar Marin (United States of America)

Every time I turn around I hear about Cuban doctors doing amazing things.

Adam Nettles (United States of America)

Joana Maia (Portugal)

Jason (United States of America)

Cllr Bill Shields (United Kingdom)

Sauli (Sweden)

Lucas Cenir Friederich (Brazil)

Amazing achievement and thank you to each and every one of them. Truly inspirational- they deserve this recognition!

Lynn Paweleck (United Kingdom)

I support this nomination as they spread light and hope wherever they go in the world.

Tom Flanagan (United Kingdom)

Venni Salmi (Sweden)

To achieve this after over 60 years of embargo is truly heroic.

Christopher Johnson (United Kingdom)

Andrea Heptonstall (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victòria, sempre!

John Atkins (United Kingdom)

Jorgen Jensen (Sweden)

Pantelis Michaliadis (United Kingdom)

Annette Hadley (United Kingdom)

Jonis Farah (Sweden)

Isak (Sweden)

Cuban doctors deserve a Nobel Peace Price.

Abass Muhammad (Ghana)

Alberto Zerda-Noriega (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors' commitment to supporting ill people around the world is wonderful and should be celebrated.

Penny Remfry (United Kingdom)

This pandemic is a global crisis which needs a global solution. The Cuban Health workers are setting an example of helping to fight the pandemic internationally

Brenda Batts (United Kingdom)

Alan Sinclair (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Milos (United States of America)

No brainer!!

Tony Pringle (United Kingdom)

Stanislav Palekha (Russian Federation)

Steven Torres (United States of America)

Rita Machin (United Kingdom)

A small country with limited resources offered unconditional medical help to other countries. An example to us all during these difficult days and the most deserving candidate for the Nobel peace prize

BRIAN KILOH (United Kingdom)

I have seen from closely the selfless work of Cuban doctors in Africa since 1977. There is no professional group who has done more consistently and under very difficult and dangerous conditions than Cuban doctors.

Mariette Asselbergs (United Kingdom)

Wonderful, heartwarming excellent example of human fraternity.

Catherine Stewart (United Kingdom)

Alf Lindberg (Sweden)

Xavier Ingham (United Kingdom)

Anita Jonsson (Sweden)

Beatriz Vieira (Portugal)

Terry Burgon (United Kingdom)

Thomas (United Kingdom)

Please recognise this country's outstanding contribution

Richard Lockwood (United Kingdom)

Matilde Alves (Portugal)

This is an amazingly selfless act

Lynda P Shentall (United Kingdom)

Cesar (United States of America)

La medicina cubana lleva decadas asistiendo al mundo, un reconocimiento seria deseable, si hubiera equidad.

Ricardo Dafauce Otheo de Tejada (Spain)

Diogo (Portugal)

Viva Cuba!

Goncalo Beato (Portugal)

Pedro Miguel Salazar (Portugal)

Joaquim Santos (Portugal)

Diane Charlton (United Kingdom)

Ellie Leatherland (United Kingdom)

Ricardo (Portugal)

Rodrigo Cardoso (Portugal)

Camila Alves (Portugal)

Eva Bom (Portugal)

Ines Paiva (Portugal)

Eduardo Soutinho Verde Domingues Esteves (Portugal)

Tiago (Portugal)

Alice (Portugal)

Once again cuba shows that they are in the right side of history

Goncalo Caldas (Portugal)

Viva Cuba!

Miguel Fernando de Jesus Fitas (Portugal)

Tiago Ribeiro (Portugal)

Tiago Maciel (Portugal)

If ever a group deserved the Nobel Peace Prize it is the members of the Henry Reeve International Brigade.

Patricia A Ruddle (United Kingdom)

This would be a fitting tribute to the tireless, selfless and heroic work of Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians and their internationalist solidarity.

Gerry Grainger (Ireland)

They deserve the Noble Peace Prize!

Caroline Anne Tendler (United Kingdom)

Susie Daniel (United Kingdom)

Jeremy Leech (United Kingdom)

Kathryn Thomas (United Kingdom)

Kathy Hamilton (United Kingdom)

Gail Jenkinson (United Kingdom)

Jackie Robins (United Kingdom)

was so impressed to hear of the good work the cuban doctors did during the 2014 Ebola outbreak without much recognition

William Thomas (United Kingdom)

It is time the world recognised Cuba as a success despite USA blockade!

Philomena Hearn (United Kingdom)

Andrew Clarke (United Kingdom)

Leif Bergstrom (Sweden)

Well done for showing some humanity .....the world could do with more people such as you all 👍

Patrick Browne (United Kingdom)

eamonn rawson (United Kingdom)

Bryan hutchings (United Kingdom)

The Henry Reeve International Brigade from Cuba have shown what it is to provide international solidarity with tens of thousands of people in other countries who are suffering from a lack of healthcare. During this year of the Covid-19 global pandemic they have been a shining example to the world, especially richer countries, of how we can, and must, must help each other for the good of everyone.

Alison Harris (United Kingdom)

Mrs Rowena Harrison (United Kingdom)

Laurel Ellis (United Kingdom)

Kim Thornton (United Kingdom)

Neil Hunt (United Kingdom)

You fully deserve it !

Tom Bennett (United Kingdom)

Clare Johnson (United Kingdom)

Beryl Brannan (United Kingdom)

Nadeem Samari (United Kingdom)

Tim Pawett (United Kingdom)

Awesome people. And all in the face of horrendous oppression. They are an example to the rest of the world.

Deborah Tilley (United Kingdom)

Cuban Doctor always saving lives in our poor countries where government fail to protect people, that must be recognised,

Alma Carballo (United Kingdom)

Neelotpal Sharma (India)

Julie Robinson (United Kingdom)

Ursula Taylor (United Kingdom)

Kerrie Jepps (Ireland)

Trish Oliver (United Kingdom)

Bronwen Malik (United Kingdom)

France FRADET (Spain)

Dominic Sheeran (United Kingdom)

James thomas (United Kingdom)

Laura Smyth (United Kingdom)

Simon Cockell (France)

Jessy Hawkins (United Kingdom)

Terence Smith (United Kingdom)

It’s the right thing to do . There will be huge pressure not to award these selfless men and women but ask yourself in your hearts why you wouldn’t award them . Please read

Patrick McGlynn (United Kingdom)

Asif lashari (Pakistan)

Yelena Alvarez-McCoy (United States of America)

Gracias Cuba!

Julio Irles (Spain)


ROBERT MCLEISH (United Kingdom)

James McCabe (United Kingdom)

Keep it up.

Frederic Morgan (United Kingdom)

well done keep up the good work

don street (United Kingdom)

Michael Allen (United Kingdom)

I support this nomination because these are real, ordinary people making enormous sacrifices and showing selflessness towards other people they do not know on an international level. They are role models for the world especially at this time of international crisis

Chris Selsby (United Kingdom)

Long live Cuba!

Redaksi Dasar Kita (Indonesia)

Edward Karavakis (Switzerland)

There is no other country in the world that has been helping other countries with the medical brigades like CUBA. this is the best way to bring PEACE to this world............... I strongly support this proposition for the Cuban Doctors to be nominated for the PEACE PRIZE in 2012

johannes Gleede (United Kingdom)

Cuban medics are some of the hardest working humanitarian heroes, and are an inspiration to doctors everywhere

Kat Mccormack (Ireland)

Arne Lundgren (Sweden)

Holly harwood (United Kingdom)

Sandra Brierley (United Kingdom)

Susan J Willard (United States of America)

Jeannie Malm (Sweden)

Andrew Funaro (United States of America)

Julie Botten (United Kingdom)

Theresa Kellegher (United Kingdom)

Ann Battle (United Kingdom)

Malcolm Young (United Kingdom)

Val Graham (United Kingdom)

Nathaniel McBride (United Kingdom)

Geoff Holmes (United Kingdom)

Hanna Demel (United Kingdom)

Derek Rogers (United States of America)

Iris Kutu (South Africa)

Cuban medics have done so much for numerous relief efforts with medical treatments. This is testimony to Cuba’s brilliant health system which I benefitted from personally when on holiday in Cuba. They took care of my husband who fell severely ill. They would not accept any money because they said health is a right. Amazing and so right. They truly deserve the Nobel Peace prize as an example to all.

Ruhi hamid (United Kingdom)

We must support to the deserving people.

Daljit Bahadur Singh Khankhana (United Kingdom)

Best wishes

Kohinoor Rahman (United Kingdom)

Steven Middleton (United Kingdom)

jenny welsh (United Kingdom)

Marzena Kochanska (United Kingdom)

salma Ali (United Kingdom)

Geoffrey Thomas (United Kingdom)

Cuban medical staff have always been at the front of any medical emergency.

Mick Murphy (United Kingdom)

Mark Boninsegna (Netherlands)

Lasse Simmons (Sweden)

Ruth mullins (United Kingdom)

It's great tons displays of international altruism, especially when so many countries are proudly claiming to be world leaders in beating the virus and developing vaccines. Leaders display the same usual concerns for party popularity rather than a genuine worldwide sharing.

Tim Dalling (United Kingdom)

Karen Richards-Baidoshvili (United Kingdom)

Maud Hedin (Sweden)

Henry Reeve International Brigade have saved 93,000 lives, I support Cuban Internationalism.

Gugu (South Africa)

Sandra marsden (United Kingdom)

Gary (United Kingdom)

Dr Stuart Moir EdD (United Kingdom)

Sara Tipton (United Kingdom)

David (United Kingdom)

Stella Mattsson (Finland)

Alison Henry (United Kingdom)

clive harrison (United Kingdom)

Geraldine Kearns (Ireland)

Ken Nisbet (United Kingdom)

Colin Creighton (United Kingdom)

Jamie Fontaine (Canada)

Amy Boyd (United Kingdom)

Lieve Vanderhoven (Belgium)

Karen Forshaw (United Kingdom)

Good luck.Thank you .best wishes.

Anthony Gillon (United Kingdom)

Hazel Reed (United Kingdom)

The work of Cuban doctors across the world deserves an overdue recognition. Always prepared to go where others can’t this is the biggest contribution to overseas aid as it goes direct to the people who need it. Politics should not come into this decision as it is the doctors who deliver this work and deserve all the appreciation.

John Dorward (United Kingdom)

Peter Bisson (United Kingdom)

Jennifer Heloise Toms (Italy)

Stuart Bretherton (United Kingdom)

Sue Halliday (United Kingdom)

Michelle Ohlson (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors are emissaries of peace to the world, and are exemplars of hope for a better and more just future. I fully support their nomination for the Nobel peace prize.

Edward Hulme (United Kingdom)

The Henry Reeve International Brigade have shown how humanitarian actions could unite the world. The publicity this award would bring them could only enhance this message.

Anne Saunders (United Kingdom)

maggie wolfendale (United Kingdom)

Sabeenean (United Kingdom)

Kathleen Stonehouse (United Kingdom)

Months ago, we saw video of Cuban medics entering Italy to help with the Coronavirus December-2019 crisis. No big show or political brouhaha, just a group of dedicated professionals bringing their skills to a place where their skills were needed. No demand for reward, because they are professionals, whose skills are great and whose egos are small. Bravo!

Jean Cox (United Kingdom)

Malcolm Tedd (United Kingdom)

Michael Lawless (United Kingdom)

Marium Nafisa (United Kingdom)

A luta continua!

Priya Thamotheram (United Kingdom)

Nicki Laing (United Kingdom)

Nuha Omar (United States of America)

Gil Tarschys (Sweden)

Totally deserved

michael daisley (United Kingdom)

This team deserve a Novel Peace Prize!! what a wonderful gift these Cuban citizens gave to the world, a world where for decades Cuba has been vilified by many nations!! The ethics of Cuba to educate doctors, nurses and health care workers - far more than they need in their country and send them forth to help where most needed.

Vivienne Bolton (United Kingdom)

Christine de Pulford (United Kingdom)

Well done to the people of Cuba - your selfless behaviour is an example to the rest of the world

Frank Winfield (United Kingdom)

Anthony Muir (United Kingdom)

Andrew Kerry (United Kingdom)

Malcolm Emmerson (United Kingdom)

Rachel Silcock (United Kingdom)

Debbie woodward (United Kingdom)

June Oates (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Frankand (United Kingdom)

Joe Burt (United Kingdom)

Mary Keogh (United Kingdom)

Andrew Weir (Australia)

David Lawson (United Kingdom)

Colm Reavey (United Kingdom)

Clare Willison (United Kingdom)

Viva la revolución

Aaron Hamill (United Kingdom)

Hasta la vittoria siempre!!

Sandy Mathers (United Kingdom)

Matthew Grant (United Kingdom)

These people deserve the Prize for their unselfish actions.

william clinton (United Kingdom)

Cathaoir Haughey (United Kingdom)

Phil Baptiste (United Kingdom)

Carol Forsberg (Australia)

Cubans have not only effectively helped their own people in face of Covid-19 they are also help poor countries of the world. While the rich Western countries help themselves with the health resources of the poor countries Cuba is lending them her own health resources.

N Bharmal (United Kingdom)

Juan Carlos Sanchez (Spain)

Lucas (United Kingdom)

Rick Hutchinson (United Kingdom)

Emma Foottit (United Kingdom)

Thomas Muddiman (United Kingdom)

Monica kendall (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre.

Nicholas Collins (Canada)

Christine (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Wood (United Kingdom)

John Dickens (United Kingdom)

Indulal (United Kingdom)


Tommy Acland (United Kingdom)

Cuban Health workers have risked their lives in helping other countries when they have faced disasters whether it has been in Pakistan or Hiati they have been there and now the world is facing this covid19 pendemic they richly deserve this momination Councillor Carl Richardson Hartlepool Borough Council

Carl Richardson (United Kingdom)

I have been to Cuba at least 12 times and witnessed the wonderful healthcare available to Cuban Citizens. These Doctors are incredible,highly skilled and dedicated.

Marian Gallagher (Ireland)

Preserving life ❤️ what a gift to humanity

Coppelia King (United Kingdom)

Their extraordinary actions deserve recognition

Gerry McCarron (United Kingdom)

Brave resilient fearless

Rosemary Hannan (Australia)

Eamon MCMAHON (Ireland)

Jane Lowry (United Kingdom)

Kathryn Gannon (United Kingdom)

L Lamer (Canada)

Adrian Dolby (United Kingdom)

Trish goose (United Kingdom)

Colin Edgley (United Kingdom)

Nik Starmer-Smith (United Kingdom)

Isuru Maddumage (Sri Lanka)

The best in the worl helping people globally regardless of race or creed ❤️

Marie Rea (United Kingdom)

Well deserved

Lesley Campbell (United Kingdom)

Jo Loyn (United Kingdom)

Jusu Kamara (United Kingdom)

Derek Hardman (United Kingdom)

Rae Chapman (United Kingdom)

Such a good news story in these difficult times. They have offered aud where others failed to tread.

Fiona Murphy (United Kingdom)

Cuba is an example to us all.The virus has to be fought globally.

Jan Plummer (United Kingdom)

No better recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize than Cuba.

Andrea Connolly (Ireland)

Alan Milne (United Kingdom)


Jayne Wright (United Kingdom)

Cuba’s international solidarity and humanitarianism continues to put the UK to shame.

Alan Clough (United Kingdom)

Any help to try and contain the Covid-19 virus should be welcomed throughout the workd. Just Keep Safe everyone!

Chris Hudson (Australia)

These people are amazing and deserve some recognition.

Pam Dobbins (United Kingdom)

Amal Alwan (Denmark)

Cuban doctors are an expression of the country's international solidarity.

Frank M (United Kingdom)

Luke Hatch (United Kingdom)


Colleen (United Kingdom)

David Topping (United Kingdom)

Mueller (Benin)

Michael Roman (United States of America)


Cirze Fealty (United States of America)

Sabine Mueller (United Kingdom)

Cuba sets an example to the world with its sharing of medical expertise to those in need, regardless of nationality!

Kristin Stott (United Kingdom)

Marij van Eker (United Kingdom)

Sarah Stern (Austria)

Lincoln Tunay (United States of America)

Ilhan Kellecioglu (Sweden)

They have responded to the needs of other nations at this time...

Maureen Johnston (United Kingdom)

Carol Walthew (United Kingdom)

Louise Anne waller (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Beech (United Kingdom)

Gerard Buckley (United Kingdom)

S rice (Ireland)

Viva Cuba

Zoya Mossessian (Austria)

Toni Bolam (United Kingdom)

These doctors are skilled experienced and compassionate. They leave their families at huge risk to their own safety , to go where they are needed most Ebola or Corona or whatever the crisis

Bernadette Wilson (United Kingdom)

Helen Gurden (United Kingdom)

Marie Watson (United Kingdom)

Shirley Ellis (United Kingdom)

For decades these medics have helped nations struggle through disasters and diseases. They deserve this accolade...

Mel Thomas (Wales)

Liz Grey (United Kingdom)

Barbara Gleave (United Kingdom)

John E (United Kingdom)

Irene Brennan (United Kingdom)

Greatest doctors and nurses in the world! Socialism works! Viva Cuba!

Sam morgan (United Kingdom)

Rhys Vaughan (United Kingdom)

Nicola Daniels (United Kingdom)

Heather Cargill (United Kingdom)

it's crazy that an organisation that helps so many for no reason other than to lend a helping hand to the sick and the poor has received so little international acknowledgement

Alex francis (United Kingdom)

Regan Marsh (United Kingdom)

Peter Goodman (United Kingdom)

Triona Nic Ruairi (Ireland)

Dawn lacey (United Kingdom)

Clara knight (United Kingdom)

John Murphy (United Kingdom)

Francis Liam McKinstry (United Kingdom)

The support that medics from Cuba have given to poorer nations around the world during the Pandemic has been magnificent! They need to be recognised internationally.

Dave Bell (United Kingdom)

Maggie Cook (United Kingdom)

Jennie Musson (United Kingdom)

Dominique Arguelles (United Kingdom)

They need recognition.

David Butler (United Kingdom)

Eric Iman (United States of America)

Graham Lister (United Kingdom)

Covid is a worldwide crisis which needs every country of the world to pull together. Cuba has been generous with its support of medical help to those in need, it is now time to lift sanctions during this time so people can have basic human needs met. It is inhuman to persist with sanctions at this time.

Julie Davies (United Kingdom)

Jan Hammarlund (United Kingdom)

I live in Canada , a rich country and we would never do this !

Gerry (Canada)

That is the least we can do.

Ertol Harriott (United States of America)

Seymour Hamilton (Jamaica)

Terrence dipchand (Jamaica)

We want to acknowledge our support to Cuba and the revolution people defend. We demand the United States government to lift the genocidal economic blockade against the Cuban people; return Guantanamo to its rightful owners, the Cuban people; stop all hostilities against Cuba. The Cuban people have the right to build and defend their socialist revolution. We are standing in firm solidarity. Hasta la Victoria Siempre! venceremos! Viva Fidel!

Adela Brent (Australia)

Please recognize these brave medical workers.

Nasser Baston (United Kingdom)

Steve Heaney (United Kingdom)

Guy Russell (United Kingdom)

petr dann (United States of America)

Dave Quinnen (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors left their country and gave their professional skills to their neighbours across the world. They risked their lives to treat others in an act of selfless dedication that was not restricted by any boundaries.

Moira Unsworth (United Kingdom)

Josh Grube (United States of America)

Carol Lundy (United Kingdom)

Bertrand (France)

¡Hasta la victoria siempre! Cuban medics have been inspiring in their commitment to helping the world fight this virus.

Oliver (United Kingdom)

A well-deserved nomination - good luck!

Barbara Checketts (Canada)

Jeff Davies (United Kingdom)

Will Boisseau (United Kingdom)

Joakim Persson (Sweden)

Cuba always punches above its weight. Its about time these two Doctors were recognised for their work

Glynis Winestein (United Kingdom)

Johan Engloo (Sweden)

John Upright (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors helped us during the earthquake disaster in Yogya in 2006. They are great and deserve the Nobel Prize

Benua (Indonesia)

Lesley Spillard (United Kingdom)

jj (United Kingdom)

George (United Kingdom)

Well done

Barry Gouldbourne (United Kingdom)

These doctors are true humnitarians. What wonderful examples of selflessness. They are to be commended, especially given their country's circumstances.

Jean Herzog (Canada)

The selfless work of the Cuban Health brigades around the world should be formally recognised.

Jack Hemingway (United Kingdom)

Please recognise the heroic work and humanitarianism of the Cuban health workers.

Tamsin Smith (United Kingdom)

Paul Deane (United Kingdom)

So appreciated. Thank you for all you've done. You're a credit to your nation and its values.

Kevin Neil (United Kingdom)

Minesh Parekh (United Kingdom)


Ellie Vincent (United Kingdom)

Doug Patrick (United Kingdom)

jessica adams (United Kingdom)

"Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians" Not just medical doctors.

Mark H Burton (United Kingdom)

Wendy Berentsen (United Kingdom)

Now America, drop the sanctions

Michael Buckingham (United Kingdom)

Marcus McCabe (United Kingdom)

India Thorogood (United Kingdom)

David Hearn (United Kingdom)

mary robbs (United Kingdom)

Lennart Emilsson (Sweden)

Ricardo Gladwell (United Kingdom)

Ken Denaro (United Kingdom)

These volunteers are an inspiration to us all and are making an outstanding contribution to fighting the pandemic. Long may they continue!

Jon (United Kingdom)

Who could be more deserving i applaude them for thier selfless,hard working truly humanitarian work . I asked that the Medic Brigade recieve this prize.

Bernadette Claydon (United Kingdom)

Jonathan Dirks (United Kingdom)

Cuba is the guiding light for the post-Covid world!

Rob Brown (United Kingdom)

All our support to all Cuban doctors and the Cuban People

paloma garcia (United Kingdom)

Cuban healthcare workers must be awarded this honour for their sustained selfless service to the people of the world in times of need, especially during the Covid-19 crisis despite the unrelenting hardship forced upon their island nation

Gaurav Setty (India)

Kindly sign this. Would be of great help.

Ishaan Arora (India)

Cuban medical workers volunteer as an expression of their commitment to international solidarity. All the opposite to Washington's inhumane blockade of the island which includes blocking medical equipment and drugs

Yonatan Mosquera (United Kingdom)

TERRI NEWTON (United Kingdom)

Teresa Lavery (United Kingdom)

A remarkable achievement and well worthy of consideration for the prize. Thank you Cuba.

Robert (United Kingdom)

David Rodger (United Kingdom)

Dennis Beddoe (United Kingdom)

Humanitarian work world-wide shows a devotion to a peaceful world.

Lorna McAllister (United Kingdom)

Chris Kearns (United Kingdom)

Barrie Hunter (United Kingdom)

Richard (United Kingdom)

Stacey Morgan (United Kingdom)

Bethany McCarthy (United Kingdom)

Thank you Cuba, Solidarity ✊🌹

Angela McEvoy (United Kingdom)

Gemma Cobby (United Kingdom)

They deserve this for their selfless service during these testing times

Sultan (India)

Alan Currie (United Kingdom)

Glen Hamilton (United Kingdom)

Brian Purdie (United Kingdom)

Thank you for the wonderful contribution and sacrifices that international Brigade have made during the Covid epidemic and in poor and disadvantaged countries and cites throughout the world. Hasta Siempre!!

Dr Paul Robeson Fletcher (United Kingdom)

As ever, Cuba's international solidarity is exemplary, a credit to all Cubans and an incentive for us all to do more

Phil Thompson (United Kingdom)

Yann CHERRUAULT (France)

Stephanie Herd (United Kingdom)

Apart from the extraordinary global contribution made by Cuban doctors over the decades and their current support in a global pandemic, they are also trying to help us with our staffing crisis in the Northern Ireland Health Services. Their generosity of spirit is remarkable

Patricia McKeown (United Kingdom)

The willingness of this small nation to respond with medical assistance all over the world is well documented. This selfless activity, over many decades and not simply relating to the present Covid19 crisis should be recognised for their humanitarian deeds.

Brian Massey (United Kingdom)

George Appleton (United Kingdom)

Aidan leonard (United Kingdom)

Clive Kempe (United Kingdom)

Jonathan Russell (United Kingdom)

Sandra (United Kingdom)

No other country can rival Cuba’s medical diplomacy and internationalism record. Throughout the Covid pandemic, Cuba has demonstrated that Global North-South aid can work both ways, as a beneficial symbiotic relationship. There is no greater accolade in Cuba than to be a medic and no greater honour than to serve those in need in other countries. These medics deserve the recognition they are owed.

Dr Daliany Jeronimo Kersh (United Kingdom)

Deborah Foster (United Kingdom)

Bridget Lowery (United Kingdom)

Barbara MacGibbon (Canada)

Tom McMahon (United Kingdom)

Ann (United Kingdom)

Daniel Bjorklund (Sweden)

Louise Maitland (United Kingdom)

Martyn Tyrrell (United Kingdom)

John Ferguson (United Kingdom)

Simon Macfarlane (United Kingdom)

WTG Cuba!

Gail Shackley (United Kingdom)

Cubas medical brigades are an internation example and deserve recognition.

Dorothy Sharkey (United Kingdom)

In recognition of the true solidarity and internationalism Cuban Medics certainly deserve to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. VIVA CUBA!!!

Viraj Fernando (Canada)

Leanne wilson (United Kingdom)

Ellen Renton (United Kingdom)

Andrew Bradford (United Kingdom)

I fully support the statement in support of the Henry Reeve International Brigade and urge consideration of its nomination for the Nobel Prize.

John Stevenson (United Kingdom)

Very worthwhile

Arthur West (United Kingdom)

grahame r jones (United Kingdom)

Maeve Mackinnon (United Kingdom)

Cuban medics always first into disaster areas and last to leave.

Ronald Moran (United Kingdom)

William BATTERSBY (United Kingdom)

Marie lucey (Ireland)

Dimitra Theodoridis (Sweden)

¡Viva cuba! ¡Pionera de comunismo! ¡Se como che!

Rogen Mathews (Sri Lanka)

Bitel Backman (Sweden)

Valentina Aparicio (United Kingdom)

Ian McDonald (United Kingdom)

brave people

Peter Haggerty (United Kingdom)

katharine halls (United Kingdom)

Cuba’s solidarity with the most deprived and destitute nations of the world is an inspiration to all of us.

Shih-Yu Chou (Taiwan)

Ross (United Kingdom)

Great international effort by Cuba

William Allison (Australia)

Archibald Tudehope (Australia)

Ann Moore (United Kingdom)

Eddie (United Kingdom)

Daniel Quinlan (United Kingdom)

John Miller (United Kingdom)

Alan McCombes (Scotland)

Kerstin Nilsson (Sweden)

Huel Robins (Bahamas)

Joe McCartney (United Kingdom)

Cuba saves lives!

Jamiaca Peace Council (Jamaica)

Winston De La Haye (Jamaica)

Lisa McLean (Canada)

Sarah Borbridge (Canada)

joe mccluskey (United Kingdom)

Michael Kennard (United Kingdom)

Merril Hammer (United Kingdom)

Hopefully Cuba's relationship with the United States will improve now that the Americans have got rid of their monster in the Whitehouse.

Arthur Cheetham (United Kingdom)

The Cuban doctors have shown the world how to care for each othet

Sue Alexander (United Kingdom)

Richard Bridge (United Kingdom)

Jan Ferns (United Kingdom)

Teresa Mulqueen (United Kingdom)

Don't let this wonderful work go unrecognised!

Paul Magee (United Kingdom)

Kevin Leigh (United Kingdom)

I have known of Cuba’s contribution to international to work health emergency’s since I visit my husband and I visited Cuba some years ago. It is time the wider world new and recognised this contribution to world unity.

Fay W Jacobsen (United Kingdom)

Good luck, they fully deserve it, unlike last years winner!

Brett Lynes (United Kingdom)

Zeina Trewin (United Kingdom)

Vivian Brady (United Kingdom)

Cuba has once again shown itself to be a force for good in the world.

Seamus O Nuallain (Ireland)

Fred Sargent (Australia)

Yasemin (United Kingdom)

Zeenat Suleman (United Kingdom)

Deborah (United Kingdom)

Viva la revolución!

Bradley Cook (Canada)

Charles Dineen (United States of America)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre soldados de la bata blanca

Jacob kgomo (South Africa)

The Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade has shown the World its selflessness and dedication in helping many other nations with medical emergencies, including wealthy western countries like Italy. The Brigade deserves recognition, especially by the Nobel Prize Committee.

Gareth Davies (United Kingdom)

Ananda Thompson (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your humanitarian work.

David Jefferies (United Kingdom)

This work MUST be acknowledged & rewarded

Daphne Hunter (United Kingdom)

The bravery of these fine medical people should provide a message to all the world

Barry Bradley (Canada)

Well done. A marvellous achievement

Lorene Fabian (United Kingdom)


Diana Duhaldeborde Vailliny (Cuba)


Jorge Mario Banderas Plochet (Cuba)


Dagmira Vailliny Plochet (Cuba)

Emma Dent Coad (United Kingdom)

Catherine Taylor (Canada)

Paul Kinasevych (Canada)

Lil Cassie (United Kingdom)

These people have put their own lives at risk to help people wherever they were needed and deserve recognition.

Alistair Ross (United Kingdom)

Socialism in action #SolidaritytoCuba

Billie Reynolds (United Kingdom)

I salute the work of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade. Long live Cuba. Lift the Blockade.

Michael robinson (United Kingdom)

I fully believe that they deserve this international recognition

Margaret Landers (United Kingdom)

Ann (United Kingdom)

Luca (Italy)

They are amazing and thoroughly deserve to be recognised

Mandy Buchanan (United Kingdom)

Adrian Sanchez (United Kingdom)

Gill Macdonald (United Kingdom)

Muge Dindjer (United Kingdom)

The prize needs to go to those who deserve it.

Martina Scanlon (Ireland)

Andrea Gilbert (United Kingdom)

It has been truly inspiring to witness the selfless humanitarian actions of Cuba using its experience and professionalism to assist other countries to combat COVID-19. Coronavirus affects people regardless of their nationality and Cuba has shown just how countries that are able, can help those who need assistance regardless of their political persuasion or current state of conflict; the brave actions of Cuba’s Henry Reeve Medical Brigade have undoubtedly saved many lives. I believe their solidarity, humanitarianism and internationalism is fully deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize

Claudia Webbe MP - Member of Parliament for Leicester East (United Kingdom)

Seamus O'Connell (United Kingdom)

Paul Whelpton (United Kingdom)

Marjorie Caw (United Kingdom)

Rachel Reesor-Taylor (Canada)

Iskra L Ivanova (United States of America)

Clive Howard (United Kingdom)

Marie Guting (Sweden)

Christine Howden (United Kingdom)

Victor Koppe (Netherlands)

viva cuba such humanity !!!!

margaret hodgins (Ireland)

long live socialism

john smith (United Kingdom)

Tony Hill (United Kingdom)

Couldnt be more well deserved!

Lea Georgiades (United Kingdom)

They most certainly deserve the recognition for their work in the field.

Rohan Komur (United Kingdom)

Gerald Humpston (United Kingdom)

Andy W H Taylor (Canada)

Worthy of this nomination for their dedication to helping save the lives of others

Chrissie Hall (United Kingdom)

Paul Green (United Kingdom)

Linda Thomsen (United Kingdom)

Elaine Barraclough (United Kingdom)

Vic Lloyd (United Kingdom)

Marnie Hamilton (United Kingdom)

Lars Ekenryd (Sweden)

Sean Antaya (Canada)

Erik Backlund (Sweden)

Courageous, caring and deserving

Stephen Paulmier (United States of America)

T Huntley (United Kingdom)

Kalsoom saleem (United Kingdom)

MULLIE (France)

Daniele Renard (France)

Don Dalton (Ireland)

Dejan Kuzmanovic (France)

solidarité avec CUBA

GABRIEL Lucienne (France)

Good see such a small country showing its super power neighbour how to respond to a worldwide pandemic. We can all learn from such an act of altruism.

Gary Pitcher (United Kingdom)

Jake Javanshir (Canada)

Jeni Acelas (United Kingdom)

Sandra Brown (United Kingdom)

Chris Cheetham (United Kingdom)

Sadie-Jane Alpa (United Kingdom)

Cuban healthcare workers showing the world how to care for one another in true solidarity with the dispossessed and marginalised and regardless of ability to pay. Respect

John McFadden (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your selfless dedication.

Dr Simon Morpeth (United Kingdom)

For a better world,the people's world,the Cuban Medical Brigades light the way with their shining example.

Geoffrey Shears (United Kingdom)

Cuba's medical brigades deserve world recognition and many thanks for thier enormous contribution to humanity!

Mark Barter (United Kingdom)

Salute the Cuban International Medical Brigade - truly the worlds lighthouse beacon !

John Graham (Australia)

Great action 💪🏻🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Radoslaw Baziak (Poland)

None more worthy for their selfless acts of humanitarian aid giving hope to those most in need long live Cuba

Joe Thompson (United Kingdom)

Nicole C Raeburn PhD (United States of America)

Humanitarian selflessness in a pandemic.

Roger Durgan (United Kingdom)

You deserve to be awarded 'The Nobel Peace Prize' for all the medical help you freely give to the poor countries of the world, in Covid 19 or whenever needed.

Brian Johnson (United Kingdom)

Angela Cavanagh (United Kingdom)

Tony Dennis (United Kingdom)

Amazing work in a world where so few are willing to give, Cuban health workers are willing to give everything. To communities and populations far away from home.

Edward Marshall (United Kingdom)

Neil Seepujak (United Kingdom)

MarieGreen (United Kingdom)

Sally Thompson (United Kingdom)

Well done Cuba!

Sue (United Kingdom)

They definitely get my vote. This is what the world should be about, helping others, not hell bent on destruction.

Alan Coles (United Kingdom)

Jacqui Elston-Rigby (United Kingdom)

Dr Jasmine Williams (United Kingdom)

Glyn Tudor (United Kingdom)

Noel Carson (United Kingdom)

Well done comrades. Leading the way in helping poorer nations.

Lionel Macey (United Kingdom)

The Cuban health workers of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade have worked internationally and selflessly, in a variety of countries. They have risked their own safety in the face of Covid-19 and Ebola, and lived out true humanity, courage, peace and internationalism. In my opinion, they thoroughly deserve a Nobel Peace Prize in 2021. Thank you, Anne Littlefair

Anne Littlefair (United Kingdom)

Simon Dent (United Kingdom)

There is no better example of the commitment to peace than Cuba's medical battalions who travel the world fighting disease and disaster in aid of humanity.

Michael Cavanagh (United Kingdom)

So amazed at the depth of their humanity in a world crisis, decidedly deserved.

Mr Andrew Camper (United Kingdom)

Cuban medical workers deserve a Nobel prize for their generous contribution internationally.

Wayne Mundle (Canada)

Phil Evans (United Kingdom)

Dougie Harrison (Scotland)

John Perris (United Kingdom)

Good work

Brian Lavender (United Kingdom)

Colin Bryson (United Kingdom)

Robert Innes (United Kingdom)

Many thanks to all the wonderful, selfless Cuban medical staff who took part in this international effort to help other countries during the Covid pandemic - the Nobel Peace Prize is the very least they deserve!

Peter Clapham (United Kingdom)

I cannot think of a more deserving recipient

Billy Sutherland (United Kingdom)

Ronnie Scott (United Kingdom)

Michael Johnson (United Kingdom)

martin william richardson (United Kingdom)

DR ALPESH Maisuria (United Kingdom)

Michael Deeley (United Kingdom)

Jane Corlett (United Kingdom)

Peter Rainsbury (United Kingdom)

David Hanna (United Kingdom)

Thomas keogh (United Kingdom)

I support publicising such initiatives. Countries at war should stop there is a better way. The humanitarian way. Activities like Henry Reece are a ray of sunshine and give a feeling of hope. We should all give a moment of thought and see how we can act better.

John Elliott (United Kingdom)

Miriam Lancaster (Canada)

Sean Smyth (United Kingdom)

Please honour the courage and dedication of the Henry Reeve International Brigade of Cuban health workers.

Brian Murphy (United Kingdom)

These superb human beings deserve global recognition!!!

Antonella Massari (United Kingdom)

Keith Duncan (United Kingdom)

Connie ONeill (United Kingdom)

Mauricio Antonio Galeas (United States of America)

Marie Kelley (United Kingdom)

Mr B Frost (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with Cuba

Jonathan Orchard (United Kingdom)

Thank you Cuban Doctors! ✊ Solidarity!

Lynne Edwards (United Kingdom)

Terry Williams (United Kingdom)

They deserve it

edward davies (United Kingdom)

tony taglialavore (United Kingdom)

Stephen cotgrave (United Kingdom)

Gerald Tasker (United Kingdom)

Do what is right now and recognise a selfless, supreme effort. 😀.

Stephen Bathgate (United Kingdom)

Dawn Smith (United Kingdom)

Elaine Cowley (United Kingdom)

Truus Jansen (United Kingdom)


Barbara Campbell (United Kingdom)

Brian Shackleton (United Kingdom)

Everything I have read about the Cuban Doctors and the selfless aid they have given in many countries means that they should be recognised by their real contribution to world health, the Nobel peace prize would be superb recognition.

Nicola (United Kingdom)

Stephen Gordon (United Kingdom)

Brian Salisbury (United Kingdom)

James killey (United Kingdom)

Gina (United Kingdom)

Stewart AITKEN (United Kingdom)

Peter Rutherford (United Kingdom)

Respect to the Cuban doctors and nurses.

Brian Hancock (United Kingdom)

The selfless effort and compassion given by Cuban medics in saving thousands of lives worldwide should be internationally recognised and applauded regardless of politics.

Dr Emil Maschner (United Kingdom)

Trevor Batchelor (United Kingdom)

These Cuban health workers deserve the award

Linda Youd (United Kingdom)

Christine Lawlor (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba!

Jack Youd (United Kingdom)

Solidarity to all Cubans, you are a inspiration to us all .

Michael CONROY (United Kingdom)

Peter Storey (United Kingdom)

Mr Chris Gleeson (United Kingdom)

David Jacques (United Kingdom)

peter harris (United Kingdom)

Robert Kavanagh (Ireland)

Oonagh Donnelly (Ireland)

Patrick Barlow (United Kingdom)

Eoin O Flaherty (Ireland)

Aiyan Maharasingam (United Kingdom)

I nominate the Henry Reeve brigades for the Nobel peace prize

Pauline (United Kingdom)

Never was the prize more deserved than in this example of internationalism.

Mark Pryke (United Kingdom)

Cathy Davidson (United Kingdom)

I believe medical staff from Cuba have helped all over the world and are usually the first to arrive in emergency situations saving thousands of lives

Veronica Fraser (United Kingdom)

I totally support the international recognition of the Cuban Medical Brigades

Alun David (United Kingdom)

Susan Hancock (United Kingdom)

Karen Collins (Ireland)

Frederic Flament (France)

Dave Johnson (United Kingdom)

They deserve the prize for humanitarian work.

Tam Dewar (United Kingdom)

Julian Dunn (United Kingdom)

Recognise the great work of Cuban doctors & health workers.

Christina McCabe (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba Siempre!

Christer Myren (Sweden)

Pete Linden (United Kingdom)

Nicolas Hardy (United Kingdom)

Jack (United Kingdom)

A fine people putting others before self.

Gerard Higgins (Scotland)

Bert Hoflund (Sweden)

Catherine Moran (United Kingdom)

Karen Harvey (United Kingdom)

Nathan (United Kingdom)

Gordon Scobie (United Kingdom)

Ian Laffey (United Kingdom)

great selection

maura and seamus dowling (Ireland)

Anne Dickens (United Kingdom)

Alexis Baker (United Kingdom)

Ann Williams (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your humanity and care.

Terry Mealey (United Kingdom)

Wonderful work that deserves international recognition

rosalind wollen (United Kingdom)

mervyn (United Kingdom)

Patricia Harman (Canada)

Toby Shelley (United Kingdom)

James McGuire (United Kingdom)

Mark Luetchford (United Kingdom)

These health care workers put themselves first and assisted others less fortunate around the world in the fight against Covid19

Billy Donohoe (United Kingdom)

Sean Willis (United Kingdom)

Fantastic effort and thought for others in the world who needed their expertise. What more can Cuba do to be a fundamental part of the world family than this. Bravo

Robert Shelbourne (United Kingdom)

Daniel Crimes (United Kingdom)

This kind of work is rare from a government, let alone one under ruthless sanctions. There is ample cases and reasons these fine people deserve such recognition.

Tarik Abouabdillah (Australia)

Brian Reynolds (United Kingdom)

Cecilia Esparza (United Kingdom)

Craig Robertson (United Kingdom)

Sharon Sweeney (United Kingdom)

Zachary (United Kingdom)

G Chen (Taiwan)

Karen Vane Wedge (United Kingdom)

Christina Olofsson (Sweden)

Viva Cuba!

Alison Hamlington (United Kingdom)

Jacob Johnson (Sweden)

Selfless humanitarianism deserves recognition. They have worked tirelessly for over 15 years.

TOM JOAD (United Kingdom)

Teresa Young (United Kingdom)

Martin Johnson (United Kingdom)

Anne Turner (Australia)

Barbara Brown (United Kingdom)

Outstanding human beings who fully deserve to be nominated.

Hugh Price (United Kingdom)

I have been so impressed watching the medical proffesionals from Cuba travel the world to help those countries struggling with covid . I watched the disembark in Italy when they were at their lowest and found it incredible how they held out the hand of friendship and aid

Carol Dent (United Kingdom)

Claire Campbell (United Kingdom)

Allan Butcher (United Kingdom)

hilary klonin (United Kingdom)

Kathleen Quinlan (United Kingdom)

thoroughly deserve this!

Rob devenish (United Kingdom)

John (United Kingdom)

I am honoured to sign your petition nominating Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. We thank them for their invaluable work since 2005. It is an incredible achievement and the World owes you for this. Your in solidarity Katie Bowden

Katie Bowden (United Kingdom)

Liberation are honoured to sign your petition nominating Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. We thank them for their invaluable work since 2005. It is an incredible achievement and the World owes you for this. Your in solidarity Maggie Bowden, the team and members of Liberation (formerly The Movement of Colonial Freedom)

Liberation (United Kingdom)

Peter Stott (United Kingdom)

Good luck!

Mark Glaspole (United Kingdom)

Long live Cuba 🇨🇺

HECTOR Hugo Alarcon (United Kingdom)

Terry Johnston (United Kingdom)

Eluned gold (United Kingdom)


Anne Rout (United Kingdom)

Askar Sheibani (United Kingdom)

Mike biggs (United Kingdom)

Alan Gasparutti (United Kingdom)

Jacqui Swinburne (United Kingdom)

John Swinburne (United Kingdom)

Over many years, in many countries, I have seen Cuban medical teams helping very poor communities. It is time they were recognised for their contributions to world health.

Frank Torr (United Kingdom)

Katie Wilkinson (United Kingdom)

Barbara Burns (United Kingdom)

Terry Burns (United Kingdom)

Judith Weymont (United Kingdom)

It is time for the world, the states and the intellectuals, to recognize the work for nothing that Cuban doctors and the people of Cuba do!

Elias Morales Perez (Austria)

Andres Cardenas O Farrill (Germany)

After decades of undue disparagement Cuba deserves credit.

bennett weiss (United States of America)

The work of the International Medical brigade is a shining beacon in a world where such great humanitarian selflessness is difficult to find.I support their nomination and award of the Nobel Peace Prize

Anthony H Gow (United Kingdom)

Cuban has an enviable health service and they have always been more than willing to share this with countries where it is needed. Thousands of people worldwide ave benefited from their generosity and it would be wonderful if, at last, we were able to thank them by awarding them the Nobel Peace Prize. It is hard to think of a body that deserves it more than the Cuban Medical Brigade.

Graham Keene (United Kingdom)

The Cuban people have for decades offered their medical expertise and personnel to wherever in the world it was needed. That such a small country, suffering so long from the US embargo, can be so generous and philanthropic is wonderful and it is high time their actions were recognised and rewarded by a grateful world.

Shirley Keene (United Kingdom)

Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network (Canada)

Cyfraniad heb ei ail.

Denver Thomas (Cyprus)

Truly deserving!

Jack Allison (United Kingdom)

While other countries apply sanctions Cuban medical teams are saving lives.

Gregory Kousourou (United Kingdom)


Tim meredith (United Kingdom)

Francesca Viola-Hamilton (United States of America)

Rafael Jelic (United Kingdom)

Samantha Rowe (United Kingdom)

Maggi (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba libré!

Andrew Hoadley (United Kingdom)

Pat Brooks (United Kingdom)

Linda Lopez McAlister (United States of America)

Caro Urquhart (United Kingdom)

Edward Hill (United Kingdom)

Nick Kouyoumdjian (United Kingdom)

Nicol Petty (United Kingdom)

Reg (United Kingdom)

Nicholas Chapman (United Kingdom)

Janice Buckley (United Kingdom)

Absolute shoe in for an award.

Tom Brannigan (United Kingdom)

Daniel Johnston (United Kingdom)

Colin Redmond (Ireland)

Jeffrey (United States of America)

Ben Brucker (United States of America)

Patrick Timson (United Kingdom)

Cuba ha sido un pais solidario a traves de su existencia. Solidaridad que hoy podeos apreciar en el sopor que Cuba ofrece al Mundo a traves de sus medicos. Cuba deserve el Nobel Peace Prize por Cuban doctors. We support the nomination - hasta la Victoria Siempre

Julia Badman and Alan Badman (United Kingdom)

Sophie Robinson-Tillett (United Kingdom)

Steve Longworth (United Kingdom)

Dan Christopherson PA (United States of America)

To the Cuban Medical Brigades, you are an inspiration to all and deserve the gratitude, support and appreciation of all, not only for what you have done during the COVID-19 pandemic but for your undoubted commitment to those in need over many years. Vive la Cuba. Comradeship & solidarity. Ian M

Ian Mullen (United Kingdom)

Cuba continues to be an inspiration to the world for the medical support and expertise offered across so many countries. Given the current pandemic, it would be so fitting and so well deserved for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded in recognition of the selfless work of the Henry Reeve International Brigade.

Keith Williamson (United Kingdom)

The Cuban medical brigade greatly deserves the attention of the Nobel Committee for all the reasons stated above and because it would be a poke in the eye to the US for its deplorable treatment of Cuba 70 years.

Kristin Loken (United States of America)

I strongly support this petition to recognize the humanitarian work of Cuban medical workers to help alleviate suffering and to spread a message of peace and hope throughout the world.

Barrie Dunn (Canada)

Viva Cuba, Viva Fidel! Solidarity forever from the U.K.

Danial Nash (United Kingdom)

This nomination of these courageous, dedicated, and humanitarian Cuban Doctors - experts in epidemiology - is necessary and urgent during this global pandemic! If the Nobel Committee does not accept and promote this recognition, they do not deserve the name "Nobel". I urge you to do what is historically just. Thank you!

Eleanor Ommani (United States of America)

Ben Drake (United Kingdom)

Christopher Arthur (United Kingdom)

Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade has been one of the most important supports (and life saving!) for hundreds of thousands suffering all around the world. An example that if other (more able!) countries would follow, would make this a much better world. Awarding the Nobel price to the HRIB would help promoting this humanitarian action by other countries. Solidarity! Humanity first!

Dr Francisco Diego (United Kingdom)

Jane Hargreaves (United Kingdom)

robert robertson (United Kingdom)

Inspirational solidarity that deserves recognition

Rebecca Savin (United Kingdom)

Pod Howard (United Kingdom)

Unique and unparalleled contribution to world health an

Elizabeth Pearson (United Kingdom)

Roger Gartland (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors are deserving and hopefully appreciated with this prestigious recognition.

Kevin Roots (United States of America)

Zarah Sultana MP (United Kingdom)

Michael Zdrenka (United Kingdom)

No organisation deserves this nomination more than the Cuban medical brigades who are an true example of real solidarity worldwide!

Steve ARLOFF (United Kingdom)

thank you to all of the families who support their family members who work on the missions. salud

Alan Hunter (United Kingdom)

stewart cook (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba

Charlie Stewart (United Kingdom)

Sam Forbes (United Kingdom)

Sarah thomas (United Kingdom)

Paul Batten (United Kingdom)

Inspired, true humanitarian action and engagement, what the world needs now more than anything, a human being.. "For their selfless humanitarian work saving lives and promoting friendship and cooperation between nations, we join the international call for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to the Cuban health workers who form the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade."

Peter Trembath (United Kingdom)

Jonathan Polkest (United Kingdom)

A true gift to the world...

Jim Leonard (United States of America)

Kate Swan (United Kingdom)

Gail Wagstaff (United Kingdom)

Sara Bragg (United Kingdom)

We the people of the world thank you for your willingness to always be the first to help whenever a disaster strikes without preconditions and demands unlike some other countries we know

Tony Demetriou (United Kingdom)

Alison Flood (United Kingdom)

They have been so kind and comoassionate.

Cammy Mackenzie (United Kingdom)

The many amazing health workers in Cuba have helped save so many lives in such serious and dangerous times. They are some of the most amazing people on this planet and deserve the Nobel peace prize. Solidarity to Cuba!

Charlie Brooke (United Kingdom)

Claudia Dickinson (United Kingdom)

Iona Fleming (United Kingdom)

Mary Brooks (United Kingdom)

Julie (United Kingdom)

Matilda Fleming (United Kingdom)

Sam Corcoran (United Kingdom)

adrian fleming (United Kingdom)

They deserve it.

Chanchal Mondal (India)

It is high time that Cuba's contribution to global health crises and particularly to the current pandemic is recognised. Cuban health workers deserve a Nobel Peace prize.

Deirdre Leask (United Kingdom)

Martin Graham (United Kingdom)

Please stop. 60 years; come on!! Long time to hold a grudge, exacerbated by EX PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Linda Hazlewood (Canada)

Russell Holmes (United Kingdom)

An amazing contibution to humanity from such a small island. An inspiration to us all.Everyone should hear about the work they do.

Judith Weymont (United Kingdom)

Christopher Barnes (United Kingdom)

Jelena (United Kingdom)

Craig Stephen (United Kingdom)

I endorse, with heartfelt appreciation and admiration, the nomination of the Cuban Health Workers from the Henry Reeve International Brigade for the Nobel Peace Prize. Their enduring and resilient courage and compassion in delivering urgent medical care internationally, is a beacon of active, meaningful concern between nations and fellow human beings.

Janet Bungener (United Kingdom)

Los médicos cubanos se merecen el Nobel por su trabajo desinteresado en aras de salvar vidas donde quiera que haga falta.

Teresita Jorge Carpio (Cuba)

Cuban doctors are amazing, selfless and hardworking professionals. They deserve the Nobel Peace Prize! Love from Scotland

Ayshia Taskin (United Kingdom)

Timucin Taskin (United Kingdom)

Tam Gallagher (Ireland)

Sarah (Ireland)

Linda Harding (United Kingdom)

Andrew White (United Kingdom)

Supporting Cuban people and their ongoing struggle.

Alex (Ireland)

Kirsty Halsall (United Kingdom)

D Flanagan (United Kingdom)

James dildine (United States of America)

Alistair Hamilton (United Kingdom)

John Revie (United Kingdom)

Celene (Ireland)

Denis Kelleher (United Kingdom)

It's about time cuba is recognized for its humanitarian work,the first to send medical help to countries that suffered disasters....

Bernie Hughes (Ireland)

Give the Cuban medical teams the Nobel prize right now. It has been awarded to far less deserving recipients before.

Paul Cormican (United Kingdom)

I fully support the great humanitarian work that has been and is still being done by Cuban doctors and other medical professionals around the world in these challenging times. The fully deserve to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Dr Edward Horgan (Ireland)

Jordi Batet (Spain)

Elvera Butler (Ireland)

A very worthy nomination. The Brigade fully deserve to get international recognition for their bravery and selflessness. Best wishes and good luck with the nomination.

John Linton (United Kingdom)

Unfortunately this will be ignored by the Government of the Irish Republic as they are terrified they will upset the USA corporations who are there on tax holidays

Ken Mc Cue (Ireland)

Irma Reid (Canada)

If you win end the blockade now Joe !

John Smith (United Kingdom)

Anthony Hart (United Kingdom)

Brian Lynch (United Kingdom)

Luke Heaton (United Kingdom)

Ann Williams (Ireland)

Angela Hopkinson (United Kingdom)

Lorraine kennedy (Ireland)

Gabriel (United Kingdom)

Graham Lee (United Kingdom)

Alan John Stubbs (United Kingdom)

Katie Wilkinson (United Kingdom)

Stephen Grundy (United Kingdom)

Greetings to the Cuban people.

brian ormondroyd (United Kingdom)

Kierin Offlands (United Kingdom)

lauren (United Kingdom)

Solidarity and gratitude to our Cuban sisters and brothers, you deserve to be recognised for your wonderful international work!

Jack Forbes (United Kingdom)

Erin (United Kingdom)

Stewart mcGill (United Kingdom)

Joo Ennis (United Kingdom)

Katrin Lohse (Germany)

Victoria Tonner (United Kingdom)

Recognition of the excellent humanitarian work of Health Workers from Cuba is long overdue.

Richard Bambridge (United Kingdom)

Chloe Naylor (United Kingdom)

Peter wise (United Kingdom)

Trevor richardson (Australia)

I wholeheartedly support the suggestion that the Cuban medics deserve this recognition.

Stephen Boyd (United Kingdom)

Dean Perry (United Kingdom)

Ishaan Arora (India)

Kathy Baker (United Kingdom)

'fantastic work and dedication over the past 15 years'

Pauline Bolster (United Kingdom)

I Support this

Damian Farrell (Ireland)

Siobhan Whelan (Ireland)

Melanie Billings (Ireland)

Abdullah Al Mamun (Bangladesh)

Lily (United Kingdom)

Chris Neville (United Kingdom)

Tony Roome (United Kingdom)

Steve Power (United Kingdom)

Daniel Lashley-Johnson (United Kingdom)

Rob Doyle (United Kingdom)

Bryt blockaden.

Rolf Westergren (Sweden)

I wish to add my name to the open letter in support of the Henry Reeve international medical brigades’ nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Surely their fantastic effort, across the globe, saving so many lives, makes them a worthy forerunner for the award.

Robert J Smith (United Kingdom)

I send my full support to the heroes of the Cuban doctors’ brigades, who risked their lives to help so many people. They stand out above the worst elements of humanity who only rule for greed and self-interest. No one deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more than these heroes. I salute them. Long live the Cuban Revolution.

Ian McLauchlan (United Kingdom)

I am delighted to add my name to the petition for the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Cuba’s Henry Reeve international medical brigade. These brave men and women, saving lives every day at the risk of their own in some of the poorest countries on Earth, more so than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, are a splendid example of the selfless solidarity which has distinguished the Cuban Revolution since its inception - an example that has saved 93,000 lives during natural disasters and health emergencies in the past 15 years. Not for the first time, this tiny besieged island is putting the rich and powerful world to shame.

Mike Webber (United Kingdom)

I agree that all of the Cuban doctors need to get the Nobel Peace Prize for all their amazing work, not just in Cuba but so many other countries, including Jamaica, Italy, Angola, Indonesia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea Conakry plus West Africa and many others.

Jan Osterley (United Kingdom)

I heartily endorse the call for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to the magnificent medics of Cuba.

Barbara Edney (United Kingdom)


Mrs M Noonan and Mr R Noonan (United Kingdom)

Andrew Holdich (United Kingdom)

Mara (Cuba)

This nomination is a matter of honor. Cuban doctors are an example of solidarity and humanity.

Ana Ciria Rodriguez Soto (Cuba)

There is no greater symbol of peace than thousands of doctors coming to the aid of countries facing a pandemic crisis. These doctors are heroes and must be recognised.

Ben Kavanagh (United Kingdom)

Mark Robertson (United Kingdom)

Gordon Davies (United Kingdom)

Margaret McGuinness (United Kingdom)

Stuart McGuinness (United Kingdom)

Debra Jackson (United Kingdom)

Selfless acts of humanitarianism should, in these dark days, be held up like a beacon of hope.

Gillian Martin (United Kingdom)

I appreciate the selfless Cuban Doctors so much in the COVID-19 global response. They have been a wonderful example of true humanity to all that we all should aspire to.

Sonja Rogerson (United Kingdom)

Renata Peters (United Kingdom)

The contribution of Cuba and its Doctors an Nurses to combat Covid19 the world over and the achievenents in providing anti-virus means, is a vivid and outstanding act of solidaritet and humanity.

Arne Lennartz (Denmark)

Wonderful work, should be rewarded

Nicky Bolster (United Kingdom)

John Vaughan (United Kingdom)

Fidel was passionate about a health system for the Cuban people, and the poor of the world. Cuba's Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade, as served humanity in many countries, especially the EBOLA crisis in Africa, and now helping the fight against COVID 19 in many parts of the world. Fantastic.

Ray Bolster (United Kingdom)

La labor de Cuba en esta pandemia y en muchos casos más alrededor del mundo, creo que ha sido de un valor inconmensurable no sólo para Cuba, también para el mundo, la imagen que las cosas se pueden hacer de otra manera es lo que nos demuestra este país empobrecido por un bloqueo de 60 años, por eso merecen el Nobel de la paz.

Alexis Torres Hernandez (Chile)

Hugh Daniels (United Kingdom)

Mary Kelly Foy (United Kingdom)

Sally Crozier (United Kingdom)

Nadeem Fayaz (United Kingdom)

Thank you #Cuba!

John Fields (United Kingdom)

Karianne Hox (Norway)

Cuba forever the underdog of the USA, yet they save Thousands of Lives while USA Destroys Millions of lives! If ever there was a worthy champion of the Nobel it is Cuba! I would go so far as to say the Nobel is not worthy of Cuba, Perhaps it is time for a NEW Tradition, The PEOPLE'S Peace Prize if Cuba! VIVA! CUBA! Thank YOU for your solidarity even to your sceptics!

Christo (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria siempre

Daniel McArdle (United Kingdom)

Rosemary (Ireland)

Jane Pamenter (United Kingdom)

David kinsella (United Kingdom)

Elly Baker (United Kingdom)

Phil Waldon (United Kingdom)

Joy Simpson (United Kingdom)

Joan Norton (United Kingdom)

Kathlyn Craig (United Kingdom)

Annalouise Burgess (United Kingdom)

Aden Gungaloo (United Kingdom)

Raouf Ruhomally (United Kingdom)

Maureen O'Leary (United Kingdom)

Nicola hoarau (United Kingdom)

Mary (United States of America)

Well deserved

Keith Severs (United Kingdom)

Jacquelyn Penney (Sweden)

Simon Jones (United Kingdom)

Gunnel Claesson Ronn (Sweden)

International medical efforts such as these deserve great recognition.

David Knight (United Kingdom)

The medical support Cuban doctors provide is world renowned. They certainly deserve recognition for all they do.

Councillor Colin Hartley (United Kingdom)

Isabel Tucker (United Kingdom)

Dan Willis (United Kingdom)

Astrid Schmied (Germany)

Claudia Merola (United Kingdom)

Omar L (United Kingdom)

Stephen Wagg (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre

Maura Burns Zaragoza (United Kingdom)

Pam oliver (United Kingdom)

Karen (United Kingdom)

Tremendous humanitarian effort by the Cuban Doctors, Be proud of yourselves comrades.

Kevin Daviex (United Kingdom)

Heather Smith (United Kingdom)

Davey Hamlen (United Kingdom)

Firas Moukalled (Lebanon)

Gail lynch (United Kingdom)

Jayme Stevens (United Kingdom)

Angela Robinson (United Kingdom)

Mike nodding (Australia)

Kit minhas (United Kingdom)

Nihal Tissera (Denmark)

Cara Amy Outteridge (United Kingdom)

Roger Guymer (United Kingdom)

Jessica McGuire (United Kingdom)

Michele Ross (United Kingdom)

Gaynor Lloyd (United Kingdom)

Michael Picken (United Kingdom)

Paul Lewis (United Kingdom)

Yvonne Bolton (United Kingdom)

Rebecca Garner (United Kingdom)

Mike Vine (United Kingdom)

Daniel Whitcombe (Australia)

David Lovelidge (United Kingdom)

Tony Williamson (United Kingdom)

Elaine Bolton (United Kingdom)

I fully support the Cuban Medics nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

PAUL SUMMERS (United Kingdom)

In admiration, gratitude, and solidarity.

Daniel Bristow (United Kingdom)

Marika Fusser (United Kingdom)

Jackie Pollock (United Kingdom)

You are an inspiration to other countries and a reflection on the Cuban character and sense of doing the right thing, regardless of risk to your safety. If Obama can win it on the strength of saying a few words, then surely to goodness you should get it.

Graham ogden (United Kingdom)

Boyd Black (United Kingdom)

Richard Shillcock (United Kingdom)

Hilary Williams (United Kingdom)

Steve Jones (United Kingdom)

Derek Hill (United Kingdom)

Carla Diego (United Kingdom)

Sarah Barnes (United Kingdom)

Peter Halsall (United Kingdom)

Anne Leech (United Kingdom)

John Taylor (United Kingdom)

These doctors are an inspiration to the world and deserve to be recognized as such.

En Clements (United Kingdom)

Martin Satney (Saint Lucia)

Thomas Brian Penney (United Kingdom)

Sheila Barton (United Kingdom)

Dymuniadau gorau oddiwrth Cymru

Iwan Llewelyn (United Kingdom)

Well deserved for all the effort over many years around the world.

Geraint Llewelyn (United Kingdom)

Patricia Davis (United Kingdom)

Sandie Cusack (United Kingdom)

Shirley Helliwell (United Kingdom)

This is how countries should help each other.

Philip Denner (United Kingdom)

Kathy Morton (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors are absolute legends. When there is a natural disaster or major incident in the world, They are the first to jump onto a plane and provide help. True hero’s.

Mr John Morgan (United Kingdom)

tracey Sweek (United Kingdom)

Linda Holmboe Opazo (Sweden)

Kirsten Villadsen (Denmark)

Khamun (United Kingdom)

Jillian Stallard (United Kingdom)

Tor Kristian Pedersen (Norway)

Ray Hughes (United Kingdom)

Bob Buchan (United Kingdom)

Jon Halsall (United Kingdom)

John kenton (United Kingdom)

I wish you well.

JennyO'Toole (United Kingdom)

Franklin Thomas (United Kingdom)

Natalya (South Africa)

Colin Griffiths (New Zealand)

Dayessi Rivero (United States of America)

Heather Jordan (United Kingdom)

Cuba, an inspiration on Humanity to the World.

Stephen Thomas (United Kingdom)

Hannah Guymer (United Kingdom)

Richard Greening (United Kingdom)

Delyth Palmer (United Kingdom)

William Buckley (United Kingdom)

Keep up the great work

Dan (United Kingdom)

The contribution of Cuban health workers worldwide for many years is inspirational and deserves the recognition of the Nobel Prize Committee. It would reinforce the importance of international co-operation, support and selfless generosity that the work of Cuban health workers has demonstrated.

Diane Warburton (United Kingdom)

Una Walsh (United Kingdom)

Give them a deserved prize!

Sue Lefley (United Kingdom)

M Mitchell (United Kingdom)

Stephen Taylor (United Kingdom)

Ron Giles (United Kingdom)

Ben Clarke (United Kingdom)

Elena Zelenkova (United Kingdom)

Sue Hingley (United Kingdom)

CLIVE WALDER (United Kingdom)

Carl-Johan Glassau Hansen (Denmark)

Gill Hewitt (United Kingdom)



It would be right and proper to recognise such unselfishness

Sally Fairchild (United Kingdom)

Against all the odds, Cuba is contributing to the wider world in a massive way. It would be BRILLIANT to acknowledge that contribution. We need to show our gratitude to the Cuban health workers.

Diane Skidmore (United Kingdom)

Evan (United Kingdom)

Sarah Rowlatt (United Kingdom)

Gordon fraser (United Kingdom)

Mick Helm (United Kingdom)

The example of the Cuban doctors has been a model demonstration of that increasingly rare phenomenon: "man's humanity to man".

Peter (United Kingdom)

I'm signing this petition in solidarity with the Cuban people and their health workersey who have shown what real internationalism is all about.

Greig McArthur (United Kingdom)

Oisin McMullan (United Kingdom)

John Rodgers (United Kingdom)

Celia Green (United Kingdom)

Mai-britt Vestergaard (Denmark)

Alejandra Assarsson (Sweden)

malcolm walker (United Kingdom)

Libby Kemp (United Kingdom)

Catrinel Catana (United Kingdom)

Steven Johnston (United Kingdom)

Keith Williams (United Kingdom)

Jenny Jackson (United Kingdom)

Andrew Ferguson (United Kingdom)

This is the best example of international solidarity and idealistic humanity that any country has produced this or any other year

Malcolm Bradstock (United Kingdom)

It is an accolade that is long overdue

Peter Cann (United Kingdom)

Mick Roberts (United Kingdom)

Their selflessness is an example to us all!

Dr Jack Fawbert (United Kingdom)

Graham French (United Kingdom)

Greatly deserved

Dr Carol Norris (United Kingdom)

I am a great admirer of the Cuban health system. Have visited Cuba & loved it. Shame on Trump but let's hope he goes!

Pamela Shaheen (United Kingdom)

Carol Murphy (United Kingdom)

The Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade is a shining example of healing, caring, and supporting sick people around the world.

Dr Alexander Theodossiadis (United Kingdom)

Teresa Vigay (United Kingdom)

Paula Harding (United Kingdom)

Francesco Pezzella (United Kingdom)

Steve Garnes (United Kingdom)

Dorothy Duffy (United Kingdom)

Elvira Robins (United Kingdom)

Nominating Cuban Medical team for volunteering their time and expertise to fight Covid 19 in 39 countries.

Mrs F Malik (United Kingdom)

Eve Levin (United Kingdom)

Alan Perkins (United Kingdom)

The work done by the Cuban health workers is the best expression of humanity and civilisation.

Munir Malik (United Kingdom)

Over many, many years Cuba has done untold good in so many countries through the medical help and care it has exported via its doctors, surgeons and health professionals. It is time this generosity of spirit be properly recognised.

Ian and Julia Gregory (United Kingdom)

Caroline Steenholdt (Denmark)

The Cuban health workers have looked after their own people as well as the people of the rest of the world. They deserve the Nobel peace prize.

Roger Nunn (United Kingdom)

Raghib Ahsan (United Kingdom)

The Cuban Medical People should be recognized for looking after thier own people and others. Outstanding devotion to humanity.

Roger (United Kingdom)

No people can deserve it more...

patricia mary fryd (United Kingdom)

Make humanity great again!

Wolf schmitz (Denmark)

Jane Owen (United Kingdom)

Jeremy Ridgman (United Kingdom)

Sabine Christiane Macdonald (United Kingdom)

i have been very impressed with the work done by Cuban nurses and doctors all over the world .. Timor Leste, Congo etc the list is long. they are selfless, and so knowledgeable , always with a smile on their face. they have done this for over 30 years .... its time for their volunteer work is recognised.

ram bhattacharjee (United Kingdom)

Ravinder Singh Chumber (United Kingdom)

Anne O'Malley (United Kingdom)

Ruth ratner (United Kingdom)

Dionne Heath (United Kingdom)

I feel that the work these doctors have done, particularly but not only, during the current epidemic, is in marked contrast to the selfish attitude of so many in and out of government. They put their lives at risk and supply medical expertise in many countries where medical facilities are sadly lacking. They are an example to us all.

Phil Sedler (United Kingdom)

Isaac Sanudi (Zimbabwe)

Marie Rowland (United Kingdom)

Mr Karl strauss (United Kingdom)

I am confident that the Cuban doctors do deserve to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021.

Valery Shafranov (Kazakstan)

Jette Fergo (Denmark)

As a retired member of the NEU I fully endorse the statement made by our former General Secretary Christine Blower in support of this campaign

Robert Wilkinson (United Kingdom)

Elena Paz Vizcaya (Spain)

Jean Fitzpatrick (United Kingdom)

John Walford (United Kingdom)

Jon Blishen (United Kingdom)

Kathy Robertson (United Kingdom)

Eddie Gill (Ireland)

aldyth helsby (United Kingdom)

These selfless individuals have provided emergency health care around the world for years. Surely it is time to recognize their sterling efforts.

Denis R Underwood (United Kingdom)

Jim Helsby (United Kingdom)

It would be wonderful to see this unique, collective effort be rewarded for the truly impressive and humanitarian outstanding aid.

Lisbet Matz-Lyons (Denmark)

hui feng (United Kingdom)

Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban doctors

Atilla Kucukala (Turkey)

Marika Mason (United Kingdom)

Robyn jones (United Kingdom)

Susan Milestone (United Kingdom)

Heidi Fraser (United Kingdom)

Charlotte Rose Callaghan (United Kingdom)


I believe that their inspirational internationalism deserves recognition.

Sean Currie (Canada)

Viva Cuba!

Barbaros YAMAN (United Kingdom)

Katryn Wood (United Kingdom)

For the selfless service to the world, in spite of your many sacrifices to your own country and people. Cuba is a force for good in the world despite the way its economy and people have been cruelly suppressed by outside forces.

Steven Grant (United Kingdom)

Eileen Morrison (United Kingdom)

Cade Dunbar (United Kingdom)

Allen Williams (Canada)

Nathan White (United Kingdom)

Years of Cuban doctors helping across the globe should be recognized.

Harvey Mabee (Canada)

Annabel Egan (United Kingdom)

Hilda Janssen (Germany)

Sam Bradley (United Kingdom)

Bravo and Viva Cuba

Mubarak Salah (United Kingdom)

Per Bergmann (Denmark)

Willie Haines (United Kingdom)

Cuba has always been a relentless fighter for lives free of disease and suffering across the world.In that their medical staff and infrastructure have been dedicated without fear of their own lives or safety under extreme hardships.

Sunil Kumar Banerjee (India)

Gabriele Meyer-Ullrich (Germany)

Susan Sloth (Denmark)

Poul Jensen (Denmark)

The 2020 peace prize went to the UN World Food Programme. Important in the fight against COVID until we have a vaccine -a crisis that has demonstrated key issues facing humankind. Health, Food, Environment, peace - all interrelated! So it should be the approach for the 2021 prize. Give it to the doctors from the country that managed to control the virus at home (and yes others countries did) and send much more than they had to spare to help the rest of us (and no no other country did that). Let those who give this prize also send a clear message to those who systematically attempted to sabotage this work, while they watched the infection rip through their society. Patria es humanidad!

Luis Santamaria (United Kingdom)

Lauren Townsend (United Kingdom)

Steven Redfern (United Kingdom)

Marie Currie (Canada)

Matthew Wood (United Kingdom)

Amazing people

Finbar Haughey (Ireland)

Donald Currie (Canada)

Ian Brigstock (United Kingdom)

Richard Lowrie (United Kingdom)

Emma Louise Ellison (United Kingdom)

Stella goorney (United Kingdom)

Garry Strudwick (United Kingdom)

Gregory Frame (United Kingdom)

Christine Rouhaud (United Kingdom)

Theocharis Kromydas (United Kingdom)

Achintya (India)

Martin Upham (United Kingdom)

international solidarity we love

raj (Australia)

Cuban doctors are showing the world what true humanitarianism looks like.

Barbara Lisicki (United Kingdom)

Caroline (United Kingdom)

Michael Allen (United Kingdom)

Brent Farintosh (Canada)

Rob Street (United Kingdom)

Hilary King (Canada)

Carl Zimmering (Germany)

The world needs more Cuba's less Americas

Alex (Australia)

John Foster (United Kingdom)

Gurkan Kilicaslan (Turkey)

Sue Richards (United Kingdom)

For their practical humanitarianism Cuban medics, from a nation beset with restrictions unfairly imposed by others, have rendered remarkable service to the world. Their selflessness speaks to the noblest of values, the primacy of human life, and fully deserves this supreme accolade.

Brian Durrans (United Kingdom)

Sanjeev Kumar Singh (India)

Yana (Germany)

Finnian Murtagh (United Kingdom)

Chris Davis (United States of America)

Ana Dolfini (Brazil)

S Yildiz (Turkey)

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Bruno Bemfica (Brazil)

The people of Cuba amaze me more and more every single day

Benjamin Pike (United Kingdom)

Steve (Canada)

This is well deserved and Long overdue not only for their outstanding COVID response. For decades revolutionary Cuba has provided the planet with medical support through their medical brigades.

James Irwin (Ireland)

Kate Helsby (United Kingdom)

Mark Ellerby (United Kingdom)

Barbara Harrison (United Kingdom)

Serena Silvestro (Australia)

Soydan Kavraal (Turkey)

Roopinder Bains (Canada)

They deserve this so much for everything they have been doing.

Fiona English (United Kingdom)

Cuba setting an example for the rest of the world as always. If so could choose to live anywhere it would be in your amazing country ❤️

Sandra Hazeldon (United Kingdom)

Carlos Bernal (Cuba)

Patricia Sharkey (United Kingdom)

Jim Harte (Ireland)

Greater love hath no man, that he lay down his life for a friend.

Dr Alexander MacDonald (United Kingdom)

FEGAR (France)

Ahmed (Sweden)

David Rankin (United Kingdom)

As a poor country, they still manage to suooort others.....absolutely inspiring!

Sandy (United Kingdom)

Alice (United Kingdom)

God bless the Cuban people. Heroes

Michael Leonard (United Kingdom)

Maura clemente (Sweden)

As a symbol for all other dedicated care workerx

Mary campbell (United Kingdom)

Francis Lang (United Kingdom)

Well deserved

Peter David Allsopp (United Kingdom)

Heather Morrison (United Kingdom)

Adrian Coles (United Kingdom)

Adam Shepherd (Scotland)

Teresa Chalcroft (United Kingdom)

James Linsey (United Kingdom)

Michael James robinson (Scotland)

Ewan Morgan (Ireland)

Desiree' Attard (Malta)

An inspiration to people everywhere!

Kevin Smith (Ireland)

Philomena Wilson (United Kingdom)

Support this petition ✊✊✊

Stephen Bell (United Kingdom)

Richenda Gwilt (United Kingdom)

Sarah Cook (United Kingdom)

Nicola Warburton (United Kingdom)

Edward Brand (United Kingdom)

Christopher Fagan (United Kingdom)

Alvin Jimenez (Philippines)

Marianne Hansen (Denmark)

Juan Moreno (United Kingdom)

Matthew Ramsden (United Kingdom)


Emma bleach (United Kingdom)

Daniel Marcelo Jara Moris (Denmark)

Ileana Barroso Alvarez (Denmark)

If any country, person, organisation deserves a Nobel award it is Cuba

Janet Bennett (United Kingdom)

Minu (Australia)


Wendy (United Kingdom)

Samatha (India)

John Kristensen (Denmark)

Not only have the Cubans managed Covid in their own country better than anywhere else, they are sharing their expertise with many afflicted countries globally. This stirling work should be recognised, and the Nobel Peace Prize would be an appropriate way to do so.

Mark Pear (United Kingdom)

David Preston (United Kingdom)

Mike Rowley (United Kingdom)

They deserve a Nobel for the noble , selfless deed

Prasad Aadish (India)

Charlie Mower (United Kingdom)

The Cuban Doctors are an example to us all, that the only way out of the catastrophe we are facing is through solidarity and love.

John Brooke (United Kingdom)

The selfless sacrifice of these wonderful people should be held up as a beacon of hope in such a selfish world.

CHARLES DAVIS (United Kingdom)

Casper Holm (Denmark)

If there was a greater accolade it should be awarded for your selfless devotion to world society. Thoroughly deserved.

Martyn Delaney (United Kingdom)

Ian coyne (United Kingdom)

Elmar Schulze Messing (Germany)

Elizabeth Salisbury Lawson (United Kingdom)

These days compassion seems like a distant memory!

Mike Lennon (United Kingdom)

Sayandeep Dey (India)

I am so grateful for these health workers striving to help people in other countries in these difficult times.

Nigel James (United Kingdom)

Alison Salmon (United Kingdom)

True hero’s

David Walsh (United Kingdom)

Niels Anker Petersen (Denmark)

irene lindgreen (Denmark)

Francesco Castellani (Denmark)

Hans Erik Hansen (Denmark)

Joe Ryan (United Kingdom)

CRAIG LOGAN (United Kingdom)

John Fetherston (United Kingdom)

Tove Askham (Faroe Islands)

John Heath (United Kingdom)

Carol Wilson (United Kingdom)

Marie porksen (Denmark)

Desiree Sprogoe (Denmark)

Brian Wilson (United Kingdom)

Gordon Warren (United Kingdom)

Samuel Pugh (Denmark)

I agree that cuban doctors are the right choice for NObels Peace Prize

Inger Kruchov (Denmark)

Payel Banerjee (India)

The Cuban medies helpa People’s all ower the world, because of the nessesarity, not because of money. They do it, because they Care of other People’s HealthKit.

Noe Ertner (Denmark)

Mogens Bang (Denmark)

Such a good idea !

Kirsten Lohmann (Denmark)

Ayan Sarkar (India)

Sara (India)

manas kumar madhukar (India)

Yes, deserving people.

VInod Kumar VP (India)

Tamal (India)

Apoorv (India)

nobel price for Cubas doktores

inge luffe (Denmark)

Irrenne Sidsel Peier (Denmark)

We support Proff. Sven Tarp in the nomination of the Cuban doctors and nurses in recognition of their international solidarity efforts in the world and in the nomination to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Kai Jensen Irrenne Peier

Kai Verner Halling Jensen (Denmark)

Adelante, Cuba

Klaus Piel (Germany)

Ulla nygaard (Denmark)

Claus Christophersen (Denmark)


Michael Anthony HARDING (United Kingdom)

The Charity of Cuba for better life chances especially to the poor all over the world has been extraordinary. The Cuban doctors are manna from heaven. I salute them, and so should the whole world.

Kweku Ampiah (United Kingdom)

Soumyajit Chakraborty (India)

Stephen Tinkler (United Kingdom)

Lisbeth vedel Simonsen (Denmark)

Solidarity brothers and sisters.

Calum Blundell (United Kingdom)

Their selfless actions have gone under reported. The world should recognise their contribution to tackling the pandemic

Linda Tookey (United Kingdom)

Anne Svoldgaard Joensson (Denmark)

lene hansen (Denmark)

I am from Denmark! It is a great help to the world that the Cuban doktors and Health workers take action. They do selfless work for people around the world. Tank you for your solidaritet an huminitariarism.

Marianne Kirkelund (Denmark)

Long live the revolution!

Marc Bjerregaard Sanganee (Denmark)

Poul Simonsen (Denmark)


niels jensen (Denmark)

Joergen Stroem (Denmark)

Emil Karkov (Denmark)

Jens Voldby Crumlin (Denmark)

Solveig Fagerlund (Sweden)

Haydn Pope (United Kingdom)


Sudeb Mitra (United States of America)

Amanda Sackur (United Kingdom)

Marvolus jobs

Ashok pawar (India)

Graham Ewens (United Kingdom)

Clayre Reid (United Kingdom)

Alix Chaytor (United Kingdom)

Linda Balfe (United Kingdom)

aidan page (Ireland)

Mark crichton (United Kingdom)

David Carracher (United Kingdom)

Carole Anne Quinn (United Kingdom)

Harry Collin (United Kingdom)

Jon Straetmans (Belgium)

The Cuban medical assistance during this pandemic has been a inspiring example of genuine internationalism. Viva Cuba!

Leicester Communist Party (United Kingdom)

Supporting This Petition Please Sign.

Steven Peacock (United Kingdom)

Anne Blundell (United Kingdom)

Davina Roberts (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors are doing tremendous work helping people all over the world suffering from covid 19. Please nominate them for the Nobel Peace Prize.

E J Leonard (United Kingdom)

Despite the terrible economic restrictions made on the Cuban government and the people of Cuba to still be able to help people throughout the world Is a fantastic tribute to them .They would richly deserve being awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize For 2021

Iain Reekie (United Kingdom)

James Cruise (United Kingdom)

John Maxfield (United Kingdom)

Anthony McCabe (United Kingdom)

Ron Waugh (United Kingdom)

Christopher Broad (United Kingdom)

I really appreciate the amount of selflessness and resolve that you all have shown in overcoming this crisis. Thank you!

Christian (United States of America)

Wendy Boothman (United Kingdom)

Roger Rees (United Kingdom)

Neil Taylor (United Kingdom)

Peter O'Loughlin (United Kingdom)

Linda O'Loughlin (United Kingdom)

Jennie Walsh (United Kingdom)

Even with an embargo making life for Cubans over the years. The still manage to be supportive of those in need internationally

Mavis Gregson-Barlow (United Kingdom)

John Pawson (United Kingdom)

Ben LeGrys (United Kingdom)

Luis-Gabriel Guevara Garcia (Canada)

Tommy O Neill (United Kingdom)

Philip Green (United Kingdom)

Jayne Louise Regan (United Kingdom)

Heroes every one

Andrew Robertson (United Kingdom)

Matthew Plater (United Kingdom)

Sophia (United States of America)

Debbie King (United Kingdom)

Ross Clark (United Kingdom)

Julian Brown (United Kingdom)

Joy millward (United Kingdom)

Barry Leathood (United Kingdom)

David Irvine (United Kingdom)

Luke Butterfield (United Kingdom)

Julie (United Kingdom)

Maureen Grant (United Kingdom)

Tina Gallagher (United Kingdom)

Robert Garven (United Kingdom)

Niza Ravi (United Kingdom)

The Cuban medics showed the world how to put lives above profits, they deserve the prize

Louise Denney (United Kingdom)

Jana Velickovic (Serbia)

Sean Donohoe (United Kingdom)

Michelle Lincoln (United Kingdom)

Cuba's health service is inspirational as well as their international solidarity. The world would be a poorer place without them.

Pauline long (United Kingdom)

Roy S Reed (United Kingdom)

Benjamin McCourt (United Kingdom)

Douglas Blundell (United Kingdom)

Graham Price (United Kingdom)

Solidarity forever!

Adam Robson (United Kingdom)

David Watts (United Kingdom)

Maha Risha (United Kingdom)

Long Live the Cuban Revolution!

Thomas Lee Shields (United Kingdom)

Bringing health to people is the most important thing that anyone can do. These doctors have been doing this for years with very little reward.

John Gallagher (United Kingdom)

Viva la Cuba

Paul Gibson (United Kingdom)

Kyle (United Kingdom)

stephen mcdowall (United Kingdom)

Benjamin Davies (United Kingdom)

Amy Smith (United Kingdom)

Ivory Tamargo (United Kingdom)

Eleanor McNamara (United Kingdom)

I applaud the humanitarianism of the Cuban Medical Brigades, and their selfless work for peace. It is important that the world should know of their commitment to improving the lives of those in great need.

Jennie Chesterton (United Kingdom)

Josep Ferran (United Kingdom)

Cathy Page (United Kingdom)

Matthew Widdowson (United Kingdom)

David Williams (United Kingdom)

Declan McCann (United Kingdom)

Sally Thompson (United Kingdom)

That's a great message to the world. To help others is the true sign of strength for both the individual and the country.

Peter Gorbach (United Kingdom)

The Cuban doctors put their lives at risk helping people in other countries. They deserve to be honoured for saving lives & seeing people as human beings regardless of where they came from. In this time of countries across the world looking only after national interests, they showed we are one people & we all deserve a chance to live.

Elizabeth Hancock (United Kingdom)

Susan Kilgarriff (United Kingdom)


Sandra Morland (United Kingdom)

Susan Lamsdell (United Kingdom)

Rachelle Wilkins (United Kingdom)

James Hartley (United Kingdom)

Good luck they deserve the recognition for what they have been doing for years helping out countries in times of crisis

PAUL STEAD (United Kingdom)

Sylvia Taberner (United Kingdom)

Heinz Schmidt (Germany)

Regardless of the political alignment of their or other governments, the Henry Reeve International Brigade has been a symbol of international compassion and solidarity, and a sign that in the midst of division, discord and hate, the light of humanity will shine through.

Charlie Goodwin-Smith (United Kingdom)

Sam Akbarinassab (United Kingdom)

The Cuban people are amazing.They need this!

Susan Quinnell (United Kingdom)

Amazing effort for humanity.

Peter Trodden (United Kingdom)

Barbara brown (United Kingdom)

Good luck - inspirational to people who get to hear about the work they do

Stuart Page (United Kingdom)

Bay Whitaker (United Kingdom)

Peter Blennarhassett (United Kingdom)

Damien Doherty (United Kingdom)

They deserve recognition for the support they have given us during this pandemic.

Geraldine Leslie (United Kingdom)

George (Norway)

andrew coley (United Kingdom)

Cuba’s health workers’ contribution to humanity in this world is both much maligned or unrecognised by many in this world. They are a true beacon to those of us who dream of a better world.

Kevin Smith (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Hamilton (United Kingdom)

John Hurrell (United Kingdom)

The Cuban health workers have my full support for this long overdue recognition. Good luck!

N F (United Kingdom)

Viva La Revolucion Cubana!

james clegg (United Kingdom)

Adnan Chaudry (United Kingdom)

Ian Beeby (United Kingdom)

With tremendous admiration for all the medical expertise and help that Cuban doctors and other medical staff have given to so many countries and people over the years. The recent period when the world has faced the challenge of covid 19 has been yet another shining example.

Sarah White (United Kingdom)

Recognition due!

Mary Connolly (United Kingdom)

James Henry (United Kingdom)

Graham Knight (United Kingdom)

Gabriel Caldentey Ramos (Spain)

I m handling covid 19 cases from February still onging fighting against covid19

Lesna Nazar (Saudi Arabia)

Zahra Rafiq (United Kingdom)

Marion Birch (United Kingdom)

John Johore (United Kingdom)

Bernd Bluemmel (Germany)

Antonio Triana (United States of America)

A very middle income country (under permanent economic aggression from the most powerful country in the world) made a commitment decades ago to make a major commitment to improving the health of people throughout the world, and has stuck to that despite its own periodic economic problems. A similar commitment from the other countries, particularly the wealthy ones, would do more to promote world peace than any exiting program in the world of any type. The Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to the "shock troops" of this broader effort by Cuba, the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade to signal support for and promote efforts of this type that really do contribute to world peace.

Al Campbell (United States of America)

Love to you fab medics. What you do makes my heart sing.

Dawn Manners (United Kingdom)

These Cuban doctors are heroes and heroines and need to be recognised for their immense contribution

Azim Hajee (United Kingdom)

Hiroshkumar (India)

Kevin Wilkie (United Kingdom)

Nobel prize

Kishalaya Bhattacharjee (India)

Glen Burrows (United Kingdom)

Jessica Datta (United Kingdom)

Rory Imlach (United Kingdom)

tracie mitchell (United States of America)

Jennifer Mcginley (United Kingdom)

Greg (United Kingdom)

We are all one. I wish the work will be honored.

Alice Philipp (Germany)

Ella Roberta Noyes (United Kingdom)

Matthew Miles (Spain)

Patricia Greaves (United Kingdom)

wiva , grazie Cuba

Aleksander Tomicic (Sweden)

Kurt Jackson (United Kingdom)

Liam Payne (United Kingdom)

Brilliant people

Nancy Frankel (United Kingdom)

Praveen Vasudevan (India)

La Brigada Henry Trece es pura humanidad

Angi Salazar (Spain)

Solidarity to Cuban health workers

Balakrishnan NV (India)

Abhranil Das (India)

ParthaE (India)

Ben Parker (Australia)

Jen Forward (Australia)

maria oliva (Canada)

The key principles of the brigade are health, peaceand humanitarianism. In the last fifteen years, 13,500 members of the Cuban doctors have saved 93,000 lives during natural disasters and health emergencies. We believe that their inspirational internationalism deserves recognition.

Queck Brigitte (Germany)

ASHISH (India)

Alec Emory (United States of America)

Stuart Dykes (United Kingdom)

Angus Robertson (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors do so much good in this world, intervening in most humanitarian crises. They live their vocation, and deserve international recognition

Sian Davies (United Kingdom)

Lezley Marion Cameron (United Kingdom)

It is good to see a government using its nation's medical resources at home and abroad to alleviate people's suffering from ill health regardless of their wealth.

Jonathan Jaeger (United Kingdom)

Helen Mcgreary (United Kingdom)

Clive Pretorius (South Africa)

Lisa Alexander (United States of America)

Daniel Polivka (Germany)

joan Leclerc (France)

I heartily commend the selfless expertise of the Cuban health teams. Long may they continue the work and Nobel recognition would endorse this sentiment. Thank you

Joseph Hannigan (United Kingdom)

Los médicos cubanos merecen ser homenajeado con el premio nobel de la paz

Celia Lyon (Venezuela)

Horst Maylandt (Germany)

Kathryn Rimmington (United Kingdom)

Marie Schulze-Springer (Germany)

Daros las gracias y ánimos para continuar luchando

Carlos Gerona Salamero (Spain)

Cuban Medical help without borders is to be admired and deserves the Nobel Prize

Margaret McDonald (United Kingdom)

Alicja Stybel (United Kingdom)

Christine Lowe (United Kingdom)

Vali Jamal (United States of America)

Joshua G Piner (United States of America)

STUART (United Kingdom)

Clayton Bain (United States of America)

The Cudan doctors have deserved this for a along time.

Logan MacDonald (Canada)

What a selfless bunch of Cuban care staff hats off to the people. Cuba and the world are a safer stronger place with their support

Gil barr (United Kingdom)

Lars Rudebeck (Sweden)

Simon Bowell (United Kingdom)

Siobhan Murray (United Kingdom)

Gisela Rudnick (Germany)

well done the cuban medics for the hard work they have done,viva Cuba and long live the Revolution of Fidel Castro and Che.

John gill (United Kingdom)

Walter Pacchiani (United Kingdom)

Sunil kumar karyot (India)

Carsten Klink (Germany)

Alice Lock (United Kingdom)

Gerda WALTER (France)

Anoop Kumar (India)

Sina Badreddine (United Kingdom)

Peter Bille (Germany)

Juergen Kauschitz (Germany)

all docters salut

jaykumar sonkamble (India)

Paul Jefferies (United Kingdom)

Ann Gresswell (United Kingdom)

Ian Watson (United Kingdom)

Robert Murdoch (United Kingdom)

Bill Shields (United Kingdom)

Liz Elkind (United Kingdom)

Brad Oliver (United Kingdom)

This would be such a strong statement recognising the aid given by Cuba at a time of global need.

Mark Fitzsimons (United Kingdom)

Raymond Mennie (United Kingdom)

John James (United Kingdom)

Debashis De (United Kingdom)

Christa Grewe (Germany)

Sally Maidment (United Kingdom)

Siobhan McCready (United Kingdom)

Klaus Lehmann (Germany)

Svend Haakon Jacobsen (Norway)

Mohammed Niyas (United Arab Emirates)

Shavanah taj (United Kingdom)

Dave Watt (United Kingdom)

Diane Erasmuson (United Kingdom)

Hastala Victoria Siempre!

Colin Bartie (United Kingdom)

For a small country encountering great difficulties, Cuba should be congratulated for their excellent health service

Bill Hughes (United Kingdom)

David Benlow (United Kingdom)

Ian Devoy (United Kingdom)

Lode Werner (Germany)

Eileen Kirk (United Kingdom)

robert heritage (United Kingdom)


Thank you all for your selfless solidarity.

Andrew Grose (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Dew (United Kingdom)

Carol O'Neal (United Kingdom)

Erich Krichbaum (Germany)

The humanitarian work done by Cuban medics over decades in so many nations around the world has had a profound effect and has set a shining example which other nations should, but don't, follow. Unfortunately, it's been almost entirely ignored by all mainstream western media. The award of the Nobel prize is hugely deserved by Cuba and will also do much to enhance the Nobel Committee's sometimes disputed reputation for objectivity.

Ed Glasson (United Kingdom)

Gez Kirby (United Kingdom)

The international solidarity, compassion and generosity shown by the Cuban Medics across the world is a fantastic display of humanity and peace

Neil Findlay (United Kingdom)

Peter Jenkins (United Kingdom)

Lothar Borrmann (Germany)

Gerard Daly (United Kingdom)

Suzanna Dolata (United Kingdom)

Graham Maxwell (United Kingdom)

I worked for nearly 40 years in the NHS among people who cared for others for financial reward way below their qualifications and hours actually worked! Well done to this gallant group of aid workers for doing this for humanities sake! They deserve the reward!

James Dick (United Kingdom)

They deserve the prize and to be recognized for their idealism and selfless service to people in different countries and of different races.

Ammu Abraham (India)


Salute Cubian Doctors

Sachin Mali (India)

Pauline Wheat-Bowen (United Kingdom)

Pinaki Guha (India)

David Wells (United Kingdom)

The Cuban medics deserve world-wide recognition for the incredible work they do.

Jock Penman (United Kingdom)

Sending doctors and help, not BOMBS

Alessandra Pasquarelli (United Kingdom)

Judy Warrell (United Kingdom)

Leider wird in der Öffentlichkeit in Deutschland das gute internationale Handeln der kubanischen Ärzte verheimlich. Ihnen den Friedennobelpreis zu verleihen wäre ein Zeichen, endlich einmal klar zu zeigen, was Frieden ist, nämlich weltweite Solidarität.

Sofie Stenzhorn (Germany)

Ian Rothwell (United Kingdom)

Joanne Nicholson (United Kingdom)

Dorte Hansen (Denmark)

Reg Green (United Kingdom)

Manuel Leyva (Germany)

This is long overdue when you consider their fantastic work with ebola and earthquake victims.

Sarah Shorter (United Kingdom)

As always Cuba shows a shining example to us all despite their continued hardships. If only more countries would learn from Cuba the world could be a much better place

jenni Ford (United Kingdom)

Karen Hepburn (United Kingdom)

Janna Borgboehmer (Germany)

Dragana Zivancevic (Australia)

Liz Grose (United Kingdom)

There would be no better deserving recipients than these.

John Rechnitz (United Kingdom)

Siobhan Lennon-Patience (United Kingdom)

kadija george (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors deserve the award the most in the world

Preethy Sekhar (India)

Chris Kearney (United Kingdom)

shaji lal (India)

Christine Haswell (United Kingdom)

Aditi Chowdhury (India)

They are doing a commendable job.

P Sandeep Kumar (India)

Suzanne Jenkins (Australia)

Willi Bischoff (Germany)

Health care is a fundamental right

Ajay S Kumar (India)

Ellie Poppitt (United Kingdom)

Although their invaluable contribution can not be measured by any award , however undoubtedly they are the most deserving candidates for Noble peace prize.

Sanjay (India)

Catherine Joseph (United Kingdom)

Cuba y México, naciones hermanas.

Guadalupe Ramirez (Mexico)

Indeed these team of Cuban health professionals deserve the prize .

Johnson Thomas (India)

Muhammed Kuttiyatle (India)

TEJUS KN (India)

Benedicte De Pauw (Chile)

alison acker (Canada)

Adil Shah (India)

Lenny Jones (United Kingdom)

Sushil Handa (Canada)

Jayasree Prasad (India)

Hilary Beavan (United Kingdom)

Dave Chappell (United Kingdom)

Saria Andrew (Canada)

Jila Rezaie (United States of America)

Navin (India)

Let then shine as a beacon of hope when they ask not, can you afford my help, but simply I'm here to help!

Cllr Jonathan Grisdale (United Kingdom)

Rob Hill (Australia)

Geevarghese Chacko (United States of America)

I’m in full support/agreement that the Cuban doctors should be thus honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jackie Lewis (United Kingdom)

Ashraf Shaikh (India)

Julian Hough (United Kingdom)

Ian Pearson (United Kingdom)

Let us keep moving humanity in the direction of peace and compassion

Paula Longden (United Kingdom)

Derek Jones (United Kingdom)

They deserve international recognition and the Nobel peace prize would be

Paul Maguire (United Kingdom)

Nigel Gibson (United Kingdom)

Anish (Bahrain)

Very well deserved group for Nobel prize... Are making prodigious valient positive responses for many years in some many poverty areas and first in to disaster places doing invaluable humanitarian heroic work. Please give them the recognition they have been earning. Please.

Jack Doherty (United Kingdom)

Rohit B (India)

Austin Kelly (United Kingdom)

Anjana Singh (Netherlands)


I think the work of these doctors is extraordinarily and exemplary. At a time of such international worry and danger this help and support has been such a vital necessity for so many. This is more than worthy of recognition. This really should be lauded.

Martin (United Kingdom)

paul morris (United Kingdom)

The world owes Cuba and it's army of medical soldiers respect and recognition. Without them many without access to healthcare and treatment would suffer and die.

Sade Johnson (United Kingdom)

Hasan Dodwell (United Kingdom)

Rahul Sridharan (India)

Cathy holland (United Kingdom)

Pablo Idahosa (Canada)

Kushal Gangopadhyay (India)

Lynn Hemming (United Kingdom)

An example to follow.

Peter Latham (United Kingdom)


Soumen Paul (India)

Their selfless fearless humanitarian assistance during the pandemic to world communities should be recognised with the award of Noble Peace Prize

Rabeek Raja H (India)

Ian (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors selfless work, their attitude and achievements ..

A K Madhu (India)

they did very beautiful work for human being.the world remember them as messenge of peace

Muzakkir Ahmed (India)

stay on helping all over the world.

Ronald Mertens (Germany)

The Cuban people have shown immense heroism and bravery in the face of a vile US blockade over the last 60 years. Where powerful Western countries failed to achieve anything in bringing down apartheid, Cuban forces took it upon themselves to rid the world of that abomination and now, as ever, at the forefront are the unbelievable Cuban health professionals

Alec Turner (United Kingdom)

Maurina Joseph-James (United Kingdom)

I recomend the Cuban medical fraternity for Nobel peace prize

Sunil Nataraj (India)

Alistair Sinclair (United Kingdom)

Ashish Tripathi (India)

Sue Whitehead (France)

Chinmoy Bhattacharjee (Luxembourg)

Byasa Moharana (India)

This would be a very well- deserved Nobel.

Asha Gopinathan (India)

Stephen Martin (United Kingdom)

Allan Redfern (United Kingdom)

Sanjay Thomas John (India)

Cuban Medical team deserves it such a great effort during this pandemic

Dinesh Kumar T M (India)

They are the most deserving....our heartfelt thanks for their selfless construction ❤️

Ankhi Chakraborty (India)

Great respect for cuban medical fraternity. From fughting ebola and zika and trainkng thousands of doctors across Latin America for free to fighting the covid virus across the world, they are truly providing service to humanity.

Zeenat Niazi (India)

Amal Saddik Salem Basaddik (Yemen)

Aditya R Kapoor (India)

Who else can deserve this award than those who crossed barriers of border, nationality, language, ethnicity to serve and heal lives in this pandemic?

Anindita Sarbadhicari (India)

Malak niakan (United Kingdom)

ROBERT COLLINS (United Kingdom)

Savitha (India)

kallol (India)

craig johnston (United Kingdom)

The Cuban doctors, nurses and health workers do such wonderful selfless work around the world, despite their own island suffering from a cruel economic blockade, that they definitely deserve the international recognition which the Nobel Peace prize would bring.

Christine Lindey (United Kingdom)

The selfless courage of the Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians deserves global recognition.

Barbara Echlin (United Kingdom)

Sabyasachi Banerjee (India)

Lee Mouatt (United Kingdom)

Hats off to the internationalism of Cuban doctors

Anand Patwardhan (India)

Lara Peachey (United Kingdom)

jutta jung (Germany)

Jocelyn (United Kingdom)

George Murray (United Kingdom)

THANK YOU for your selfless solidarity. Daniela

Daniela Spenippo (United Kingdom)

Hendrijk Guzzoni (Germany)

Hans Hofferberth (Germany)

donna (Canada)

John Hearn (United Kingdom)

R johnson (United Kingdom)

Hilary Haynes (United Kingdom)

Liz Hobbs (United Kingdom)

Unknown by name but heroes for commun people!

Liliane Barthelemy (Belgium)

Rich Walker (United Kingdom)

ruth moulton (United Kingdom)

I fully support this petition, if anyone deserves this accolade and reward it’s the Cuban medical staff. Demonstrating solidarity with others in the fight against Covid when they could have just stayed home and said not our problem.

Brenda Gannon (Ireland)

shane large-taylor (United Kingdom)

Thomas Donnelly (United Kingdom)

Natasha Sivanandan (United Kingdom)

Michael French (United Kingdom)

Noeleen Aspel (Ireland)

Thank you for your amazing work.

Kathy Parker (United Kingdom)

Helen Crickard (United Kingdom)

Barbara Caroli-Buch (Germany)

Lisa-anne Dwyer (Ireland)

Kevin Lynam (Ireland)

Hernan Denis (Venezuela)

Jim Scanlon (Ireland)

Eilish (United Kingdom)

Heil Gottfried (Germany)

Moyra Jean (United Kingdom)

Keller (Scotland)

Amazing work done by Cuban doctors that deserved recognition.

Lesley Holroyd (United Kingdom)

David Horsley (United Kingdom)

Ted Kenny (Ireland)

I believe that the Cuban Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade deserves the Nobel Peace Price for its outstanding International work all these years.

Sergio Requena-Rueda (United Kingdom)

Pleas award the Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban doctors for their work in past natural disasters and the present Covid pandemic

jenni bond (Australia)

Dinyar Godrej (Netherlands)

Marvellous and far too unrecognised. The Cuban government, people and in particular, medical staff have shown their concern for World above nation.

Ruel White (United Kingdom)

Maureen Luke (United Kingdom)

Margery Wilson (United Kingdom)

Tess flavin (Ireland)

I salute these men and women for their selfless compassion and love

Helen Kay-Kreizman (United Kingdom)

Patrick Carey (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors and healthcare workers deserve this accolade for their humanitarian work around the world. No other country deploys as many as Cuba to help vulnerable and sick people. Please award this prize to these brave men and women

Mavis Clarke (United Kingdom)

Susie Wardell (United Kingdom)

Grainne (United Kingdom)

Very deserving of such a selfless act of humanitarianism,

Alex Cameron (United Kingdom)

Pamela Wilson (United Kingdom)

Denise McDowell (United Kingdom)

Paul Jones (United Kingdom)

Thank you Cuba.

James Faulkner (Ireland)

Eamonn O'Kane (United Kingdom)

Cuba's medical brigades are an inspiration and deserve to be recognised for their contributions to health and peace.

Lionel Caplan (United Kingdom)

Christine Irvine (United Kingdom)

Barbara Scott (United Kingdom)

James Bishop (United Kingdom)

Brian Sayer (United Kingdom)

Robert Weber (Germany)

Tracey Marr (United Kingdom)

Justly deserved.

Gerard Bell (United Kingdom)

The Cuban medics continue to show the way forward and should surely receive international recognition to ensure this Cuban contribution to the world is enabled to continue. It would be justified as a mark of gratitude that is long overdue. Most people are unaware of the contributions of Cuba's medics in the past and recently with Covid 19 in so many countries.

Jenny Brown (United Kingdom)

Brenda Brown (United Kingdom)

Jagdeep Tiwana (United Kingdom)

Anne-Marie Le Gall (United Kingdom)

Now please show official respect by awarding them the peace prize! It will be much deserved recognition.

Rosemary Edney (United Kingdom)

The image of Cuban doctors flying in to assist Europe in its fight against C19 was for me the most enduring of the epidemic - it speaks of courage, organisation, and generosity of spirit. Our world needs to celebrate these extraordinary people and we all need to be more like them.

Helen Banham (United Kingdom)

Wendy Allison (United Kingdom)

Margaret Hobson (United Kingdom)

Rachel Beck (United Kingdom)

Barbara Lamplugh (Spain)

Irene Slaven (Australia)

Marian Wingrove (United Kingdom)

Kath Howells (United Kingdom)

Judith Lichtenzveig (Australia)

if they don't get the Nobel peace price it is because the committee are right wing who gives the price to undeserving people like Obama

Robertina Saavedra (Canada)

John Shillabeer (United Kingdom)

Thank you.

Steve Catchpole (Cyprus)

In light of the decade and a half of international aid offered by the International Brigade, and by extension, the whole of the Cuban people, it is only right to recognise the valiant, selfless, internationalist effort put forward by them. The Nobel Peace Prize is the least that can be offered to these heroes of the international community who offer their services, and risk their lives, in aid of humanity.

Connor McQuaid (United Kingdom)

Daniel Touchette (Canada)


Lohmus Ramsurn (Mauritius)

I very much hope you see the importance of the selfless work this group has done, how they have modeled the kind of behavior we all need to do to bring about a truly peaceful world

Nina Rastogi (Canada)


Stewart Lauder (United Kingdom)

Roy Myers (New Zealand)

Colleen Lundy (Canada)

Jonny (United Kingdom)

USians (both Republicans and Democrats) endlessly punishing the Cuban people has got to be an international human rights violation. And I am so angry and disappointed that Canada supports the US. I wholeheartedly support the Nobel Peace Prize going to the Henry Reeve International Brigade.

Sandra Brown (Canada)

katherine hill (Canada)

Frank Marshalek (United States of America)

Aisha Jumaan (United States of America)

Robert sharpe (United Kingdom)

steven phillips (United Kingdom)

I wholeheartedly support the international recognition of the incredible work of Cuban medical teams and doctors.

Xenia Horne (United Kingdom)

Steve odonoghue (United Kingdom)

Mary Penman (United States of America)

Laura Allen (United Kingdom)

Cuban Medical Brigades have helped out in disasters and wars for decades. It's about time they received recognition!

Kel Dummett (Australia)

Geraldine Williams (United Kingdom)

Well Done Cuba 🇨🇺 ❤️

Margaret Stewart (Canada)

Cuban doctors have been doing a genuinely effective service to the human race and for peace.

Dr Michael D Magee (United Kingdom)

Damien McAuley (United Kingdom)

The Cubans have done a fantastic job.

Rufus (United Kingdom)

Peter Godfrey (United Kingdom)

Alvaro Sanchez (Venezuela)

A truly amazing organization. Not surprised that it is Cuban borne.

Donelda MacDonald (Canada)

Cuban medics help out everywhere there are people in need of medical help. They deserve the great accolade of thr Nobel Prize and will spend the award wisely and unselfishly.

David Wharam (United Kingdom)

Julie Hird (United Kingdom)

Tim Bogg (United Kingdom)


Chris OBrien (Ireland)

Cian McMahon (Canada)

John Jarvis (United Kingdom)

Henry Emoni (United Kingdom)

I strongly support the nomination of the Cuban doctors for the Nobel Peace Prize. Their ongoing efforts to help care for people everywhere in the world is so inspiring and is indeed an exceptional contribution that should be recognized. Thank you!

Charlotte Dionne (Canada)

Ruth (Canada)

Eleanor Victoria henriquez (Dominican Republic)

Vaycheslav Karpenko (Ukraine)

Keith Veness (United Kingdom)

I'm supporting the 1000's of Cuban healthcare workers who have put their lives on the line to care for covid 19 patients across the globe, this is true solidarity, they need to be recognised for this.

Kim johnson (United Kingdom)

Iarlaith O'Gallcobhair (Ireland)

If someone should get price it´s the cuban doctors

helmut leger (Germany)

Justine Murphy (Ireland)

Robert Moody (United Kingdom)

Ian Sier (United Kingdom)

Noel Gallagher (Ireland)

Terry Stapleton (Ireland)

Bob Goupillot (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba.

Niall Dowd (Ireland)

Cuban peace goes around the world.

David Owen (United Kingdom)

A wonderful example to the world!

Robert Oliver (United Kingdom)

I love Cuba and its international solidarity

kick leijnse (Sweden)

Cuba has sent medical teams on many occasions to many places despite their being blockaded for decades. It is time they and their people get the recognition they richly deserve!

Neil Collins (United Kingdom)

Peggy watson (United Kingdom)

very important

Evelin Atwal (Austria)

Viva La Cuba!

Lynn Jefferson (United Kingdom)

Guy chapman (United Kingdom)

Claire Walsh (United Kingdom)

Anna Mackinnon (United Kingdom)

Steve Gillan (United Kingdom)

Andrew Rawling (United Kingdom)

A country which concentrates on health, not just of its own citizens but those of the whole world, instead of wasting lives and money on weapons that make all people of all nations suffer. Viva Cuba.

dave lofthouse (United Kingdom)

Thank you !!

christine linley (United Kingdom)

Cuban medical staff deserve to be recognised for their heroic efforts in their fields esprcially abroad What other country gives so much?

Robert Redford (United Kingdom)

Incredibile!!! Un grande abbraccio ai fratelli cubani!!!

Davide Solazzo (United Kingdom)

Stuart Kershaw (United Kingdom)

Helen De Witt (United Kingdom)

Cornelia Fleter (Germany)

Pam Wood (United Kingdom)

Mark Fairhurst (United Kingdom)

Most deserving people.

Frances Crane (United Kingdom)

Christine Bottazzini (Germany)



Cuben Doctors serving the Global

Kuldip Singh (United Kingdom)

Fabulous cause

Susan Ryrie (United Kingdom)

Thank you Comrades

John Smith (Ireland)

Dr P M Zinkin FRCP (United Kingdom)

Cuba has a wonderful record, often unrecognised, of helping other countries with excellent health care expertise.

Mary Gatehouse (United Kingdom)

Hermann Kopp (Germany)

Teresa Williams (United Kingdom)

These doctors have made all the difference in countless countries, in countless dire public health emergencies. Let's thank them!

turshen (United States of America)

Jan Sawicki (United Kingdom)

Jenny Bradley (United Kingdom)

Jean McAulay (United Kingdom)

Derek Stainsby (United Kingdom)

Maricarmen Cardenas-Bueno (United Kingdom)

Gillian Cruddace (United Kingdom)

maggie lea (United Kingdom)


Professor Vasileios Fouskas (United Kingdom)

Miles Nightingale (United Kingdom)

Karl-Heinz Medler (Germany)

Catherine MacConville (Ireland)

Sheila Williams (United Kingdom)

Edward William Kale (United States of America)

Ken Keable (United Kingdom)

Anthony Simpson (United Kingdom)

Peter William Keal (United Kingdom)

Lynne OMalley (United Kingdom)

Urriola Ulysse (France)

these doctors are very worthy nominees

david lewis (United Kingdom)

Dr Chris Gliddon (United Kingdom)

Daniel Macdonald (Canada)

Emma Ordonez (United Kingdom)

Iris Biblowitz (United States of America)

Michael Kane (United Kingdom)

Paul Hanson (United Kingdom)

All your efforts much appreciated by so many around the world- thank you

Marian Freedman (United Kingdom)

Steven Mulholland (United Kingdom)

Husna Rizvi (United Kingdom)

Dyrinda Arthur (United Kingdom)

James Condren (United Kingdom)

In a time of fear and the unkown, we recognise the dangers people have put themselves in, and have only the needs of other people at heart. We salute those in the Henry Reeve International Brigade for saving lives across the world and deserves recognition and high praise.

Alan Reid (United Kingdom)

Fab initiative

Naomi (United Kingdom)

Hannah Bellsham-Revell (United Kingdom)

Peter Hampson (United Kingdom)

A beautiful endeavour by a poor country.

John Moran (Ireland)

David Eatock (United Kingdom)

Emma Clancy (Australia)

Dave Smith (United Kingdom)

John Barton (United Kingdom)

Teresa Byers (United Kingdom)

absolutely love cuba

Robert Daley (United Kingdom)

Amy Ward (Ireland)

I felt ashamed, when we as another European country did not respond to the cry of help from the people of Lombardy in he first wave of the epidemic. That a small country in the Caribbean sent aid was wonderful. Cuba's Henry Reeve International Brigade deserve the Peace Prize for their international support in fighting coronavirus and also their past efforts in oher health emrgencies.

Rose Bailey (United Kingdom)

If any group deserves such a prize, the Cuban doctors should be the leading candidates.

Dr Mehmet Ali Dikerdem (United Kingdom)

I nominate Cuban doctors fir zNobek peace prize

Abdulla Salem Bin-Ghouth (Yemen)

Katherina Obeng-Boateng (United Kingdom)

Andrew Frampton (United Kingdom)

Catriona Logan (United Kingdom)

Collectively they are very worthy of this nomination - their support internationall6 is fantastic

Sarah Veitch (United Kingdom)

James Paton (United Kingdom)

The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Cuba’s Henry Reeve Medical Brigade would be well-deserved

Charlie Browne (United Kingdom)

Pauline Hardman (United Kingdom)

Anne Talamas (United States of America)

Bernadette Barton (United Kingdom)

Chantal (United Kingdom)

it's time to honour the righteous.

casimir paltinger (Austria)

What a wonderful world it would be if all nations where like Cuba keep up the good work.

Keith Nicholson (United Kingdom)

I wish success to doctors from Cuba.

Roman Kovarik (Czech Republic)

Supporting Cuban Medics

Patrick McGovern (United Kingdom)

I agree. They must get the Nob

Rasheed ARAEEN (United Kingdom)

J Iriondo (United Kingdom)

Vanessa Baird (United Kingdom)

Vicente Castells (United Kingdom)

Florence Germain (United Kingdom)

Brian Clarke (United Kingdom)

Tiziano Corsi (Italy)


embassy ahmed (United Kingdom)

Robyn (United Kingdom)

Stuart Sinclair (United Kingdom)

willy Becker (United States of America)

here is to World Peace ..and Climate Change

sean kelly (Ireland)

Paul Fitzgerald (United States of America)

Karl-Martin Trauth (Germany)

This would be a wonderful example

linda kaucher (United Kingdom)

They most definitely deserve recognition for their humanitarian and selfless work.

Jennifer Saboor (United Kingdom)

Eileen Gallagher (United Kingdom)

God bless them and their life saving work.

David Younge (United Kingdom)

Chris Jefferson (United Kingdom)

Dave Rendle (United Kingdom)

Eamonn Lynch (United Kingdom)

Rod Hartley (United Kingdom)

Philip Weaver (United Kingdom)

Phil baker (United Kingdom)

Wendy butlin (United Kingdom)

Vivien Wass (Canada)

Jay Clark (Canada)

Brian Corbett (United Kingdom)

when the world called for help, cuban doctors responded without hesitating; solidarity first.

jan tengrootenhuyzen (Belgium)

Elaine Birch (United Kingdom)

Monica Rey (United Kingdom)

lars-erik backman (Sweden)

Michael McCarthy (United Kingdom)

Simon Wood (United Kingdom)

The cuban people deserves this prize more than American presidents (trump or Obama).

othman alfleesy (Yemen)

Elaine Halton (United Kingdom)

These brave workers deserve the recognition

Oliver Pardo (United Kingdom)

Timothy Babcock (Canada)

Joseph Forrester (United Kingdom)

professor Anisa Abood (Yemen)

Paul Moist (Canada)

Colm Kinsella (United Kingdom)

Marta Mayhew (United Kingdom)

Mark Wakenshaw (United Kingdom)

Jill Pack (United Kingdom)

Brian Marden (United Kingdom)

I strongly support the appeal for award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Cuban doctors for their exemplary humanitarian work during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Nandita Narain (India)

Michael Colley (United Kingdom)

Liz Screen (United Kingdom)

Jason wardell (United Kingdom)

Lydia Stanley (United Kingdom)

Christine Jukes (United Kingdom)

Great respect & appreciation for Cuba's international medical assistance

Roger Barcant (United Kingdom)

Janet O'Dwyer (United Kingdom)

Sonal Sharma (United States of America)

The tiny island of Cuba is an example to the world of providing selfless emergency health to many countries which promotes friendship and peace. Well done Cuba.

Christopher Wood (United Kingdom)

Lily Kerr (United Kingdom)

denny fitzpatrick (United Kingdom)

Cuban Doctors richly deserve the prize.

Anthony Dodsworth (United Kingdom)

Brian Bergin (Ireland)

Allan Challenger (United Kingdom)

Wade Pfaff (Canada)

Ken Ranney (Canada)

John Chatham (United Kingdom)

please reward their hard work

susan marcus (United Kingdom)

Paul Marchant (United Kingdom)

¡BRAVO to Cuba!

Jeni Hunneyball (United Kingdom)

For their selfless humanitarian work saving lives and promoting friendship and cooperation between nations, I join the international call for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to the Cuban health workers who form the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade.

Hugh Scullion (United Kingdom)

A M ROSE (United Kingdom)

Fazia Hussain-Brown (United Kingdom)

Brigid Loughran (United Kingdom)

The Medical Brigades encapsulate the true meaning of Socialism. Viva.

Thomas Hart (United Kingdom)

BJ Hanssen (United Kingdom)

This is what peace and global solidarity is all about

John Metcalfe (United Kingdom)

Sue Wailoo (United Kingdom)

Jane Watt (United Kingdom)

Avril Baker (United Kingdom)

Sarah (United Kingdom)

Rowena Luke-King (United Kingdom)

Merecen el galardon. Los médicos cubanos son el méximo ejemplo de DIGNIDAD. ¡Mi voto para ellos!


Bob (United Kingdom)

It is characteristic of the Cuba that having improved and advanced the country's own medical care and facilities it chooses to share this by dispatching its the medical skills throughout the World to other countries where they are needed. It is time for the World to acknowledge the generosity of the Cuban people with this award.

Ted Bains (United Kingdom)

Roberta Henderso (United Kingdom)

The Cuban team have done fantastic work as always and deserve recognition for all they have done.

Kath Lowrie (United Kingdom)

Catrin Rees (United Kingdom)

Thomas Heavey (United Kingdom)

I have visited the Cuban medical mission in Haiti and in other countries. I believe the Cubans are remarkable and show great solidarity with the poorest and most deprived communities in many countries.

Keith Hodgson (United Kingdom)

David Calland (United Kingdom)

Donald (United Kingdom)

Peter Mccann (United Kingdom)

Anthony Vickers (United Kingdom)

Jane (United Kingdom)

They deserve recognition for their selfless humanitarian work providing relief in emergencies regardless of politics, creed or colour.

elizabeth Grogan (United Kingdom)

The doctors from Cuba do a fantastic job dealing with the sick all over the world.

Mary carlin (United Kingdom)

Yaqub Hanif (United Kingdom)

Robert Kelly (United Kingdom)

Anupma Cvejic (Canada)

Kenneth Doran (United Kingdom)

Rebecca Massey (United Kingdom)

frances (United Kingdom)

The Henry Reeve international brigade put the health of people first and have helped to save lives in difficult conditions. They deserve recognition.

Lynda Walker (Ireland)

I think the cuban doctors deserves to be re4cognized for all the work they have done all over the world

Blas Garcia (Spain)

Pauline Hudson (United Kingdom)

Cuban medical workers are risking their health to break the chain of COVID-19 infection. No wonder there is this international campaign to have the Cuban doctors be honoured with the Nobel Peace Prize. This aspect of Cuba’s work is essential to its socialist project of international solidarity through care work.

John Taylor (United Kingdom)

Elaine Di Campo (United Kingdom)

Wendy Fraser (United Kingdom)

Lucy Duran (United Kingdom)

Nigel John Burtt (United Kingdom)

John wickens (United Kingdom)

eoin macneill (United Kingdom)

kirsty mccaskill (United Kingdom)

Ryan Macsween (United Kingdom)

Michael Malster (United Kingdom)

Vivienne Farrell (Ireland)

A unique contribution to a world of greed and self-interest.

Roger Baker (United Kingdom)

Rob Savage (United Kingdom)

Tracey Hopkins (United Kingdom)

Keith Andrew Mallinson (United Kingdom)

Linda Reid (United Kingdom)

Cuban medicine and commitment has helped millions of people around the world.

Brian Holden (United Kingdom)

Darryl Hillgrove (United Kingdom)

I've experienced at first-hand the brilliance of medical treatment in Cuba. The work of the medical brigade abroad is legendary and should be recognised.

peter lazenby (United Kingdom)

Paul (United Kingdom)

Pauline Burton (United Kingdom)

Unsung heroes of the medical world

Anthony OSullivan (United Kingdom)

Angela Stewart-Park (United Kingdom)

Brendan O'Brien (United Kingdom)

jane rogers (United Kingdom)

Solidarity greetings to a people who have always led the way in putting others first.

Brendan McFarlane (Ireland)

Viva Cuba.

Camilo Alarcon (United Kingdom)

They are pure inspiration and a lesson to the world! In compassion, humanitarianism and selflessness! We can all learn so much from the good that they do!❤️❤️❤️

Isabel McNab (United Kingdom)

John dominic murphy (United Kingdom)

No brainier

Chris Harvey (United Kingdom)

Saving lives with medical excellence and solidarity

Allan Eldred (United Kingdom)

Mark Craig (United Kingdom)

Mat Coward (United Kingdom)

Philip Hope (United Kingdom)

Vijaya Venkataraman (India)

Nicola Edward-Rawlings (United Kingdom)

Florian Thiele (Germany)

Mo Hulston (United Kingdom)

Jenny Bennett (United Kingdom)

Conor McKay (Ireland)

Nick Whitehead (United Kingdom)

John Bosco Conama (Ireland)

Jo Hillgrove (United Kingdom)

Please acknowledge the extent of the selfless work done by the Cuban doctors.

Peter Kitchen (United Kingdom)

Danny Freeman (United Kingdom)

Steven Nimmo (United Kingdom)

Patrick Roberts (United Kingdom)

Paul (Ireland)

Francis Whitelaw (United Kingdom)

Philip Inglesant (United Kingdom)

Margaret Lloyd (United Kingdom)

michael o'sullivan (United Kingdom)

In the last fifteen years, 13,500 members of the Henry Reeve International Brigade have saved 93,000 lives during natural disasters and health emergencies. I believe that their inspirational internationalism deserves recognition

Stephen Kearsley (United Kingdom)

Yvonne Washbourne (United Kingdom)

Soeren Kloejgaard (Denmark)

Ray Barkley (United Kingdom)

Terry Wylie (United Kingdom)

M Charlton (United Kingdom)

For years the Cuban medical teams have helped the poorest nations in their times of need be earth quake or pandemic the Cuban teams are there helping to prove there is a better way.

Michael High (United Kingdom)

Bridie mc creesh (United Kingdom)

David Kennedy (United Kingdom)

Patricia Hindson (United Kingdom)

Angela Cooper (United Kingdom)

JOyce pullen (United Kingdom)

David Hobbs (United Kingdom)

Brendan Ogle (Ireland)

Jane Austin (United Kingdom)

Daniel Mc Dermott (United Kingdom)

The great work of these volunteers deserves recognition!

Richard Mills (United Kingdom)

CUBA. despite having enormous difficulties, this great country has continued to do so much for other people from other countries throughout the world. So proud of you. Please continue to be what you are.

Anthony O Brien (United Kingdom)

Peter Crack (United Kingdom)

Sara Gaynor (United Kingdom)

charlie (United Kingdom)

Inspirational,, isn't the world blessed to have them..

John thompson (United Kingdom)

Kevin Lindsay (United Kingdom)

Andrew Bell (United Kingdom)

At a time when tension is increasing across the world Cuban doctors are showing there is a better way forward when people work together.

Brian Woodward (United Kingdom)

Jan Soetewey (Belgium)

Mel Dearlove (United Kingdom)

We are incredibly proud of the medical team from Cuba who helped save lives around the world

Manjit (United Kingdom)

Graham Morris (United Kingdom)

Exemplary and salutary work that needs wide recognition.

Stuart M Smith (United Kingdom)

They are willing to help people throughout the world They really deserve the prize.

Bob Walker (United Kingdom)

Allen Turner (United Kingdom)

Adam Wissen (United Kingdom)

Stuart Pullan (United Kingdom)

Steve Ryan (United Kingdom)

Quentin Isaac (United Kingdom)

Phil Semmens (United Kingdom)

David McAllister (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Woodcraft (United Kingdom)

Patrick Black (United Kingdom)

Richard Ascough (United Kingdom)

NICHOLAS JONES (United Kingdom)

David McClemont (United Kingdom)

Ivan Burch (United Kingdom)

Chris Godbold (United Kingdom)

Thank you Cuba's Medical Brigade.

Rita Loddo (Italy)

Shane Halliwell (United Kingdom)

Myra Berg (United Kingdom)

Adrian Banham (United Kingdom)

Sue Linton (United Kingdom)

Brian Carroll (United Kingdom)

Andrew Baron (United Kingdom)

As always,Cuba puts other people,first.A true nation of altruism.

Melissa Roberts (United Kingdom)

Helen (United Kingdom)

Marina Papadimitriou (United Kingdom)

Margaret McDonald (United Kingdom)

Martin Ketley (United Kingdom)

For a small country like Cuba, their medical expertise is fantastic and a great benefit to the health of the world.

Tony Wright (United Kingdom)

Martin Leete (United Kingdom)

selfless heroes, solidarity

James McGuinness (United Kingdom)

Jill Owen (United Kingdom)

Stiofan O Nuallain (United Kingdom)

virginia turbett (United Kingdom)

Annette (United Kingdom)

Julie Carruthers (United Kingdom)

They rose to the challenge despite hardships imposed on Cuba. They do deserve this award.

David Wood (United Kingdom)

Ruaraidh Fitzpatrick (United Kingdom)

In the last fifteen years, 13,500 members of the Henry Reeve International Brigade have saved 93,000 lives during natural disasters and health emergencies. Their inspirational internationalism deserves recognition.

Christina Zey (Australia)

Love and gratitude to all the amazing and kind Cuban medical staff & technicians who have helped humanity in this fight for our survival. God bless you all Xxxxx

Alison Margaret Lawson (United Kingdom)

This is a really important issue, and of course living in 🇬🇧 I know for a fact that there will be next to nothing reported in the right wing, capitalist controlled media!! Viva Viva 🇨🇺

Alister Coutts (United Kingdom)

The Cubans Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade deserve the Novel Price from long time ago, remember Pakistan, or Peru or other places they were help people. God bless them

Jose Martinez Rodriguez (United Kingdom)

Showing my support for this amazing country

Sandra King (United Kingdom)

Fantastic to hear about keep up the good work

Ian wilson (United Kingdom)

Simon Meddick (United Kingdom)

Kathleen Jean Price (United Kingdom)

They’ve been doing selfless work for decades to help the poorest.

Shane Doherty (United Kingdom)

Sheila Taylor (United Kingdom)

Norman Paech (Germany)

Ranjit singj (United Kingdom)

Set aside all prejudices and award this prize to one of the worlds most humanitarian group of medics. These brave people have shown international solidarity to the people of the world.

David Nissen (United Kingdom)

Tony Sowerby (United Kingdom)

Premio Nobel para médicos cubanos y no al bloqueo a el pueblo cubano.

Lucy (Cuba)

Cuban doctors deserve nobel award.

Kali charan bijaraniya (India)

Caron Kirkham (United Kingdom)

Jim Teague (United Kingdom)

Michael Thornton (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors are often at the forefront when saving lives in disaster areas throughout the world.

Robert Burke (United Kingdom)

Sergio Velastin (United Kingdom)

Maureen Connolly (United Kingdom)

Debbie Donovab (United Kingdom)

Therese Moloney (Ireland)

juan jose rivas salas (Spain)

Ian Boardman (United Kingdom)

Tony (United Kingdom)

The Nobel peaceprice to the organisation that are doing the utmost for the victims of Corona in the world.

Erik Backlund (Sweden)

Kate Madden (United Kingdom)

Esther Maile (United Kingdom)

Osana Abich Oliva (United States of America)

Christine Vaple (Sweden)

Caroline Collins (Scotland)

Francis Telford (United Kingdom)

Conny Kallberg (Sweden)

Julia Blalock (United Kingdom)

rune nilsson (Sweden)

Baerbel Kunze Niese (Germany)

Tono Endratno Yusuf (Indonesia)

isobel alvey (United Kingdom)

Alec Ball (United Kingdom)

Carmel Ellis (United Kingdom)

Jackie Turnbull (United Kingdom)

For their selfless humanitarianism the Henry Reeve International Brigade truly merit the award of the Nobel Peace Prize.

John Gomme (United Kingdom)

Julio Cesar Serra Rodriguez (Cuba)

Diane Anderson (United Kingdom)

Linda Topping (United Kingdom)


Yeh Chien Huang (Taiwan)

John Birdsall (United Kingdom)

Glenys Hodkinson (United Kingdom)

Christine Knight (United Kingdom)

Lai kong Ling Andy Kinsley (Mauritius)

Susan pensom (United Kingdom)

Clara Nankler (Sweden)

Please give the attention to Cuban global contributions that they deserve. Thank you.

Christine (United Kingdom)

Cuba no esta solo.

Brian Mitchell (United Kingdom)

Seema Irom (India)

Stephen Thomas (United Kingdom)

Ruth Todd (United Kingdom)

Theyare the true Messenger of God to help Mankind

Langonjam Chingkheinganba Meitei (India)

Gina Hayden (United Kingdom)

Henry Garvey (United Kingdom)

Jose-Aristides Rodriguez-Chacon (United Kingdom)


John Peterkin (United Kingdom)

Kelvyn Williams (United Kingdom)

Awesome work

Peter (Canada)

David Smith (United Kingdom)

Elaine White (United Kingdom)

Michael Costello (United Kingdom)

Samantha George (United Kingdom)

Chris Foss (Australia)

Hugh Tunks (United Kingdom)

I want the Cuban medical brigade to be awarded the Nobel prize for peace for showing solidarity to people in need

Giuseppe Deidda Atzori (United Kingdom)

Niese Harald (Germany)

Susan Kelly (United Kingdom)

dani (United States of America)

Lise Jones (United Kingdom)

Roberto Navarrete (United Kingdom)

Thank you for this incredible generosity towards people in need around the world. Your actions give me hope and gratitude to know how much you care for the lives of others and you exemplify the way we should all behave as human beings.

Marie Alvarado (United Kingdom)

At last!!.... recognition of CUBA's major contribution to HEALTH CARE! VIVA CUBA!

ANN CROSS (United Kingdom)

Norbert Sinfermann (Germany)

Do not Succumb to the Vindictive, inhuman and Illegal pressure from the USA government to condone and maintain the ridiculous EMBARGO on Cuba. Show more Global support to the social assistance that Cuba has given to 3rd world countries regarding Ebola and Covid 19.

ANDREW RAE (United Kingdom)

Support heroes

ClaireuKeane (Ireland)

simon bull (United Kingdom)

they deserve recognition

jeannie alana kressin (United Kingdom)

Edith Humeau (Germany)

Maja Begovic (United Kingdom)

Daphne Henderson-Figueroa (United Kingdom)

Please consider these health workers efforts and enormous generosity in doing what they do. Solidarity in practice.

Daphne Budisavljevic (Australia)

Liza Figueroa-Clark (United Kingdom)

Christina Davis (United Kingdom)

Alison Emmett (United Kingdom)

I urge you to recognise the wonderful international work of the Cuban doctors and health workers

Lisa Rossetti (United Kingdom)

Jake Lilley (United Kingdom)

Stop USA aggretation against Kuba

Owe Ohlzon (Sweden)

Steve Bisney (United Kingdom)

Maria Yeaman (United Kingdom)

Vicky Bower (United Kingdom)

Simon Franklyne (United Kingdom)

They are incredible and very deserving of this award

Dorothy Kellegher (United Kingdom)

They so deserve this.

Alan Kellegher (United Kingdom)

Tessa Liebschner (United Kingdom)

Tony Staples (United Kingdom)

Paul Nolan (United Kingdom)

Geoff Stoddart (United Kingdom)

Sami Hatna (United Kingdom)

Luke Piney (United Kingdom)

Laurence Ford (United Kingdom)

Schabicki Detlef (Germany)

Daniel Warriner (United Kingdom)

The Humanitarian work of the Cuban doctors must not go unrecognised. They are an inspiration to us all.

Dave (United Kingdom)

gabi schmidt-leffers (Germany)

Dorothee Roer (Germany)

Ingo Roer (Germany)

Chris Le (United Kingdom)

stephen wilde (England)

We need to recognise and show appreciation for such courageous act taken by such community to encourage others in helping eachother devoid of our differences in helping the human kind survive against the ongoing challenges and threats we increasingly face in the wake of our changing climatic conditions and political divisions.

Luwang Salam (India)

Josefa Parrondo (Germany)

Johannes Witkowsky Bengtsson (Sweden)

Maith sibh a chairde. Beir bua. Will be very deserved.

Breandan O Luaois (United Kingdom)

Rose Hunt (United Kingdom)

Good luck to Cuba. They deserve recognition for their work, in a fair world they would get it.

clint guttridge (United Kingdom)

Daniel Hernandez Bahr (Cuba)

Philip Quaife (United Kingdom)

Buelent Oruc (Germany)

Antonie Brinkmann (Germany)

A shining example to the world.

Wendell Thomas (United Kingdom)

lewis esslemont (United Kingdom)

Yucel Eren (Turkey)

Cuba remains, in many ways, an example that a decent life is possible for all earthly citizens.The Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade is a prime example of this.Awarding them the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 would be desirablefair and motivating for broad humanitarian, peace-building engagement.

Wilhelm Schulze-Barantin (Germany)

Dyrinda Arthur (United Kingdom)

Llyr Watson-Jones (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba

David Cochrane (United Kingdom)

Brian McLennan (United Kingdom)

Neil Cox (United Kingdom)

Dan Smith (United Kingdom)

Diane Garrity (United Kingdom)

M Sheridan (United Kingdom)

Lyn Attwell (Italy)

Please put politics aside and recognise the work undertaken by these selfless people.

Mark Rowe (United Kingdom)

Laura Knotts (United Kingdom)

Nils Andersson (Denmark)

Prof Jan Rus (Mexico)

Todo mi apoyo al pueblo cubano y a sus brigadas médicas.

Sara Pineiro (Spain)

solidarity with cuban doctors

ANGUS REID (United Kingdom)

Esko Ranta (Finland)

Anne Erasmus (United Kingdom)

Jose Luis Estevez Urones (El salvador)

ERIC MARTINAND (United Kingdom)

Adam Izak-Sunna (Netherlands)


Michael willis (United Kingdom)

lynne davies (United Kingdom)

Elena (Australia)

Andrea De Lotto (Italy)

Katharine Carty (United Kingdom)

Marilyn Hoxley (United Kingdom)

Annemarie Adams (United Kingdom)

Nicholas Gold (United Kingdom)

Mark Bebbington (United Kingdom)

Ann Bliss (United Kingdom)

Tony Chafer (United Kingdom)

Paul Bates (United Kingdom)

Manuel Soler (Germany)

Marianne Doebler (Germany)

Ursula Dotzki (Germany)

Michael Grieve (Ireland)

Bert Melzig (Germany)

A well deserved award. These people where the heroes of the pandemic.

John (Ireland)

The Cuban doctors really deserve the Nobel Peace Price for their selfless work all over the world.

Tony Kofoet (Germany)

Maren von Appen (Italy)

Inspirational Internationalism Indeed!

June Simmons (United Kingdom)

Please acknowledge the outstanding work done by the Doctors of Cuba by conferring the Noble Peace Prize, Thank you. Regards Dr G. Holton

Graham Holton (Australia)

Gill Griffin (United Kingdom)

Massimo De Feo (Italy)

Steve Ellner (United States of America)

Professor Emeritus of Latin American Studies, College of St. Benedict/St. John's University

Gary Francis Prevost (United States of America)

Pato (Ireland)

Rosalind Bresnahan (United States of America)

May God bless every mention of your name

william mccafferty (United Kingdom)

William Aitken (United Kingdom)

The Cuban Doctors have shown the world hope and solidarity in the hour of its greatest need. No other country on earth has made such selfless sacrifices and they deserve gratitude from the world

Tony Doherty (Ireland)

David Howarth (United Kingdom)

For all the humanitarian work they have done throughout the world.

James Robertson (United Kingdom)

Aisha Malik-Smith (United Kingdom)

David Aldwinkle (United Kingdom)

I wholeheartedly agree with supporting the Cuban international medical brigade for their help around the world in assisting with care for those suffering from effects of COVID-19

Beatrice Avalos (Chile)

Dan Sidorick (United States of America)

Nisyali Castillo (United States of America)

Miguel Mazzeo (Argentina)

Tiernan Kelly (United Kingdom)

Beth McEvoy (United Kingdom)

Peter Ellard (Denmark)

Their is no other nation more deserving than Cuba for this prestigious award.

Frank glynn (United Kingdom)


Steve Fuzy (United Kingdom)

En un momento dónde la tragedia a llegado a Toda la humanidad pocos gestos humanitarios de solidaridad han brillado, esta brigada ha sido uno de ellos, los amo. Salvar vidas expresa el más alto sentido de lo humano.

Blanca Aide Rey Valderrama (Colombia)

Tiegan Johnston (United Kingdom)

Maritza (Chile)

Dr Andy Higginbottom (United Kingdom)

O reconhecimento do povo brasileiro aos médicos cubanos!

Monica Dias Martins (Brazil)

Paul Brooks (United Kingdom)

Sean Conlon (Ireland)

This selfless act is nothing more than heroic.

Nicholas Parnell (United Kingdom)

Luisa Antonia Raby (United Kingdom)

Robert King (United Kingdom)

A credit to all the countries in World in humanity.

Trevor Parsley (United Kingdom)

Ximena de la Barra (Spain)

Dave Ireland (United Kingdom)

They deserve it

Sathes Karki (India)


Patrick O Gorman (Ireland)

Neill Ireland (United Kingdom)

Mark Jones (United Kingdom)

Sarah Parry (United Kingdom)

Joanne (United Kingdom)

Luis Garrido Soto (Chile)

Ali Kazak (Australia)

Edgars Martinez Navarrete (Chile)

Viviana Ramirez (Chile)

Robert Austin Henry (Chile)

SUSAN Woodward (United Kingdom)

Katrina Taylor (United Kingdom)

Keep up the amazing work and dedication!

Paula Macedo (United Kingdom)

Corinne Mervilus (United States of America)

Jenny Wilson (United Kingdom)

Emma Davies (United Kingdom)

This brigade of doctors goes into medical and humanitarian disaster zones and works its medical magic to leave the zone in a much better state. The doctors work fearlessly for very long hours to help individuals recover their health. They should receive global recognition for their devotion to the human race.

Babs Gisbornr (United Kingdom)

Lee Coveney (United Kingdom)

Olive Shutes (United Kingdom)

Patric Forcelini (Brazil)

Roya (United Kingdom)

Michael (United Kingdom)

Lars Erlandsson (Sweden)

Yunier Rene Perez Valdes (Cuba)

Jorge Garcia-Orgales (Canada)

Adrian Perry (United Kingdom)

Stephen Elliott (United Kingdom)

Christopher Grayell (United Kingdom)

Belinda Beasley (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors have been working in many countries, saving lives for many years without any international recognition. This is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the altruism of thousands of Cuban medics over generations.

Maggie Vicuna (United Kingdom)

Jeffrey Michael (United Kingdom)

Solidadis a todo

Florence Hill (United Kingdom)

Eva Due Kristensen (Denmark)

The selfless dedication they have shown gives hope for peace.

Geraldine Murray (United Kingdom)

Colin Hicks (United Kingdom)

Shelagh hewitt (United Kingdom)

Cuban health workers have shown the way forward for health services around the world, and right on the doorstep of one of the worst health systems in the region. Health care for all, not just the privileged few!

Declan Clune (United Kingdom)

Emma Gerrard (United Kingdom)

Peter Rowland (United Kingdom)

Liz (United Kingdom)

Patria es Humanidad.

Kathleen Hughart (United States of America)

Akram (Canada)

What the Cuban doctors do is so great that it is hard to find words. In our world in which there is so much cynicism and distrust their sincere humanitarianism really is sign of hope that another world is possible.

Paul Janssen (Netherlands)

Lesley Klages (Australia)

True brothers and sisters of humanity and an inspiration for the world.

Owen Jones (United Kingdom)

Gail smith (United Kingdom)

Joe (United Kingdom)

Absolutely amazing work.. Stay strong..

Renny Smith (United Kingdom)

Joseph Keogh (United Kingdom)

If anyone deserves that award, it's the Henry Reeve Brigade.

German Hernandez (Canada)

Helen Erasmus (United Kingdom)

Gary Cooke (United Kingdom)

Martin Davis (United Kingdom)

nigel lynn (Ireland)

Jean Thirtle (United Kingdom)

Mary Jones (United Kingdom)

Hilary Murdoch (United Kingdom)

Margaret Morton (United Kingdom)

Keith Maddison (United Kingdom)

Mike Bird (United Kingdom)

Thea Brain (United Kingdom)

I am so grateful for the wonderful work that the Cuban medical profession has extended to the world.

Cecilia Olley (United Kingdom)

Margaret Urwin (Ireland)

Eunan (United Kingdom)

Eoin Drummey (Ireland)

Alma Power (Ireland)

Verity Lavender (United Kingdom)

Gigi Perella (Italy)

Richard Carabine (United Kingdom)

David Shock (United Kingdom)

Ryan Coley (United Kingdom)

Allan (United Kingdom)

Solidaridad con Cuba :)

Kevin (United States of America)

Dylan Mooney (Ireland)

Jeffrey Robinson (United Kingdom)

Nobel for Cuban doctors

Maria Komninou (Greece)

Barbara Panvel (United Kingdom)

Bahar Biazar (Canada)

Charlene Stephenson (Canada)

Cuba's international medical work is unique and deserving of a Nobel Prize. It is surely the only example of a small country which selflessly helps other countries in dire need, after earthquakes or diseases such as ebola. Such solidarity is very rare, and how much better the world would be if more countries followed Cuba's lead in this sort of international solidarity.

Kate Clark (United Kingdom)

Rodney Godfrey (United Kingdom)

Frazer (United Kingdom)

Daniel Butler-Doyle (United Kingdom)

Clive Haswell (United Kingdom)

Andy Cassidy (Ireland)

Marianne Kjellberg (Sweden)


Uta Mader (Germany)

Helen Caney (United Kingdom)

Please make everything to stop USA embargo. Crualty has to stop, nobody win for now !

Serge Lemire (Canada)

Standing with Cuba

David cragg (Australia)

Mary Noble (United Kingdom)

Helen Paton (United Kingdom)

Jackie Cannon (United Kingdom)

Holly Ross (United Kingdom)

David Harrod (United Kingdom)

Jena Bjerregaard (Denmark)

John McFadden (United Kingdom)

I cannot think of a more deserving nomination.

William Bonnar (United Kingdom)

Barbara Buckley (United Kingdom)

Juan Carranza Cisneros (Canada)

The example of the doctors of Cuba is one of the most incredible acts of internationalism I know of.

Bahir Laattoe (United Kingdom)

Thomas Tamberelli (United States of America)

Junior McDougall (United Kingdom)

Sadhasivam Ilango (India)

Elizabeth Perry (United Kingdom)

john nicholson (United Kingdom)

Douglas Grant (United Kingdom)

Rolf Westergren (Sweden)

Arnold Bowden (United Kingdom)

Bob Walker (United Kingdom)

Debora Kayembe (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors and nurses have been first to respond to almost every emergency in the world in the last 15 years. This is done on a purely humanitarian basis. They even volunteered their services to the USA after the destruction caused by hurricane Katrina. They are more than deserving of this award.

Ian McLellan Beattie (United Kingdom)

David McCall (United Kingdom)

John McGuinness (United Kingdom)

A Nobel peace award for the Cuban medical teams is long overdue.

Shirley Sampson (United Kingdom)

MARVIN HYATT (Australia)

PAUL HILTON (United Kingdom)

Owe Rasmussen (Denmark)

Cuba is a beacon to the world, always there sending help to countries in crisis, even though Cuba itself has suffered so much from brutal US sanctions for decades. Solidarity.

Kathy McCubbing (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors deserve it

Vilmairin (United Kingdom)

Zontone Alessandro (France)

Eva Bengtsson (Sweden)

I would be proud to be published as a supporter

Jack Preston (United Kingdom)

Sultan (United Kingdom)

Saz Denny (United Kingdom)

Jo Beck (United Kingdom)

Susan Crook (United Kingdom)

James George (United Kingdom)

Victor Marillanca (Australia)

Eleanor lanigan (United Kingdom)

Cuba is a marvel. Their selfless humanitarianism should be recognised & rewarded by an end to sanctions.

Zena Sullivan (United Kingdom)

Susan Holland (United Kingdom)

The world needs you , thankyou

Wayne Ellison (Australia)

Franny Weldon (United Kingdom)

Richard Peirce (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors have volunteer to help the world in these times in need. Viva Cuba...

Saul Ruiz (Australia)

jay ginn (United Kingdom)

Eleanor Bennett (United Kingdom)

John Colwill (United Kingdom)

Andy Polshaw (United Kingdom)

Gareth Jones (United Kingdom)

They deserve it.

Brendan Loughlin (United Kingdom)

Gina Di Muro (Italy)

Patrick Coyne (United Kingdom)

Lynne Korniak (United Kingdom)

What wonderfully deserving incredible people !

Elizabeth Carlton (United Kingdom)

Kevin Bonham (United Kingdom)

Keran James (United Kingdom)

Pete Holley (United Kingdom)

I think these hero’s are amazing. When so many of our so called leaders are just on the take for themselves, these people show us all the very best of human nature and kindness. It would be good to see decency and humanity recognised instead of greed.

Barbara Harris (United Kingdom)

mal clare (United Kingdom)

Premchand Persaud (Canada)

They do excellent work and I’d love it if they could get recognition from Nobel Committtee.

Richard Lindley (United Kingdom)

Cuban medics have shown what real altruism and committment to the human race looks like and the whole world should learn from them.

Liz Cu (United Kingdom)

Gill Buszard (United Kingdom)

Dennis Willis (United Kingdom)

Mick Ward (United Kingdom)

Florian Lis (Germany)

Graham (United Kingdom)

Sara Sutcliffe (Canada)

Ella Jade (United Kingdom)

Giorgio Langella (Italy)

Viva Cuba for all you did for East Timor during their time of need after Indonesia laid their country to waste!

Rosemary McKay (Australia)

Ahmed Askri (France)

Fany Askri (France)

Cuban health workers for the Nobel peace prize

Lamin kanto (Germany)

Kim Onslow (United Kingdom)

Ingrid Green (United Kingdom)

I cant think of a more deserving recipient of this award than Cuba,inspite of its problems caused by the US economic blockade, has done so much to alleviate suffering in poor countries with the wonderfull medical teams

TONY DINES (United Kingdom)

Jaqui Creamer (United Kingdom)

Paul Murphy (United Kingdom)

Daniel Muddimer (United Kingdom)

git in there Cuba!

Jamie MacNaught (United Kingdom)

Thomas McKenzie (United Kingdom)

Steve Marsling (United Kingdom)

Dave Peck (United Kingdom)

Jan Wallinder (Sweden)

Their commitment to others in times of crisis is commendable. More so when they are putting themselves at risk.during a Pandemic.

Maureen Lacey (United Kingdom)

Tomasz Pierscionek (United Kingdom)

chris futcher (United Kingdom)

Morgan Tucker (United Kingdom)

Daniel Gasparri (Australia)

Mark Evison (United Kingdom)

Brian Trainor (Ireland)

Thomas Jones (United Kingdom)

Life savers

Garry Betts (United Kingdom)

Terry Pearson (United Kingdom)

June hill (United Kingdom)

Kim Hall (United Kingdom)

Renee (United States of America)

Recognition of the work Cuban medics all over the world is long overdue

John Selwyn Jones (United Kingdom)

These healthcare workers answered the call to help people around the world in the face of the greatest pandemic of our lifetimes. I, Evan Hudson, hereby sign my name to this petition to give the Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban healthcare workers in recognition of their bravery and spirit of human solidarity and compassion. "Hasta la victoria siempre..." All love from the cornfields of the Midwest, to all workers everywhere... Evan Hudson

Evan Cooper Hudson (United States of America)

Eleanor Mary Murphy (United Kingdom)

Lynn mcdonald (United Kingdom)

Cuba is an inspiration to the world. Their international human solidarity is life saving and enhancing. Stay strong Cuba 🇨🇺

Tommy Sheridan (United Kingdom)

Cuba has never invaded another country, it does not export weapons but it does export the services of its health workers. If this is not deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize then what is?

Patrick Scott (United Kingdom)

Malcolm Sanderson (United Kingdom)

Proud to add my name in honour of the brave Cuban medics. In solidarity and gratitude.

June Hall (United Kingdom)

Please recognise the inspirational work and ethos of this worthy group of humanitarians. So admirable and a lesson to us all.

Susan Armstrong Robinson (United Kingdom)

Maria cristina (United Kingdom)

Dave Postles (United Kingdom)

Eunice Wormald (United Kingdom)

susanne altenburg (Denmark)

Carol Wellwood (United Kingdom)

Finlay Stevenson (United Kingdom)

Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP (United Kingdom)

Marcos Cruz Garcia (Chile)

Marina Castellanos (Australia)

Cuban doctors deserve the nobel peace prize for their amazing work and international solidarity. Long live the Cuban revolution.

Adela Brent (Australia)

Jessica Wilson (United Kingdom)

Yvonne Robins (United Kingdom)

Berit Anderson (United Kingdom)

Ruby Alden Gibson (United Kingdom)

A great effort towards a kinder world

Julia Karstegl (United Kingdom)

Laura Jury-Hyde (United Kingdom)

Laura Coppin (United Kingdom)

Katie Goldfinch (United Kingdom)

Dr Jameel (Iraq)

Dariel (Spain)

Lis Gilager (Denmark)

Much deserved

Dave Fabian Horridge (United Kingdom)

Inspirational and heroic

Sandra (United Kingdom)

What a wonderful example of internationalism!

Lucy Craig (United Kingdom)

Mafokane Ramakhula (Lesotho)

Great Job!

Mario Weiss (Germany)

Cesar Augusto Pulido Plazas (Colombia)

Amanda Garrie (United Kingdom)

Neil Jenkin (United Kingdom)

Cuba’s doctors and nurses have been an inspiration to the capitalist world with their devoted service to the world’s poor over many years. And their training is paid for by the state. Their contribution should be recognised.

Linda lamont (United Kingdom)

Jean Waldman (United Kingdom)

Battal Erdogdu (United Kingdom)

Judith Mabbott (United Kingdom)

Nick (United Kingdom)

Rob MacLean (United Kingdom)

Jill Marsh (United Kingdom)

Corrina Turner (United Kingdom)

steve davies (United Kingdom)

Lucian Branescu-Mihaila (United Kingdom)

Ang Langley (United Kingdom)

Dean Ismay (United Kingdom)

Rachelle Wilkins (United Kingdom)

Clare O'Hagan (United Kingdom)

Abel Friend (United Kingdom)

Mark DiPietro (United States of America)

Ana Hurtado Martinez (Spain)

For their humanitarian and selfless work saving lives around the globe.

Roger Spettigue (United Kingdom)

Siana Hughes (United Kingdom)

The Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade is an exemplary candidate to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021. Their work in disaster situations when they have stepped in to help people who are facing life threatening challenges is exemplary and represents the best of human concern, selfless generosity and professional dedication to the preservation of life. They responded with alacrity, professionalism and a profound humanity to some of the most difficult problems faced by people in the face of earthquakes, natural disasters and epidemics. I hope that the Committee will award them the recognition such acts deserve by giving them the Nobel Peace Prize for 2021.

Dr Bernard Regan (United Kingdom)

Maurizio (Italy)

Aaron (United Kingdom)

Hugo Joergensen (Sweden)

ANDY GREEN (United Kingdom)

Cuban Doctors are incredible and deserve to be acknowledge for their hard work.

Vini Clarke (Australia)

Jose Rafael Vega Silva (Cuba)

Alexander Stewart (United Kingdom)

Silvia Paracchini (United Kingdom)

Do the right thing! Award these brave humanitarians the Nobel Prize!

Anthony Scullion (United Kingdom)

Nils Kristensen (Denmark)

Bill Geoghegan (United Kingdom)

Harry Pettersson (Sweden)

Ms Julie Miller (United Kingdom)

Elspeth McCaig (United Kingdom)

Rarely has so much good been done by such selfless heroes in such difficult circumstances whilst being unfairly and mercilessly attacked.

Colin Morris (United Kingdom)

Stephen Moore (United Kingdom)

Cuba has for many decades made one of the greatest contributions to world health and medicine of any country in the world. It's time that was recognised in a prestigious award link the Nobel Prize.

David Beale (United Kingdom)

Antony Lyons (United Kingdom)

Kevin curran (United Kingdom)

James Poke (United Kingdom)

Hayley Garner (United Kingdom)

Frascati Liliana (Italy)

Fantastic work by the Cuban health workers, acting out of solidarity. They are an inspirational group of people and fully deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

Mick Whitley MP for Birkenhead (United Kingdom)

Cody Robertson (United Kingdom)

Alan Murphy (United Kingdom)

Kevin Butler (United Kingdom)

Stan Rupa (United Kingdom)

C M Davis (United Kingdom)

This is well deserved.

Mr Mark A Ellis (United Kingdom)

Noah Berman (Netherlands)

Alex Gordon (United Kingdom)

Askri Kenza (France)

Andreina Chavez (Venezuela)

Their contribution to so many countries in their fight against COVID-19 represents the very spirit and meaning of the Peace Prize.

Donna Singh (Jamaica)

Marjorie Bain (United Kingdom)

Lucy Senior (United Kingdom)

Evan Shields (United Kingdom)

Calum Baird (United Kingdom)

Valerie Deschaller (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba

Stephen Doyle (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba Viva socialismo Solidarity from Turkey.

Emre Olkun (Turkey)

Thank you, Cuba. Bless your hearts.

Caffy St Luce (United Kingdom)

Wayne McCallum (United Kingdom)

Nobody better!

Jim Cook (United Kingdom)

Dion Saunders (United Kingdom)

Joe Hennessy (United Kingdom)

Samantha Mazzamuto (United Kingdom)

Samuel Sweek (United Kingdom)

RubyR (Ireland)

Mukilan (India)

Tony Dudley-Evans (United Kingdom)

Joaquin Morales (United Kingdom)

their amazing humanitarian commitment deserves to be recognized by the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize

Christine Bridger (United Kingdom)

Long overdue

David Bowers (United Kingdom)

Well done brothers and sisters from Cuba for your great work you will be rewarded.

Petra Trinci (United Kingdom)

No one deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more than the Cuban doctors who have shown selfless solidarity with the poor countries of the third world, forgotten by everyone, and assisted those in need, not only during the covid crisis but in many cases throughout the years.

Theo Spanellis (United Kingdom)

The best medical/education service in the world. Leading the way and helping numerous Countries across ghe planet foight this global pandemic. I fully support the recommendation.

steve murphy (United Kingdom)

Dirk Adriaensens (Belgium)

Thank you.

Birgit Fujer (United Kingdom)

James Meechan (United Kingdom)

Gert Tjoelker (Denmark)

Eileen Wilson (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba Viva Africa

Comrade Bolakale (Nigeria)

Simon Jones (United Kingdom)

amazing contribution from Cuba

Rachel Munoz (United Kingdom)

Ellen (United Kingdom)

Patrick Neale (United Kingdom)

Jeannie Harrison (United Kingdom)

The only country that is helping the world.

Eileen Gibson (United Kingdom)

Peter Jensen (Denmark)

Karen Klein (Denmark)

laura forman (United Kingdom)

Cuba can be very proud of its medics. Their humanitarian work should be recognised globally.

Peter Donaldson (United Kingdom)

Sol Rodriguez Lyon (United Kingdom)

a beautiful thing in these ugly times.

Joanna Hogarth (United Kingdom)

Natalie Reid (United Kingdom)

Anne Collinson (United Kingdom)

Trish meehan (United Kingdom)

Jan Eagle (Canada)

Nicole Guglielmi (United States of America)

Colin Clarke (United Kingdom)

Alejandro Palacios (Canada)

Isabel Green (United Kingdom)

Mark (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors and health workers have gone to the aid of people in places suffering crisis. Our current international crisis is no exception. They have been exemplary in their example of international cooperation and support. Cuba has suffered for almost all of my life from exclusion to international trade and the opportunities such trade provides∂es , ye they are always the first to step forward with assistance. Recognition for this is widely known yet not acknowledged and celebrated by the international community. This is long overdue - our generous, courageous Cuban brothers and sisters should be recognised and and awarded for their continued contribution to peoples in crisis across the world Now is the time to acknowledge and celebrate this wonderful contribution. Award the Cuban Health workers he Nobel Peace Prize

Karen Hearne (United Kingdom)

The brave Cuban doctors are heroes without boundaries. Putting their own well-being at risk, they have traversed the globe helping people in need in developing countries. My salute to the brave Cuban doctors and people, they have shown the world that peaceful cooperation between countries is an entirely possible and noble goal.

Daniel Sadjadi (United States of America)

Please honour these people for their humanity.

Jo Molyneux (United Kingdom)

Steve Jackson (United Kingdom)

Peter Kowalczewski (United Kingdom)

Ruth Appleton (United Kingdom)

Sheena McTighe (United Kingdom)

Leo Simmons (United Kingdom)

So much respect for these wonderful doctors.

Robert Corrigan (United Kingdom)

Adele Beeson (United Kingdom)


Dylan (United Kingdom)

Alfred Gliddon (France)

Jordyn (United States of America)

Marion Jones (United Kingdom)

Amanda (United Kingdom)

Sam Potter (United States of America)

I'm ssupporting this because I support true symbols and actions of peace

Evan Richards (United Kingdom)

Truly selfless and inspirational

Robert Wilkinson (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Keetley (United Kingdom)

James cumming (United Kingdom)

Cathy Hodges (United Kingdom)

Maria Lowe (United Kingdom)

Georgina Carlisle (United Kingdom)

Eduardo Diconca (Canada)

Chris Trynka (United Kingdom)

Bernard Ferreira (France)

Welwyn Symons (United Kingdom)

Marion Kramer (United Kingdom)

Kieran Hladkij (United Kingdom)

Martin Morris (United Kingdom)

Doctors not bombs. Viva la revolution!

Daniel Lappin (United Kingdom)

Caleb L Carman (United States of America)

ian thompson (United Kingdom)

Shelagh Taylor (United Kingdom)

The selfless service of the Cuban doctors is a shining example and worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize

Ian Maher (United Kingdom)

Keith Robinson (United Kingdom)

Jasmin Djokaj (United States of America)

Must be Henry Reeve. From Scotland not UK.

Anthony Kenneth Graham (United Kingdom)

Neil Wareham (United Kingdom)

R (Ireland)

C Goldenberg (Ireland)

Bob Haney (United Kingdom)

Oliver van Koetsveld (United Kingdom)

Rachael (United Kingdom)

Jaime Dixon (United Kingdom)

Simon (United Kingdom)

Tom King (United Kingdom)

Nick Spicer (United Kingdom)

Max Holloway (United Kingdom)

James Gibson (United Kingdom)

Mary Dinan (United Kingdom)

ismael (United States of America)

Andrew gibson (United Kingdom)

ken warman (United Kingdom)

Philip Crawford (United Kingdom)

Solidaridad con los médicos de cuba 🇨🇺❤️

Devin Watson-Smith (United States of America)

Paul Gilroy (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with the Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians who are so selfless and true heroes!

Lucy Coleman (United Kingdom)

Alan Pennington (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba!

Mustafa Kenan Aybasti (Turkey)

David Mcknight (United Kingdom)

Vivi (Sweden)

Mhairi McGowan (United Kingdom)

malcolm woods (United Kingdom)

Josiane Van Quickelberghe (Belgium)

Malcolm Cole (United Kingdom)

Derric Atzrott (United States of America)

odrada dierckx (Belgium)

An incredibly deserving group ... Please

Tim Bushell (United Kingdom)

Andrew Sloss (United Kingdom)

Fabrice (Belgium)

Vincent Neave (United Kingdom)

E Smith (United Kingdom)

Luc (Netherlands)

Please recognise these amazing medical professionals from Cuba.

Jo Rojas (United Kingdom)

Fiona Ritchie (United Kingdom)

Rowan Adams (United Kingdom)

Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban doctors, please!

Emli Olmos i Pascual (Spain)

Totally supportive of this nomination - long overdue to recognise the many examples where Cuban medical staff have helped in emergency situations throughout the world. This work has gone unrecognised for too long

Maureen O Sullivan (Ireland)

Fernando sousa (United Kingdom)

Thank you from Italy

Guido Comazio (Italy)

ELKIE MATHEWS (United Kingdom)

Jan Curtis (Ireland)

John Arslan Mededovic (Denmark)

Valerie Jones (United Kingdom)

Jan Kirstein (Denmark)

Worthy candidates

austin de lord (United Kingdom)

ursula zierz (Germany)

These doctors certainly deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for their work throughout 45 countries treating people of all different nationalities, creeds and religions. They have saved lives.

Jill McLoughlin (United Kingdom)

Diane Stradling (United States of America)

They have worked tirelessly without any praise saving thousands of people

Bernie Jones (United Kingdom)

Joyce Bastian (United States of America)

Cuba has always shown its solidarity with its amazing medical teams which it sends abroad. It deserves recognition for this.

Stewart Perkins (United Kingdom)

thank you Cuba

Stephen Curry (United Kingdom)

Please give this your serious consideration. They deserve it! Thank you.


A selfless act of courage to help people in need. Yes this award would be well deserved.

Annie Bevis (United Kingdom)

All my solidarity to the Cuban medicals and the peaceful Cuban politicians from pcc

Mimo Tischer (Germany)

Well done, thank you and solidarity to Cuban doctors

Kay Jenkinson (United Kingdom)

Dave Esbester (United Kingdom)

The Henry Reeve International Brigade is a shining example of international aid and and solidarity that restores one's faith in the possibility of cooperation among people that puts the needs of people before the machinations of finance and banks.

Russell Caplan (United Kingdom)

Judith Bonner (United Kingdom)

I agree wholeheartedly that The Cuban health workers in the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade deserve to win the peace prize because their inspirational internationalism deserves recognition.

John Harris (United Kingdom)

Alastair Hay (United Kingdom)

A shining example for the rest of the world.

John Linardi (United Kingdom)

Ross Bryson (United Kingdom)

Alison Morgan (United Kingdom)

Joe Weaver (United Kingdom)

Over many decades Cuba has trained hundred of thousands of medical students from other countries to become doctors the only cost being that when they return to their country they serve their community free for the first two years. Doctors and medical staff from Cuba have saved the lives of countless thousands around the world during pandemics and natural disasters, indeed the British Minister for Health has thanked the Cuban government on several occasions for the help which they give selfishly to their fellow humans.

Tom Rowland (United Kingdom)

So well deserved!

Norman Kaplan (South Africa)

Edwin Darfi (United Kingdom)

Monica Farina (Italy)

Carry on the selfless humanitarian noble work of saving each and every life with the inspiration of great heroic revolutionaries for a world of collaboration,coorporation,solidarity peace and harmony

Anway Pradhan (India)

Jacqueline Carter (United Kingdom)

Ciaran Harris (United Kingdom)

I fully support this proposal

Alexandrina Braithwaite (United Kingdom)

Mike Watkins (United Kingdom)

Mairead Canavan (United Kingdom)

Andrew Ferguson (United Kingdom)

Maria Connor (United Kingdom)

Dave Merrett (United Kingdom)

Thank you, Henry Reeve International Brigade for all that you do.

MHAIRI MATHESON (United Kingdom)

Incredibly impressed with Cuban doctors consistent help not just in the pandemic but all disasters, thanks is needed.

Thomas Bentley (United Kingdom)

Thomas Scott (United Kingdom)

Derek Barton (United Kingdom)

Tony Cartledge (United Kingdom)

Michelle Brierley (United Kingdom)

Dave Llewellyn (United Kingdom)

Richard Banks (United Kingdom)

Sonia Routledge (United Kingdom)

Catherine Gunn (United Kingdom)

Renato Marques (United Kingdom)

These doctors continue to do outstanding selfless work & remain such an example & inspiration for the rest of the world.

Michelle Hatwell (United Kingdom)

john laursen (Denmark)

Paul Goldman (United Kingdom)

Gerard Smyth (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with Cuba and the Cuban medics!!

Dave Quayle (United Kingdom)

Ute Koehler (Germany)

Per Hansen (Denmark)

Yok Chang (United Kingdom)

Helle Bruun (Denmark)

H Cole (United Kingdom)

Louise Forster (United Kingdom)

Carolyn Dennison (United States of America)

MALCOLM PRICE (United Kingdom)

Karen walters (United Kingdom)

Tamara Malesev (United States of America)

Dean Wharton (Australia)

Philip Bradley (United Kingdom)

Cathy Crawley (Australia)

Elizabeth Murray (United States of America)

Rick Magill (Canada)

Hamish Campbell (Australia)

Cuban Doctors services are more worthy to get nobel prize

Mercy margaret (India)

Robert Urbaniak (Australia)

Nancy Hawkins (Canada)

Desleigh McLean (Australia)

Stephen Wilcock (United Kingdom)

Valerie Wise (United Kingdom)

Gay Lee (United Kingdom)

These Cuban Health Workers need recognition

Paul France (United Kingdom)

Bill shields (United Kingdom)

Please reward Cuba’s true internationalism! The world needs it more than ever.

Robert Clark (United Kingdom)

robb johnson (United Kingdom)

Chris Barbe (United States of America)

These people deserve all the recognition in the world for their efforts.

Dennis Carlone (United States of America)

Cuban doctors deserve Nobel Prize for their work during Covid-19 pandemic.

Valerie Mainstone (United Kingdom)

Its about time the world dumped the sanctions against Cuba simply because it wont comply with America's bullying and paranoia.

Valerie Knight (United Kingdom)

deserved recognition

Mick Morgan (United Kingdom)

Liz McGowan (United Kingdom)

Paul Filby (United Kingdom)

Do the right thing and give these people the Nobel Peace Prize, they really deserve it.

Barbara Bates x (United Kingdom)

Fredi Santalha (Spain)

Stella Nuckolay (United Kingdom)

Dirk Jakob (Germany)

Jayne Carr (United Kingdom)

Very glad to sighn

John flanagan (United Kingdom)

Richard Brown (United States of America)

When so many countries are selfishly inward-turning, it is heartening to witness the humanitarian internationism of Cuba's doctors.

Janet Williams (United Kingdom)

Dennis Smith (United Kingdom)

Adriana (United Kingdom)

They deserve international recognition

Mike Adams (United Kingdom)

SandraShatilla (Canada)

Ammer Shah (United Kingdom)

Terence Renshaw (United Kingdom)

Andrew Pick (United Kingdom)

This country has been disregarded for so long and now they have spread such kindness and skill. I hope they will be considered for this award.

Jennifer (Canada)

Nobelpris til Cuba

Lars Schou (Denmark)

Nigel Ball (United Kingdom)

John Lagun (United Kingdom)

Ozden (United Kingdom)

Karl Sundberg (Mexico)

They deserve so much more then they are getting. Where would they be without the volunteers

Eliza Jane Sheerin (Ireland)

Susan Spires (United Kingdom)

Norman Thomas (United Kingdom)

John Cooper (United Kingdom)

Definetely they deserve a world recognision

Lola TomasTello (United Kingdom)

Please recognise those inspirational Cuban doctors by awarding them the Nobel Peace prize. Kind Regards,Neil Sheehan

Cornelius Sheehan (United Kingdom)

Gillian Parr (United Kingdom)

David Boyden (United Kingdom)

Pauline Easter (United Kingdom)

Robin Sneller (United Kingdom)

Christine Dandenault (Canada)

Sharon-Theresa Calvert (United Kingdom)

Joe Burns (United Kingdom)

Nina Lisbeth Hilton (United Kingdom)

Cuba leads the way in compassion- it’s time the heroism of Cuban medical staff is properly recognised

Paul Burns (United Kingdom)

Gabriella Marchesi (Italy)

poul Andersen (Denmark)

Judy N Green (Canada)

Elizabeth Curran (United Kingdom)

Michael J Saunders (United Kingdom)

Timothy James Highland (United States of America)

John Maher (United Kingdom)

Mr S Smith (United Kingdom)

Shaun Cassidy (United Kingdom)

Thank you Cuban doctors for showing what humanity is in an increasingly inhumane world. Solidarity.

Dawn Evans (United Kingdom)

James Barr (United Kingdom)

Harry Sheppard (United Kingdom)

Mrs Anne Watson (United Kingdom)

Laure Picand (United Kingdom)

dave thomad (United Kingdom)

Why does the UK never look to Cuba for lessons especially in regard to healthcare? ❤️ 🇨🇺

Amy Smith (United Kingdom)

The humanity expressed in the sending of brilliant Cuban doctors , 52 medical brigades to 39 different countries, to help them withstand the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic, deserves to be recognised by the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize of 2021.

Myra Sands (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors have done selfless and effective work in treating people in many countries. They deserve recognition.

Ann Miller (United Kingdom)

Ruth Fowler (United Kingdom)

Chris gibson (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians have given their all for so long now, it's well before time that their dedication is recognused.

john carter (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Mangat (Canada)

Julian Malcolm Gray (United Kingdom)

Janis Firminger (United Kingdom)

Fraser McGuire (United Kingdom)

Matteo Capasso (Italy)

I think it's high time that the Cuban International Brigade be recognised for the heroic work they are doing /have been over the decades. They reflect the true spirit of internationalism and are a beacon of selflessness n a greedy world.

Catherine Newall (United Kingdom)

Peter Whalen (United Kingdom)

Margaret Matlin (United States of America)

Arne Jakob Zakrajsek (Slovenia)

Arnold Matlin (United States of America)

Such a huge contributin from such a small country!

Cath Attlee (United Kingdom)

Alessandra Pasquarelli (United Kingdom)

Helping the world medically cannot go unseen.

Mohammed Mumit (United Kingdom)

veronica (United Kingdom)

Rona Topaz (United Kingdom)


Chris owen (United Kingdom)

Aksel Carlsen (Denmark)

The Cuban doctors, caring for others, are an example to a heartless world. They deserve every accolade & prize, especially this one.

Dr Polly McGrail (United Kingdom)

Worthy nominees for such a prestigious prize. Proud to support their nomination.

Anthony Phillips (United Kingdom)

Well done Cuba! You put Trump to shame!

Matthew Screech (United Kingdom)

Annette Thomas (United Kingdom)

kenny Newton (United Kingdom)

Soulla (United Kingdom)

Cuban medical brigades save lives and are the best form of globalism in the world.7

Elizabeth Lee (Canada)

I fully support this nomination.

Gary Malcolm (United Kingdom)

Joseph Healy (United Kingdom)

¡Viva la revelucion SIEMPRE !

Ursula Cardin (United Kingdom)

Gail Williamson (United Kingdom)

Jenny Lennon-Wood (United Kingdom)

Cuban health professionals are a beacon of professionalism and humanity. Again and again they rise to crisis, no matter where, or the potential risk to themselves. This in spite of the criminal US embargo which attempts to deprive the people of Cuba of all which most would regard as normal and a human right. The Cuban medical professionals embody all which the Nobel Peace Prize aims to reflect. They would be towering, worthiest of recipients..

Felicity Arbuthnot (United Kingdom)

Great work - should be appreciated and have a greater knowledge in other countries,

Kirsten Dybmose (Denmark)

Lene Kampmann (Denmark)

Ciaran Campbell (Ireland)

While I appreciate the perceived international prestege in this award I think it has been diminished by some of the previous winners.There is even a suggestion that Trump be nominated!!!

richard manser (United Kingdom)

They were there when others weren't...

Sharon Trew (United Kingdom)

Cuba is the best for Medicine and research . They are not paid much but work tirelessly . They gave us so much help when we needed it .

Jackie Lines (United Kingdom)

Pamela Wood (United Kingdom)

Alex Lines (United Kingdom)

Gary Griffiths (United Kingdom)

The dedicated medical staff personify solidarity and humanity. They well deserve this prize. D Roberts

Denise Roberts (United Kingdom)

Elisabetta Girelli (United Kingdom)

Selfless and brave - humanity at its best. Very deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Lisa Goldman (United Kingdom)

Paul Stevenson (United Kingdom)

Nel momento del bisogno, i midicvi cubani, a rischio della propria vita, sono accorsi in aiuto di noi italiani e di tanti altri essere umani. Riconoscenza eterna!

Stefano Ba' (United Kingdom)

Danny Anderson (United Kingdom)

Britta Jensen (Denmark)

David Gibney (Ireland)

Yes Cuban Doctors for years show the humantarian solidarity with needy health system in developing countries

Omar Baselm (Yemen)

The humanity of ordinary people helping each other in difficult times is at the core of international peace and the Cuban health workers volunteering and working selflessly in difficult and personally dangerous circumstances all around the world, helping in health emergencies which has saved countless lives treating patients, containing contagious deseses and now working during the Covid-19 pandemic to elevate this global crisis, is what any meaningful prize for peace was created to acknowledge. So urge the Nobel Peace Prize Committee award this year's prize to the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade for their magnificent global humaniterian work for peace health and understanding

Kevin Hemsley (United Kingdom)

Brian Forbes (Ireland)

John Taylor (United Kingdom)

Alan (United Kingdom)

john young (United Kingdom)

Terence Conway (Ireland)

Deborah Stolzenburg (United Kingdom)

Horacio Farinas (Norway)

These Cuban medical professionals deserve global recognition for their amazing work.

Lesley Allan (United Kingdom)

Neil Carr (United Kingdom)

Billy Bradley (United Kingdom)

Flemming Vestergaard (Denmark)

Ron Storm (Canada)

Somenath Nag (India)

Steve James (United Kingdom)

Janet Addison (United Kingdom)

Karim Slimane (United Kingdom)

John Carty (Ireland)

A fine example of what cooperation can do. Well done .

Christopher (England)

Chris Carter (United Kingdom)

I have followed the efforts the Cuban health authorities have done abroad and in their own country trying to give all people the best health care. So this time I think the Cuban doctors and health-personal need some attention for that!

Bjorn Harald Jordan (Norway)

Amazing work done in the face of great risk should be commended by all.

Warren Chambers (United Kingdom)

Paul (United Kingdom)

Tuula Raitio (Finland)

Inspirational in there service to others, often in uncertain and difficult circumstances.

Elizabeth George (United Kingdom)

Please recognise this outstanding contribution of Cubas medics

S OBrien (United Kingdom)

Jemma (United Kingdom)

What an outstanding record of humane action in the world these Cuban medics have shown! An example to the whole world and needs celebrating with the Nobel Peace Prize.

Anne Sadler (United Kingdom)

Cuba medics are first on the scene in times of crisis and disaster. No other country does more when it comes to solidarity and aiding victims. They deserve to be recognised for the vast contribution they make.

Georgie Stagg (United Kingdom)

Hilde (United Kingdom)

John Stokes (United Kingdom)

Jeff (United Kingdom)

they deserve this price

Ulrik Teisner (Denmark)

Anton van Bree (Belgium)

Helen Kemp (United Kingdom)

Katherine Coutanche (United Kingdom)

Morally just and a glittering example for the rest of the world.

John chilvers (United Kingdom)

Martin Allen (United Kingdom)

Sue Easterbrook (United Kingdom)

Rosemary Photopoulos (Australia)

Cuban doctors deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize!

Sandra Cordero Rebolledo (Canada)

Gran testimonio humanitario

Querube Lavergne (Panama)

Cody Hell (United States of America)

Cuba is a country that shares its good practices, especially medical assistance with others. Its medics deserve to be honoured before the whole world for their magnificent selfless humanitarian work in many countries and despite great danger to themselves, Let us salute them!

Geraldine Cowan (United Kingdom)

Croitiene ganMoryn (United States of America)

The Henry Reeve International Brigade has made a massive contribution to World Health and a selfless contribution to Humanity and it deserves our praise and recognition.

Tony Oldfield (Australia)


Betty Lotterman (United States of America)

The selfless efforts by Cubans to make this world a better place is something to which I can attest!

Walter Hollander (Canada)

Robert Fitzgerald (Canada)

With powerful countries denying that anything good happens or comes out of Cuba this award the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade can go some distance in redressing the balance

Jonathan (United Kingdom)

Desmond Cullen (United Kingdom)

Patrick O'Reilly (United Kingdom)

Laura Burke (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba!

Eric Noi (United Kingdom)

Ms Sophie Hall (United Kingdom)

Sheridan Hanney (United Kingdom)

Their humanity is boundless. ..

Francis mccarter (United Kingdom)

Rhian (United Kingdom)

Tom Lane (United Kingdom)

Paul Clyndes (United Kingdom)

Joan Thraves (United Kingdom)

Catherine Walker (United Kingdom)

Thank you to the Cuban medical teams for helping around the world. Solidarity

Annette (United Kingdom)

Lisa weir (United Kingdom)

Eleonora Tappari (Italy)

Cuba is doing 57 times better than the U.S. per capita with respect to COVID deaths. Guess why.

Richard Hobbs (United States of America)

Kirsten slots (Denmark)

Keith Obbard (United Kingdom)

Rosemary Evelyn (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Miles (United Kingdom)

John Inglis (United Kingdom)

Sarah Ward (United Kingdom)

Audrey J Bomse (United States of America)

Brien Young (Canada)

The Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians deserve to be recognised for their courage and humanitarianism

Peta Brown (United Kingdom)

I would add that the selfless, dedicated work done by Cuban health workers around the world over many years stands out as a beacon to all other countries to look on their neighbours as fellow citizens of the world. In doing so helping others in times of difficulties and making personal commitments to the "brotherhood of man" sends a message that we are all in this together and that together we are stronger.

Richard Moore (United Kingdom)

Mairi Ross (United Kingdom)

John Horsfall (United Kingdom)

David (Ireland)

Odoardo Zecca (Italy)

They certainly deserve it!

Nigel Green (United Kingdom)

Steven Johnson (United Kingdom)

Kathy Nalson (United Kingdom)

Carlo Decorlati (Italy)

Alison Tyrell (United Kingdom)

I hope they do get some recognition of this exceptional achievement by a small nation.

Kevin Cunnane (United Kingdom)

A R (Sweden)

I have followed the stories of many of the Cuban doctors and I admire their courage, dedication and selfless spirit.

Marisa Freire (Canada)

Nicola Wearmouth (Belgium)

George Lonie (United Kingdom)

Simon Korner (United Kingdom)

Alex Hall (United Kingdom)

jim greig (United Kingdom)

More than 3,700 Cuban medics have supported health workers in 39 countries in their fight against COVID-19. Give them a reward!

Mike Lehan (United Kingdom)

La solidaridad es la ternura de los pueblos.

Eduardo Silva Bafaluy (Spain)

Nicola Haddon (United Kingdom)

Joan Rowley (United Kingdom)

Good Luck!

Denis Vermette (Canada)

Tara Swift (United Kingdom)

Nobel for Cuban doctors

Elena Vicentini (Italy)

The Noble Peace prize just seems to get into the hand's of political elite's that have killed thousands due to policies or actually war's!!! The Peace prize like the honours system in Britain is becoming a joke.

Neil Davies (United Kingdom)

Fabio Bordigato (Italy)

John Hodgetts (United Kingdom)

Cuba sets an example to the whole world.

Ruth Pitman (United Kingdom)

Paul-Francois Tremlett (United Kingdom)

Heather Whetter (United Kingdom)

If done, it would be the most perfect choice in the history of Nobel Prize.

Nabarun Ghoshal (India)

Thank you, Cuban health workers! You don't work for recognition but you deserve it.

Jean Apps (United Kingdom)

jose (United States of America)

David Temple (United Kingdom)

The amazing Doctors in Cuba deserve this recognition. In solidarity Brothers and Sister's.

Yvonne Weaver (United Kingdom)

Camille Mcfarlane (United Kingdom)

Elisabeth Als (Denmark)

Vanessa Matthews (United Kingdom)

Indudables los méritos de esta labor humanitaria en el contexto de una ctisis societaria y Cuba víctima de un criminal bloqueo por ek imperialismo yanki

Fernando Cebamanos (Panama)

Eric Morris (United Kingdom)

Apsana Begum MP (United Kingdom)

They follow in a long and honorable of health professionals who have given their utmost to alleviate the suffering of the sick and injured. Dr. Norman Bethune was the Canadian surgeon who served in Republican Spain and died in China. Dr.Dwarkanath Kotnis of India served and died in China. Though forgotten there is Dr. Nils Silverskioeld of Sweden who served in Republican Spain. The Cubans follow in that tradition.

Andre Brochu (Sweden)

Hasta la victoria siempre

Kim Ramkeeson (United Kingdom)

Sabine Caspar (Germany)

Their work deserves recognition

Polly Tamplin (United Kingdom)

Anne Behr (Denmark)

I Support

Mavivi Myakayaka-Manzini (South Africa)

Isn’t it about time people got the proper credit for their work? Love from the Scotland that I belong to.

Katharine (United Kingdom)

France meloche (Canada)

Neil Mulholland (United Kingdom)

Shannon (Canada)

Anna (Sweden)

Cuba's generosity and science at the service of public heath are a model for all of the world's countries.

Zilpha Ellis (United States of America)

Beverley Clark (United Kingdom)

Make doctors not bombs

Angel Gonzalo Puentes (Cuba)

Hugh Goodacre (United Kingdom)

Julie Wolenski (United States of America)

john morris (United Kingdom)

Let us applaud the Cuban doctors

Christian Bech (Belize)

Mike Todd-Jones (United Kingdom)

Brian Turley (United Kingdom)

I only wish americas doctors would help the world in such ways.

Bill briden (United States of America)

Tony Mullan (Ireland)

Brian cathal elliman (Ireland)

Cinaed De canntun (Spain)

Solidarity with the amazing Cuban medics.

Debs Miles (Spain)

William Squires (United Kingdom)

Rene Silva (Canada)

Peter Lynch (United Kingdom)

Desde hace más de 40 años, los doctores cubanos han demostrado una enorme capacidad solidaria con los pueblos que han sufrido catástrofes o guerras

Alfredo Marquez Barriga (Spain)

Jooneed Jeeroburkhan (Canada)

Liz Payne (United Kingdom)

Ramzi Ben Youssef (Sweden)

Paul gee (United Kingdom)

Cuba is an example to the rest of the world on how we should care for each other regardless of race religion and politics.

Dennis Brett (United Kingdom)

Ann Thorne (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Brenda Worrall (United Kingdom)

Bruce Katz (Canada)

Sheila Mealy (United Kingdom)

Sheila (United Kingdom)

Wendy Morgan (United Kingdom)

James Fay (Ireland)

Selfless, courageous Cuban medical workers are saving lives from Covid in many countries around the world.

Bonnie Weiss (United States of America)

Charlis Curley (United Kingdom)

Marion Usher (United Kingdom)

Jennifer Hobson (United Kingdom)

Mark Anthony Bastiani (United Kingdom)

Hugh Scullion (United Kingdom)

These teams of Cuban medics are a shining example of international cooperation and humanity.

David Peters (United Kingdom)

Felicidades , Los medicos Cubanos

brian oconnor (United Kingdom)

Well deserved!

Margarida Marques McCarrick (Ireland)

Joan Kennedy (United Kingdom)

Derek Lovell (United Kingdom)


Max Callaghan (Australia)

Brian Mc Kenna (Ireland)

andrew hill (United Kingdom)

Sarah Bradley (United Kingdom)

Ros Lucas (United Kingdom)

Sussie Skousen (Denmark)

A worthy group and cause!!

Ben Walker (United Kingdom)

Mandie Phinn (United Kingdom)

helen foster (United Kingdom)

Mercedes rizo (Canada)

Kath Clements (United Kingdom)

Jytte Schultz (Denmark)

Cuban doctors have shown the world what courage and solidarity mean. They must be recognized and honored.

Jack (United States of America)

David Taylor (United Kingdom)

Palle Yndal-Olsen (Denmark)

Soren Nielsen (Denmark)

The selfless humanitarian work of the Cuban medical workers should be applauded and recognised by the world.

Jill Yglesias (United Kingdom)

Claudia Gerathewohl (Germany)

Keep up the good work!

Karin Overtoom (Netherlands)

Professor Simon Dyson (United Kingdom)

Well done for your astounding work No country has done more

John hurlston (United Kingdom)

Ian Taylor (United Kingdom)

Lesley Kazan-Pinfield (United Kingdom)

Bernard Foy (United Kingdom)

Roy Walker OBE (United Kingdom)

Fantastic work again from The Henry Reeve International Brigade. A shining example of international humanitarianism to the rest of the world.

Simon Fish (United Kingdom)

Irene Kuusela (Canada)

ALI EMRANI (United Kingdom)

Steve Cottingham (United Kingdom)

Neil Crossan (United Kingdom)

Frances Colling (United Kingdom)

Trevor Keane (United Kingdom)

Andrew Hudd (United Kingdom)

Ged Talty (United Kingdom)

The work undertaken by Cuban doctors and medical workers all over the world is inspirational and deserves recognition on a global level. The Nobel Peace Prize would be a fitting accolade.

Meinir Huws (United Kingdom)

Penelope Wythes (United Kingdom)

Britt Johansson (Sweden)

Heinz-Werner Reichenbach (Germany)

Jonathan Gray (United Kingdom)

Jenny owen (United Kingdom)

Eberhard Bach (Germany)

Diane Tait (United Kingdom)

They deserve it, and are amazing.

Judith Reilly (United Kingdom)

These medical volunteers have done and continue to do an amazing job and are surely worthy to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jennifer Carpenter (United Kingdom)

colin Yardley (United Kingdom)

How inspiring that they provide medical help to all regardless of origin or creed

Camilla Reeve (United Kingdom)

THOMAS QUIGLEY (United Kingdom)

In the last fifteen years, 13,500 members of the Henry Reeve International Brigade have saved 93,000 lives during natural disasters and health emergencies. We believe that their inspirational internationalism deserves recognition. Need i say more?

Barney Green (United Kingdom)

Marian Carty (United Kingdom)

Pauline Wood (United Kingdom)

Alison Allan (United Kingdom)

Jim Milan (United Kingdom)

Maggie Barth (United Kingdom)

The Cuban Henry Reeve brigadistas could deserve any of all the Nobel-Prize - not least the Peace Prize. Their work and attitude is truly contrinuting to peace.


Valeriio (Italy)

This is most deserving and points to a future of hope for the world through solidarity and self sacrifice. Bless them.

Tam Dean Burn (United Kingdom)

Jayne Fisher (United Kingdom)

Ivo Santos (Portugal)

Fred potter (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth McKenzie (United Kingdom)

John McKenzie (United Kingdom)

Cuba has never shirked from sending doctors to devastated countries needing doctors and medical assistance.

Greg Hewitt (United Kingdom)

Phil (United Kingdom)

Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to the Cuban doctors saving lives around the world. They truly deserve it!

Alpha Kane (United Kingdom)

Matthias Gutsch (Germany)

DAMIEN DONOHOE (United Kingdom)

Gary Shanks (United Kingdom)

Rainer Lindemann (Germany)

Michael Levitas (Mexico)

Liz Crean (United Kingdom)

Tim Barlow (United Kingdom)

Sinan Ersoy (United Kingdom)

Brynley F Waters (United Kingdom)

The willingness of Cuban doctors to help in any crisis is a shining light in a competetive and often selfish world response.

Liz Hull (United Kingdom)

David (United Kingdom)

Granville Thomas (United Kingdom)

Ralph Eyles (United Kingdom)

Gunhild Hartung (Germany)

The health workers of Cuba so deserve this.

Martin Stoolman (United Kingdom)

Montserrat (United Kingdom)

Delighted to sign this in support of the Cuban medics who were willing to risk their own health to help others.

Patricia Moody (United Kingdom)

L martin (United Kingdom)

The response to Covid-19 has to be to come together across the world to provide medical and humanitarian support. Cuban Doctors, Nurses and Technicians are doing just this, both now and over a number of years. They deserve this important recognition.

Diana Holland (United Kingdom)

Despite Cuba's 60 plus years of severe trade sanctions, foreign backed terrorism, and all the other difficulties endured, the work of Cuban medical teams is, as the petition states truly an example of inspirational internationalism and should be recognised.

Andy Brown (United Kingdom)

Peter Dobson (United Kingdom)

Nuala Young (United Kingdom)

What other small, developing nation is able to do what Cuba has done owing to its amazing spirit of internationalism and its determination that the world can be a better place? Viva Cuba!

Lorraine Tillett (United Kingdom)

Sue Sabec (United Kingdom)

Ellie Drake (United Kingdom)

Indebted to the Cuban medical team for bringing hope and succour to the international community during this pandemic.In the spirit of international solidarity I salute you.

Frank Gaffney (United Kingdom)

Sion Rickard (United Kingdom)

Torrin Hoynes (United Kingdom)

Thomas Claesson (United Kingdom)

It is difficult to enjoy peace without good health. The Cuban doctors have made good health possible for thousands of people in many different countries. They deserve to be rewarded.

Patric Cunnane (United Kingdom)

William Read (United Kingdom)

Sally Richardson (United Kingdom)

What better example for humanity worldwide than the work of Cuban doctors.

Sally Groves (United Kingdom)

I fully support this nomination for Cuban Doctors to be recognized for their work and dedication over many years.

Stephen Agnew (United Kingdom)

hugo sedney (Netherlands)

Christie Allanson (United Kingdom)

The deserve recognition for all humanitarian work that they do.

Kenia Ovalle (Canada)

Jeff Page (United Kingdom)

Keep up the good work. Solidarity

Raymond Palmer (United Kingdom)

Sarah Welch (United Kingdom)

Klas Johansson (Sweden)

Liz Hodgson (United Kingdom)

Martin McPhillips (United Kingdom)

peter leeftink (Netherlands)

It's time the world stood up for Cuba in a way that shows we value humanitarian help and actions wherever they come from. Through this prestigious award people will see how selfless actions have made a positive difference to the outcomes of world wide disasters. The people of Cuba have earned this award.

Corinna Sorrell (United Kingdom)

Keep up the magnificent work

Stuart Hyslop (United Kingdom)

JEREMY NEVILLE (United Kingdom)

Otto Pfeiffer (Germany)

Pat Heron (United Kingdom)

The work carried out by these members of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade including many Cuban doctors and medics has been outstanding. In a time of urgent medical need during this pandemic they showed the world what care and selfless solidarity with other members of our human family really means.

Patricia Lawlor (United Kingdom)

Andrea Cifuentes-poseck (United Kingdom)

Phil Gunn (United Kingdom)

Nikki k (United Kingdom)

writing form the UK, where government is all about free choice for its individuals, even in pandemic messed up! Love ling Cuba and Fidel's legacy for a better, compassionate and united world....

danilo di emidio (United Kingdom)

Vasileios PAPADIMITRIOU (Greece)

Steve Horton (United Kingdom)

Please acknowledge this international effort at a time of rising nationalist policies

Pauline DE BOER (United Kingdom)

Heinz Schneider (Germany)

David Stirrup (United Kingdom)

Erica Stones (United Kingdom)

Nick Jemmett (United Kingdom)

Elin Hywel (United Kingdom)

Kristine karch (Germany)

christian barnaby (United Kingdom)

Julie Drakeley (United Kingdom)

Joern Janssen (United Kingdom)

mehr als verdient

Angelika Dicke (Germany)

Christopher Brockwell (United Kingdom)

Wendy Franco Carballo (Poland)

Jamie Lang (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors need recognition for the sacrifices they have made and for their dedication in treating and caring for those suffering around the world, most recently from Covid-19.

Susan Caporn (United Kingdom)

Graham Charlton (United Kingdom)

Amanda Creese (United Kingdom)

Ivan McDougall (United Kingdom)

Mark Senior (United Kingdom)

Jo tester (United Kingdom)

Michael Lyons (United Kingdom)

Jane Hobbs (United Kingdom)

Eleanor Price (United Kingdom)

its time we sing about the world's, usually, unsung heroes

Angela Teeling (United Kingdom)

Roy Youdale (United Kingdom)

I worked with Cuban doctors in the 1990s in Central America and when they were on a research exchange with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. And I visited Cuba twice in 1987 + 1994. My first hand experience causes me to have the utmost respect for their can-do, committed response to need, internationally.

Sarah Gleave (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors are amazing. Put the world first

Tessa van Gelderen (United Kingdom)

Birgit Ludwig (Germany)

Jan Burgess (United Kingdom)

Anders Svensson (Denmark)

Marvellous, unselfish group of humans

John Tester (United Kingdom)

Barbara Mack (Germany)

Their work across the world should be acknowledged!

Lesley Crompton (United Kingdom)

well deserved

hannah chetcuti (United Kingdom)

Amir Asadrouh (France)

Solidarity between people of the world is the way for the future!

Hakan Olofsson (Sweden)

Daniele Viscone (Italy)

Wolfgang Frotscher (Germany)

Frederic Morgan (United Kingdom)

Well deserved!

Ivan Wels (United Kingdom)

Inspiring as ever

Kay trebaczyk (United Kingdom)

Geof Branch (United Kingdom)

Francisco Dominguez (United Kingdom)

Allan Thornley (Canada)

True Internationalism !

Dr SJ Wilson (United Kingdom)

Yannis Themelis (Luxembourg)

Martin Browne (United Kingdom)

Oliver Swingler (United Kingdom)

Jenifer Devlin (United Kingdom)

PATSY (United Kingdom)

Honte à Monsieur Trump qui continue à se comporter en salopard vis à vis de ce peuple courageux. Trump, tu te trompes tu as en face de toi des femmes et des hommes bien plus humains que TOI.

Philippe Bosom (France)

John Johnston (United Kingdom)

Power to the workers, solidarity from Sinn Féin

Joseph O'Callaghan (Ireland)

Oluwakemilola Morenikeji Dosumu (Canada)

John Nelis (United Kingdom)

You deserve it, you go beyond your borders to help others in need. Thank you.

carol jones (United Kingdom)

Christine O'Mahony (Ireland)

Cuba is a country that wants to care for its people and the people of the world.

Perry McMillan (United Kingdom)

Karim Essahli (Norway)

Lesley Burrows (United Kingdom)

Kym (United Kingdom)

Barbara Richardson (United States of America)

Jessica Conran (United Kingdom)

Amilcar Juggernath (South Africa)

Jane Pollard (United Kingdom)

Well done Doctors of Cuba

Steven Carter (United Kingdom)

The Cuban doctors are the nobleist of all humanity.

Joan Malerich (United Kingdom)

David Wales (United Kingdom)

Nicola Degani (Italy)

Sarah Hamilton (United Kingdom)

Aaron Nolan (Ireland)

Honneur aux médecins cubains!

Hansgeorg Hermann (France)

E Dougan (United States of America)


Francesco Pitillo (Italy)

Thank you. Solidarity comrades.

Ian Ampleford (United Kingdom)


Anthony Bardos (United Kingdom)

William Duvall (United States of America)

Roz Cusack (United Kingdom)

Mary C McCarthy (Canada)

I am so proud of cuba’s medical brigades. I want my country USA to fully support cuba: economically, politically, socially. It’s time to end the blockade, and move on in solidarity.

Javier Gallegos Madrigal Jr (United States of America)

These Cuban doctors are real heroes! They should be recognized for their international efforts to bring health care to those in read need! Please consider giving the Peace Prize to these doctors who have saved thousands of lives!

Diane Haugesag (United States of America)

Gennaro Cicala (Italy)

jerry reitman (Canada)

Peter Worth (United Kingdom)

So little acknowledgement for the work and benefits to the world. I say yes to the Cuban health workers being nominated for the Nobel peace prize

Annette Brownlie (Australia)

A shining example of solidarity to all who fight for a fair and just World!

Keith Heywood (United Kingdom)

Richard Davies (United Kingdom)

Mohamed Alnoami (Yemen)

Huge respect to the Cuban people.

Lawrence Mc Donald (United Kingdom)

Aidan (Canada)

Because they have helped on numerous occasions in multiple desaters and deserve recognition cuba always sends there help

Mark nelson (United Kingdom)

Ann Cowie (United Kingdom)

Matthew McLaughlin (Ireland)

Laura Hamill (United States of America)

Great guys

Alexander Cunningham (Colombia)

Brian McLaughlin (United Kingdom)

Andy Clark (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre

Dimitris Papageorgiou (Greece)

Jackie Ferguson (United Kingdom)

So Well Deserved

A Evans (United Kingdom)

Janette Gordon (United Kingdom)

Bandi S Thanki (United Kingdom)

Anita Lutterotti (Switzerland)

Kate Sarson (United Kingdom)

Cuba exports peace to the world.

Shane Waters (Ireland)

Wonderful people motivated by love of humanity rather than private profit.

Sean Conway (United Kingdom)

fantastic commitment Solidarity!

Steve Thompson (United Kingdom)

Margaret McDaid (Ireland)

Elaine McDonald (United Kingdom)

Cormac Begley (Ireland)

Cubans understand the word 'caring' and know how to show that are without any thought of reward.

Janice Green (United Kingdom)

Peter Sargeant (United Kingdom)

If ever a Nobel Peace Prized is deserved, this one would be.

Sue Eagle (United Kingdom)

Mikael Junker (Denmark)

Laurence McKeown (United Kingdom)

It is about time the altruistic actions of Cuban doctors were rewarded. They have literally saved millions of lives and the world is indebted k their professionalism & care.

Russ Patterson (United Kingdom)

Cuba, despite decades od blockade by the USA, have sent doctors all over the world to where they are needed

Martha Young (United Kingdom)

These brave people are always where they are needed, their contribution to the preservation of life is without expectation of reward. They deserve this award more than anyone I can think of.

Annie Railton (United Kingdom)

John Gouvas (Greece)

To show such acts of kindness and help in such harsh environments. As a small token of recognition it would be wonderful if they could be rewarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It puts your faith back into humanity.

Fiona eager (United Kingdom)

Bahar Davary (United States of America)

Show us the way.

Diana Binstead (United Kingdom)

Cuba's contribution needs proper recognition. Decades in the making & an expression of revolutionary humanity & socialism. Keep signing & show the importance of international solidarity.

Phil Jackson (United Kingdom)

Sioned Huws (United Kingdom)

Thanks to Cuban doctors and health staff - and to Cuba - for being a beacon of light in this world.

Richard Clarke (United Kingdom)

Ann Whyte (United Kingdom)

Jim Hughes (United Kingdom)

I well-deserved and deserving cause

Stephen Barnes (Australia)

Kit Bruun (Denmark)

Alan Spillett (United Kingdom)

S Cooke (United Kingdom)

Nina Jensen (Denmark)

Tarranrae Kupczyk (Canada)

Richard furaha (Canada)

These volunteers truely made a difference. Their selflessness should be recognised.

Siobhan McCauley (United Kingdom)

Steve wynne (United Kingdom)

Massimo Zambolin (Italy)

Hilary Rosser (United Kingdom)

Alison Aiken (United Kingdom)

When an enormous calamity of the power of coronavirus sweeps across the planet, it is essential that nations unite to fight this threat. Cuba is leading the way in cooperative medical assistance, Other countries should follow suit

Christine Callaghan (United Kingdom)

Richie (Ireland)

Jane Wright (United Kingdom)

Steven Cox (United Kingdom)

Lucia Marta Nardo (Italy)

Stefan Olausson (Sweden)

Jennifer Wistreich (United Kingdom)

Ginny Peszynska (United Kingdom)

Leon Rosselson (United Kingdom)

Angela Carswell (United Kingdom)

Taryn Trainor (United Kingdom)

Joanne Hopoer (United Kingdom)

P Khaneka (United Kingdom)

Cathy Chapman (United Kingdom)

Richard Muir (United Kingdom)

Katrina Duncan (United Kingdom)

Myra Jones (United Kingdom)

Louis Allaway (United Kingdom)

James Doherty (Ireland)

Viva Cuba!!

Ghassem Golestani (United Kingdom)

Stephen Ewing (United Kingdom)

Jennifer Jones (United Kingdom)

Tommy McKearney (Ireland)

True and Real Humanitarians.

Nicholas Byrne (Ireland)

Internationalism above self-interest at a time of crisis

Jonathan Heal (United Kingdom)

Una Sapietis (United Kingdom)

Always the first to offer help without regard for their own safety.

Ingrid Player (United Kingdom)

Cuba has punched above its level for years, and the efforts of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade illustrate that so strongly. Congratulations and gracias to all of you for your progressive and humanitarian efforts - you represent all that is kind, generous and determined to do the best for others - such fine examples of true socialist principles!

Sharon (United Kingdom)

Susan Caldwell (Canada)

Vishu (United Kingdom)

An inspiration to us all.

Aubrey Evans (United Kingdom)

Carl Holvoet (Belgium)

Jose Manuel Fernandez Gayoso (Spain)

James Hodgson (United Kingdom)

Awesome what free people can do! Keep on!

Michael Stocks (United Kingdom)

Sue Mclaren (United Kingdom)

Dr Nigel Speight (United Kingdom)

John Coatman (United Kingdom)

Ines Hetzel (Germany)

Charles Byatt (United Kingdom)

The Cuban international medical brigade truly deserve this recognition for their work in saving lives and promoting international friendship and cooperation in times of crisis

Jackie Walters (United Kingdom)

Carolyn Storer (United Kingdom)

full support for the wonderful Cuban medical service

tony greenstein (United Kingdom)

Ida Henderson (Canada)

Cuban doctors are legendary and their reputation is without stain.

Lydia Hill (United Kingdom)

Gudrun Mertschenk (Germany)

Silke Albert (Germany)

Sandi Sherman (United States of America)

Joelee (Canada)

Paul (United Kingdom)

Gerhard Mertschenk (Germany)

tracey warner (United Kingdom)

I support this petition

Marion Davoes (United Kingdom)

Emmanuele Praticelli (Italy)

Ian friary (United Kingdom)

Graham Day (United Kingdom)

The Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians have been there throughout the crisis selflessly aiding those in need without prejudice. Please put them forward to win the Nobel Peace Prize 2021

Susan Olech (United Kingdom)

Elias Gunneflo (Sweden)

David Negus (United Kingdom)

Robert Osborn (United States of America)

Julie Williams (United Kingdom)

Best wishes and heartfelt thanks to all of those health workers trying to make the world a better place.

Margaret Mulholland (United Kingdom)

Vivienne mcnaughton (United Kingdom)

Joseph Noble (United Kingdom)

Great job volunteers !

Nick Barnett (United Kingdom)

The Cuban medical staff deserve recognition for their bravery travelling to parts of the world to selflessly help others and in so doing risking their own health.

Diane Hatton (United Kingdom)

Jill Weston (United Kingdom)

Catherine MacKay (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with those who put people before profit. The world could learn a lot from Cuba. Solidaritat Siempre

Mark Halligan (United Kingdom)

Cuba is always on the front line providing healthcare whenever there is a crisis. They send doctors not bombs to any country in need.. They prioritise education and healthcare for Cubans This despite enduring a boycott which impinges negatively on their economy. They deserve acknowledgement for their selfless internationalism.

Philippa Clark (United Kingdom)

Sabina Price (United Kingdom)

alex devare (United Kingdom)

Janice Culley (United Kingdom)

Triantafillia Kostopoulou (Greece)

William Stavely (United Kingdom)

Isabel Stone DePaul (United States of America)

Mark Ginsburg (United States of America)

Rem Drew (France)

Michael Andrew MacLeod (United Kingdom)

Philip Williams (United Kingdom)

jane (United Kingdom)

In a time of great uncertainty, medical professionals from Cuba consistently put themselves on the frontlines showing solidarity to people across the world.

George Fidler (United Kingdom)

The work of the Cuban doctors is far more worthy and deserving of a Nobel Peace prize than President Donald Trump.

Daegen Duvall (United States of America)

Juan (United Kingdom)

Armando Zenorini (Italy)

Eileen Sinclair (United Kingdom)

The Cuban Medical team of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade deserves the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021.

Heide Trampus (Canada)

Frank Andersen (Denmark)

Francesco Vinciguerra (Brazil)

Mark McQueen (United Kingdom)

Barbara Bodechtel (Germany)

Love you, Cuba!

Jamie (United Kingdom)

Sylvia Judge (United Kingdom)

Caterina Lai (United Kingdom)

william barry summers (United Kingdom)

Steve Everett (United Kingdom)

Well done to Cuba for their support.

Resina Chowdhury (United Kingdom)

a real contribution to peace

Martin Fodor (United Kingdom)

Maria (India)

Mario Fernandez (Canada)

Dia da Costa (Canada)

Gilola Corradi (Italy)

SO well deserved - just getting the word about their work is an accomplishment, many thanks for "their service".

Noine Fernandez (United States of America)

Greg Hughes (Canada)

bravo compadres!

Hilary Wise (United Kingdom)

Amanda Hopkinson (United Kingdom)

Keep up the good work

Timothy Jordan (United States of America)

They deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. They already have the admiration and respect of the whole world. They represent the best of the Cuban people and are Fidel's idea come true.

Julio Pujol (United Kingdom)


Ingrid Hildebrandt (Germany)

Alison Rogers (United Kingdom)

Humanitarian effort should transcend political prejudices.

Alan John Sinclair (United Kingdom)

Good luck to Cuba!

Paul Harris (United Kingdom)

Sharen Green (United Kingdom)

Sandra Cuskin (United Kingdom)

Richard Jones (United Kingdom)

The Cuba’s Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade is unique!

Pedro Perez-Sarduy (United Kingdom)

Brian Light (United Kingdom)

Maite Lores (United Kingdom)

Cuba Saves Lives !

Brett Dennison (United States of America)

Rachel Coyle (Ireland)

Thank you brothers and sisters for you undoubtedly commitment to save human lives no matter their origin, religion and social states.

Yamila Santos-Lock (United Kingdom)

Aaron Coyle (Ireland)

Mari Burton (United Kingdom)

Professor International Affairs Indiana State University Coauthor of Cuban Medical Internationalism

Dr H Michael Erisman (United States of America)

Elizabeth Byrne (United Kingdom)

Cuba provides help to those in need regardless of their politics. Much more than can be said for the West who only help if there is so benefit in it for them. In the Covid crisis, the wealthy US helped no other country, and didn't even care for its citizens.

Ann Wright (United Kingdom)

Zed Holland (United Kingdom)

Kelly Diebel (Canada)

Yes Cuba deserves this because in spite of all the nasty, ill informed blockades and insults that have been waged against it - it has selflessly continued to send medical help where needed putting humanitarian issues way above silly politics!

Diana Wilkin (United Kingdom)

Glyn Williams (United Kingdom)

Alex Newbrook (United Kingdom)

Rebecca Schweder (Sweden)

Rob Street (United Kingdom)

Vous êtes très applaudis !

Jean-Samuel Weyeneth (Switzerland)

Carl Rosenberg (Canada)

Mr Anand M Pillai (United Kingdom)

Tom Elliott (United Kingdom)

Well deserved! Thank You for Your humanity!

Isabella Megyeri (United States of America)

Erica Levy (United Kingdom)

The people of Cuba are very special and deserving of our support. I have been very impressed with their help for other countries

Sue power (United Kingdom)

Janet Hall (United Kingdom)

Thank-you for the humanity and compassion with which you share your professional skills and expertise with the rest of ths world. We applaud you.

Geraldine Machin (South Africa)

Rachel Sene (United States of America)

Joni (United Kingdom)

Neil Darby (United Kingdom)

Andrew Hawker (United Kingdom)

g carroll (United Kingdom)

Eleanor Barton (Spain)

Robert Allan (United Kingdom)

So important in this current world health crisis to highlight this incredible and selfless work and give the recognition to these health workers that they deserve. It shows the world what can be achieved through effective international cooperation.

Caroline Michie (United Kingdom)

Rhona Michie (United Kingdom)

Billie Turner (United Kingdom)


Davie Clark (United Kingdom)

Roy Mayhew (United Kingdom)

Shaun featherstone (United Kingdom)

Lucia Poliakova (Ireland)

John B Isaiah (Ireland)

peter dean (United Kingdom)

Tim Potter (United Kingdom)

It's time these brave men and women were honoured and acknowledged.

Robert Harrison (United Kingdom)

Anthony Simmons (United Kingdom)

Evelyn Turk (United Kingdom)

neil wilson (United Kingdom)

Recognizing the amazing solidarity work the Cubans have done since 1959 is exceedingly important, particularly for nations like my own who continue a one-sided and inaccurate narrative about Cuba. It also needs to be know that Fidel Castro ATTEMPTED to send Doctors to our own shores in the wake of Hurricane Katrina; that attempt was thwarted by then President Bush. Thousands of Americans died and likely could have been saved by the Cuban response. This is the negligence of my own government; it is also why I thank the Cuban people for their continued believe in, and actions on behalf of, our world's most oppressed.

Nathan Whittaker (United States of America)

Bud Eisler (United States of America)

The Cuban health workers definitely deserve this award for their heroic efforts to tackle Covid-19

Dr Clive Weston (United Kingdom)

David Hoadley (United Kingdom)

Cuban medical aid is an example to the world

Ian Mearns (United Kingdom)

Derek Kotz (United Kingdom)

Alex Robinson (United Kingdom)

So deserving! Puts the Trump nonsense into perspective!

John Nicol (United Kingdom)

Bert Schouwenburg (United Kingdom)

Connor Hodgson-Brunniche (United Kingdom)

Peter Gallagher (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba.

Michael Willis (United Kingdom)

Irene Threlkeld (United Kingdom)

Sadly in todays "technocrat" world driven by greed, power, money, there is no leadership in the world that cuts through this narcissistic lifestyle, greed and self-interest has been the driving force for decades now. The world should recognise the sacrifices made by these Doctors and nurses, they had no idea what they were dealing with and still they went. The greedy elite do nothing to enhance mankind, only pollute and destroy all that they come into contact with, the midas touch. The ordinary man in the street who is willing to help regardless of the dangers, deserves our gratitude.

Dorothy Kalkhoven (United Kingdom)

Nigel Shaw (United Kingdom)

I applaud the work these medics do, true internationalist solidarity.

Diane Porter (United Kingdom)

Alannah Kerr (Ireland)

Philip Beverley (United Kingdom)

Mhairi Munro-Brian (United Kingdom)

Well done to all involved. You are a credit to your county

Kirsty (United Kingdom)

Rajinder Baiy (United Kingdom)

margaret mellor (United Kingdom)

Jan Bastable (United Kingdom)

Cuban Doctors have done an outstanding job in treating and helping with corona virus throughout the world these magnificent medics deserve the worldwide recognition and the Nobel prize.

Mai Waby (United Kingdom)

Vivian Martin (United Kingdom)

Corbisier (Belgium)

Patricia Connell (United States of America)

BOB MALTZ (United Kingdom)

Yes they are truly unsung heroes despite 60 years of US aggressive sanctions and attacks on their country

David Hookes (United Kingdom)

Hakan Frandemark (Sweden)

Mel Davenport (United Kingdom)

Pat Bough (Canada)



Continuing to make fantastic contributions to humanity - solidarity

Paul Cosgrove (United Kingdom)

Moath Kassim (Yemen)

Viva Cuba

Mr Philip Meek (United Kingdom)

Romy Neale Guasch (United Kingdom)

Solidarity from Unite the Union

Jayne Taylor (United Kingdom)

it is time to give this prize to worthy people, not like Obama, Itzhak Rabin or Shimon Peres.

Jake Javanshir (Canada)

Greatly support the nomination

Hasan Qasem Khan (Yemen)

If any Dr.'s deserve this award, it is the Cuban doctors. Please give this award to those it is meant for, these wonderful doctors. Although the idiots running Washington do everything they can to keep this tiny nation down, the Cubans somehow manage to survive, while giving uncle sam the well deserved middle finger. Do not worry my Cuban friends, Canada hates the u.s. just as much as you do.

Warren Moore (Canada)

Alan Anderson (United Kingdom)

Ken Bleach (United Kingdom)

Janet Cobb (United Kingdom)

Stella Al-Samadi (Canada)

I applaud the rapid and effective worldwide humanitarian actions of Cuba's extraordinary physicians and other health care workers. Their professionalism, creativity and generosity exemplify the best in internationalism!

Marjorie Robertson (Canada)

TJ Milburn (United Kingdom)

Bruce Dix (United Kingdom)

John Finucane MP for North Belfast (Ireland)

The Cuban doctors deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for their solidarity and willingness to help people in crisis areas, sometimes in remote regions where local doctors aren't available. The U.S. government has tried to demonize the work of the Cuban doctors, but they are not capable of solving the most pressing health problems in their own country.

Antonio Morales (Canada)

Paul Maskey MP for West Belfast (Ireland)


Rob Lavender (United Kingdom)

Francie Mollow MP for Mid Ulster (Ireland)

Geert Barbier (Belgium)

Mark Rivers (United Kingdom)

Mickey Brady MP for Newry and Armagh (Ireland)

Barbara Pini (Italy)

Orfhlaith Begley MP for West Tyrone (Ireland)

Mary Whitby (United Kingdom)

Michelle Gildernew MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone (Ireland)

This would be a fitting reward for these brave doctors

Thomas Rice (United Kingdom)

Chandra Ghosh (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba - Thank you Cuba and your talented doctors and nurses who were sent around the world to Serve Humanity with the global health crisis. I

Malik Ismail (United States of America)

Jim Leman (United Kingdom)

Given the Covid Pandemic and I cannot think of better recipients for the Prize this year than these selfless Cuban Health Workers.

KEITH ROWLEY (United Kingdom)

Gillian Higgins (United Kingdom)

Alison Tucker (United Kingdom)

Linda Rigby (United Kingdom)

They deserve it, even they are blocked by the US they have been traveling to many countries to help fight covid-19!

Bent N Risager (Denmark)

Pia Feig (United Kingdom)

Margrit Schlosser (Switzerland)

Louise (United Kingdom)

Adam Mason (United Kingdom)

Peter O'Donnell (Mexico)

Cedric Ngaheu Eken (Cameroon)

Vyomesh Thanki (United Kingdom)

Gerry Morrissey (United Kingdom)

Emmet Donnelly (Ireland)

Dawn (United Kingdom)

They deserve this prize and much more

Lorena Gamboa (Ecuador)

Louise Morin (Canada)

Soledad Poseck (United Kingdom)

Anne (United Kingdom)

Unidos veneceremos!

DaveRoberts (United Kingdom)

I have met many Cuban doctors working abroad and they are most selfless, dedicated people I have ever encountered.

Brian R Mack (United Kingdom)

Louise Fenwick (United Kingdom)

Respect to the brigade.

Bryn Jones (United Kingdom)

Kirsten (Denmark)

I want to thank them for the care they gave the Africans when I was there they had COMPASSION and expertise to so many poor poor people they laugh and gave such care ,I myself had been treated with Cuban doctors and they were great .

Agnes Stevenson (United Kingdom)

Liliana (United Kingdom)

Despite all the US government attempts to misinform about the Henry Reeve International Brigade and Cuban society at large, it is clear that Cuban doctors and the Cuban health system have contributed significantly to the health and dignity of historically marginalized populations. The Nobel Prize committee should recognize the vital importance of solidarity, especially in these challenging and divisive times.

Camila Pineiro (United States of America)

Cuba continues to support third world countries in times of need and deserves international recognition

Patricia Larkin (United Kingdom)

Val Johnson (United Kingdom)

Deborah Xezonakis (United Kingdom)

Matthew Price (United Kingdom)

Where ever in the World a humanitarian crisis hits; no matter what that Country's political, religious or ethnic background; you can be certain that the first one's to role up their sleeves and offer their help are the dedicated medics of Cuba. No political point scoring with them, just a heartfelt desire to bring succour to fellow humans in need. For this there can be no better recipiant of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Johnathan Sharpe-Smith (United Kingdom)

The Cuban doctors have made a great difference to so many lives as well as shown what international solidarity looks like in practice

Carolyn Kagan (United Kingdom)

Maxime Rigoulay (United Kingdom)

Edgar Isch Lopez (Ecuador)

Richard Edwards (United Kingdom)

Lord John Hendy QC (United Kingdom)

Excellent work by these medical professionals.

Lucy (United Kingdom)

Jacqueline Hunter (United Kingdom)

Graham Jeffreyread (United Kingdom)

They are real heroes of modern times.

Vladimir Sedlacek (Czech Republic)

Beth Nielsen (Denmark)

Lucas Perry-Hill (United Kingdom)

Josephine Wright (United Kingdom)

Stephen Sheach (United Kingdom)

Rudolf Schaer (Switzerland)

richard dark (United Kingdom)

Cuba has been to the fore in the fight against Covid-19, putting the interests of humanity first.

Patrick Withers (Ireland)

Such excellence should be celebrated and made visible world wide for emulation.

Joan Arthur (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors spread their knowledge, not only their care. They teach doctors in many countries in Africa and elsewhere in the world.

Margaux Ouimet (Canada)

Those young people (in general) have chosen to be of service and bring healing in the world

Ria Heynen (Canada)

Viva Cuba!

michael mcbrearty (United Kingdom)

Cuba deserves the Nobel Peace prize for sending medical aid to countries who were in desperate need during the Covid19 pandemic.

Clint Cimma (South Africa)

Havovi Anklesaria (United Kingdom)

Lorna Reith (United Kingdom)

Helen Jones (Costa Rica)

Michael Wilson (United Kingdom)

Christopher Albone (United Kingdom)

Russ Grant (United Kingdom)

Jay (United Kingdom)

Truly inspirational human beings.

david hughes (United Kingdom)

Callum Duffy (United Kingdom)

Jo Hunter-Islip (United Kingdom)


Cuban Doctors and nurses amazing 💕

Peggy Shand (Canada)

Lennart Frid (Sweden)

Lotte Bech (Denmark)

Malcolm Evison (United Kingdom)

Katrina Wilson (United Kingdom)

Manuel (Spain)

Bhavisha Somaia (United Kingdom)

Martin Horton (United Kingdom)

Camelia (United Kingdom)

Nicholas Phillips (United Kingdom)

Frank Edmonds (United Kingdom)

John (United Kingdom)

Paul Tonks (United Kingdom)

David Bingham (United Kingdom)

John Edwards (United Kingdom)

Meryl MacBride (United Kingdom)

Funda Kansu (United Kingdom)

Sylvia (United Kingdom)

Cuba trenger all vår solidaritet. Cubas helsearbeidere er blant de beste.

Lisbeth Angell (Norway)

Michael Riley (United Kingdom)

Annika Gullberg (Sweden)

Susanne Hansen (Denmark)

pete stratford (United Kingdom)

Steven Perkins (United Kingdom)

Gerhard Ferdinand (Germany)

David Randall (United Kingdom)

An example for us all! More than well-deserved.

Hugo Wuyts (United Kingdom)

Carolyne Darmanin (United Kingdom)

Gretchen de Graef (Netherlands)

Farid Kelekun (United Kingdom)

And all their humanitarian actions were undertaken despite politically-driven and entirely selfish hostility and sanctions from the 'President of the Free World'. Well done Cuba and its medical heroes

jon gutmanis (United Kingdom)

Adrian Galllagher (Ireland)

Peter Bird (United Kingdom)

This people deserve the nobel Peace prize.

Norma Laudahn (Germany)

Jan Smith (United Kingdom)

daan hugaert (Belgium)

Dot Lewis (United Kingdom)

Wisty (United Kingdom)


Shereen (United Kingdom)

Kirstie Smith (United Kingdom)

Ruben Contreras (Venezuela)

joanna gilmour (United Kingdom)

Michael John Lane (United Kingdom)

There is no better example of humanity's access to health


brilliant country - the Cuban government invest in their people and then they invest in other countries. saving lives instead of taking lives. well deserved

carol jackson (Ireland)

Lynda Redfern (United Kingdom)

Excellent idea!! I fully support it.

Phillip Willey (United Kingdom)

Give them the recognition they richly deserve

Clyde W Godfrey (United States of America)

I fully support the proze being awarded to the Cuban medical missions who bravely risked their own lives to deliver COVID19 relief to those most in need. Whether they are awarded the proze or not they will be beloved by the workers of the world regardless.

Adam Murray (United Kingdom)

Alan Beare (United Kingdom)

The heroism, internationalism and solidarity expressed by Cuba and Cuban doctors should be recognised. Their work when travelling all over the world to help people no matter the circumstances or danger to themselves is truly a wonderful example to the rest of the world. Solidarity and thanks to them for the work they do

Tommy K (United Kingdom)

Yet another example of the worldwide lifesaving work completed by Cuban health brigades.

Steve Scott (United Kingdom)

Respects n Salutations, Be Blessed Always! Visit n Run a Search on Hashtag #Aprilcoolday on Twitter to review the Activity Flow which Builds Upon the Real Mortal Combat Action towards Eradicating #covid19 Thnx

Mahboobali Mohamedraza Jagani (Kenya)

Brenda Jack (United Kingdom)

Stephen Carlill (United Kingdom)

Par Letell (Sweden)

Eva Malte (Denmark)

Ally Gamble (United Kingdom)

Renate Groll (Germany)

Send a message to the big bad german shepherd to our north, we are a people too and have a voice, not any shithole country.

Mac Donald Dixon (Saint Lucia)

Stella Butler (United Kingdom)

Karen Barratt (United Kingdom)

Charlie Kidd (United Kingdom)

Frances Ridgway (United Kingdom)

M Snoeckx (Belgium)

Mariangela towner (United Kingdom)

These heroes richly deserve recognition for their incredible work over the years.

Rob Wotherspoon (United Kingdom)


Congratulations on your wonderful work worldwide. You are a global inspiration

Mary Ballard (United Kingdom)

Greig (United Kingdom)

Cuba's medical personnel have always done so much good all around the world. Somehow the Cuban government needs to recognise it's medical people with decent salaries. Hard when they are subject to so much unjust blockading from the US.

Mike Harrison (United Kingdom)

Sergio Gimenez (Argentina)

D H Amos (United Kingdom)

Terence Smith (United Kingdom)

Peter Barton (United Kingdom)

For the sake of humanity we need to raise the awareness of the work these doctors carry out. in turn all those who are inspired will not loose hope , but will continue to offer their services with the aim of creating a better world for all.

Winston Richards (United Kingdom)

Robert Ashby (United Kingdom)

Well done people of Cuba!

Alison Winstone (United Kingdom)

I have always admired Cuba's programmes of education for it's people and it's struggles with the constant blocking from America. The medical experts' help to others over the world despite the struggles of this country, should be lauded.

Lynn Allott (United Kingdom)

Nobody has done more to deserve the Nobel prize.

donacha o'dwyer (Ireland)

Cuban doctors have made, and continue to make, an enormous contribution to humanity throughout the world. Their exceptional efforts richly deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for extending medical help and goodwill to thousands and for making the world a safer, more peaceful and co-operative place in which to live.

Bryon Smith (United Kingdom)

Colin Hermida (United Kingdom)

Rosalind Beauhill (United Kingdom)

Julie Penney (United Kingdom)

les havell (United Kingdom)

John Boyd (United Kingdom)

Anne Krenchel (Spain)

Joe Gray (United Kingdom)

This recognition of the role of Cuban medics is long overdue

Peter Chadwick (United Kingdom)

Luis Carlos Bautista (Spain)

This would be a well deserved recognition of all the exceptional work by the medical brigades

Janet Ward (United Kingdom)

Rachel Sandon (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth (United Kingdom)

Andy de la Tour (United Kingdom)

Alison (United Kingdom)

Rosalind Gillan (United Kingdom)

Lynn Henderson (United Kingdom)

Marian Hindson (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors and nurses are among the best trained in the world. The Henry Reeve Brigade is applauded in numerous countries for its selfless work to support local people suffering crisis and trauma. It is high time it was recognised internationally.

Linda Perks (United Kingdom)

Fidelma McAleer (Ireland)

Andreas Thedieck (Netherlands)

Tricia Sheerer (United Kingdom)

Lesley Levy (Canada)

Dr Peter A Smith (United Kingdom)

Judy Hastings (United Kingdom)

Elsebeth Grosboell (Denmark)

Maryla Garcia Santos (Cuba)

Edward Major (United Kingdom)

Nydia Whale (United Kingdom)

These Cuban health workers are selfless and value life. They deserve this

Janey Juggernath-Ramkissoon (South Africa)

Robin Cant (United Kingdom)

Daniela Pietropoli (Italy)

I note that, according to BBC news some English cities are adopting what can be best described as the Cuban model of direct intervention,

Jim Farms (United Kingdom)

Cuban Doctors must be rewarded as they have been doing a great service to humanity and have alway's been in the forefront and helping so many countries and communities.

lila zanrosso (Australia)

The Cuban health system is i am told second to none ,i give my support to the medical professionals to receive this award ,Long live Cuba .

Helen Baker (New Zealand)

Joanne Humphreys (United Kingdom)

John Upton (United Kingdom)

Birthe (Denmark)

Long overdue!

Anna Trollope (United Kingdom)

Jo Shoba (United Kingdom)

Immense Humanitarian achievement by the Cuban Health Workers Brigade has to be valued by giving International credit! The Nobel Peace Prize 2021 will do just that!!

Tina Carr (United Kingdom)

Geoff Chandler (United Kingdom)

Dr Tom Kington (United Kingdom)

Cuba is an example to the rest of the world.

Dr Joseph O' Neill (United Kingdom)

I think that the work of the Cuban International Medical Brigade in offering help to countries struggling to control the Covid-19 pandemic is absolutely exemplary - enhancing the spirit of internationalism that is essential in defeating global health crises. If ever there was a group of people deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize, surely it must be these dedicated professionals.

Susan (United Kingdom)

Very well deserved if Cuba’s medical achievements are recognised.

Tina (United Kingdom)

Job (France)

Genuine humanitarian professionals deserve their recognition

Brian Parkinson (United Kingdom)

Agnieszka Grulk (United Kingdom)

Danny Williamson (United Kingdom)

Good luck!

Gladys Bahamnde (Belgium)

Anne Robertson (Australia)

I have seen Cubans at work in Mozambique and have experienced how dedicated they are.

garth allen (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your great spirit and internationalism comrades. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Joshua Horne (United Kingdom)

Deborah Durnan (Australia)

This extraordinary gesture of international solidarity serves as a beacon of light shining through a dark period for global humanity.

Gearoid O Machail (Ireland)

Riccardo (United Kingdom)

Ben palmer (United Kingdom)

Jamie J (United Kingdom)

Steen Larsen (Denmark)

Cuba has led the way in ensuring solidarity with beleaguered countries that have been overwhelmed by the Covid crisis. They have acted selflessly and decisively and have been an example to lead by.

Yuri Ramkissoon (South Africa)

Michael Beatty (Australia)

Arto Ahlakorpi (Finland)

Geoff Freeman (United Kingdom)

Wholeheartedly support the Cuban Doctors!

Fiona Low (United Kingdom)

Nick Casey (United Kingdom)

Malcolm Walters (United Kingdom)

They could have avoided coronavirus all together but choose to put themselves in danger to help people from a different country

Kinghorn (United Kingdom)

Per Nielsen (Denmark)

igor (Slovenia)

Steve Ely (United Kingdom)

Claudia Webbe MP (United Kingdom)

Sean Clinton (Ireland)

Claire Jones (United Kingdom)

Elly Johnston (Ireland)

Elizabeth Seepujak (United Kingdom)

Gill Henderson (United Kingdom)

Jeanne Robson (Australia)

Maciej Sobczak (Poland)

Kevin (United Kingdom)

Mike Jones (United Kingdom)

Andromachi (United Kingdom)

Marion Sporing (United Kingdom)

Cuba's have been an inspiration to the whole world for decades in their selfless dedication and their global commitment to the health and wellbeing of "los pobres de la tierra". They deserve to win the Nobel prize

Mike Faulkner (United Kingdom)

Tudor Hammett (United Kingdom)

Vanessa Harper (United Kingdom)

Cuba showed the world what can be achieved by working together in a crisis

Ann Johns (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors have a long tradition of providing health care where needed all over the world.

Baroness Bryan (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors well deserved Nobel prize as they didn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives for other nation’s citizens for solidarity. And they didn’t show that solidarity first time even in Africa fight against Ebola , Malaria etc.

Ozanis (United Kingdom)

Such selfless humanity deserves recognition

Alan Charles (United Kingdom)

NO ONE else deserves this auspicious prize more than the medics of Cuba. A win would show how the greater majority of the world's population supports the hardships that Cuba continues to go through

Lesley keegans (United Kingdom)

Nicole James (United Kingdom)

Cuban health professionals have done some of the most amazing work across the world and deserve to be honoured

David Cassie (United Kingdom)

Lawrence Satherley (United Kingdom)

Richard Essex (United Kingdom)

Chris Proctor (United Kingdom)

Margaret Levy (United Kingdom)

Ana (United Kingdom)

Peter (Denmark)

Ruth Najda (United Kingdom)

Elwyn (United Kingdom)

Adrian Weir (United Kingdom)

Neil Seepujak (United Kingdom)

Nancy Bearman (Canada)

Karen Lambie (United Kingdom)

Tom Burr (United Kingdom)

Thankyou Cuban doctors

Keith (United Kingdom)

they deserve it

david (United Kingdom)

Dave kennedy (United Kingdom)

Victor Cyr (Canada)

The international solidarity and practical medical help supplied by this small Nation state is absolutely astonishing.This ground of Doctors,Nurses, and Technicians, despite the risks to themselves, have selflessly provided much needed medical services and support to many Nations. I urge you to recognise their wonderful humanitarian contribution.

Ruth Styles (United Kingdom)

Coeckelberghs (Belgium)

Josie Farrar (United Kingdom)

Jack Davis (United Kingdom)

This award would be well deserved for these amazing health workers

Sheila Pevely (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors are an inspiration to the world!

Eleanor Lewington (United Kingdom)

Kathryn Clark (United Kingdom)

It's only right that those who give their all be recognized!

Luna Munoz Centifanti (United Kingdom)

Winnsom Gee (United Kingdom)

Will Gee (United Kingdom)

Ayde Guasch (United Kingdom)

Roberta Wallace (United Kingdom)

The Cuban people selfless as usual. They deserve recognition.

Bill McConnell (United Kingdom)

I believe the Cuban health workers dedication are very worthy of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

June Plymen (United Kingdom)

The Cuban Doctors are a credit to their country, their profession and to humanity.

Joe Keith (United Kingdom)

Karin Amelung (Denmark)

They definitely deserve the Nobel peace prize.

Maria McGuinness (Ireland)

Rosemary Earnshaw (United Kingdom)

Thanks ,Cuban doctors and nurses for your help

Corremans Jan (Viet Nam)

The world should recognise the courage and selflessness of these fine people.

Aidan Collins (Ireland)


Hans Nebel (Denmark)

Stuart Kay (United Kingdom)

John R Holmes (United Kingdom)

Thanks from my family

John Noble (United Kingdom)

Rebecca Amiel (United Kingdom)

Cloo Potloot (Belgium)

bryn (United Kingdom)

they are heroes

Jack Gilleece (United Kingdom)

Solidarity ✊

Tom Johnston (United Kingdom)

Jan Woolf (United Kingdom)

Stig Persson (Sweden)

Neil Turner (United Kingdom)

AMBAR (Italy)

Pablo Jorda Alvarez (Spain)

I have been inspired and moved by the Cuban doctors going to other countries to support them during the worst of the pandemic. As someone with longstanding health issues, I do not think these doctors have received anywhere near the credit they deserve. Thankyou from Ireland. Around the globe you have saved countless lives and also been there to assist those that wee not fortunate to have lived.

Siobhan (United Kingdom)

Give the Cuban doctors this award and help to restore the credibility of the Peace Prize.

Mick Fleming (United Kingdom)

Please consider the efforts and contribution of these modest people

Mary Lynch (United Kingdom)

Susan (United Kingdom)

Pauline Kitching (United Kingdom)

Keith Heaven (United Kingdom)

Dr Norman Charnley (United Kingdom)

Marion Reynolds (United Kingdom)

Colin Smith (United Kingdom)

Dave Choy (Australia)

Helen Everett (United Kingdom)

CormacO'Neill (Ireland)

Nolene Morris (United Kingdom)

Simon Berlin (United Kingdom)

Agneta Timotej (Sweden)

I fully endorse this letter. Too often the Peace Prize is given to political leaders with questionable behaviour and dubious credentials for a peace prize. These medical practitioners from Cuba have done more for world collaboration and humanitarian rights than any other one group of individuals.

Denise Savage (United Kingdom)

Solidarity to the Doctors of Cuba .The world should embrace the Cuban health Care world leaders

Alfie Hincks (United Kingdom)

joyce howarth (France)

Cookie McBride (United Kingdom)

Hugh Wallis (United Kingdom)

Philip Gilbert (United Kingdom)

Cuban health workers are super!

Pirkko Turpeinen-Saari (Finland)

George Wight (United Kingdom)

Geof Cox (France)

Daniel Jameson (United Kingdom)

Terry Felgate (United Kingdom)

Colin Gatrell (United Kingdom)


Susan Sheibani (United Kingdom)

Jenny Lennox (United Kingdom)

Ivan Hersland (Denmark)

Andy (United Kingdom)

Kevin FITZGERALD (United Kingdom)

Gitte Retboell (Denmark)

The Cuban Doctors have always responded to all world disasters without thought for themselves, they deserve to be recognised

Jan Bownes (United Kingdom)

The Henry Reeve International Brigade is that shining example of solidarity and equality, which need to be part of our common future, for humanity to survive the next many decades.

Holm Hedegaard (Mozambique)

caroline kuyper (Ireland)

Kevin OGrady (United Kingdom)

Frederick Mabua (Botswana)

Please consider the outstanding humanitarian work of the Henry Reeve Brigade as a worthy recipient of the Nobel prize.

Bernard Murphy (United Kingdom)

The Cuban doctors have acted fastly with great passion and skiil to save lives during the global crise of the the Coronavirus. I am supporting and recommending the Nobel Prize for them.

Kirsti Mukwiilongo (Namibia)

Shaun Kirkpatrick (United Kingdom)

Bel Nash (United Kingdom)

Stephen Bowden (United Kingdom)

Anna (United Kingdom)

Josie Jarosz (United Kingdom)

They need to be commended. They are truly inspiring.

Liza Rathbone (United Kingdom)

Tamara Sivanandan (United Kingdom)

Ruth Stavris (United Kingdom)

Frances Kelly (United Kingdom)

I am from Danmark , not UK

Mette Thagaard (United Kingdom)

Carlos Nunes (United Kingdom)

Stefan Szczelkun (United Kingdom)

Theyare an inspiration to this selfish world!


Bernadette Keaveney (United Kingdom)

Colm (United Kingdom)

Miguel Gabard (Sweden)

These people deserve the Noble Peace Prize, saving lives not taking them

Ronnie (United Kingdom)

Raoul Williams (United Kingdom)

Donatella Nonis (Italy)

I happen to know first hand that The cuban doctors and nurses went all over the caribbean wiyh the risk of covid to help isolate the covid situation at great risk to themselves.

Andrew laurent (United Kingdom)

Esteban Cuevas (Spain)

Ivan williams (United Kingdom)

Friedhelm Julius Beucher (Germany)

Serving as a nurse I know how dedicated their contribution to people's health is. Thank you so much. Good luck. Cheers Rose

Rose Beerhalter (Germany)

natalie russell (Ireland)

tremendous work they deserve the accolade

Jim french (United Kingdom)

Mitchell Wells (United Kingdom)

Free Cuba from US embargo


Alisbel (Cuba)

Luke Mitchell (United Kingdom)

To the Nobel Peace Prize Committee:As the world faces a global health crisis, thousands of Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians have responded to overseas requests for help by volunteering as part of the island’s Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade. From Jamaica to Italy and Angola to Indonesia, more than 3,700 Cuban medics have supported health workers in 39 countries in their fight against COVID-19. best regards Johnny Mortensen

Johnny Mortensen (Denmark)

Luke (United Kingdom)

Finlay McIntosh (United Kingdom)

The Henry Reeve Medical Brigades have inspired people everywhere with their selfless devotion to healing the suffering people of this Earth. These Cuban doctors are a beacon of light in these dark and troubled times.

Tom Burton (United States of America)

Janet Wood (United Kingdom)

Gracias Cuba

Patricia Manzo Apice (Spain)

Joan Cutting (United Kingdom)

simon calder (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba!

Leila Inigo de la Cruz (Netherlands)

Mike Higgins (United Kingdom)

Mairin Power (United Kingdom)

Wendy Postans (United Kingdom)

Robert (United Kingdom)

Henrik Berg (Denmark)

This is very much deserved, their totally selfless acts so they can help others regardless of their own safety and that of their families. The time lost with their families and commitment to saving strangers. We love you all, god bless all of you.

Joanne Lawrence (United Kingdom)

Jayne Bellenie (United Kingdom)

Karin (Germany)

Karen Gluck-Bos (France)

Maria Odete Rodrigues Ferreira (Portugal)

Linda Carpenter (United Kingdom)

Michael Tucker (United Kingdom)

Alba Gibbs Joffe (United Kingdom)

Eddie Stapleton (United Kingdom)

Madi Gray (Sweden)

Hasta La Victoria Siempre Cuba

Grahame Morris (United Kingdom)

Bob Prew (United Kingdom)

Alberto Giraudo (Italy)

Anne Brown (United Kingdom)

Val (United Kingdom)

Mark Main (United Kingdom)

Murdo (United Kingdom)

The work done by Cuban health professionals during the Covid Crisis has been an example to all nations on how to show humanity. Solidarity!

Daniel Lambe (United Kingdom)

Maria De Barros (United Kingdom)

Elen Huws (United Kingdom)

Gerhard Eichhorn (Germany)

Sebastiano Muffato (Italy)

George S (Greece)

Go Cuba!! We love you ❤️

Steve Thorn (United Kingdom)

Jak Webb (Australia)

Mark (United Kingdom)

William (United Kingdom)

Thank you!

Diane Atkinson (United Kingdom)

When visiting Cuba, I've had to rely on healthcare while visiting their country, the facilities may not look like ours in Canada but the care I received from the nurses, technicians, and of course the doctors, was the best and very professional and kind even with the language barrier. One doctor even carried me over his shoulder up several flights of stairs to help me when I couldn't walk.

Carol Turner (Canada)

Hazel OCallaghan (United Kingdom)

Chris (United Kingdom)

The fantastic, selfless work of the Cuban medical brigades is long overdue for global recognition and I gladly support it

Andy (United Kingdom)

It is so wonderful when doctors put healing patients above making money. USA doctors do not do this. The poor in the USA are more likely to die from COVID 19 than more privileged people.

Eileen Joyce (United States of America)

Very well deserved

Peter Murphy (Australia)

David Parnas (Canada)

Thank You you deserve this.

Sharon krause (United Kingdom)

Jawed siddiqi (United Kingdom)

Anne Spiers (United Kingdom)

Tony Trehy (United Kingdom)

Andrew (United Kingdom)

Paul Moss (United Kingdom)

tom (United Kingdom)

The Cuban medical staff are amazing. Cuba continues to show world-class leadership in the areas of peace through practical actions in helping the less-privileged in societies around the world.

Adrian Pollock (Australia)

Kim Sterling (United Kingdom)

Jeff Hunter (United Kingdom)

A nobel work needs a price. Theseese doctors have sacrifrieced to sve others and deserve a nobel-price for their work.

Ole timotej (Sweden)

Sierra Maestra Blog (Greece)

Myrsini Tsakiri (Greece)

These people deserve to be recognised

Lynne Woodworth (United Kingdom)

well deserved

Julie Cuninghame (United Kingdom)

bruno (France)

Barry Lawton (United Kingdom)

Isabel Granados (Finland)

Thank you for your professionalism, selflessness, internationalism and comradeship.

Iain Roxburgh (United Kingdom)

David Corrigan (United Kingdom)

Tero Toivanen (Finland)

Go Cuba! Hasta la victoria siempre!

Tracey (Australia)

Marco De Stefano (Italy)

sheila turgeom (Canada)

Reiner Hofmann (Germany)

Tracy Jones (United Kingdom)

A wonderful example of humanity and spreading good will around the world.

Derek Sayce (United Kingdom)

Geoff Taylor (United Kingdom)

Lesley (Australia)

Margaret moody (United Kingdom)

Joyce Winder (United Kingdom)

Genaro (United Kingdom)

Jessica Sage (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors are selfless and hardworking members who are the backbone of their lovely country. They do so much with so little. Award them some recogition!

Veronika (Australia)

Margaret Ling (United Kingdom)

Madeline Watson (United Kingdom)

Aretha Moore (United Kingdom)

Vasia Mpakou (Greece)

The Henry Reeve International Brigade deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for all the people they have helped from Sierra Leone to Italy.

Judith Stephenson (United Kingdom)

Penny (Australia)

Dayana (Canada)

Cuban doctors for their generous support of many countries in these difficult days

Paul Hick (Australia)

Full solidarity, support and my appreciation for all the Cuban doctors and medical professionals

Vojislav (Australia)

They deserve

Ali Mohamed Assabri (Yemen)

Sean Halsall (United Kingdom)

Michael Teece (United Kingdom)

I share with the much required recognition for the Cuban Doctors and their commitment to health care which is the best version of humanity. I honorable support the Nobel Recognition for this amazing committed country of dedicated health care professionals.

Timothy Mayo (United States of America)

Great work by the Cuban Medical Brigades... Long Live Revolution!... Solidarity forever!...

Shahriar Alam (India)

Katia Albini (Italy)

As social revolutions go, Cuba's is perhaps the most humane since the beginning of the 20th century.

James Levy (Australia)

Cuban doctors are inspirational internationalism . Since established college of medicine in Aden( Democratic Republic of Yemen) I was third batch joined this college where it was run and support of by Cuban doctors this support continue for thirty years and they established post graduate course in community medicine .Cuban doctors were role model to me, for their selfless work providing humanitarianism and hope to people across the globe. Promoting friendship and cooperation between nations I join the international call for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to the Cuban health workers who form the Henry Reeves International Medical Brigades.

Ahalm Saleh Bin Breik (Yemen)

Luis (United States of America)


ronald berkut (Philippines)

Virginia Jane Rose (Australia)

Millie Apedo-Amah (United Kingdom)

Mark Mizzen (United Kingdom)

Mi cariño siempre al pueblo cubano y en especial a sus médicos por la solidaridad que han demostrado con el mundo.

Giannina Zamora (Ecuador)

Ken Fuller (Philippines)

The outstanding example of the selfless medical professionals of Cuba, who have battled with dangerous infectious diseases around the world for decades, deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. As a medical professional myself, I have witnessed firsthand the excellent quality health care provided in Cuba and anywhere their services are needed.

Claire Mortimer RN FNP MSN (United States of America)

Justo homenaje a estos soldados de paz .

Juan F Borja (United Kingdom)

Margaret brennan (United Kingdom)

Barrie Sales (United Kingdom)

Nobel Peace Prize for the Cuban Medical Brigades and the Cuban doctors who sacrifice for all the people.

Ana Juarbe (United States of America)

Clifford Luyt (Canada)

Orgullosa de mis médicos

Lauren Luis (Cuba)

Cuban doctors fighting Covid-19 would be worthy recipients....

Christopher Hall (United Kingdom)

Viva la Cuba

Shane Ralph (Australia)

You deserve it.

Nalin Thanki (United Kingdom)

Alex Zapatta (Ecuador)

They so deserve a Nobel Peace Prize

Jo Errey (Australia)

They are deserve the Nobel

Ali (Yemen)

Por un premio Nobel muy merecido por su solidaridad y por el pueblo de Cuba, Gracias por salvar vidas mientras otros se dedican a la aniquilación por sistema, arriba La Paz entre los pueblos y abajo las guerras, más pan, agua y ningunas balas, ningún gasto en armamento, toda ayuda a los más desfavorecidos. SOS VIDA


Alexandra Henao (Canada)

Andreas Bulker (Austria)

Milersy Anaya Fonseca (Cuba)

G N Mohan (India)

Mike Jackson (United Kingdom)

What a great opportunity to give Official International Recognition to Cuban Medical Skill & their Generosity in sharing with those who can benefit from it.

Jeannie Lewis (Australia)

Everyone's principles should be health, peace, humanitarianism and solidarity, with actions to match. Recognize the Henry Reeve International Brigade.

Sara (United States of America)

Mahtowin Munro (United States of America)

Gabel Altayeb (Yemen)

Pleamon Jenkins (Canada)

Thej Chetty (United Kingdom)

Leyla Ali (United Kingdom)

Walter Brooker (Canada)

Marie Barry (Ireland)

Richard Godfrey (United Kingdom)

Eugene Paul (Canada)

Daniel Figueroa (Cuba)

Amury Sotolongo (Cuba)

We were in Cuba for 2 weeks leaving March 10th. just as everything began to unfold. Our love for the generous, welcoming and proud spirit of the Cuban people is what has us returning year after year. Therefore, it was without surprise when seeing the news reports of the many Cuban doctors stepping up, without hesitation, to expiditiously reach out to a world in crisis. Bravo Cuba! You are the example of a nation of the heart and mind in harmony. We Love You and send our sincere regards. Brian and Lynn Wood Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Lynn (Canada)

Margaret (Canada)

Greatly admire the Cuban system of sending health professionals etc where needed

Tanya Smith (Australia)

Urd Nesset (Norway)

Graham Campbell (United Kingdom)

Paulette Clark (Canada)

Los médicos cubanos merecen el Nobel de La Paz mucho más que cualquier otro candidato. Viva Cuba¡

Yanet Bello Reyes (Cuba)

Fidel Castro was a great man who maintained the sociallist beliefs in education and equality for all. The Henry Reeve International Brigade is one glorious example of socialist magnanimity.

Eileen Whitehead (Australia)

Fabiola AGUDELO (Colombia)

Kate Ramsden (United Kingdom)

These people are heroes, bold, fearless and comitted to caring and saving lives. They deserve recognition. Nobel Peace Prize is the least they deserve

Linda Jones (United Kingdom)

I think Cuba deserves this because they are always coming to the aid of any country that needs it despite other countries not coming to their aid. They have amazing doctors and nurses and they should be commended for their efforts.

Rodney Wolfe (Canada)

In a time when the world was in a state of panic, Cuba selflessly sent doctors around the world to assist other countries during the Coronavirus.

Carole (Canada)

Scott Bierly (United States of America)

Christian Ramos (United States of America)

Dodie Ritman (United Kingdom)

Cuba is an awesome country, Cuban people are some of the most caring people in the world!

Carol Strachan (Canada)

I have personally witnessed the extraordinary effort Cuban doctors and educators have made to the Aboriginal communities of Australia in years passed. I have visited Cuba and witnessed their sustainable food production within the cities and towns through well managed community gardens. This country is an exemplar of generosity under extreme pressure with embargo. They are not warring, they are not thieves, they are not under the rule of a dictator or authoritarian. They deserve the Nobel Peace Prize 2021 more than any other

pamela gurner-hall (Australia)

Eoin Rushe (Ireland)

Nancy McLaughlin (Canada)

These doctors have proved over and over again their humanitarian decency.

Paul Rechnitz (United Kingdom)

You have only to look at East Timor to see an example of what Cuba has done for medicine in the Third World. Their record exceeds that of Doctors Beyond Borders. If the Australian Government had integrity, it would support Cuba, despite the hatred of the United States.

Brian Thomas Hungerford (Australia)

My utmost respect and gratitude to the people of Cuba who produce such doctors.

Jyoti (India)

Maria Steinbeisser (United States of America)

Eddie (Ireland)

This little country with a very big heart has saved the lives of many as they assist countries whose health care systems cannot cope with the pressure of covid 19 patients. They are vilified and blacklisted by countries who themselves need a little of the humanity Cuban doctors have made available until now.

Kerry Heubel (Australia)

Thank you so much!

Emily rennie (United Kingdom)

Gil Leib (United States of America)

The Cuban medical teams that are doing so much good in the world deserve recognition.

Barry Healy (Australia)

Well deserved award

Denis Doherty (Australia)

Peter abrahamson (Australia)

The Cuban medical brigades are teaching us how to be human.

Danny Heap (Canada)

David Somervell (United Kingdom)

Thank you so much for all you do to help people around the globe!

lauren (United States of America)

Helene Fyfe (Canada)

Patricia McAuliffe (Australia)

Proud of my people 🇨🇺❤

Mavy Aguilera (Cuba)

Wally Sloss (Australia)

Give reward where reward is due. This reward would be well served by honouring the efforts of doctors.

Giselle (Canada)

John (New Zealand)

Christopher wortley (United Kingdom)

I full-heartedly support the initiative to honor the Henry Reeve International Brigade for all the work that they had, have and will accomplish in the near future and the distance one too. It is a noble cause to give life, to save life and to keep people alive in atrocious conditions and remote places. The Cubans have always answered positively to any demand for medical assistance regardless of where it happens.The Cubans have always demonstrated it can be done and they did it and still doing it. The Henry Reeve International Brigade is always ready, always Happy to help.Their hearts are in the rights places.The time has come now to honor them for their hard work. Remember the most important thing in life is to save lives. Thank you Henry Reeve International Brigade. You are the best. Maji Habana

Madjid Mahrane (United Kingdom)

Debra McLoughlin (Australia)

Ahmed Resan (Sweden)

Walter Tillow (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors deserve the Nobel peace prize, they had been doing a great job in health care around the world for long time. Cuba is one of the best countries in health care system even with all economic difficulties that it facing.

Abdulmanem Hussein (Canada)

Steve Crown (United Kingdom)

shirley cusack (United Kingdom)

Diane Williams (United Kingdom)

John Glendenning (United Kingdom)

Paddy (United Kingdom)

Inspirational doctors who served people in need

Peter Tatchell (United Kingdom)

Please award the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban doctors.

paul heywood-smith QC (Australia)

These brave knowledgable doctors left their families behind to save the world They deserve Nobel prize

Fadel Shoteri (Canada)

Jane Hogan (United Kingdom)

Peter Lyons (United Kingdom)

Jenny Robert (United Kingdom)

Catherine Murphy (United Kingdom)

A message of peace and hope in humanity, that when we are in need we can trust that others will come to help no matter who we are and where from. And we will do the same too

Rina M (United Kingdom)

Gerry (Ireland)

Christine Thompson (United Kingdom)

Brenda Graham (United Kingdom)

Please Cuba - give all of us the vaccine for Covid 19, the whole world is depending on you.

Phil Brand (United Kingdom)

I fully endorse the nomination for Cuba in view of their humanitarian treatment of so many countries Covid 19 sufferers.

Ann Craig (United Kingdom)

Beautiful country - beautiful people - professionally treated for a minor injury by courteous & proficient staff

Lauren Starr (Canada)

Peter Ross (Australia)

The Cuban doctors are heroi and wonderful ambassadors of peace, working tirelessly for all of humanity.

Sally Chaffee (United States of America)

Joan Hill (United Kingdom)

Zeljko Cipris (United States of America)

Bill Waddell (United States of America)

Geoff Ryan (United Kingdom)

Sarah (United Kingdom)

Francis Chambers (Ireland)

I have heard so many good reports for years about Cuban doctors helping out all over the world

SUZANNE Wallace (United Kingdom)

Very deserving

dan morkert (United States of America)

Wendy (Canada)

Thank you Cuban doctors for your hard work to save life worldwide

Hussein Mohammed (United States of America)

Cuba’s doctors deserve a noble prize due to their unique work & success in medicine

Mustafa Karim (United Kingdom)

Mike fildes (United Kingdom)


Justine (United Kingdom)

Stop the terror on Cuba by the rotten foreign usa politics.

Gerard van ewijk (Netherlands)

Cuban doctors deserve recognition! These people are heroes. Thank your the bottom of my heart!

Philip Miles (United Kingdom)

Viva the kind and courageous members of the Henry Reeve International Brigade who have selflessly given their time and expertise to help those in need.

Marion Ferguson (Australia)

Ronan Stenson (Ireland)

John Clarke (United Kingdom)

This is long overdue.

Cesar Omar (United Kingdom)

Breaking down barriers with genuinely selfless international aid.

PATRICK Bonner (United Kingdom)

Yvonne Grey (United Kingdom)

Robert (Australia)

Over the years, thee Cuban doctors have worked as volunteers to improve the health of people in under developed or developing countries. With the COVID-19, their courageous efforts to save people from this deadly pandemic, their tireless work as medical volunteers shot into view. It is time that their selfless humanitarian work be recognized and rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize.

Barbara Ulrich (Canada)

Jan Fermon (Belgium)

Peter (Australia)

Abel Candelario Ortega (Cuba)

ronald (Australia)

Please give this well deserved prize to recognise the selfless work of the Cuban medical brigades.

Patrick Gavigan (United Kingdom)

you couldn't give this award to a more deserving cause.......GO CUBA

wishes goodearth (Australia)

Viva Cuba

wayne wadsworth (Australia)

Cuba is a greater country despite of many countries blocked its economic to be part of the world, Cubans only offer their hearth. Cuba is a symbol of love and peace around the world and the best country in all Latin America. I respect you Cubans. Many thanks

Francy Vargas (Australia)

Viva Cuba! The island’s medical brigades deserve recognition for their exceptional work and solidarity aiding nations around the world.

Sasha Gillies-Lekakis (Australia)

Ken Burton (Canada)

Alistair Pepper (United Kingdom)

They really diserve this award.

Anna van platerink (Netherlands)

Well deserved

Allison peters (United Kingdom)

Susan Herrington (United Kingdom)

Patricia Ogilvie (Australia)

Jef Vanhemel (Belgium)

Well deserved.

Isabel Carr Smart (United Kingdom)

D Serrano (Australia)

Rena McCarry (United Kingdom)


Philip Harris (United Kingdom)

Brigid Logue (Australia)

Pam Page (United Kingdom)

This would be a deserving Nobel prize winners

jean zeibak (United States of America)

Viva Cuba

Felix Alberto Hernandez Diaz (Australia)

Nobel peace prize for brigade Henry Reeve Cuban Doctors! Blockade of Cuba must end!

Eduardo Ernesto Leal Menendez (United Kingdom)

Malcolm (New Zealand)

Yunier Palma (Cuba)

Annette Hadley (United Kingdom)

Cuba and Cuban Doctors have made a significant difference in the lives of thousands of people who have or may have contacted COVID. These people live in various countries where Doctors - their expertise and medicines are very urently needed. In this time of need and medical equipment, Doctors and their supporters who believe Cuba should be free to choose their own destiny - were on board to travel to these countries in need. The Docotrs put their lives on the line, they left their families during this Pandemic to spread love and hope and health to those most needy. Their legacy will live op and therefore I urge all groups who care to nominate the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. PLEASE urge your friends and Members of Parliament, university Chancellors and University Professors to make an official nomination to The NOBEL PRIZE COMMITTEE. NOMINATE The Cuban Doctors of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade - you can send your email here. Contact

Victoria Ruth Larson (Canada)

Paul (United Kingdom)

Lachlan Hurse (Australia)

Always the first to offer their help to other countries in need in spite of the many hardships they face as a country themselves. They step in when others won’t or can’t

Elaine (United Kingdom)

Let us give credit where it's due.

Ashoke Dasgupta (Canada)

Graham Fayers (United Kingdom)

Alison Wren (United Kingdom)

Zuzana Andrasikova (Slovakia)

John (United Kingdom)

raymond moore (United Kingdom)

Adam Bailey (United States of America)

Ross Holden (United Kingdom)

Birgit Schoer (United Kingdom)

all credit where it is due

robert bunce (United Kingdom)

This country and their doctors recognise that people are more important than ideology

Eddie sheehy (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with the government and the workers of Cuba!

Antoin Fletcher (Ireland)

Rob (United Kingdom)

Cuban medics have helped countries around the world after crises. The show care for all despite what’s going on in their own country. We owe them a debt for showing care and love to others.

Kelly Burgess (United Kingdom)

Paul Soto-Kelly (United Kingdom)

Ernesto Wong Garcia (Cuba)

Gratitide and admiration for their selfless work.

Fiorenza Jones (Australia)

Who else has this record of international support for other countries?

Pamela (United Kingdom)

This would be one of the rare times when the Nobel Peace Prize really meant something

andrew (United Kingdom)

Barrie Eckford (United Kingdom)

Laura Ashton (United Kingdom)

Jean Roberts (United Kingdom)

Jordan Thornton (United Kingdom)

linda dahms (Canada)

Maria Davies (United Kingdom)

Noemi Huang (China)

Donna Madden (United States of America)

Gordon Randall (United Kingdom)

Curtis (United Kingdom)

Deborah Behrman (United Kingdom)

Russel Harland (United Kingdom)

Mairead Gilmartin (United Kingdom)

Sushila Zeitlyn (United Kingdom)

Steve Jones (United Kingdom)

Diego Rotondo (Canada)

Jewel Crawford (United States of America)

Kevin Wallace (Canada)

Jean Tattersall (Australia)

Dolores A Welty (United States of America)

Mark Warner (United Kingdom)

So powerful to see this work which says I care for you because you are human and so am I; rather than I permit myself to ignore you, or even hate you, because you are different from me.

Rosanna Zabeth (United Kingdom)

Your humanitarian contribution has been outstanding.

John Coates (United Kingdom)

Absolutely agree this should go to Cuban health providers that have worked globally

Julia Warner (United Kingdom)

As an organizational member of the 1997 Peace Laureate International Campaign to Ban Landmines I heartily endorse the Henry Reeve Brigade for consideration for the Peace Prize. It is a remarkable organization with an unmatched record of fearlessly providing aid where it’s most urgently needed

Richard M Walden (United States of America)

Lauren Hutchings (United Kingdom)

Fatima Abadel (Yemen)

Anthony Cole (United Kingdom)

Please recognise these selfless and heroic medics. They had to overcome the injustice of the USA to operate and they put their lives on the line for the whole world's struggle against Covid 19.

Steven Handford (United Kingdom)

Thank you for all that you do

Lisa Dempster (United Kingdom)

Alex (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Bell (United States of America)

Solidarity and much respect for these brave compañerxs! #UnBlockCuba #CubaSalva

Tony Savino (United States of America)

Gillian Wood (United Kingdom)

Robert Rizzuto (United States of America)

Steven Redfern (United Kingdom)

jack kenny (United Kingdom)

Alison MacBride (United Kingdom)

Angela killen (United Kingdom)

Eli Schotz (United States of America)

Lucia Vizoso (Spain)

Pat Jeffries (Canada)

Sean Leggatt-Bulaitis (United Kingdom)

Stefania Grassi (Italy)

Mikael Betzer (Denmark)

I’ve followed the selflessness of the Cuban doctor campaign. And I am so impressed. No other country in the world has a team that reaches out to others as much.

Penelope Middelboe (United Kingdom)

Jon Rosebank (United Kingdom)

Pete (United Kingdom)

Couldn’t think of anyone more worthy..

Raymond Atkins (United Kingdom)

David Sousa (France)

Tracy (United Kingdom)

Jonathan Clive Cooper (United Kingdom)

It is a honour to support this niomination. Their actions of providing hope and humanitarian aid to those in the greatest need should be an example to us all.Thank you

Richard Rudkin (United Kingdom)

These doctors are a fantastic example of international co-operation, compassion and professionalism

Diane McKinlay (United Kingdom)

Brogan halpin (United Kingdom)

Please give them the Nobel peace prize. It is very much deserved by them.

Claire Wade (United Kingdom)

Susie Plant (United Kingdom)

They deserve the Nobel Peace Prize because they have stood in solidarity with communities in need around the world in the midst of many crises. Recognition should be given of the courageous work that they have done, so please consider awarding this prize to them.

Julie Setchfield (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with the Cubans

Kirsten Murphy (United Kingdom)

Annie Vanham (United Kingdom)

Sie haben es verdient. Vorbild für die Jugend. Beschämung westlicher Egoismen.

Dr Vera Affeln (Germany)

Lucy Duncanson (United Kingdom)

luke george (United Kingdom)

Thank you to all Cuban health and essential workers who have and continue to work tirelessly around the world during this unprecedented-in-our-lifetimes' pandemic. The work Cuba has done, often unrecognized, is an example of the rest of the world needs to respond to crises elsewhere than our own countries. Cuba also had/has a hospital run by Doctors without Borders work with Chernobyl victims. My son did a documentary as a film project about this service.

Patricia Hogan (Canada)

fantastic country, fantastic people. Viva Cuba

Huw Rees (United Kingdom)

margaret chatfield (United Kingdom)

Lynn Williamson (United Kingdom)

Jenny (United Kingdom)

Alan (United Kingdom)

fiona macfarlane (United Kingdom)

Ingrid O'Brien (Ireland)

In the name of our common humanity

Terry Bowles (United Kingdom)

Jackie Wilson-rose (United Kingdom)

The Cuban health workers are a shining beacon of hope in the world to all. They deserve the prize and the world needs to see them recieve it !

Tom Duggan (United Kingdom)

Noble peace price for Cuban Doctor's well deserved.

Rolf (Australia)

Paul Regan (United Kingdom)

Totally brave and unselfish.

Peter (Ireland)

Gerrard Loughery (United Kingdom)

There are many countries in the world who are also supporting them.

Lupe Torre (United States of America)

The dedication of these wonderfull medics should be celebrated.

John Adams (United Kingdom)

Wonderful solidarity, courage and kindness. An example to others around the world.

Manuel moreno (United Kingdom)

Anne Conner (United Kingdom)

Rosemari Mealy JD PhD (United States of America)

I support this nomination

Hazel Hannan (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Marcus Lynch (United Kingdom)

Carol (Ireland)

Jason Turvey (United Kingdom)

Lydia Wenden (United Kingdom)

Italian people forget very quickly who help them, but not all italians are ungrateful. Many world countries have been helped by Cuban medical professional, Italy has been just only one country more

Fabrizio Bonora (Italy)

Johnny Roberts (Canada)

Barbara Honig (United States of America)

Helen Field (United Kingdom)

Siobhan O Connor (Ireland)

So deserved!

Sheila Allan (United Kingdom)

Nusin Arslan (Austria)

Outstanding international solidarity

Anthony Wedlake (United Kingdom)

Nancy Goodwin (United Kingdom)

Paul Ainsworth (United Kingdom)

Sean Thompson (United Kingdom)

Paula Darwish (United Kingdom)

Joanne Galazka (United Kingdom)

Cuba may not be part of the G7 but when it comes to Med Aid they are top of the League !

Neville Wright (United Kingdom)

David Raby (United Kingdom)

As a reporter covering the pandemic crisis world-wide, I am impressed with the role of the Cuban internationalist doctors. Cuba's role in providing maximum protection to their own people while assisting other countries. Meanwhile, the US government fails their citizens in providing necessary medical care, while denouncing Cuba's solidarity. The Henry Reeve Brigade and Cuba should be recognized internationally. This is just like Cuba's lead in fighting Ebola in West Africa.

Mark Friedman (United States of America)

Cuba deserves this! They are working so hard to keep their people safe and helping other countries over the world.

Iris Bosma (Netherlands)

Eilidh Munro (United Kingdom)

Jean Ferrol (United Kingdom)

Jan Marr (United Kingdom)

Joseph Ashton (United Kingdom)

Sophie Gilbert (United Kingdom)

Amira (Italy)

Kate Elgood (United Kingdom)

Derek Tatton (United Kingdom)

The doctors and volunteers of Cuba deserve this!

Katherine Spengler (United States of America)

Shirley May (United Kingdom)

Linda (United States of America)

Joanne Cooper (United Kingdom)

Catharine (United Kingdom)

Terry (United Kingdom)

Mark Falconer (United Kingdom)

Sean (Ireland)

Deborah Rushton (United Kingdom)

Austin (United Kingdom)

Shane Martin (Australia)

Lynne Spurgeon (United Kingdom)

Tasha (United Kingdom)

Mike Crawley (United Kingdom)

David Kirby (United Kingdom)

Amazing such giving people!

Bonnie Bell (Canada)

Catherine Crowther (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth (Ireland)

Dedegikas Georgios (Greece)

Incredible dedication... risking their own lives to catching infectious diseases

David Marshall (United Kingdom)

Charlotte (Sweden)

Tony (United Kingdom)

Clare Woodward (United Kingdom)

Ryan Smith (United Kingdom)

George Grime (United Kingdom)

Cuba, and Cuban Doctors and nurses deserve Gold medals. Long live Cuba! Long live internationalism!

Amador (Australia)

George Mayor (United Kingdom)

In an increasingly insular World these people shine as an example of humanity and internationalism.

Mike Brown (United Kingdom)

Patrick Thomas Sudlow (Portugal)

Owen kinder (United Kingdom)

Deirdre (Ireland)

Inspirational !

Rob Miller (United Kingdom)

Caridad (Netherlands)

Garth Tasker (United Kingdom)

Barbara Edmonds (France)

George Skuse (New Zealand)

All the very best, Hasta La Victoria Siempre ! Guillaume Rivaud,

Guillaume Rivaud (United Kingdom)

Philip Boyes (United Kingdom)

Andrea James (United Kingdom)

Cuba should be recognized for the wonderful medical humanitarian work it does. The lack of coverage about it by the western mainstream media is disgraceful.

Grenville (United Kingdom)

E daly (United Kingdom)

Philippa Applegate-Raybould (United Kingdom)

Tim Anderson (Australia)

FionaJones (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with Cuban doctors! Above and beyond their calling. Thank you!

Simon Bennett (United Kingdom)

Shadi (Canada)

Darren Sweeney (United Kingdom)

Kaj Gustafson (Sweden)

The contribution of Cuban doctors for many years round the world is amazing and needs to be better recognised

Susan Penny (United Kingdom)

J (Australia)

Margaret Singer (United Kingdom)

chris westwood (United Kingdom)

Lorena Blecic (United Kingdom)

Dympna (United Kingdom)

Jocelyne Mas (France)

Dr Manfred Groll (Germany)

Really admire the Cuban doctors

Jacqueline Denman (United Kingdom)

Peace (United Kingdom)

John (United Kingdom)

Helen Glanville (United Kingdom)

They are amazing

Carol O'Neal (United Kingdom)

Eileen Stapleton (United Kingdom)

Eva Kaluzynska (Belgium)

Amazing generosity of spirit form the Doctors of Cuba

Cliff (United Kingdom)

Tony (United Kingdom)

Nora Pearce (United Kingdom)

The Country that does the most to help others A fine example to others.

Terence Cadby (United Kingdom)

Michael M J Quinn (United Kingdom)

Carlos Garana (United Kingdom)

Jenny Vowles (United Kingdom)

Ari Blake (United Kingdom)

Anne Rooney (United Kingdom)

Often first on the scene they are an exemplar for humanitarian aid

Christine ansell (United Kingdom)

The Cuban doctors and nurses are really deserved to be awarded the Noble peace Prize

Mostafa Golestani (United Kingdom)

Richard (United Kingdom)

Fiona Montgomery (United Kingdom)

Robert (United Kingdom)

Brandon (Cuba)

Paul Renny (United Kingdom)

Martin Levy (United Kingdom)

The bravery and selfless service of the Cuban Doctors is ummatched. When the world was going indoor to self isolate running away from the invincible Covid enermy, these doctor ran towards the Covid hotspots to confront this enermy in public facilities. Salute to these Doctors... A Nobel Peace Price is a fitting demonstration of appreciation of their selfless efforts!!!

Phillip Kganyago (South Africa)

Alan Faulkner (Canada)

What more deserving cause for international peace than these medical teams who have risked so much to work for the health of others.

Frank Friedmann (United Kingdom)

The amazing health professionals of Cuban have yet again risen to the international health challenges. They have achieved hugely in their own country of Cuba, a country well known for its outstanding medical work. They deserve the first place in this award.

Linda Woolley (United Kingdom)

Nick Connors (United Kingdom)

Yanet Ledesma (Cuba)

Thanks to all who devote their skill to saving lives. Thanks to the Cuban teams who brought hope into a terrible circumstance.

sonya baksi (United Kingdom)

Sana Knaneh (United Kingdom)


Douglas Rasmusson (France)

Lynne Haynes (United Kingdom)

Abdulla bahashwan (Yemen)

Ian Sexton (United Kingdom)

Sophie Graber (United Kingdom)

David PENFOLD (United Kingdom)

good luck to you all , you've worked hard helping the world .

David LeatherBarrow (United Kingdom)

Linda Clarke (United Kingdom)

Robert Hemming (United States of America)

verner brems (Denmark)

Susan Roberts (United Kingdom)

Paola Quevedo (United Kingdom)

Miles (United Kingdom)

Seeing the ideo of the Cuban medics arriving in Italy was a ray of light in the early, darkest days of the virus.

Barbara Segal (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors and medical staff have made extraordinary efforts over a span of many years to help save the lives of their fellow human beings up to and including their assistance to other nations around the world in combatting coronavirus. Their efforts are a shining example of compassion, comradeship and the bonds that unite all humanity.

Lee Johnson (United Kingdom)

Adrian Rupp (United Kingdom)

Roy Recio (United Kingdom)

Gerard Tracy (United Kingdom)

Ruth Bradshaw (United Kingdom)

Jeremy Townsley (United Kingdom)

Cant think of anyone more deserving of this award

Jean Urquhart (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors are highly trained, hugely motivated and dedicated to helping others no matter their race, creed or nation. The doctors have contributed so much to world health and humanitarianism in the past decade or so. They deserve the highest award.

Catherine Midwinter (United Kingdom)

Thank our God for Cuba

igi moon (United Kingdom)

chris chilton (United Kingdom)

Alejandro zuniga (Australia)

Bobbie Del (United States of America)

Noel (United Kingdom)

I’m CubanAmerican and a Cuban researcher who’s been following the brigades for many years. There is no other medical group you’ll find that is more humanitarian, innovative, effective, professional and friendly as these teams. Many countries have benefited from their services, especially regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, and the feedback from these countries and patients is phenomenal. I know no other individual or group that is more deserving of this honor.

Maria Munoz (United States of America)

Barbara jermyn (United Kingdom)

Jeannette (United States of America)

Silvia Pegoraro Generoso (Brazil)


LACUESTA Philippe (France)

Ronald Corbin (United Kingdom)

Tany Alexander (United Kingdom)

Sheena Hughes (United Kingdom)

Graham Isherwood (United Kingdom)

Sian Davies (United Kingdom)

Margaret (United Kingdom)

Total admiration and respect for all the members of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade. Thank you, God bless you and solidarity.

Terry Brough (United Kingdom)

For a small country that had suffered viscous illegal US sanctions for decades to send its doctors to help poor countries surely puts rich Western 'democracies'to shame.Those selfless medics deserve the Nobel Peace Prize more than so many politicians who have received it.

Victor Martin (United Kingdom)

Nigel Clark (United Kingdom)

Most countries export to earn money. Cuba exports medical experts to save lives. Nothing could be more noble.

Peter McNee (United Kingdom)

Ileana Guasch (United Kingdom)

Mucella (United Kingdom)

Annika Miller Jones (United Kingdom)

carol a starr (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors in forefront....again 👍🏼

Christel Erschens (Denmark)

Thank you. This is a true example of internationalism which other countries should follow.

Ann Papageorgiou (United Kingdom)

Wonderful people doing wonderful work.

Andrew (United Kingdom)

Apoyo el premio nobel para los medicos Cubanos

Waldo Salomon (Denmark)

Lucy Selwood (United Kingdom)

Now is the time for the Cuban medical doctors to be recognised, for all the they do and for all the work ad achievements of their ancestors.

Lesley Koranteng (United Kingdom)

Katrina Morgenroth (Canada)

Carol Taylor-Spedding (United Kingdom)

Monika Gottwald (Germany)

Adriano Miranda (Portugal)

Paul (United Kingdom)

Luis Alfonso Diez Alvarez (Spain)

A health service for humanity not profit. Recognise and reward these magnificent pioneers.

Don Wilton (United Kingdom)

Tamar Diana Wilson (United States of America)

Brave and compassionate people,

Joey Murray (United Kingdom)

Andrea Tirelli (Luxembourg)

Linda Benson (United Kingdom)

Debbie Wild (United Kingdom)

Cuba has devoted its medical resources to meet the needs of the poor around the world therefore it should be rewarded and encouraged to continue use to provide health services around the world.

Barbara Ellis (United Kingdom)

This gives real meaning to The Nobel Prize.

Katherine Sheridan (United Kingdom)

Felicia forrest (South Africa)

Inspirational work from Cuba and deserving of international recognition

Dolly Daniel (United Kingdom)

Your work appreciated worldwide

ChrisM (United Kingdom)

Christine Holland (United Kingdom)

Jennifer Aitken (United Kingdom)

Many Cuban medical professionals have dedicated themselves far beyond their native land. I have seen this first hand in Grenada 🇬🇩. They thoroughly deserve this recognition and celebration of their selfless dedication.

Demitrius Nurse (United Kingdom)

In a worsening climate of US sanctions, Cuba persists in its admirable efforts to support countries in need. The Corona pandemic is but the last in a long range of peaceful activities performed, using Cuba's unusually high level of education and professionalism. Important to register is that Cuba, despite all shortages, has managed to keep the spread of Corona to very low levels. This can only be interpreted one way: a confidence in what the government is doing, and a broad civil society response to official recommendations and instructions.

Bertil Egeroe (Sweden)

jorge prieto (Cuba)

Jane Hughes (New Zealand)

Paddy Campbell (United Kingdom)

Kieran Delaney (United Kingdom)

Anna Melamed (United Kingdom)

Helga Mankovitz (Canada)

These are all great people that risk there lives for others for which I have great respect and think the Noble Pize is the least they deserve.

Roland Laycock (United Kingdom)

Kevin Hughes (United Kingdom)

Ann Elizabeth Parry (United Kingdom)

Tim Martin (United Kingdom)

Peter Waller (Spain)

Viva Cuba !

Sheldon Tenorio (United States of America)

You deserve it

Bonny (United Kingdom)

I am a member of the Brigade that arrived to Crema Lombardía on March 22

Jose Enrique Ortiz Pineda (Cuba)

Fernando Rivera Otero (Argentina)

Peder Agger (Denmark)

Michael Williams (New Zealand)

Jorge Manuel Martins Rodrigues (Portugal)

Mridu (United Kingdom)

Where there is suffering, death and the dark night of disease, There the Cuban Medical Brigades will be, bringing healing in expertise, Defined by dedication, they cure, comfort and ease. Who, in our world shows greater love? Who more deserving of this Nobel Prize for Peace?

Julie Lamin (United Kingdom)

Janice page (United Kingdom)

Sheila Morris (United Kingdom)

Paul Turner (United Kingdom)

Phil Hamilton (United Kingdom)

Annie Hills (United Kingdom)

The support provided by Cuba Doctors to Italy, Yemen and many other countries to combat crisis of COVID-19 was uniquely brave and humane.

Professor Ghanim Alsheikh (United Kingdom)

Margaret Delaney (United Kingdom)

John Hayden (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your selfless contribution x

Carol Nolan (United Kingdom)

Kathryn Packwood (United Kingdom)

Despite the immoral embargo, Cubans are generous enough to share limited resources just because it is the right thing to do. If only the world powers enforcing the embargo had the same compassion and generosity of spirit that Cubans have repeatedly shown. The selfless concern for others demonstrated by the Cubans is certainly ‘walking the walk’ toward a better and more peaceful world.

Don Mitchell (United States of America)

Charlotte Rickard (Sweden)

Hilary Craggs (United Kingdom)

Luis Escobar de la Paz (Spain)

Lynne vernel (United Kingdom)

Susan Cruickshank (United Kingdom)

Seria un gran reconocimiento para el trabajo hecho por los doctores cubanos en el extranjero y una manera de agradecerles su devocion al bien y la salud mundial, saludos N.

Nancy Strachan (United Kingdom)

Clive (United Kingdom)

I urge you to celebrate the heroic achievement of these citizens by awarding them the prize.

Les Craggs (United Kingdom)

Melissa Fazackerley (United Kingdom)

MIke Wood (South Africa)

Eartha (United Kingdom)

end the blockade!!

henry weilenmann (Canada)

The Henry Reeve medical Brigade richly deserve the Nobel Peace prize for it's humanitarian work over several decades

John Bowen (Ireland)

Geoff Palmer (United Kingdom)

Sue Whitney (United Kingdom)

Linda Tunkara (United Kingdom)

Peter Woods (United Kingdom)

Pauline byrne (Canada)

Darren (Canada)

Andreas Happe (Germany)

Viva los medicos cubanos! 👏👏👏✊🏻

Jim Farrell (United Kingdom)

I can testify of the excellent cuban health system and the care provided to me having been a victim of an accident in that country. Cuban doctors are everywhere from algeria to Italy and a good number of African countries. The support of Cuban goctors during the pandemics is an example of humains unequaled elsewhere.

Fatma alioua (United Kingdom)

Anne Mitchell (United Kingdom)

Susanne Huettig (Germany)

A hope for a future world.

Kenneth Elder (United Kingdom)

This would be an extremely well-deserved nomination!

Bryanna Grogan (Canada)

These Cuban health workers deserve recognition for their humanitarian work. Please give them the Nobel Prize for Peace!

Neil Griffiths (United Kingdom)

John Brown (United Kingdom)

Hanah Svane Wilder Damgaard (Denmark)

Pat Juby (United Kingdom)

Paul Finlay (United Kingdom)

Sabine Guenther (Germany)

Anna Elphinstone (Canada)

Kwasi Agyemang-Prempeh (United Kingdom)

Kathleen Gilbert (United Kingdom)

Sue (United Kingdom)

i respect these wonderful doctors

Cathey Tresidder (United Kingdom)

Chiba Ibrahim (Tunisia)

Dina (United Kingdom)

Saki (United Kingdom)

James Tominey (United Kingdom)

lindsey metcalfe (United Kingdom)

Lowri Pijeira Perez (United Kingdom)

Cuba Si !

Christophe Michaud (Canada)

John Brown (United Kingdom)

Merce Escayola Cabrejas (Spain)

Benny Nilsson (Sweden)

Di kingaby (United Kingdom)

Rana Shihadah (United Kingdom)

Michael Bills (United Kingdom)

Craig Jones (United Kingdom)

John Player (United Kingdom)

Jean Hartley (United Kingdom)

This wonderful selfless caring band of Cuban doctors so deserve the Nobel Peace Prize they have come to the aid of all citizens throughout the world without question they have put themselves in harms way and at great risk to treat those in need in emergencies for years and the Cuban health workers are worthy of recognition in this way

Debbie Whitworth (United Kingdom)

Katerina Ziakou (Greece)

Martin Dutton (United Kingdom)

These wonderful people don't get the recognition they deserve in the western media,life savers.

Maurice O'neill (United Kingdom)

Clara bransky (United Kingdom)

Val Brown (United Kingdom)

Ellos lo merecen, Viva Cuba, venceremos

Silvia (Belgium)

Rebekah Ball (United Kingdom)

Jennie (United Kingdom)

Sarah (United Kingdom)

Having been to Cuba with a Unite the Union Executive delegation in 2008 I know the great work done internationally by Cuban doctors, and their efforts now on the corona virus are outstanding, especially with the problems they endure with the USA blockade. They definitely deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

Peter Taylor (United Kingdom)

ko geldof (Netherlands)

Mags Hindle (United Kingdom)

Rita Berry (United Kingdom)

Eero Ojanen (Finland)

Liam Collins (United Kingdom)

Mehmet DOSEMECI (United States of America)

Carole Heddle (United Kingdom)

These brave people put their safety at risk to help complete strangers. They deserve our gratitude and eternal thanks

John Seggie (United Kingdom)

John Murphy (United Kingdom)

Remi Legendre (Canada)

Giuseppe Venuti (Italy)

Most definitely deserved. A shining example of human solidarity

Harry Woods (United Kingdom)

heroes of the twenty and twenty first century

mark kane (United Kingdom)

Robin Le Mare (United Kingdom)

Thomas Mitchell (United Kingdom)

Sebastiao Viola (United Kingdom)

Randi Axelrod (United States of America)

June Turnbull (United Kingdom)

Raul Pelegrino (Spain)

Their kindness and expertise were invaluable in these difficult times. Please consider them favourably for this Nobel Peace prize

Mary Doonan (United Kingdom)

Keith Finn (United Kingdom)

Wil (Netherlands)

When I worked in International development and travelled frequently to Africa, I frequently ran into or heard mention of Cuban health professionals who had been seconded to the country I was working in. Impressive considering that Cuba itself was far from being a 'first world's country.

Kieran McGregor (United Kingdom)

Paul (United Kingdom)

ian thomson (United Kingdom)

Keith Lomax (United Kingdom)

Jessica Stevens (United States of America)

Solidarity to Cuba ✊

Richard Mackey (United Kingdom)

Amanda Cruddas (United Kingdom)

Michelle smith (United Kingdom)

Roudge (France)

Janet (United Kingdom)

Wendy (United Kingdom)

Martine (Belgium)

Let's celebrate the humanity, selflessness and solidarity of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade! These doctors and health workers are an inspiration to us all.

Julia South (United Kingdom)

It is well past time that The United States government end the illegal, immoral, and senseless economic embargo against the people of Cuba. This important recognition of Cuban internationalist solidarity adds to the mountain of evidence to the stark contrast between a society in Cuba, on the one hand, which values human solidarity and a qualitative life building internationalist socialism versus the brutal capitalist society in the United States of America, on the other hand that diminishes human life to a commodity and expendable fodder in its endless imperialist wars around the world. Long live the Cuban revolution and the Cuban revolutionary comrades!

Maurice Peret (United States of America)

Rose Dentus (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre del Cuba

Cenger tan (Turkey)

Viva Cuba Viva Solidarity

Eoin Rua Davey (United Kingdom)

Sarah Pink (United Kingdom)

Patrick Dutton (Ireland)

Simon Baker (United Kingdom)

Jane McIver (United Kingdom)

Huda Basaleem (Yemen)

For their selfless work providing humanitarianism and hope to people across the globe, we are asking you to award them the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021.

michelle jenkins (United Kingdom)

Angela (United Kingdom)

Barry (United Kingdom)

CUBA in sharing its doctors, allowing cruise liners to seek refuge in the midst of a pandemic, in the research it does sets an example to all of us.For such a small island to educate so many medical personnel despite the behaviour of its nearest neighbour is always a matter of considerable wonder to me.Perhaps it is because you put the planet and its people before profit ,greed and power.What an amazing example to the rest of us.

Jane e Hale (United Kingdom)

Michael Carr (United Kingdom)

Rona Drennan (United Kingdom)

Clare Baker (United Kingdom)

The Cuban doctors truly deserve this honour.

Eleanor Davidson (United Kingdom)

they have done so much to save lives

Tina Petty (United Kingdom)


Julie Nurthen (United Kingdom)

Gill Hitchcock (United Kingdom)

Without doubt the medics from Cuba deserve to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their international work to save humanity.

Ian Walmsley (United Kingdom)

It's brilliant to be able to sign a petition for something so poitive and life-affirming.

Sian Charnley (United Kingdom)

Philip (Canada)

Jette Jacobsen (Denmark)

Araya Redda (United Kingdom)

Les (United Kingdom)

Simon Boxley (United Kingdom)

Its time. International recognition for the heroic medical assistance provided selflessly by Cubans, ignored by the international media

David Hallett (United Kingdom)

Jerry Evans (United Kingdom)

Birgit (Denmark)

ULF MATZON (Denmark)

Cuban Doctors are Outstanding in their willingness to help ANYONE, Anywhere! I have read stories of Cuban Doctors who have died, or become ILL in the line of duty. NOTE: I have been treated by Cuban Doctors & they gave me Amazing care, with limited resources etc! PLEASE award them the Nobel Prize. THEY are DESERVING!!

Marica (Canada)

Sheila Amoo-Gottfried (United Kingdom)

susan (United Kingdom)

Rosie Rechter (United Kingdom)

Denise Taylor (United Kingdom)

Jenny Douglas (United Kingdom)

Iris Valdes Garcia (Cuba)

Stephanie Hedgecoke (United States of America)

Muy merecido reconocimiento,los médicos cubanos, son ejemplo de la validez del juramento hipocrático

Carlos Correa G (Colombia)

Kyle (United Kingdom)

Personne ne mérite le prix Nobel de la Paix plus que les Brigades médicales cubaines Henry Reeve !

LOU (France)

Shirley (United Kingdom)

Heinz-Juergen Krug (Germany)

Andy Phipps (United Kingdom)

Eve (United Kingdom)

Lesley Porter (Ireland)

It is important that the people who win the Nobel Peace prize are actually people who are actually working to make the world a better place. The Cuban doctors do that every day in countries around the world.

Lita Gillies (Australia)

Paul Hine (United Kingdom)

Jim Clark (United Kingdom)

pekin (United Kingdom)

Paul Peacock (United Kingdom)

isabella forshall (United Kingdom)

Dorothy Edginton (United Kingdom)

Deanna long (United Kingdom)

Coronavirus is the latest proof that we need not so much an NHS but a GHS - a Global Health Service. Cuba is only the country on earth to act on this imperative, and has done so consistently, over decades. In light of this, it's impossible to think of a more worthy recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize!

John (United Kingdom)

Suzette Vargas (United States of America)

Josune Arzalluz (United Kingdom)

Benjamin Pugh (United Kingdom)

Jim McIntyre (United Kingdom)

Wolf Goehring (Germany)

Why not honour those who in the spirit of the original Nobel prize - have worked tirelessly without motive for profit, fame, or gain other than to further peace and health in mankind?

Tom Brennan (United Kingdom)

Tamara Rego (United Kingdom)

Solidarity to the incredible people of Cuba. Solidarity and thanks to all those who have been a part of the amazing brigade's supporting countries across the world, you thoroughly deserve the Nobel Peace Price.

Henry Fowler (United Kingdom)

Han Duijvendak (United Kingdom)

Mark Kane (Ireland)

Lana Baldwin (United Kingdom)

Lo merecen, han demostrado una auténtica solidaridad.

Carlos Jara Martinez (Ecuador)

Beki (United Kingdom)

Sean (United Kingdom)

Anca (Canada)

Luis Raposo (Canada)

Well deserved

David Betchley (United Kingdom)

Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban Doctors 2021

Mia (Sweden)

Cuba a poor Socialist Country but leads the World with its Heath Service and how it helps out at disasters all around the World, it deserves all the accolades going.

Bernard (United Kingdom)

Ann Janssen (United Kingdom)

Solidarity from North Yorkshire

Ed Routh (United Kingdom)

Sarah (United Kingdom)

Jane Hotten (United Kingdom)

Geraldine Tsakirakis (United Kingdom)

Kim Holm (Denmark)

They have done marvelous work...

William Thomas Engleson (Canada)

Jane (Spain)

Great humanitarians. A brilliant example of unconditional caring and helping wherever it is needed. The world should rejoice that we still have such great people. Cube, we salute you!

Margaret de Gruchy (United Kingdom)

I fully support this petition. Thank you.

Martin Lynch (United Kingdom)

Jack Sibley (United Kingdom)

William Frost (United Kingdom)


Nisha (United States of America)

Craig Jones (United Kingdom)

Theirs is an endeavour that is truly about peace

Deb Collett (United Kingdom)

Sven Tarp (Denmark)

Nobody deserves this more than the Cuban doctors who volunteer every time they are needed for the last sixty years. Amazing achievement

Bob Oram (United Kingdom)

Such a deserving cause. This would send a fantastic message across the globe re the importance of co-operation, particularly during the current pandemic. Viva Cuba!

Karen Pool (United Kingdom)

Nadine Gorman (United Kingdom)

These medical professionals, beyond their country of origin and the specific country receiving their aid in each case, have brought to the world human solidarity to those who suffer the horror of the disease and need the support of all. A disinterested and unconditional solidarity, regardless of the race, religion, social condition or country of those in need of their help; idea of international human solidarity that should guide our civilization towards a better world. Estos profesionales médicos, más allá de su país de origen y del pais concreto destinatario de su ayuda en cada caso, han llevado al mundo la solidaridad humana a quienes sufren el horror de la enfermedad y necesitan del apoyo de todos. Una solidaridad desinteresada y sin condiciones, con independencia de la raza, religión, condición social o pais de los necesitados de su ayuda; idea de solidaridad humana internacional que debe guiar nuestra civilización hacia un mundo mejor.


This important solidary work and the internationalism sharing must be admired with highest honours worldwide. People of Cuba are giving clear example of how as the citizens of the world must dedicate our energies to for the peace and better humanity.

Andile Mosha (South Africa)

Dean Peters (United States of America)

We are in support of the humanitarian Cuban Physicians without looking for political or other barriers.

Amen A Bawazir (Yemen)

Thank you for the courage of the Cuban doctors and their exemplary actions to combat the global pandemic in 38 countries around the world. They are an example to the world as to which direction we must go in the future. Health and education in a cooperative manner is Cuba's example to the world. BRAVO.

Rebecca Vincenzi (France)

The Solidarity Community Care Organisation (Namibia)

When all the countries were focust on them selv the cubanien doctors supportet even the countries that are fighting Cuba.

Benjamin Gottberg (Denmark)

Ari Sulopuisto (Finland)

Josephine Cupitt (United Kingdom)

I think what the Cuban doctors have done with so little themselves is outstanding in a world of greed, power & control.

Barbara (Canada)

The Henry Reeve brigades give their medical nursing and technical expertise wherever it is needed throughout world , asking nothing in return. Nobel peace prize will recognise this

Maddy Nettleship (United Kingdom)

Richard Paine (United Kingdom)

Maria (United Kingdom)

With all the difficulties Cuba has to cope with, because of the US continued unreasonable animosity and blockage, their medical team has shown support and respect, for humanity, by making positive use of their vast medical skills, in volunteering alongside others, in countries struggling with the effect of COVID19. We should without thinking about it, acknowledge Cuba's continued support to other countries in Solidarity. The Nobel Peace Prize should be enthusiastically and proudly presented to Cuba and the medical team. Viva Cuba in Solidarity

Trish (United Kingdom)

Shelly Asquith (United Kingdom)

The Cuban Doctors show us what true Human Solidarity looks like.

John Pinto (United Kingdom)

I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this prize than the Cuban medical workers. They stand as an example of the all the medical workers across the world who have cared for us and saved our lives during this pandemic, and we should be proud of all of them! Solidarity.

Jennifer Gunn (United Kingdom)

Internationalism at its best. True Heroes

John Andrews (United Kingdom)

Neil Sledge (United Kingdom)

Brian Troake (United Kingdom)

It's about time this country was recognized!

Deena Stryker (United Kingdom)

Alex Brooke (United Kingdom)

Stephen (United Kingdom)

amor a Cuba

magdalena jitrik (Argentina)

Cuba's medics have helped people around the world, despite their country having to struggle to survive. They work selflessly. I think they deserve a Nobel Prize.

Patricia Shorter (United Kingdom)

James Sexton (United Kingdom)

Nicola Sharp (United Kingdom)

Jack O'Dwyer-Henry (United Kingdom)

Please support the Cuban Doctors for the Nobel prize

Dermot Dawson (United Kingdom)

John Barton (United Kingdom)

Emma Calderin (United Kingdom)

Kenneth (United Kingdom)

Jane Leslie (United Kingdom)

Sylvia Knight (United Kingdom)

Patricia (United Kingdom)

Victor Ochoa (United States of America)

Elizabeth Matos (United Kingdom)

Dermot Hill (United Kingdom)

Amazing solidarity

Alpesh Maisuria (United Kingdom)

They deserve it!

Marisa Choguill (United Kingdom)

Russ Hickman (United Kingdom)

Nobody deserves this award more under the combined onslaught of the global pandemic and the enforced impoverishment of Yankee colonialism.

Peter (United Kingdom)

Jeremy Boucher (United Kingdom)

Worthy. Very very very worthy.

Roger (Canada)

James Nimmo (United Kingdom)

Jalil Recio (United Kingdom)

Robert Sproule (United Kingdom)

Amir Candeaux (United Kingdom)

James Terry (United Kingdom)

Doctors of Cuba are shining examples of what the best is in our difficult times.

Dr Agnes Kory (United Kingdom)

viv taylor-gee (United Kingdom)

Sean Stewart (United Kingdom)

Oliver Little (United Kingdom)

Tim Knight (United Kingdom)

ipek Gursoy (Cyprus)

anne-lise ekvall (Denmark)

Cuba have been training doctors for free for the poorer countries for YEARS and they well deserve this award -

susan mckenze (United Kingdom)

Sylvia Hargrave (United Kingdom)

Mehmet gursoy (Cyprus)

Cuba does a fantastic job

Lord Jason ODonnell (United Kingdom)

Jenny Kassman (United Kingdom)

Andrew McGuffog (United Kingdom)

Joyce Robertshaw (United Kingdom)

Erin Coughlin (United Kingdom)

Rudy Friesen (Canada)

Karen Parkin (United Kingdom)

Berit Brandseth (Norway)

A selfless & compassionate group of professionals who the world should recognise their actions.

Karen Gill (United Kingdom)

Dear Nobel Prize Committee, Please don't be pressurised into submission by the US and their historic childish hatred of the Cuban people. Let the Nobel Prize retain its credibility in the eyes of the world and award it to those most deserving - The Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade.

Alan McThredder (United Kingdom)

Viva el pueblo Cubano. Saludos de amigos daneses

Anders Bornhoeft (Denmark)

Anne (Denmark)

Jonni Andersen (Denmark)

Rick (United Kingdom)

Surjit Sahota (Canada)

If I could I would sign this 13,500 times - once for each member of this amazing brigade.

Roshan (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre!

Danny Dayus (United Kingdom)

Eric Blake (United Kingdom)

Pat Marsh (United Kingdom)

Cuba`s examble is a ligth for the 3 world

Tue Tortzen (Denmark)


James Edwards (United Kingdom)

Patricia Byrne (United Kingdom)

Tom Banks (United Kingdom)

Trevor Ault (United Kingdom)

Solidarity! Viva Cuba.

Joe Bleach (United Kingdom)

Alison Smith (United Kingdom)

Sarah Burnett (United Kingdom)

Lesley Hart (United Kingdom)

Graham King (United Kingdom)

Gordon Calliste (United Kingdom)

They need recognition for their selfless medical assistance offered freely to the countries that required help. Their Government should be very proud of them.

Mercia Davids (South Africa)

David Gibson (United Kingdom)

Amalia Kostorrizou (United Kingdom)

Ian (United Kingdom)

Stephanie (United Kingdom)

Cuba’s medics deserve recognition for the remarkable work they do for people in need in emergencies and disasters all over the world.

Fiona Millar (United Kingdom)

Saumyajit Bhattacharya (India)

Cuba has been a true beacon of peace and cooperation around the world even as it has had to endure the harsh and punitive sanctions of the USA for over 60 years.It deserves at the very least such recognition as the Nobel peace prize.

George Purvis (United States of America)

Gordon Peters (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors kept my brother-in-law alive in Angola.

Sue Douglas (United Kingdom)

Jill Murdoch (United Kingdom)

Peter Vince (United Kingdom)

graham (United Kingdom)

Best wishes to Cuba's doctors!

James Frost (United Kingdom)

Miam Margrete (Denmark)

John Wilson (United Kingdom)

Vince Mills (United Kingdom)

The Cuban health service is one of the best in the world and their internationalism is so impressive

Mary Ord (United Kingdom)

Lydia Maers (United Kingdom)

Well done

Tom Farrell (United Kingdom)

Julia Timothy (United Kingdom)


COLIN (United Kingdom)

Fausto Gianelli (Italy)

anna serena bartolucci (Italy)

Lisbet Christiansen (Denmark)

In Solidatory

Linda Dando (United Kingdom)

Premio más que merecido a los cubanos y su solidaridad.

Consuelo Navarro (Argentina)

Thoroughly deserved. It should be a no brainier for the awarding committee.

David Tyrrell (United Kingdom)

Jane Daly (United Kingdom)

Stefano (Italy)

Jacquie (United States of America)

Erika Fox (United Kingdom)

Tobias Kriele (Germany)

Gina Siddons (United Kingdom)

The noble efforts of the Cubans stand in stark contrast to their detractors.

Granville David Credland (United Kingdom)

Oliver Saunders (United Kingdom)

Stuart Heath (United Kingdom)

Alan Grant (United Kingdom)

Whenever a major disaster has hit somewhere in the world, Cuban doctors, nurses and medical staff respond. They have saved countless lives and helped in prevention and treatment of major diseases. It is about time they got recognized for their work.

Craig A Frederickson (United States of America)

Praveen (United Kingdom)

John Kirk (Canada)

Please consider Cuba for Nobel Peace Prize for its humanitarian work during COVID.

Diane (Canada)

Bridget Macey (United Kingdom)

Russell Wood (United Kingdom)

kate (United Kingdom)

Mike (United Kingdom)

Edna Tordecilla (Spain)

Julie (United States of America)

cait (United Kingdom)


I fully advocate this nomination

Bruce Batchelor Phd (Canada)

Thank you for volunteering

Camilla Bennett (United Kingdom)

Cuba's doctors' outstanding contribution to relieving disaster for decades in countries all over the world has been almost totally ignored by the press, yet their work has exceeded the support given by any other country to many disasters. It is past time that they were recognised.

John Pursaill (United Kingdom)

Oliver Coled (United Kingdom)

jim watson (United Kingdom)

Maureen Davies (Australia)

Renata Mirra (United Kingdom)

Eoghan (Ireland)

Nikolai Silas Christoph Aamand (Denmark)

¡Viva Cuba!

Rachel (United States of America)

Dr M George (United Kingdom)

Ove Andersen (Denmark)

Un riconoscimeto umano dovuto ad uno dei pochi Paesi al mondo meritevoli.Hasta la victoria ,siempre!

Vito Antonio (Italy)

Lin Harwood (United Kingdom)

I visited Cuba in 2004 and found their ethos on health and education admirable and the Cuba people are wonderful!

Andi Langford-Woods (United Kingdom)

Fantastic doctors in Cuba!!!

Sherry Rasmussen (Canada)

Anna (United Kingdom)

Kevan Heyes (United Kingdom)

Fiona Gillan (United Kingdom)

Augusto Serrano Olmedo (Spain)

Yes give the pirice to cuban doktors

Anne (United Kingdom)

Anne Barry (United Kingdom)

Leif (Mexico)

Thomas Backhouse (United Kingdom)

Michael Foulkes (United Kingdom)

Linda Gray (United Kingdom)

Val (United Kingdom)

Alan Roden (United Kingdom)

The Cuban Doctors have been real heroes during this pandemic and should receive the Noble Peace Prize for putting their lives on the line to help people around the world, not just a hand clap

Lindsey Cronin (United Kingdom)

It's tima Cuba was recognized for all the wonderful things it does.

Tina Townsend (Canada)

Jyotsna Judah (United Kingdom)

Tom Finnemore (United Kingdom)

Barbara (Germany)

Martin (Germany)

In solidarity !

Martin (United Kingdom)

Evelyn Pinkerton (Canada)

Nick Waterman (United Kingdom)

Maya Szelmeczka (United Kingdom)

George Rendall (United Kingdom)

They have done remarkable work all over the world but especially in my home country South Africa This award should not be in doubt

John Ellis (United Kingdom)

An amazing job in extremely difficult times.

Janet Macintyre (United Kingdom)

Gina Kalla (United Kingdom)

Jill (United Kingdom)

Dafydd Morgan Lewis (United Kingdom)

Ed (United Kingdom)


Elennis (Cuba)

Barry (United Kingdom)

Christopher J Green (United Kingdom)

Eilish Creaney (United Kingdom)

Bridget Dunne (United Kingdom)

steve berwick (United Kingdom)

I am fully aware of the contribution of the Cuban doctors in fighting Covid-19 internationally. Their work is beyond excellent. They fully deserve the Nobel Prize! As the author of THE HEMINGWAY MONOLOGUES, I am intimate with the contributions of Cuba to the world.


Alice Nutzhorn (Denmark)

Steve Roman (United Kingdom)

Jean Fooks (United Kingdom)

Anna Sardesai (United Kingdom)

Joseph Cairns (United Kingdom)

Only solidarity can save humanity

Gina Russell (United Kingdom)

Ines Severino (Portugal)

Andrew King (Canada)

Birgitta (Sweden)

Aysegul Vaizoglu (Turkey)

The Cuban doctors are always firs5 to respond where the6 are needed and are never given the credit they deserve

Pat (United Kingdom)

Ulf Brunne (Sweden)

Carlo Cappellari (Italy)

James-Henry Holland (United States of America)

Yes!! Cuban doctors are heroic, so good at their work and they help so many other countries. They deserve the Nobel Peace Prize!

Ruth Payne (Canada)

Falk (Germany)

Cuban health professionals have done stellar international service in the COVID-19 crisis and for decades before. It's time to recognize their outstanding contribution to the people of the world with a Nobel prize.

Larry (Canada)

In the world’s time of need , the Cuban people - again - send their own medical teams out to serve the Health needs of other countries, regardless of national or political differences All this whilst the world continues to allow an illegal blockade of the Cuban nation to continue.

Martin Mckay (United Kingdom)

Nikola (Canada)

Adam McPherson (Canada)

Fay Baker (United Kingdom)

About time this was done!

Barry (United Kingdom)

Cuba is a small country with an international reputation that puts so called more affluent countries to shame because it prioritises on the important things

Frank Wright (United Kingdom)

Brian Walter (United Kingdom)

Cuban medical teams have assisted in many countries throughout the world, a huge accomplishment and example for the rest of the world.

Paul Pugh (Canada)

Gemma Meenan (United Kingdom)

Hello - the worldwide attempt to control Covid-19 needs recognition. While it is sometimes wrong to specify any one group or country in their efforts to help manage this terrible virus, the generous work of Cuba's trained medical professionals is a worthy exception. I ask you to take their sacrifices into account when deliberating the Nobel Award for Peace.

Joel Kosminsky (United Kingdom)

The Nobel Peace Prize ought to be presented to the altruistic Medical teams of Cuba.

Sean (United Kingdom)

I am really overjoyed that Cuba became truly a medical-humanitarian SUPERPOWER!

Philip Janssen (Germany)

With very little fuss or fanfare Cuba regularly sends thousands of highly-skilled healthcare workers all over the world to places often ignored by much wealthier countries. They have been doing this for scores of years, even during the 1990s when the country was suffering so much itself. They surely, finally, deserve some recognition for these selfless actions.

Richard Hull (United Kingdom)


Solidarity with the Cuban People and especially to the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade.

James Dolan (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with the people of Cuba

Dorian Lee (United Kingdom)

Mark Cranshaw (United Kingdom)


Anne Dennis Hartnoll (United Kingdom)

Rich Frewin (United Kingdom)

Debbie (United Kingdom)

Jesus (United States of America)

Marcus Hosgood (United Kingdom)

Ginett (Cuba)

Ann Goodburn (United Kingdom)

We should all be eternally grateful to the efforts of our medics around the world - the Henry Reeve International Brigade are a wonderful example of the willingness of Medics to put themselves on the front line and of Cuba to help without expectation of reward.

Jo Walton (United Kingdom)

Barbara Garattini (Italy)

Giovanna Agnello (Luxembourg)

Trudi (United Kingdom)

Lars (Sweden)

JOHN CAMPBELL (United Kingdom)

Gilles Perron (Canada)

Abdullah Hattab (Yemen)

No one has contributed to a safer,healthy,more peaceful world than the peoples of Cuba.

Anthony Trevorrow (Ireland)

Anne Kroigaard (Denmark)

Anton Hinds (United States of America)

Adrian Jacques (United Kingdom)

John Beeching (United Kingdom)

Nicholas (United Kingdom)

Susan (Sweden)

Well done/Thank you Cuba 🙌😙 And God Bless to Everyone 🙏🙏

Kevin (United Kingdom)

This extraordinary small country that has survived against the odds for so many years has demonstrated outstanding humanitarianism by sending its medical staff to so many developing world Countries which are in great need.

John Edwards (United Kingdom)

June Dargie (United Kingdom)

Ash (United Kingdom)

Miguel (United Kingdom)

Rosa Minguela (Spain)

John Hargrave (United Kingdom)

Stephen Millar (United Kingdom)

David Tennick (United Kingdom)

Lisa Merry (United Kingdom)

Mireille LEFEVER (Belgium)

Louise Richards (United Kingdom)

Victor Mohedano Torres (Spain)

The role of Cuban doctors and nurses throughout the coronavirus pandemic has been exemplary, travelling to countries around the world to assist in treating patients despite the dangers - and despite the fact that the illegal US blockade of Cuba greatly restricts the island's resources. They show what is possible in a society where all human health and well-being is the priority, not financial profits for the few. In particular, their mission of sharing their knowledge, expertise, and treatments stands in huge contrast to the efforts of the US government in hijacking medicines and medical equipment in order to deny them to other nations. They would be the most worthy winners of the Nobel Peace Prize in these unprecedented times.

Prof Helen Colley (United Kingdom)

Dr Tanzil Chowdhury (United Kingdom)

Mick Portman (United Kingdom)

Dr David Hurman (United Kingdom)

James (United Kingdom)

Solidarity to our Cuban comrades - well deserving of this nomination.

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Action Group (United Kingdom)

Stuart Moir (United Kingdom)

Gert Hermann Hillebrand (United Kingdom)

Hugh (United Kingdom)

Candice eales (United Kingdom)

Berta Banacloche (Netherlands)

Lewis (United Kingdom)

Carmen (United Kingdom)

Elliot Ely (United Kingdom)

Fantastic people offering help to others and not bowing down to the US .

Nicola Gallagher (United Kingdom)

Carla Collins (Ireland)

Samuel John Eccleston (United Kingdom)

Jim Kendall (United Kingdom)

Dr F Taylor (United States of America)

Please give the Nobel prize to this wonderful Medical Team.

gilda morkert (United States of America)

Doreen Shaw (United Kingdom)

James Suttie (United Kingdom)

David (United Kingdom)

Fiona Woods (Ireland)

CRAIG (United Kingdom)

Mark (United Kingdom)

Nick chew (United Kingdom)

Chris (United Kingdom)

Gabriele Klosters (United Kingdom)

Dr Sarah Shaw (United Kingdom)

Well done to all the doctors from Cuba who gave their help they gave to all the countries around the word 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Joan Mooney (United Kingdom)

Long live the Cuban Revolution.

Darius K (United Kingdom)

Don't politisize the Nobel Prize, by giving it to Trump. Give to a group that truly reserves it. The Henry Reeves Brigade.

Neil Murray (United States of America)

They have saved so many lives they deserve it!

Lesley Saunders (United Kingdom)

michael lebowitz (Canada)

Grahame (United Kingdom)

Peter (United Kingdom)

Bonnie Doyle (Canada)

Thomas Wilkie (United Kingdom)

John Pickering (United Kingdom)

DEBORAH (United Kingdom)

Colin De Freitas (Trinidad and Tobago)

I like to wish you the best of luck and sincerely hope Cuban doctors win the Noble Peace Prize for the brilliant work they have done throughout the world 💚✊️🇮🇪

Kathleen Dunbar (Ireland)

John Yandell (United Kingdom)

I have seen first hand how this wonderful country not only nurtures it’s own people but extends its friendship and skills to the benefit of struggling people worldwide. When the US and UK export arms, Cuba exports doctors.

Julie Pearn (United Kingdom)

Sofi Taylor (United Kingdom)

Ana Maria Garcia (Brazil)

Willie Lesslie (United Kingdom)

Sarbatrik (India)

Dr Anthony Isaacs (United Kingdom)

Bruce R. Allen Paralegal

Bruce R Allen (Canada)

John Foster (United Kingdom)

Malcolm Wallace (United Kingdom)

San Senik (United Kingdom)

Bernadette HOUDEIB (Lebanon)

Margaret Le Mare (United Kingdom)

THANKYOU Cuban doctors ❤️

Jacky ridsdale (United Kingdom)

Sarah Hirom (United Kingdom)

Giorgia Muffato (Italy)

Very deserving of the Cuban medical staff for this award

Andrew Griffiths (United Kingdom)

Well done Cuban Medical brigades- as internationalist as ever! 🙂

Tanya Garrett (United Kingdom)

Leonora Robinson (United Kingdom)

Steven Taylor (United Kingdom)

Ross (United Kingdom)

Sophia Mac gibbon (United Kingdom)

Allan Todd (United Kingdom)

Allan Crawshaw (Canada)

Viva Cuba and the Henry Reeves International Medical Brigades. Saving lives in a world where so much effort goes into killing.

Barbara (United States of America)

Cuban doctors have make a lot for pour and sick people around the world . Nobel peace is a help for them to continue

Torben Conrad (Denmark)

Cuban doctors have done humanitarian work world wide unrecognised for to long, they deserve this prize.

David Mills (United Kingdom)

Val Johnson (United Kingdom)

Stephen Dickson (United Kingdom)

Well done

Kamal Gammampila (United Kingdom)

They engaged in selfless help to support people. They should receive recognition.

Simon Hinds (United Kingdom)

Steven (United Kingdom)

Sara Hall (United Kingdom)

Ann (United Kingdom)

Valerie Machuca (United Kingdom)

David Wallace (United Kingdom)

Sharon (United Kingdom)

Katherine Coombs (United States of America)

Karen Reader (United Kingdom)

Ludwig Rucker (Germany)

Claudia Karas (Germany)

They have made a big difference!

Cheryl Sennett (United States of America)

Keith Bennett (United Kingdom)

Keep up the good work

Chris Purnell (United Kingdom)

To support the truly humanitarian outlook of the Cuban people shown through their medics working world wide.

Roy Williamson (United Kingdom)

Brock Hammond (United Kingdom)

Linda (United Kingdom)

Maria Clara De Santis (Italy)

Merriam (United States of America)

Pat McGennity (United Kingdom)

Luke Howard (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors continue to inspire the world with their commitment to humanitarian work in the most demanding situations. It ias high time that their work was recognised and honoured with a Nobel Peace Prize.

Don (United Kingdom)

Ian (United Kingdom)

Sabine Lintschinger (Austria)

The altruistic internationalism of socialist Cuba has always been legendary and should be officially recognised in this way.

Dr Steve Cook (United Kingdom)

I salute the Cuban doctors, now, and always.

Kim (United Kingdom)

a country kept por by the bully in the north still send doctors to help nations in crisis A great example to the world .

colin (United Kingdom)

Brigitta Knotek (Austria)

Morag Reid (United Kingdom)

Arthur Richardson (United Kingdom)

I am impressed by their efforts which should be highlighted by you if at all possible.

Kenneth Cridland (United Kingdom)

Mark Chaplin (United Kingdom)

Should definitely be considered

Gary shatford (United Kingdom)

Jacky Holliman (United Kingdom)

About time Cuban medics incredible work is recognised instead of being ignored due to one influential bully neighbour, who constantly seek revenge, after being thrown out of that Island, decades ago????

Tim (United Kingdom)

More than deserved for a long time. A wonderful example to us all.

Sylvia Roberts (United Kingdom)

Iliana Hernandez (United Kingdom)

Daisy Mules (Ireland)

If one group deserves it, than it's the Cuban Doctors!!

Ton Hosemans (Netherlands)

Jamie Marsh (United Kingdom)

John Rogers (United Kingdom)

Susan (United Kingdom)

Kathy McGowan (United Kingdom)

It's right

Giuliana Bianchini (Italy)

Former Chair and Treasurer, Canadian Peace Alliance

Darrell Rankin (Canada)

Emmanuelle (United Kingdom)

Simon Jackson (United Kingdom)

Ellen (Canada)

Robert Brady (United Kingdom)

These people selflessly provide support and healing to people in need around the world. They deserve recognition.

Steph (United Kingdom)

Margaret Manning (United Kingdom)

Joanne Thomas (United Kingdom)

Peace, humanity & solidarity with these great people! Truly an example.

Doug Buckeridge (United Kingdom)

Katty Hind Selman (Cuba)

David Stevenson (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria siempre!

Terry White (United Kingdom)

Roger Wells (United Kingdom)

Carol Mathews (United Kingdom)

tom (United Kingdom)

Dorrine Marshall (United States of America)

Selfless heroes.

Colin Steer (United Kingdom)

David Titterton (United Kingdom)

Alison (United Kingdom)

These doctors are more than deserving by putting their lives on the line selflessly for the sake of others above and beyond what would normally be seen as the call of duty.

Michael (United Kingdom)

It is time Cuba’s peaceful and humanitarian contributions to the world were recognised.

Gwyneth Pendry (United Kingdom)

Peter Gray (United Kingdom)

Elliot (United States of America)

Jani (Finland)

Service to humanity in consistency and brother/sisterhood. What more shall it be?

Rick (United States of America)

Roberto Schiano (United Kingdom)

In solidarity

Derek A Clarke (United Kingdom)

RobatIdris (United Kingdom)

Anna Rehin (United Kingdom)

They really and truly deserve the Nobel prize


Jim Malone (United Kingdom)

David Grove (United Kingdom)

Louise Giblin (United Kingdom)

Johanne Desmeules (Canada)

A nation that put to shame others with their kindness

Niall McManus (United Kingdom)

Jean Burton (United Kingdom)

Ken Bennett (United Kingdom)

Kanchana N Ruwanpura (United Kingdom)

Stephen E Lewis (United States of America)

I saw a video of a poor community in Brazil who were devastated when their Cuban doctor had to leave, courtesy of Bolsonaro. The whole community were cheering him and the doctor had tears in his eyes. That's how much difference it made to those people to be able to access free healthcare from a doctor living amongst them who cared and was there to help.

Maeve Rogers (United Kingdom)

The western world needs to be more informed of the involvement of Cuban medical volunteers

Anne Evans (United Kingdom)

Mike Baker (United Kingdom)

Nadia (United Kingdom)

Mailin Brooke (United Kingdom)

john browne (United Kingdom)

Tina Carter (United Kingdom)

Winnie (Denmark)

Henry Morgan (United Kingdom)

Only place our Doctor has no problem with us visiting

Rayleen Tarbox (Canada)

Susan Fairweather (United Kingdom)

Rob Marsden (United Kingdom)

Que viva Cuba!

Gregorio Kohon (United Kingdom)

Rada (United Kingdom)

brian faux (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba Libre

paul adriaanse (Ireland)

Catherine Marsden (United Kingdom)

Jonathan Cooper (United Kingdom)

Steve (United Kingdom)

Bennett Moore (United States of America)


Gerry (United Kingdom)

One word, SOLIDARITY !

Kevin R Acton (United Kingdom)

They deserve it

arnfinn monsen (Norway)

John Cornish (United Kingdom)

Roger McKenzie (United Kingdom)

This organisation has helped all over the world for many years. Their efforts should be recognised not just for medical services but for promoting friendship between peoples.

bob cannell (United Kingdom)


Lindis Andersen (Denmark)


Jp Diaz (United States of America)

Michael Murray (United Kingdom)

Janet Edwards (United Kingdom)

Gema Rondon (Canada)

Stephen Thornton (United Kingdom)

I am so inspired by the selfless internationalist solidarity Cuban doctors. They absolutely deserve the Nobel Prize.

Roy Wilkes (United Kingdom)

Mary Enna de Soissons (United Kingdom)

Alex Kenny (United Kingdom)

Brian Edwards (United Kingdom)

Terry Yarnell (United Kingdom)

I have not altered the text of the letter as it conveys my sentiments exactly.

Hilary Povey (United Kingdom)

All front line covid work is dangerous and demanding. Doing it far from home where medical services are often depleted or non-existent, is exceptional. The Cuban doctors have made a huge sacrifice rewarding them with the Nobel peace prize would demonstrate to the world how importance international medical relief is, especially when it is coming from a developing country supporting developing countries in distress.

Chris Thomas (United Kingdom)


Fabrice (France)

Truly inspirational👏 Solidarity with this magnificent contribution from the Cuban People ✌

Gregory Beaumont (United Kingdom)

Joanna bornat (United Kingdom)

Lubna Taha (Canada)

Peter Evans (United Kingdom)

Solidarity and respect for all the personnel who so unselfishly answered the call for help during this pandemic.

Lorraine Dormer (Ireland)

A Nobel Peace Prize for this institution has been overdue for decades.

Rick (Canada)

Kevin O'Sullivan (United Kingdom)

Jeremy Hawthorn (United Kingdom)

jeff (United Kingdom)

Carl Abbott (United Kingdom)

Valerie Leppard (United Kingdom)

A well deserved nomination.

Martyn (United Kingdom)

Britt Kreutzmann (Denmark)


Anja Dybris (Denmark)

Karen (United Kingdom)

Chris (United Kingdom)

Heather (United Kingdom)

Gwyn Sion Ifan (United Kingdom)

Louise Allen (United Kingdom)

These workers really do deserve this accolade, and our thanks.

Bren Dunn (Ireland)

I think many people have serious concerns about the integrity of past decisions for the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize. To many of us it has been seen as having little to do with the real work of promoting a peaceful world and more to do with political opportunism. I think that awarding it to this Medical Brigade, which has made such a huge peaceful difference in many countries, would point the way for others to do similarly. If a small country like Cuba can make such a difference imagine what a country with far larger resources could do if those resources were taken away from their war making purposes and put to the same or similar purposes as those of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade

Elizabeth Briemberg (Canada)

Paul Norris (United Kingdom)

I have always been impressed by the help and assistance which the Cuban medical profession has so freely offered throughout the world. Now in my seventh decade I am also aware of how under reported and unacknowledged their work has been. I would profoundly welcome their being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their selfless contribution to humanity. I believe it would be entirely in line with the deepest principles of the award.

Dennis Charman (United Kingdom)

The Cuban doctors,Nurses and technicians dedication in combating the Coronavirus worldwide has been outstanding and must be rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. I urge the committee to make this happen.

Mark Wardell (United Kingdom)

Cuban example along with developing countries contrast to the lack of attention to their own people by the imperialist countries

Norman Lockhart Scottish borders (United Kingdom)

Cuban health workers give life to the world, let's follow their example.

Zoe Plochet Bonne (France)

Terry Miles (France)

They are heroes!

Anna KI (Sweden)

Bob Griffiths (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors bring peace and healing to a world that profits from war and disaster.

Lourdes Fernandez de Cossio (United States of America)

Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians have been international Covid heroes and they deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

Joe Dukes (United Kingdom)

Mencica Susak (Croatia)

Ian Wright (United Kingdom)

The Cuban people always have gone above and beyond to help others !

David Farrell (United Kingdom)

Cath Ryde (United Kingdom)

Jon Fraser (United Kingdom)

Richard Outram (United Kingdom)


Thomas (United Kingdom)


Mrs Olga Ida Jensen (United Kingdom)

Luis Montilla Torres (Spain)

The work done by Cuban health workers in crisis hit areas has been fantastic.

Walter MacLellan (United Kingdom)

Ian (United Kingdom)

Alejandro Gutierrez (Mexico)

A most deserving case, given their record over many decades of assisting other countries in health related issues.

Nicolas Ruch (United Kingdom)

Stefan Salzmann (Austria)

The medics who form the Henry Reeves International Medical Brigades, without exception travelled to countries where this pandemic was coursing through the population, putting themselves at risk to aid other human beings. There can be no clearer recognition than via the Nobel Peace Prize. These group of workers have not just been active because of the pandemic, it is built into their mission to go where aid is needed. An example is where there were cruise ships denied entry to dock wherever they asked. Cuba stepped in and allowed the ship to dock, passengers to disembark and travel home. Without thought to self these workers willingly go where they are most needed, it matters not if the countries have in the past under the demands of the USA placed sanctions that affect the availibilty of food, medication, energy and water. They are without favour a service that is welcome whereever they go as the recipients of their care may, without it have died. This is especially in the case of the current pandemic. All of the workers volunteered to help,proof if needed of their humanity toward the rest of the world. They meet all of the criteria expected of recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize, to win this would show the world recognises and appreciates what these Cuban nationals do worldwide.

Marie Christie (United Kingdom)

Michael MC Dermott (United Kingdom)

Ithink the cuban doctors deserteret the Price

Hanne Sessingo (Denmark)

In a nasty brutal world concerned only with private profit and where success is judged by wealth and prestige, the work of the Cuban doctors all over the world is a shining light for us all


Stephen Atkins (United Kingdom)

За последние пятнадцать лет 13 500 членов Международной бригады врачей имени Генри Рива спасли 93 000 жизней во время стихийных бедствий и чрезвычайных ситуаций . Считаю, что их вдохновляющий интернационализм заслуживает высокого признания !!! Виталий Корпенко

Vitalii Korpenko (Russian Federation)

Ian Mansell (United Kingdom)

Mike Cattell (United Kingdom)

Howie Armstrong (United Kingdom)

My hat off to the Cuban health workers who provided relief in this pandemic emergency. The have helped tremendously.

Brenda Zulian (Canada)

Antoon van Maris (Netherlands)

The Cuban contribution to the health of the poor and powerless of the world is one of the most profoundly humane action of the last 100 years.

robert (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba!

Antonio Bernhard (Switzerland)

Ben (United Kingdom)

Jimmy Keenan (United Kingdom)

Patricio Fuentes Gomez (Chile)

Lillian Drange (Norway)

Christina Lucey (United Kingdom)

As usual, Cuba is making a better world possible.

Joyce Hallmark (United Kingdom)

Viva cuba

AnnSofi Pettersson (Sweden)

Please, make this happen

Keith Rowe (France)

Martin Davidson (Spain)

Roy (United Kingdom)

Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban Doctors

Hasse Nilsson (Sweden)

Tim Watson (United Kingdom)

Pauline Dixon (United Kingdom)

I sincerely wish these wonderful medical brigades deserve this award for their humanitarian works, the world would be a better one if we followed their example.

Jacqueline hall (United Kingdom)

Not surprised Cuba is never recognised for anything they do or have done.

Gina Constantinou (United Kingdom)

Exceptional sacrifice

John McGarrie (United Kingdom)

mark hutton (United Kingdom)

Many years ago we had the privilege of meeting two Cuban doctors in Timbuktu, Wonderful caring people whoso contact with their own family was a regular phone call to their young children cared for by grandparents. They told me that they had gained so much from the Cuban revolution it was their duty to give something back . A difficult task when initially they lacked any local language.

Allan Brookfield (United Kingdom)

Tracy Delaney (United Kingdom)

Marilyn Walmsley (United Kingdom)

I fully support the nomination for the Nobel prize for the Cuban doctors and their outstanding humanitarian work

Andrew Balcon (United Kingdom)

Paul Grunnill (United Kingdom)

Rick Ayers (United States of America)

Paul M Prendergast (United Kingdom)

Geoff Brown (United Kingdom)

Keith Stoddart (United Kingdom)

Clair Gwilliam (United Kingdom)

Harold Hale (United Kingdom)

JULIA ANA EYNON (United Kingdom)

John Eden (Italy)

Mechthild Taylor (United Kingdom)

Kirsten Maria Magelund (Denmark)

Patricia Hughes-Fuller (Canada)

Rod Osborne (Canada)

Jo Storie (United Kingdom)

Nina Heaton (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba!

Kiri Tunks (United Kingdom)

Supporting Cuba doctors ❤️

Renuka Chitradurga (India)

If the human species is to survive the next century we must cease being ruled by blind, undirected capitalism, and co-operate instead - actively and intelligently. Cuba's internationalism is a shining example that proves that it can be done.

Graham Noble (United Kingdom)

GERSEL (France)

I feel the doctors of Cuba have shown the world the best way to handle global crisis. They deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

Lorna (Canada)

Margaret Turner (United Kingdom)

Ingvild Aspaas (Norway)


David Longworth (United Kingdom)

Pat Kane (United Kingdom)

Dear Nobel Peace Prize Committee. Please give serious consideration to the Cuban Doctors who work tirelessly to help countless numbers of people in need especially when pandemics break out around the world, Cuba is the first country to help others. Thanks.

Bruce Hale (Canada)

Janet (United Kingdom)

Nicole Ledain (United States of America)

Christine (Canada)

Anthony Fox (United Kingdom)

Bruce Hobson (Mexico)

John Mckenny (United Kingdom)

Katharine (United Kingdom)

John Swift (United Kingdom)

Jasbir Kaur Cargill (United Kingdom)

These selfless workers displayed altruism in its purist form.

Hilary Jones (United Kingdom)

David Wis man (United Kingdom)

Vive Cuba Libre! The Cuban doctors are among the best examples of international solidarity on the planet, a positive example to us all!

Fred Coker (United Kingdom)

Alia (Canada)

Thank you for helping to save lives.

Kathleen Ruff (Canada)

Selwyn Williams (United Kingdom)

sheila delany (Canada)

Britha Helena Vindenes (Norway)

Chris Antunes (Netherlands)

Bravo e Gracias!

Daniel Rovai (France)

Eddie Farrell (United Kingdom)

Saleem Shaj (Pakistan)

John Wigmore (United Kingdom)

Steve Grey (United Kingdom)

Martin Phillips (United Kingdom)

Alexander Lawrie (United Kingdom)

Wayne Hagel (Canada)

I salute the members of the Henry Reeves International Medical Brigades!

Cathie Shiels (Ireland)


Marina Tata (Italy)

Eamon (United Kingdom)

Thank you.

Sheila Moore (United Kingdom)

About time Cuba's international work be fully recognised.

Chad Goodwin (United Kingdom)

Lynne Roberts (United Kingdom)

Surely NO ONE can deserve the Nobel Prize more than The Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade for it's never ending serving humanity in the fight against Covid-19! Only political issues could prevent justice in this case.

Poul S Christensen (Denmark)

Marian McCormack (United Kingdom)

Stella Thomas (United Kingdom)

Those Cuban have shown that altruism is not dead.

Steve O'Neal (United Kingdom)

Mr J Ennis (United Kingdom)

Suzanne Frijling (Netherlands)

Henry Reeve is outstanding

Jan Stromdahl (Sweden)

John (United States of America)

They are outstanding.

mo gibson (United Kingdom)

Brian Purdie (United Kingdom)

Said (United Kingdom)

Deborah Gregory (United Kingdom)

Franz Egeter (Germany)

Jo Foley (United Kingdom)

mike Roberts (United Kingdom)

El Che would have been proud of all of you !

Susanne Schmidt (Germany)

Well deserved nomination.

Derek Hamilton (United Kingdom)

Please vote for the Cuban Doctors and send a message to uber buffoon Donald Trump.

Paul (United Kingdom)

Without a doubt the most selfless and fair society, an inspiration to us all.

Jack Waterman (United Kingdom)

Harriet (United Kingdom)

John (United Kingdom)

Absolutely agree with this nomination well deserved!

Gwen Vardigans (United Kingdom)

Please don't miss the oportunity to reward the Cuban doctors, for their effort in fighting against Covid before we understood what was really going on!

Marta Fernandez (United Kingdom)

Ronny Flynn (United Kingdom)

Cuban Medics - always there for the poor and desperate countries

Roger Wortley (United Kingdom)

Angie (United Kingdom)

Sandra Holliday (United Kingdom)

They deserve it - scum like Trump don't.

John Webster (United Kingdom)

A fitting tribute to great people.

Michael Power (Ireland)

Colin Beryl Fleet (United Kingdom)

Cuba's humanatarianism is an example of how another way is possble.

James Ennis (United Kingdom)

It was a source of great pride to me to see the Cuban response to the global pandemic when so many countries were fixated with their own and some so eager to gain a step ahead at the expense of others. A rare example of collextive national generosity on the international stage. Bravo!

Ian thomson (United Kingdom)

Debbie Wall (United Kingdom)

There is no truer solidarity than that of the Cuban doctors.

Amanda (United Kingdom)

Liam (United Kingdom)

Eduardo Garbey Savigne (Cuba)

Joan Andersson (United States of America)

Bryn Harris (United Kingdom)

Rupert (United Kingdom)

While capitalist make huge profit from private health system, Cuban doctors, nurses and all health care staff are a symbol of defending free health system for all, like our NHS does in UK. Unfortunately people in UK are not aware of that our free NHS has been privatised pieces by pieces by Tory party for years.Cuban doctors,nurses and health carers deserve Nobel Peace prize.

Zennure Durukal (United Kingdom)

Rosemary (United Kingdom)

Karen Thorn (United Kingdom)

David Howarth (United Kingdom)

Todos hicieron un gran trabajo y asumieron riesgos para su propia salud. Muchas Gracias doctores y enfermeros.

Mieke Rutjens (Netherlands)

Tina Reibl (United Kingdom)

Andrew MacFarlane (United Kingdom)

Natasha Hickman (United Kingdom)

Saoirse Johnston (United Kingdom)

Mbra Koffi (United Kingdom)

kev (United Kingdom)

Deanna Denis (Canada)

More than 3000 Cuban Doctors working in over 40 countries. Impressive! Cuba and these doctors deserve to be celebrated.

Remi (United States of America)

Anthony Judd (United Kingdom)

Cuban Doctors have stepped up to the mark during the Covid19 pandemic, working tirelessly around the world,for that they deserve this.

Gary Kirwan (United Kingdom)

The selfless and essential work carried out by these brave medical personnel has saved countless lives all around the globe, and deserves to be recognised.

Alice Mutasa (United Kingdom)

Gerald (United Kingdom)

Katie Spalding (United Kingdom)

Cecil Paul (Trinidad and Tobago)

Unsung heros of humanity because of there flag shame on western world

Glen biggin (United Kingdom)

chris (United Kingdom)

Cuba. A small nation with a big heart.

John Pinkerton (United Kingdom)

Rick (United Kingdom)

John Lynn (United Kingdom)

Ursula Ni Shionnain (Ireland)

colan campbell (United Kingdom)

Cuban medical support demonstrates the Cuban commitment to international solidarity, the importance of global healthcare and human decency.

Philip Street (United Kingdom)

Nicola Paton (United Kingdom)

sarah saunders (United Kingdom)

Steffen Schjorring (Denmark)

Congratulations Cuban Doctors and wishing you every success.

John B Vallely (Ireland)

The Cuban doctors act selflessly in saving lives around the world. Their good work is never praised or given recognition and so the presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Henry Reeve International Brigade would go a long way towards addressing this oversight.

Graham (United Kingdom)

Steven Martin (United Kingdom)

Alan Warren (Spain)

Clare Bickle (United Kingdom)

Helen Stott (United Kingdom)

Maria conceicao oliveira carvalho nogueira (Portugal)

Contrary to the fake nomination like trump and various others, cubas doctors are really the right recipients of the Nobel Prize.

Willi Gerhard (Germany)

Denis Lenihan (United Kingdom)

Kevin Harris (United Kingdom)

The cuban doctors are exceptionally good and very diligent

Charles Turner (United Kingdom)

Bijan Kholghi (Germany)

Despite having been threatened, defamed and attacked by their "big bully" neighbours, the USA, Cuba has ensured that their people and people in need across the globe,are provided to the essentials for life and civilised society. The Cuban Health service is a beacon to thousands of marginalised and endangered people throughout the world, their humanity is an example to all.

Celia Foote (United Kingdom)

Victoria Evans (United Kingdom)

Pietro Benedetti (Luxembourg)

Richard (United Kingdom)

Mark Turnbull (United Kingdom)

guido paoluzi cusani (United Kingdom)

Audrey Sanderson (United Kingdom)

Ian Parker (United Kingdom)

Todos hicieron un gran trabajo y asumieron riesgos para su propia salud. Muchas Gracias doctores y enfermeras.

Gerard Rutjens (Netherlands)

Cuba deserves peace prize

Ray hall (United Kingdom)

Ron Ridenour (Denmark)

Merecen el Premio Nobel de la paz por su gran solidaridad.

Esther Fajardo (Uruguay)

Louise (United Kingdom)


Maria Gasouka (Greece)

Eduardo (Puerto Rico)

John (United Kingdom)

Actions such as this must not go unnoticed and should be celebrated. What better way to do so than award the Nobel Peace Prize for truly peaceful work.

John O'Brien (Ireland)

Michele Hall (Canada)

Tamara Hermosilla (Chile)

Klaus Schulte (Denmark)

Cuban doctors have provided health care and saved lives across the globe.They work in countries regardless of politics or creed.They deserve universal recognition for their selfless work

Kate Willan (United Kingdom)

Rose (United Kingdom)

Edik Zwarenstein (Canada)

Helen (United Kingdom)

I salute the Cuban Medical teams for their tireless work and compassion.

Sheila Fuentes-Ror (Canada)

Jill (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba !

Michael Bruns (Germany)

ada bagella (Italy)

john scott (United Kingdom)

The world has been supported by the generosity and humanity of Cuban doctors. Now it is time to support them with international recognition.

Lisa Rossetti (United Kingdom)

These are truly inspirational and caring people who deserve nothing but respect and appreciation.

Christine Sibley (United Kingdom)

Laura (United Kingdom)

Tim (United Kingdom)

These Cuban doctors really deserve Nobel Peace Prize, they are spreading love and peace around the world by their selfless action. Putting themselves in danger to help others around the world when they could be at home with their families demonstrates the utmost act of kindness and empathy.

Susan Ralph (United Kingdom)

Shirley Sharp (United Kingdom)

Samantha Lewis (United Kingdom)

Ewan Jobe (United Kingdom)

Miguel Mora Witt (Ecuador)

Mark (United Kingdom)

This shows true humanity and they've done this kind of work for many years

Sylvia (United Kingdom)

Michael Power (Ireland)

Joe Weston (United Kingdom)

Kate Withers (United Kingdom)

Fred Furlong (Canada)

Please acknowledge the work of these fantastic medics.

James Ramsay (United Kingdom)

Samantha Lewis (United Kingdom)

Ana Cabal (Belgium)

Cuba la Grande, la Generosa, ha producido gentes con una Conciencia Internacional, sin banderas engañosas, sin odios vanos. Saludo con orgullo y respeto a las mujeres y a los hombres de la Brigada Internacional Henry Reeve, Profesionales de la Salud que van por el Mundo con su sabiduría, sus conocimientos y su deseo de brindar apoyo y cuidados a las gentes que padecen, o han padecido desastres naturales, o crisis sanitarias...Creo que ellas y ellos merecen el Reconocimiento Mundial por su esplendida Labor HUmanitaria

Gloria Clavero Aranda (Chile)

Wisg Cuban doctors deserve Nobel prize2021

Jean Didier MPOUKI (United Kingdom)

Fiona (United Kingdom)

Aidan (United Kingdom)

Marco maiorelli (Italy)

william (United Kingdom)

Evert Hoogers (Canada)

As a retired medical consultant with contacts in money countries I am very aware of the incredible service performed by Cuban doctors all over the world and often in conditions of severe difficulties and considerable danger to themselves.This prestigious award is fully merited by the se brave and selfless individuals

Jon Shaffer (United Kingdom)

The international humanitarian work of the Cuban health workers needs to be acknowledged and celebrated

Rae Street (United Kingdom)

Nelson vega (Canada)

Tominke Christine Olaniyan (Nigeria)

Richard Ernest Hart (United Kingdom)

Willi Gerhard (Germany)

David Thompson (United Kingdom)

oezdemir (Germany)

Martin (United Kingdom)

Gareth jameson (United Kingdom)

Qué su generosidad y solidaridad sea premiada

Jose Manuel (Mexico)

Cuba has a long tradition of sending doctors and medical staff to help overseas, not for personal gain apparently, more out of altruism and in deference to our common humanity. These are qualities that are alien to at least one other nominee for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

John (United Kingdom)

Steve Hoyland (United Kingdom)

I am in admiration for you great humanitarian deeds these many years. Over and over again you respond to health crisis. Thank you.

Jean Balibrera (United States of America)

This nomination means not only peace. It also means justice.

Luis Herrera Montero (Ecuador)

Eileen Rowbotham (United Kingdom)

Hope you get the NPP awarded

Karen Screen (United Kingdom)

Mario (United Kingdom)

David Thomas (United Kingdom)

Mark Golding (Canada)

Francis Choules (United Kingdom)

Neil (United Kingdom)

Dagoberto Hernandez (Chile)

David Hawkes (United Kingdom)

Maria Ponciano (United States of America)

Rhona Paterson (United Kingdom)

I have Imense respect for this team of Cuban medics. In a troubled frantice world they just gave of their best withot ego. Truley a symbol of hope for humanaity. Much needed. Please acknowledge this act of humanity and show the world an example of good, worth following and respecting.

Angela Ridley (United Kingdom)

Patricia (United Kingdom)

Toril Droesdal (Norway)

The selfless generosity of Cuba's solidarity is an example to other countries and deserving of international recognition.

Mike (United Kingdom)

Corinna Chute (United Kingdom)

Hilary Stephenson (United Kingdom)

Angela Martin (United Kingdom)

Jonathan Holtt (United Kingdom)

Charya Hilton (United Kingdom)

William McAvoy (United Kingdom)

How worthy you Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians are of the Nobel Peace Prize for all your worldwide work! Wishing you health and peace.

Mary Todd (United Kingdom)

Charl (Germany)

Dr Michael Hayes (United Kingdom)

They are the heroes

Wieslaw (Canada)

Dr Winfried Hildebrandt (Germany)

Mary Arlidge (United Kingdom)

Exporting Doctors is a fantastic achievement in Education and Foreign policy

Mark Allen (United Kingdom)

Julie Rosewarne (United Kingdom)

Stefano Bonzio (Italy)

There is no one that deserves this award of recognition more than the International Henry Reeve Medical Brigade from Cuba!!!! They have shown the world that the only way we will be able to fight this pandemic is through solidarity, compassion and respect for human life. Thank you!!!!

Claudia Peralta (Canada)

This would be a well earned award.

Bethan Miles (United Kingdom)

Aya Noehr (Denmark)

Keith Alexander Grant (Bolivia)

Jean-Paul BATISSE (France)

Cuba's health assistance to so many coubntries is a fantastic example of how this virus can be defeated if people and societies cooperate rather than compete. Cooperation is what leads to peace. Cooperation between countries will lead to worldwide peace.Salud to the Cuban doctors and Cuban people.

Carrie Hedderwick (United Kingdom)

Scott Freeman (United Kingdom)

Joh Haywood (United Kingdom)

Good work!

Ton de Bruyn (Netherlands)

Bodil Heino (Denmark)

Professor Colin Richards (United Kingdom)

Richard Robins (United Kingdom)

Solidarity and the hand of friendship and peace.

Michael Westcombe (United Kingdom)

The humanitarian actions of the Cuban international efforts during the pandemic are a true reflection of how humanity should respond to a global health crisis

Dr Muir Houston (United Kingdom)

it is time to recognise the outstanding contribution of Cuban medicine to the rest of the world.

alan cooper (United Kingdom)

roger whetton (United Kingdom)

Michael shakespeare (United Kingdom)

Abel (Mexico)

Sune Dalgaard Christiansen (Denmark)

Un reconocimiento más que merecido.

Luz Maria Darriba Magadan (Spain)

Kathryn Summerfield (United Kingdom)

I am so proud of Cuba and their Health Care Team. They really need this recognition as they went "above and beyond" the call of duty to so many countries. Well done Doctors, Nurses and your entire Team...

T Mahoney (Canada)


Marvin Crenshaw (United States of America)

Wilhelm Nussbaumer (Denmark)

Mike Guddoy (United Kingdom)

During this historic and dark period of worldwide economic and social trauma, Cuban doctors carry forth a torch of solidarity and internationalism.

James Morris-Knight (United Kingdom)

Maurice Berens (Canada)

Gillian Baines (United Kingdom)

Ruairi (United Kingdom)

Please let make these people receive something well deserved

Alana (Canada)

Barbara White (United Kingdom)

Tamara Forbes Hernandez (Spain)

Yuri Melian Jorgen (United Kingdom)

Meredith Neeson (Australia)

Paul Shayatovich (United States of America)

Warren Spencer Hoffmann (South Africa)

Sankara che (Kenya)

The Cuban medical staff who work so hard and so selfishly throughout the world really deserve this award. They are an amazing example to us all. Please help them.

Margaret (United Kingdom)

Jeff Simpson (United Kingdom)

Clint Bowers (South Africa)

great work!!

david platt (Canada)

Dave Church (United Kingdom)

For the past two winters I have been in Cuba teaching English to doctors on a volunteer basis. I bring as much medicine as I can to help them fight the Imperialists. Good luck with your efforts Gordon

Gordon van humbeck (Canada)

Peter (United Kingdom)

Nadia Perkins (United Kingdom)

Wendy Ridley (United Kingdom)

Roger Gordon (United Kingdom)

Cubans make courageous, great doctors. The whole world knows it.

Jacquie (Canada)

Silvia cascianelli (Italy)

For the great work they did during pandemy

Nicole Payeur (Canada)

I can't think of more deserving recipients of this prize. An inspired nomination.

Jacqueline Darby (United Kingdom)


SANDHYA (South Africa)

They are the real saviors of the word

Kalhara (Sri Lanka)

Signed with love and thanks

Linda Daniels (United Kingdom)

The most deserving of the prize. A white rose to the doctors of Cuba

Kelly Zweers (Canada)

Simon Kennedy (United Kingdom)


Richard (Canada)

Sylvia Schmiedl (Germany)

Chris Bentley (United Kingdom)

jennifer (United States of America)

I believe the Cuban doctors deserve the Nobel peace prize for their unstinting humanitarian work across the world.

Sue Merrell (United Kingdom)

Gwyneth Francis (United Kingdom)

Cuban Doctors have been unsung heroes for many years helping those in need regardless of where they live in the world Recently they have come to help those who have the Coro 19 virus and and have lost some of their number in the process They deserve recognitionby gaining the Noble prize

Paul Philo (United Kingdom)

Jessica (United States of America)

Else Dam (Denmark)

Ann Seuret (United Kingdom)

Tim Oxton (United Kingdom)

Amazing the aid Cuba has given to Countries in distress, an example to all nations.

David (United Kingdom)

Alexis Neira Navarro (Spain)

Marilyn Gayle (United States of America)

Angel Joseph-Gordon (New Zealand)

Caroline Domingo (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians are a peaceful, positive and humanitarian revolution all around the globe, helping others without question or judgement for over fifteen years.

Wendy Sindall (United Kingdom)

Julia Worsley (United Kingdom)

Janet Rudge (United Kingdom)

GERGES (France)

Enrique Ruiz Mendoza (Nicaragua)


Rose Marie Ruiz (France)

Alexander Kurth (Canada)

Darya von Berner (Spain)

Thank you Cuba.

Andy Fiore (United Kingdom)

marie celie agnant (Canada)

Fermin Rodriguez Hernandez (Cuba)

Cuban medicine has lead the world again!

Sonya Andermahr (United Kingdom)

Bernie Gruell (Canada)

I salute Cuba, her doctors, nurses and technicians for their selfless generosity.

Tom Clarke (United Kingdom)

Henk van Driel (Netherlands)

We are aware of, and inspired by the Henry Reeve International Brigade's unstinting professional commitment to providing the highest standard of health care anywhere in the world where and when it is most needed. The heroic doctors leave their homes and families for months on end, travelling to dangerous environments and working in challenging and demanding circumstances. I can think of no better way to acknowledge this formally than a Nobel Peace Prize award in 2021.

Vicky Grandon (United Kingdom)

Cuba is a country that has a caring ethos for all people

Kay Trotter (United Kingdom)

Valeriy Arenov (Kazakstan)

Do not award peace prize to a warmongering politician, but to a group of caring doctors.

Paul Fletcher (United Kingdom)

if anyone deserves the peace nobel prize, then the cuban doctors

Juergen Schmiedl (Germany)

Pina (France)

Robert Steel (United Kingdom)

I have seen Cuba's extraordinary medical brigades at work all over the world, selflessly saving lives and keeping alive the flame of true internationalism. If they won it, the Nobel Peace Prize would have real meaning and be cheered by millions.

John Pilger (United Kingdom)

Alan Medeiros Maziero (Brazil)

In these dark times, this is a light.

Kendel Hippolyte (Saint Lucia)

eduardo (Canada)

The Henry Reeve Brigade has done outstanding work in tackling epidemics and disasters worldwide, and often put their own lives and health at risk. They are a true example of international solidarity and thoroughly deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

Pauline Fraser (United Kingdom)

The Cuban record for their humanitarian work has been a long and proud one, and thoroughly deserves the award of the Nobel prize for Peace.

Alan Lloyd (United Kingdom)

Dave Wilford (United Kingdom)

Marianne (Denmark)

They are deserved for the Nobel Peace Prize because they worked and sacrificed their life round the clock for the world. Salute and Kudos to all the Cuban health officials including nurses, technicians and all other staff🙏👌👏👏👏👏🤝🤝🤝🤝💪

Alan Abraham (India)

Christabel Gurney (United Kingdom)

Malcolm (United Kingdom)

Jackie Horsewood (United Kingdom)

Iris Johnston (United Kingdom)

Simon Ashworth WOOD (Australia)

Cuban response to Disasters and disease is always exemplary.Well deserved honour in my opinion.

M Langabeer (United Kingdom)

Allan Rasmussen (Denmark)

the work these great volunteer medical personnel do is invaluable. They put themselves at great risk but always think of others and what they can do to improve their health . They are all heros and heroines

peter kelleher (United Kingdom)

I cannot recommend these wonderful human beings strongly enough. They are a credit to the human race.

John Tilbury (United Kingdom)

Cuba's doctors, nurses and medical technicians have provided decades of expert, selfless services to countries across the world. They are a remarkable example of international assistance, provided with no catches.

Simon Hargrave (United Kingdom)

Mette Hanning (Denmark)

Dedication and selfless Cuban doctors deserve this award.

Roisin White (Ireland)

Linda Taylor (United Kingdom)

Son los que más se lo merecen!

Jeffrey Alvarez (Mexico)

Barbara Clarkson (United Kingdom)

Jennifer Kidman (United Kingdom)

Shannon (Canada)

Enmanuel (Cuba)

tony evans (United Kingdom)

Neil Wood (United Kingdom)

Cuban health workers showing us what solidarity really is. Gracias

Jonathan Pitts (United Kingdom)

klaus neary (United Kingdom)

Kathleen Power (Canada)

Thomas Fallows (United Kingdom)

Isabel Palma Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)

leading by example.

roger miller (United Kingdom)

Stephen (United Kingdom)

Steve Sugden (United Kingdom)

Ray Church (United Kingdom)

Raico Ruiz Sisto (Cuba)

these doctors do so much great work around the globe and must be recognised

Michael Bailey (United Kingdom)

Diana Grierson (United Kingdom)

With out doubt the bravest of the brave...These people are risking their live... Their helping for free..

Dave (United Kingdom)

Steve Eaves (United Kingdom)

Zulmira Aurea Cruz Bomfim (Brazil)

Matthias Reichl (Austria)

Tom Yusef (United Kingdom)

Linda Ingram (United Kingdom)

Esme Hookway (United Kingdom)

Kimberly (United Kingdom)

Thank you all so much. This is what we as individuals and nations should be doing, caring for one another. Janet Portman

Janet (United Kingdom)

andrew doolan (United Kingdom)

Alex (United Kingdom)

Phil Jones (United Kingdom)

And they do this whilst still under the siege of United states sanctions

David Dungate (United Kingdom)

Cuban medical professionals have done amazing selfless work around the world and should be a symbol to all of us.

Carol Schwartz (Canada)

Stop the sanctions against Cuba

Dave Munday (United Kingdom)

Suilen Perez Sera (United Kingdom)

PETER MACMURDIE (United Kingdom)

This is so important

Daniel Morgan (Chile)

ZD (United Kingdom)

They deserve the peace prize for their selfless commitment to a healthier world.

Sam Halpenny (United Kingdom)

Garvin Clarke (United Kingdom)

Award the prize to these courageous doctors.

Leslie Balog (United States of America)

Bernie Woods (United Kingdom)

Katharine O'Hara (United Kingdom)

Jo Hammond (United Kingdom)

Brave people, putting their own lives at risk for the greater good. True heroes

Kevin (United Kingdom)

I would hope that serious consideration to this request as for a Long time the Cuban Medical profession along with its people has supported and given medical help throughout the World

George Conchie (United Kingdom)

Karl Heard (United Kingdom)

Barrie Rogerson (United Kingdom)

Heroes deserve recognition. Cuban doctors have given so much to the world. they deserve to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Noeleen Grattan (United Kingdom)

Michael (United Kingdom)

Rinella Cere (United Kingdom)

Nye Goodwin (United Kingdom)

proud of you. thanks a lot for your support

paola (Luxembourg)

C Critchley (United Kingdom)

Malcolm Moffat (United Kingdom)

Cuba deserves it.

Dave Wood (United Kingdom)

Max Atkins (United Kingdom)

Anthony Bullock (United Kingdom)

Jeannine Woods (Ireland)

Daria Khadir (Canada)

With thanks for their unending help around the world

Shan Ashton (United Kingdom)

Christopher Brook (United Kingdom)

Christopher Lloyd (United Kingdom)

David robinson (United Kingdom)

Suzanne (United Kingdom)

Thousands of Cuban doctors have saved million of lives.

Frederick Antonio Gallucci (United Kingdom)

Juan Rivera (United Kingdom)

Cuban Medics have contributed excellent and valuable and necessary International Solidarity work that should be recognised.

Anthony Donaghey (United Kingdom)

Tareq Khamis (United Kingdom)

Tony Graham (United Kingdom)

John (United Kingdom)

Cuban medics work in the most dangerous settings to deliver humanitarian aid; in earthquake and battle zones; with very infectious diseases such as covid 19 and in the shadow of disasters such as mud slides and forest fires. They help people regardless of their nationality, creed, colour or way of life in all countries which need medical assistance. Their enormous contribution to the health of people all over the world deserves to be recognised internationally.

Tess Green (United Kingdom)

Mick Ford (United Kingdom)

Please recognise the great medical and internationalist contribution by Cuba and its medical aid teams through making this award and thus rejecting attempts to disregard them through silence and lies.

William Dixon (United Kingdom)

The very best display of what humanity can acheive. Truly inspiring.

Barry Daly (United Kingdom)

Cuba has selflessly sent doctors around the world for years. It is about time it was recognised by the world.

Tony Crook (United Kingdom)

Show me another group of people who have done so much for so many for so little in return. True hero's and they need recognising as such.

David Williams (United Kingdom)

Emma Arctander (United States of America)

CHANTELLE (United Kingdom)

Ann Montague (United States of America)

Nick Weaver (United Kingdom)

Wonderful, national force for good

Ken Whittle (United Kingdom)

Врачи Кубы - лучшие! они достойны награды за свою самотверженность.

Dvurechenskaya Nigora (Russian Federation)

Susan (United Kingdom)

Stephen (Ireland)

Luis Villalobos (Sweden)

Hugh (United Kingdom)

Cuban Doctors have been performing humanitarian service all around the world during various occasions. World will be giving the Cuban Doctors the respect they deserve by giving them 2021 Nobel Peace Award.

Narendra P Gajjar (Canada)

Theodora (Greece)

Gilberto Hernandez (United Kingdom)

Simon (United Kingdom)

Kathleen Oneill (United Kingdom)

Joel Wunsch (Luxembourg)

The world must recognise the kindness, generosity, and ingenuity of the Cuban nation. Cuban doctors deserve to be celebrated for their lifesaving work. End the US blockade against this most vaLiant country.

Michael C (United Kingdom)

Would be very well deserved!

Sean Douglas (United Kingdom)

Ad van Beek (Netherlands)

Jilly (United Kingdom)

Hilary Thomson (United Kingdom)

Dr James Ellison (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors are real heroes in this awful time, and clearly deserve this prize.

Jeff Putterman (United States of America)

An inspirational caring society

Fred Doherty (United Kingdom)

Angela Aguilar (United States of America)

Robert Navan (Ireland)

Glen Filson (Canada)

Stuart Leaver (United Kingdom)

Fraser Tyndall (United Kingdom)

Chris (United Kingdom)

I name Cuban doctors,nurses,technicians for the Nobel prize.

Ronald Clarke (United Kingdom)


Phil Mc Cullough west Belfast (Ireland)

Tim Lezard (United Kingdom)

IAN White (France)

Irene Sedler (United Kingdom)

Jonathan (United Kingdom)

Ken Baldry (United Kingdom)

I have a great admiration for this country.

John Edson (United Kingdom)

Great thank to all Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians

Khalid Hussein (Sudan)

Lara Faulkner (United Kingdom)

this award should only be given to those that deserve it -the henry reeve international medical brigade

mitch tovey (United Kingdom)

John (United Kingdom)

Kieran Crilly (Ireland)

I lived in Cuba for 13 years (1999-2013) and know how much they deserve this prize. The Cuban doctors go and work in all places and situations where they are needed, regardless of the risks, and are efficient and well-trained in every way.

Elisa Bird (Spain)

Julie hope (United Kingdom)

Declan Cullen (United Kingdom)

The Cuban medical brigades have worked quietly and effectively to relieve the suffering of many needy people and deserve recognition.

John Walden (United Kingdom)

It is well known that Cuban doctors will go to help anywhere in the world and aid anybody it is to help our fellow man/brother worker. When needed they are ready who was first to offer when 9/11 happened in New York? easy answer Cuban doctors were the ones to offer aid because the care for everybody no matter what.

Charles (United Kingdom)

Paul Baker (United Kingdom)

Jo Elsmore (United Kingdom)

Naveed Zafar (Pakistan)


Gunilla Robertson (Sweden)

Michel Tanguay (Canada)

Colin (United Kingdom)

Kevin Craigens (United Kingdom)

Toni Johnston Babourine (United States of America)

Love Cuba and its people and its health service is top[ notch

Susan (United Kingdom)

Bo Windeballe (Denmark)

Cuban medics and technicians are not only at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19, they have worked on the frontline around the world for decades. Their contribution has gone largely unnoticed except by those they assist and supporters of their work. Now is the time for global recogniton.

Deborah Knight (United Kingdom)

Michelle Laufer (United Kingdom)

Sería muy merecido y un ejemplo para todos los que consideran que la salud sea una comodidad.

Mary Farquharson (Mexico)

Cuban health workers are a most deserving case for a Noble Peace Prize.

Ian (United Kingdom)

These doctors are the heroes of our times

Dorothy Macedo (United Kingdom)

Mike Byrne (United Kingdom)

Marion (Canada)

Congratulations to the self sacrificing Cuban Doctors and Nurses, hope they win Nobel peace prize on October 9th. Mervyn Drage member of Unite the Union.

Mervyn Drage (United Kingdom)

David Walker (United Kingdom)

Iride Luzi (Italy)

Margot Neubauer (Germany)

Alain Mc Innis (Canada)

Valerie Quinn (United Kingdom)

Gemma (United Kingdom)

Jeanie Kimber (Canada)

Jim (United Kingdom)

They do the most important peacework @ this moment.

Iris van der Meer (Germany)


Zied (Germany)

Tania Lonneville (Belgium)

Barry Errington (United Kingdom)

The work of Cuban medical teams has been inspiring. Their international work during the pandemic has saved many lives in a spirit of cooperation so necessary for a peaceful and compassionate world.

Maggie Simpson (United Kingdom)

Michael Barnett (United Kingdom)

Dania Fuertes (Spain)

Jane Dickinson (United Kingdom)

Emmy (Greece)

Glyn Jones (United Kingdom)

William Nicholson (United Kingdom)

Julio Manduley (Panama)

I can think of no other body of people as humane and deserving the Nobel prize for peace as the Cuban doctors.

Christopher Lazou (United Kingdom)

Jay (United States of America)

Dawn Borthwick (United Kingdom)

Imti Choonara (United Kingdom)

Prizes of this sort should be awarded to teams of workers who make the most difference for humanity.

jenny Mahimbo (Spain)

These people don't seek fame or fortune and risk their own health and lives in helping others with their knowledge and expertise. Selfless and caring for their fellow human beings no matter colour or creed. True humanitarian internationalists.They would be worthy recipients of The Nobel Peace Prize

Bruce Findlay (United Kingdom)

I am glad to have the opportunity to support this nomination. Recognition for Cuba’s doctors is long overdue.

Claire Easingwood (United Kingdom)

Ken Nicoletti (Ireland)

David Bull (United Kingdom)

Susan (United Kingdom)

Michael Everett (United Kingdom)

Chenjerai Shire (United Kingdom)

Chris (United Kingdom)

Colm McConnell (United Kingdom)

My pleasure

Maura (United Kingdom)

Allan Armstrong (United Kingdom)

They represent the highest principals of humanitarianism and should be recognized for such.

George Gidora (Canada)

Dear, Sirs, I urge the committee to give recognition to and award the Cuban Medical Doctors the Nobel Peace Prize for their outstanding unselfish work in bringing not only medical assistance to the poor and most needy in the world. Also by their work they bring hope and peace for a better world into those communities wherever they bravely go. Seán Kettle

Sean Kettle (United Kingdom)

David Waldon (United Kingdom)

carol richards (United Kingdom)

Mary Davenall (United Kingdom)

Sarah Morris (United Kingdom)

Juergen Suttner (Germany)

Oliver Charleston (United Kingdom)

Sofia Iogna Prat (Luxembourg)

Fernanda Oliveira (United Kingdom)

Ian Duckett (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba and its struggle as heroic as that of the Palestinians.

Marie Lynam (United Kingdom)

They are a shining example to the rest of the world. Viva Cuba

Hazel Fuller (United Kingdom)

I have always admired the dedication of doctor in Cuba to travel anywhere in the world to care for people who are in dire need of assistance with little regard for their own health

Hazel McDonald (United Kingdom)

Ron Coleman (Canada)

How different our death toll would have been if we’d had the government, scientists and doctors of Cuba, instead of the corrupt, callous government we have

Marianne Sorrell (United Kingdom)

Antonio Gomez (Finland)

Owen Doherty (United Kingdom)

Brinley (United Kingdom)

Michael Murray (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your selfless lifesaving work.

Lynda (United Kingdom)

Dr Andreas Buerki (United Kingdom)

STEVE LEGGETT (United Kingdom)

We Cuban residents in the United Kingdom are proud of the humanitarian example of our Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians devoted to serve covid-19 patients wherever they were called to assist, with the same professionalism and love that they treat Cubans at home. Such selflessness caring for others when it is needed deserves the world recognition, that prizing this humanitarian act paves the way for Peace in Earth.

Miriam Palacios-Callender (United Kingdom)

Bob Piper (United Kingdom)

These are exceptional people who bravely go where needed most, regardless of the risks involved, without prejudice, to assist in a crisis. A remarkable achievement !

Karen Hubbard (United Kingdom)

Ken Barker (United Kingdom)

The exceptional event of a pandemic requires an exceptional recognition of a combined humanitarian dedication and this is a good way of doing it.

Paul Wimpeney (United Kingdom)

Cuba's health workers are true heroes. I can think of no one who deserves this award more. Please recognise their sacrifice and dedication.

Will Barton (United Kingdom)

James Ball (United Kingdom)

Steve Lonsdale (United Kingdom)

Donald Colman (United Kingdom)

Linda Dixon (United Kingdom)

Gary Hosgood (United Kingdom)

Jayne Gerrard (United Kingdom)

Frank Stappaerts (Belgium)

Sean Meleady (United Kingdom)

Jackie Power (United Kingdom)

James Wallace (Canada)

Sally Dickinson (United Kingdom)

Gordon Cowan (United Kingdom)

Angie Birtill (United Kingdom)

Harry (Canada)

John James (United Kingdom)

Marcelle Davies (United Kingdom)

Cathy Prestyko (Canada)

Dianne Jonesj (United Kingdom)

I support their nomination with all my heart.

Gillian Dalley (United Kingdom)

Leo (United Kingdom)

David (United Kingdom)

Julie Maguire (United Kingdom)

Richard Ian (United Kingdom)

Louise (United Kingdom)

Juergen Kelle (Germany)

Philip McGarry (United Kingdom)

Phil Dixon (United Kingdom)

Julie Wetterslev (Denmark)

Ian Mountain (United Kingdom)

Fully support this effort

Keith Bolender (Canada)

Umut Selvi (United Kingdom)

Helen Yuill (New Zealand)

Walter (United Kingdom)

Simon (United Kingdom)

Katie de Kauwe (United Kingdom)

Kurt (Denmark)

Phil Gittins (United Kingdom)

Bruce Roberts (United Kingdom)

Syed Shah (United Kingdom)

Die Ärzte der Republik Kuba haben den Nobelpreis verdient, denn sie haben vielen Menschen geholfen.

Dieter Ammer (Germany)

Choice between the wonderful doctors and nurses of Cuba or Donnie Darko and his made up deal in the middle east - no choice!!!!

Tony Goss (United Kingdom)

Iain Trotter (United Kingdom)

Award Cuba the peace prize for peace

James Allenby (United Kingdom)

Ivano Iogna Prat (Luxembourg)

Dimitris Yolassis (Greece)

Richard Sorg (Germany)

Mr Paul C Wixey (United Kingdom)

Please recognise the Cubans' outstanding contribution to humanity.

Jeff Searle (United Kingdom)

Jean Sullivan (United Kingdom)

Phil (France)

Bill Gilby (United Kingdom)

A an immunologist and microbiologist from the UK I have been astonished at the contribution Cuban doctor have made to fighting Covid at home but around the world.

John (United Kingdom)

Anthony Mudrak (United Kingdom)

Stewart Kirk (United Kingdom)

John (United Kingdom)

PETER WARD (United Kingdom)

Martyn Wood-Bevan (United Kingdom)

I sustain this nomination in favour of the Cuban medical staff.

Lesley Sleigh (France)

Chris Wheeldon (United Kingdom)

Well done the Cuban doctors

Ian Buckley (United Kingdom)

Morris Williams (United Kingdom)

These are the real heroes.

Avis Gilmore (United Kingdom)

Gracias por ayudar Italia

Fabrizio (Italy)

Julie (United Kingdom)

Harold Smith (Canada)

Jeffrey Rawlinson (United Kingdom)

Gordon Munro (United Kingdom)

Bruni de la Motte (United Kingdom)

Joe McAllister (United Kingdom)

Keith Owen (United Kingdom)

Derek (United Kingdom)

John Knock (United Kingdom)

Evan (United Kingdom)

John (United Kingdom)

Maureen Hamill (United Kingdom)

Dave Stannard (United Kingdom)

Grahame (United Kingdom)

Anthony Conway (United Kingdom)

An inspiration to us all

Doug Miller (United Kingdom)

David Carter (United Kingdom)

Solidarity to Cuba. The worlds best medical service.

Walter Harrison (United Kingdom)

Jean Warner (United Kingdom)

Chris Saunders (United Kingdom)

Rose Le Dieu (United Kingdom)

Jo (United Kingdom)

Michael Norman Landis (United States of America)

Ken Hesketh (United Kingdom)

Tamsin Stirling (United Kingdom)

Charles Syme (United Kingdom)

Lee Barker (United Kingdom)

Martin King (United Kingdom)

Italo Marcio Macedo Sampaio (Brazil)

Christine Sabino (United Kingdom)

Tony Warner (United Kingdom)

Martin Mowforth (United Kingdom)

Very important to recognise Cuba's long history of providing aid and support to countries struggling with disasters and humanitarian crises. This is a shining example to the rest of the world which will need to be replicated if we are to overcome pandemics and the effects of climate change.

Jon Burgoyne (United Kingdom)

Hermann Klosius (Austria)

Luke (United Kingdom)

Liz Anderton (United Kingdom)

Linda (United Kingdom)

Graham aitken (United Kingdom)

Liam Clarke (United Kingdom)

Helen Tucker (United Kingdom)

I see nobody more qualified to the prize!

Magnar Husby (Norway)

To our friends in Cuba we are full of admiration fiornthe example you give to world full of competition failing to consider how working together is the only solution to this lanet’s need

John (United Kingdom)

Yes, Cuban Doctors should definately be granted the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

Anne Hazlehurst (United Kingdom)

John Jordy O'Neill (United Kingdom)

James Snell (United Kingdom)

Zulma Wickenden (United Kingdom)

For delivering care to fellow citizens in today's troubled times.

Walter Tavener (United Kingdom)

God Bless all the Cuban Medical Staff who selflessly serve the oppressed nations of the world.

Dr Suresh Nesaratnam (United Kingdom)

PETER WICKENDEN (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors are always there, anywhere in the world where they are needed. Absolutely fantastic.

Christine Rogers (United Kingdom)

Dino (United Kingdom)

Alan Webster (United Kingdom)

James Rupa (United Kingdom)

Karina (United Kingdom)

Mary Palfreman (United Kingdom)

Norman Karkada (Canada)

Elaine Morrison (United Kingdom)

Humberto Robles (Mexico)

Colin Jones (United Kingdom)

Mark Hoskins (United Kingdom)

Alison Carpenter (United Kingdom)

Anna (Italy)

Many nations have benefitted from Cuban doctors to people help.

Vinod Thapar (United Kingdom)

Margaret Griffiths (United Kingdom)

Elaine (United Kingdom)

Please support this proposal. Thank you.

Paul (United Kingdom)

Sue Piper (United Kingdom)

Sandra Smith (United Kingdom)

James Brinklow (United Kingdom)

Maria Jesus (Spain)

Viva the Cuban doctors!

Marie Forell (United Kingdom)

Anthony Patrick Roper (United Kingdom)

Please sign for me to say that the Cuban Doctors should receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021

David Neve (United Kingdom)

Genuine humanity in a world dominated by imperialist violence.

Malcolm Parker (United Kingdom)

Gillian Arrindell (United Kingdom)

I’m full of admiration for the doctors and medical assistance provided by Cuba.

Shelagh Murphy (United Kingdom)

Andrew George (United Kingdom)

This would be well deserved

Cathie Lloyd (United Kingdom)

Peter Robbins (United Kingdom)

Gavin (United Kingdom)

Councillor Iain Mooney (United Kingdom)

Make the Nobel awards mean something genuine and not just a pandering to the might is right mentality that is becoming invasive across the world. Thank you. Rosemary (Walsom)

rose mary Walsom (United Kingdom)

Isobel Mcmillan (United Kingdom)

Erkan (United Kingdom)

These Doctors are one of the unsung heroes saving lives in this world whilst risking their own lives. They deserve recognition of the highest order.

David Hughes (United Kingdom)

Warren McGiveron (United Kingdom)

Paul Levy (United Kingdom)

The Henry Reeves International Medical brigade has been a source of inspiration to people around the world since it was formed, and especially in the recent months. These medical teams are a true example of the ideals and ethical stance of the Cuban revolution, a revolution which made their existence possible. Bravo!

Dr Doreen Weppler-Grogan (United Kingdom)

Pamela Brown (United Kingdom)

Without reward and for the good of humanity Cuban doctors and medics stepped in to help when the rich and powerful thought only of themselves.

Chris Jones (United Kingdom)

Amin Mawani (United Kingdom)

Julia Robinson (United Kingdom)

Rune Vold (Norway)

Valia Rodriguez (United Kingdom)

Steve Manchee (United Kingdom)

Raymond Howard (United Kingdom)

Young Labour International Officer

Marcus Barnett (United Kingdom)

Gareth Glynn (United Kingdom)

Krista Cowman (United Kingdom)

Amir M Maasoumi (Canada)

Hilary De Santos (United Kingdom)

Stephen Deans (United Kingdom)

John Stewart (United Kingdom)

David Morgan (United Kingdom)

Phil Chadwick (United Kingdom)

John Ingleson (United Kingdom)

James Laferla (United States of America)

Cuba's doctor tireless efforts go largely ignored by the worlds Capitalist press - give them the honuur they are due for helping with the worlds epidemics - not least Ebola and Covid 19!

jez stevens (United Kingdom)

This would have the hallmarks of all that is best about the Nobel Prize Awards. I urge the Nobel Committee to support this campaign.

Nick Yapp (United Kingdom)

It is extraordinary what the Cuban people do to help people not only in their country, but throughout the world. And I think this is because it is not a capitalist society where profit is the motivating factor. Rather the focus is on how can we make a better society for everyone. The work of the Cuban health workers throughout the world is a testament to this.

Gail Harper (Australia)

Chari Cole (United States of America)

Solidarity !

Paul Birkett (United Kingdom)

Trevor G Brown (United Kingdom)

Vern Andrus (Canada)

Cuba is often treated negatively by the western press -very often quite unfairly-and an award such as this would really help to counterbalance such negativity

John Strongman (United Kingdom)

Peter Olech (United Kingdom)

Malcolm Peppiatt (United Kingdom)

hufkens eric (Belgium)

Lorna Beavis (United Kingdom)

I support Cuban Doctors to be given Nobel Peace prize for their voluntary contributions. As they are well deserved group of workers to have this Award.

Shaukat Dhali (United Kingdom)

Carlos Rafael Bermudez (Cuba)

I am proud to have been part of the International Campaign to Abolish NuclearWeapons (ICAN) which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 for its “work to draw attention to the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons” and our “ground-breaking efforts to achieve a treaty-based prohibition of such weapons”. I am also proud to have visited Cuba and seen for myself the common ground from which the island’s Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade sprang, and to join the international call for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to them.

Steve Ballard (United Kingdom)

Anna Snowdon (United Kingdom)

Christopher HOBBS (Spain)

Stephen Fawcett (United Kingdom)

Professor Gwyn T Williams (United Kingdom)

Carl Wainwright (United Kingdom)

Bernadette Thirion (Netherlands)

These Drs give aid all around the world as thanks for the training they receive.

Alan Coles (United Kingdom)

We truly need doctors like these

Lesley Lodge (United Kingdom)

It's high time the Cuban doctors, who are often the fist to attend any emergency, were recognised and thanked for their humanitarian work.

Jane Wood (United Kingdom)

Jacqueline Covill (United Kingdom)

ruby (United Kingdom)

Barrie Ward (United Kingdom)

Andrew Maybury (United Kingdom)

The work of Cuban doctors has been compassionate, courageous and inspiring. Their selfless care for humanity should be recognised and celebrated

Mairead Tagg (United Kingdom)

ARTHUR (United Kingdom)

Jennifer (United Kingdom)

To honour their selfless humanitarianism

Pam Wortley (United Kingdom)

Annika Andersson (Sweden)

The provision of help from one country to another can only help strengthen world peace and cooperation, when this comes from a small, less affluent nation this should be recognised.

Mark Chivers (United Kingdom)

Good luck and thanks for keeping the idea of social justice alive!

Alan John Collins (United Kingdom)

Kevin Johnstone (United Kingdom)

I firmly believe that the doctors of Cuba deserve this Prize, in the very least.

Uditha Devapriya (Sri Lanka)

Ann Mullings (United Kingdom)

If ever anyone deseves this this brave country does.

Gwynfor (United Kingdom)

CARYNE (United Kingdom)

Lennart Odstrom (Sweden)

Paddy Farrington (United Kingdom)

What a splendid idea. A really great example of peace building.

Nick Matthews (United Kingdom)

Karl Spires (United Kingdom)

Steve (United Kingdom)

David Donnachie (United Kingdom)

Eva Sandstrom (Sweden)

James Taylor (United Kingdom)

George (United Kingdom)

Rev Tom Warren (United States of America)

Outi Pesola (Finland)

A truly internationalist example worthy of recognition internationally.

Alexander Fitch (United Kingdom)

Nadia Dabbene (Spain)

Against all the odds the Cubans still offer their services world-wide

Philip JONES (United Kingdom)

Cuban medical personnel have, over many years, devoted their lives to helping out in emergencies throughout the wworld and lately during teh Covid pandemic in italy and elsewhere. Their selfless sacrifices deserve recognition. They should be awarded the Bobel Peace Prize.

john green (United Kingdom)

Reward those who go that extra mile

Paul Foley (United Kingdom)

Bryan Godsell (United Kingdom)

Sue Turner (United Kingdom)

Jackie Simpkins (United Kingdom)

Mark Williams (United Kingdom)

Adam Samuels (United Kingdom)

The Cuban doctors do an amazing job around the world for those in desperate need.

Liv Singh (United Kingdom)

Judy ILAN (Canada)

Bethan monahan (United Kingdom)

Diana (United Kingdom)

The Cuban Doctors are amazing, every time a country has an issue, Cuba sends their doctors, I am in total awe of them. They truly deserve the Nobel Peace prize. Everything Cuba has to deal with, with the Blockade, they still truly inspire the world with their selflessness.

Jenny Bakhoff (United Kingdom)

Solidarity comrades, great job, you have again set an example to bigger richer countries what can be done.Viva Cuba

John Lawson (United Kingdom)

Mick Brooks (United Kingdom)

Robert Turner (United Kingdom)

Linden Ash (United Kingdom)

Best Wishes and Solidarity from Scotland

IAN JOHNSTON (United Kingdom)

You are an inspiration to us all.

Stephen Rennie (United Kingdom)

Kevin O'Sullivan (United Kingdom)

This is the most heartening example of humanity I have seen

Stefan Sykes (United Kingdom)

Please acknowledge Cuban medical professionals for assisting and contributing their expertise abroad. Cubans are suffering at home and still helping others. Amazing people: an example to the world !

Maureen Moss (Spain)

Patricia Farrell (United Kingdom)

Francois Legault (Canada)

For our common humanity and hope in dark days of this terrible global pandemic, we celebrate the doctors of Cuba for their commitment to fundamental principles and solidarity or those in most need. Their work brings joy and deserves the highest honour, respect and comradeship.

Katrina Miller (United Kingdom)

Gracias! Y felicidades!

Kate Whittle (United Kingdom)

Tom M (United Kingdom)

Greatly deserved.

Julie Sheppard (United Kingdom)

Cuba's medical teams are always there for the rest of the world at times of medical emergencies. It's time their work was acknowledged and I can't think of any more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Claire Copple (United Kingdom)

Philip Moran (Ireland)

It is an outrage that the media subservient to the U.S and it’s allies refuse to report the great humanitarian work carried out by Cuba. Thank you Cuba for all you do!

Robert Martindale (United Kingdom)

James Sheppard (United Kingdom)

Michael McKrell (United Kingdom)

Neil Hunter (United Kingdom)

David (Ireland)

A wonderful example to the whole world

Eric Coates (United Kingdom)

Kate Purcell (United Kingdom)

Cuban doctors and health workers have given their skills and knowledge to assist in the fight against disease in many countries of the world . Regardless of politics.

PATRICIA (United Kingdom)

They deserve it.

Linda McDowell (Canada)

Terry Hoad (United Kingdom)

Dr Bob Jeffery (United Kingdom)

Javier Sanchez (Spain)

Don Nicolson (United Kingdom)

Lucy M Johnston (United Kingdom)

Keith Reid (United Kingdom)

Katharine Bligh (United Kingdom)

Diolch i wasanaeth meddygol Ciwba am eich ymdrechion dros iechyd byd eang

Alison Llewelyn (United Kingdom)

Iain (United Kingdom)

Since April, more than 3,700 Cuban doctors, nurses and technicians have volunteered alongside health workers in 34 countries to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. They deserves recognition and respect. Please all support for the Nobel Prize for Cubans Doctors.

Benedita Whitehouse (United Kingdom)

Robert Strafford (United Kingdom)

Keith Close (United Kingdom)

Joe Crombie (United Kingdom)

Mathew Bailey (United Kingdom)

Cuba deserves the Nobel Peace Prize!

Mara Glebovs (Canada)

Amanda Barton (United Kingdom)

Keith Yule (United Kingdom)

Zoe Lawlor (Ireland)

Lisa Howell (United Kingdom)

ian (United Kingdom)

Mike Hemmings (United Kingdom)

The Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban doctors

Jean Francois Streel (Belgium)

Tim Edwards (United Kingdom)

Fabio Marcelli (Italy)

Ines Ruesch (Switzerland)

Andrew Siddons (United Kingdom)

Tanya W (United Kingdom)

David Jones (United Kingdom)

I sincerely hope that the Cuban doctors get the praise snd recognition they so richly deserve for their amazing work for humanity.

Jean Wallace (United Kingdom)

Kevin Amis (United Kingdom)

Tim Turner (United Kingdom)

Doctors Not Bombs - is an ideal all nations of earth should aspire to.

Thomas Burke (United Kingdom)


Brian Corbett (United Kingdom)

Very well deserved.

Ben (Canada)

john moore (United Kingdom)

I support the request to give Nobels peace price to cuban doctors, nurses and other medics working for the good of mankind. Nu doing so, they show ud and the rest of the world, what we all should be doing: working together and helping each other.

Hanne Svensson (Denmark)

Please ignore what Donald Trump says and recognize the outstanding work the Henry Reeve International Brigade have commited themselves to.

Graham (United Kingdom)

tamara largura (France)

always there in times of needed help you can rely on there service always

Paul Childs (United Kingdom)

Christos Georgalas (Georgia)

David (United Kingdom)

These people deserve recognition

Louise Homer (United Kingdom)

Rhys McCarthy (United Kingdom)

these people are a credit to humankind

David Marchesi (United Kingdom)

Peter Middleton (Ireland)

I have experienced the expertise and the generosity of the Cuban doctors in Nicaragua - they are a tremendous, dedicated group of people who do a fantastic job on relatively low salaries. They fill an enormous gap in poor countries where medical services often don't reach remote rural areas (for example).

John Perry (United Kingdom)

Baris Oz (Canada)

Pam (United Kingdom)

Tue Magnussen (Denmark)

Daniel Mccormick (Canada)

Jane Scott (United Kingdom)

Jill Day (United Kingdom)

Colin Adams (United Kingdom)

Cuba has so much to teach the world

Brenda Wishart (United Kingdom)

This is well deserved

Rena (United Kingdom)

The world can learn a lot from Cuba.

Kathleen (United Kingdom)

Pat Woods (United Kingdom)

The medical people of Cuba deserve recognition for all that they do.

Susie Daniel (United Kingdom)

steve turner (United Kingdom)

Ian (United Kingdom)

Well done Cuban doctors! David

David Morton (United Kingdom)

This would be a fitting recognition of the Cuban people's selflessness and internationalism.

Dominic MacAskill (United Kingdom)

This would be a thoroughly deserved recognition for these selfless men and women.

James McDaid (United Kingdom)

Phil Yeeles (United Kingdom)

PJ Clarke (United Kingdom)

Andy Vidion (United Kingdom)

Ludi Simpson (United Kingdom)

sheila gobel (United Kingdom)

Joanne Matthews (United Kingdom)

Susan (United Kingdom)

Sara (United Kingdom)

James Rodie (United Kingdom)

Sue (United Kingdom)

David (United Kingdom)

Anastasia Ahern (United Kingdom)

Benjamin W Vergara-Carvallo (United Kingdom)

Michael Tynan (United Kingdom)

Ben (United Kingdom)

As a nurse I know what it's like to help and work voluntary in this field. I lift my hat off to these medics and workers and nominate them for the peace prize

anne-marie (United Kingdom)

Stephen Wilkinson (United Kingdom)

In these difficult times it is important that we recognise outstanding efforts and results and Cuba stands out on both counts.

Carolyn Jones (United Kingdom)

Alan Carr (United Kingdom)

Bob Thomson (United Kingdom)

Carlos Dabezies (United Kingdom)

Add your name

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