Summer Solidarity Brigade 2024

July 2024 - 17 nights

Experience the real Cuba! Be more than just a tourist. The Solidarity Brigade consists of groups from the solidarity organisations of several European countries.

Register your interest now for Summer Solidarity Brigade in Cuba July 2024 dates tbc

Now is an exciting time to be going to Cuba and the brigade gives a unique opportunity to speak to Cubans from all walks of life, see the reality of life under the ongoing US blockade, and learn about the country’s economic and social development.

With free time to explore the capital and soak up the culture, with dance classes, film screenings and music. Not forgetting some time at an amazing beach.

The brigade is based at an international centre 25 miles outside of Havana. The accommodation is basic, sharing up to 4 people per room. This brigade also includes a 4 day trip to another part of the country.

 A fantastic programme of trips, visits and discussion with Cuban people from politics, sports, the arts, industry as well as voluntary work and plenty of social activities will ensure that you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Cost includes programme of talks, events and visits, accommodation, transport, food and preparation pack in advance of departure. You need to organise your own international flights but we can assist with this.

"It was a life-changing experience, a really wonderful, rich time in every sense. Humbling in the face of the blockade and its consequences – I will definitely go again, and encourage others to do so!” past brigadista 

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