In the Footsteps of Che Study Tour 2020

16-27 February 2020

Visit historic sites of revolution in Havana and Santa Clara and examine the role of Che Guevara in the Cuban revolution.

CSC is pleased to announce the return of our exciting study tour examining Che’s involvement in the Cuban Revolution. The tour leader will be Geoff Bottoms, who has led many CSC tours, has travelled extensively in Cuba and has a wide and detailed knowledge of Cuban politics, culture and society.

We have a thought-provoking itinerary in Havana and Santa Clara. A unique opportunity to examine Che’s integral role in the battle for Santa Clara and other significant historic events, including a visit his inspiring monument and museum. Also taking in visits to the Bay of Pigs and to Remedios. This is an inspiring opportunity to share experiences with the Cuban people in their neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools and local health care centres for a current day insight to Cuban society, with plenty of time to relax and enjoy vibrant Cuban culture close up.

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