60 Years Too Long - End the US Blockade

Your Messages

I know there are votes in Miami, but it's time to do the right thing. Cuba is an autocracy, true. But so is China.

Clive (United States of America)

Sean Sanders (United Kingdom)

Terence Smyth (United Kingdom)

Tony Chafer (United Kingdom)

Chris Kemp (United Kingdom)

Christopher Kemp (United Kingdom)

As a noble leader, and a complete contrast with your predecessors, please act on this President Biden. The good people of this world are relying on you.

Robert Ireland (United Kingdom)

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rjpoxc (Denmark)

Keep your promise, Mr Biden, lift an unjust blockade that is a cruel barrier to building peace and cooperation

Michael McKrell (United Kingdom)

I wish to sign to end the blockade of Cuba in the name of humanity. The 60-year blockade is totally undemocratic and unjust. In memory of Constantinos Adamopoulos.

Evelyn Beinart (United Kingdom)

Dear President Biden, I am asking you to do the right thing and lift the embargo on Cuba. For fifty years the US supported the most barbaric regimes in South America who carried out the most heinous tortures and murders with the full support of the US. You have the chance to make amends for these crimes by helping Cuba to carry on with the great work it has done in the field of medicine, by helping all those people who need it - the reverse of what the US has done to these countries all those years ago.

Ian MacLauchlan (United Kingdom)

Mark Sayers (United Kingdom)

Dominic Murphy (United Kingdom)

Kevin Thompson (United Kingdom)


J J Ennis (United Kingdom)

Michael Hicks (United Kingdom)

David Hinde (United Kingdom)

Rita De Carvalhal (United Kingdom)

The US blockade of Cuba and its illegal occupation of Guantanamo Bay are anachronisms of a bygone age and as such should be confined to the dustbin of history. There is simply no excuse for the blockade and it should be ended immediately.

Bert Schouwenburg (United Kingdom)

Cuba presents no threat to the USA and never has. Lift the cruel sanctions which have done so much harm to the people of Cuba, and damaged the US's standing in the eyes of the world.

Brian Patterson (Ireland)

Going against the United resolutions every year does not give the impression that the USA is a democratic country So here is a chance to show that you are, by respecting the vote of 187 nations who vote the same way every year and stop sticking two fingers to them.

Tony Demetriou (United Kingdom)

Susan Britton (United Kingdom)

Stand up for the spirit of the Constitution "all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". Surely this doesn't only apply to US citizens but to all mankind.

Bruce and Mary Morgan (United Kingdom)

Time to remove the blockade in the name of humanity

Malcolm Walters (United Kingdom)

Graham Askew (United Kingdom)

If Obama can do it, so can President Biden. Yes you can! 60 years is too long. Both Cubans and Americans deserve better. End the blockade and lets have some serious international relations.

Gareth Mostyn (United Kingdom)

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Karinakali (Russian Federation)

Frank Cammock (United Kingdom)

Alto al bloqueo criminal contra Cuba. Basta de colonialismo en Latinoamérica. Independencia para Puerto Rico.

Edda Lopez (Puerto Rico)

Jane Hart (United Kingdom)

Please end the inhumane, unjust and illegal blockade of Cuba.

Andrew Holdich (United Kingdom)

A big lump of kindness wouldn't go amiss ................ and would make a lot of sense !!!

Stuart Leaver (United Kingdom)

Mark Dodson (United Kingdom)

We must do all we can to help one of the only countries that has held out against US Imperialism.

Lana Joyce (United Kingdom)

Cuba looks good with a healthy population. The USA could be decent & end the blockade. Please ignore the extreme right wing & end the blockade

Alison Winstone (United Kingdom)

Valerie (United Kingdom)

Dominic DiMambro (United Kingdom)


Rene Ribic (Australia)

Dear Joe. Do you actually believe that at 3rd world island nation of 11 million is a threat to the United States? Stop starving the Cuban people. End the embargo. End the blockade.

James L Somers (United States of America)

Kathryn Payne (United States of America)

Simon Parent (France)

Albin Irgens (Sweden)

The blockade was enacted to protect the interests of capital over the rights of Cubans to run their own island. If you're really concerned about oppression and human rights abuses in Cuba, close Guantanamo bay, hypocrites. Cuba belongs to the Cubans. End the blockade.

LeAnn Braun (United States of America)

Steven Johnston (United Kingdom)

Cuba is inspirational and does so much with very little for its people...Many countries could learn form Cuba. Cuba should not be punished for putting people before profit

andrew Cooper (United Kingdom)

John Lieber (United States of America)

Kristofer Raikes (United States of America)

Francesco Sticchi (United Kingdom)

Viva Che!

Vojko Jeric (United Kingdom)

Eric Rogers (United States of America)

Stop the strangling of Cuba!

Lawrie Coombs (United Kingdom)

Free Cuba from the inhumane economic blockade. Solidarity

Neil Bevan (United Kingdom)

Mark Benfold (United Kingdom)

President Biden - consider ending the US blockade of Cuba

Arthur West (United Kingdom)

Lynne davies (United Kingdom)

Clair Gwilliam (United Kingdom)

Andrew Draper (United Kingdom)

Twm Draper (United Kingdom)

Charlotte Mary Chapman (United Kingdom)

Maisie (United Kingdom)

Lauren McCann Strain (United Kingdom)

Grant Murray (United Kingdom)

nik fetherston (United Kingdom)

Olivia Dunphy (United Kingdom)

Nathaniel Pearce (United Kingdom)

Ed Marriott (United Kingdom)

Darin Qualls (United Kingdom)

David Lister (United Kingdom)

Jennifer Christopher (United Kingdom)

Jimmy Rutledge (United Kingdom)

David Prees (United Kingdom)

Stuart (United Kingdom)

What is the purpose of this blockade now.

Lynda Hann (United Kingdom)

Michele Marshall (United Kingdom)

Enough's enough.

Ashoke Dasgupta (Canada)

Stephen Moran (United Kingdom)

Remi Kapo (United Kingdom)

Struan Dudman (United Kingdom)

Allison Fewtrell (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba

Mark kane (United Kingdom)

Richard Courtney (United Kingdom)

Stop the santions now

Eddy (United Kingdom)

Amalia Kostorrizou (United Kingdom)

gabe (United Kingdom)

Dan Ross (United Kingdom)

Guido Mutizabal (Chile)

Richard Mackey (United Kingdom)

Pauline Kennedy (United Kingdom)

Jakub Szwedowicz (United Kingdom)

Paul Atkin (United Kingdom)

Billy Ross (United Kingdom)

It's time for justice and peace! Do the right thing and end this illegal blockade!!

Mehreen Begg (United Kingdom)

Simon Murch (United Kingdom)

Mike Ironside (France)

Nigel Yeo (United Kingdom)

We need to welcome Cubans back into our world. They helped us with Covid and have the highest vaccination rate in the world. It's time.

Terry Harper (United Kingdom)

Neil Parker (United Kingdom)

Rachel Annand (United Kingdom)

Georgia Townshend (United Kingdom)

Annette Mansell-Green (United Kingdom)

Andrew Hudd (United Kingdom)

Francisco Dominguez (United Kingdom)

Uplift 60 year old sanctions on the people and country of Cuba...The people are the ones who sufferbunder cruel economic sanctions.

Darlene Zamora (United States of America)

Jamie (United Kingdom)

Sean Meleady (United Kingdom)

Angelika Becker (Germany)

Its time to allow the Cuban people to have a future.

Harry Braiden (Canada)

Guffaldo Allen (United Kingdom)

Prof Helen Colley (United Kingdom)

Peter (United Kingdom)

The blockade serves no purpose in these changing times. It's economic destruction based on archaic ideologies and senseless rhetoric have failed. End the Economic Stagnation and stymie of modernization, it's the RIGHT thing to do for the CITIZENS of CUBA.

Luke Panting (Trinidad and Tobago)

Fuck America

Sandile (South Africa)

End the blockade now. Sanctions are weapons of war. If you believe in the Free Market- let it be FREE.

Anya Close (Canada)

Lyn (Canada)

It's overdue, surely you are intending to do this anyway. Thank you.

Cath Peach (United Kingdom)

Rosemary Photopoulos (Australia)

Gisela Gnoss (Germany)

184 countries voted for lifted restrictions.. 2 voted against. Doesn’t that tell you something?? And when travelling, my daughter and I felt much safer in Cuba than we did in the USA. .. as if that matters!!!

Barbra Kavanagh (Australia)

Paulius Eidukas (Norway)

David Graham (United Kingdom)

Make a real difference Mr President show some humanity, some compassion and quite frankly some common sense and end the blockade and the 60+ years of suffering your country has inflicted on the people of Cuba with its failed foreign policy !

Paul Ainsworth (United Kingdom)

End the blockade and sanctions against Cuba

Lynne Korniak (United Kingdom)

Lift the criminal blockade now

Lucian (South Africa)

Darren Grant (United States of America)

What is possible with Venezuela for oil, should be possible with Cuba for justice.

Brigitte Schiffler (Germany)

Laura Kilmer (United States of America)

Rob Quick (United Kingdom)

John Grisdale (United Kingdom)

Sylvia Knight (United Kingdom)

Carmel Meacle (Ireland)

Cihan Karakoc (Norway)

Marie Barry (Ireland)

Weronika Kochan (Poland)

Elizabeth Ribalta (Cuba)

Martin Schmidt (Germany)

Please show that the US can do the right thing, and end the blockade

Danny Gazzi (United Kingdom)

Frank Schwitalla (Germany)

Hugo Beuttler (Germany)

If the U.S. government would really care for the Cuban people it would end the blockade today!! Otherwise it is punishment, sadistic policy.

Dr Edgar Goell (Germany)

Roger Spettigue (United Kingdom)

Andrew P Coley (United Kingdom)

David Wallace (United Kingdom)

Richard Mischook (United Kingdom)

end the blockades now. Castro is not in power and the people of Cuba should not be punished any longer. have a heart

rik myers (United States of America)

Irene Spencer Timson (United Kingdom)

Andrew Buit (United States of America)

End the blockade and sanctions against Cuba

John B Good (United Kingdom)

Susan (United Kingdom)

Valerie ELSON (United Kingdom)

Chris Wood (United Kingdom)

End the Cuban embargo and travel ban.

Joan Phylis Gibbs (United States of America)

Tracey Croxford (United Kingdom)

GEOFFRAY (Switzerland)

Mark Jenkins (United States of America)

It's about time to end this foolishness.

Peter Nakhid (United States of America)

Margaret Hankamp (United States of America)

We are right at the gates of hell, the situation is extremely critical and America will surely pay the price, denuclearisation and a halt to the blockade are inevitable, to underestimate the situation means the end, may God be with us.

Jozef Chavko (Slovakia)

please end these blockades. it is the least you could do

Gary Clausheide (Canada)

Norma Dealcala (United States of America)

I'm also a voting US citizen and would vote for a Democratic Party that distinguished itself from the Republican Party by ending this immoral and obsolete embargo and sanctioning.

Richard Deutsch (United Kingdom)

Eddie (United Kingdom)

Please engage with Cuba and end the blockade

Stephen Kenneth Sawyer (United Kingdom)

Close Guantanamo

Stephen Branscombe (United Kingdom)

Clare Hariri (United Kingdom)

Marianne Sorrell (United Kingdom)

Felicity De Motta (United Kingdom)

coral jones (United Kingdom)

Gary John Griffiths (United Kingdom)

Janice Ayton (United Kingdom)

With deepest respect, I call upon your humanity to put an end to the embargo inCuba which causes unnecessary suffering to its people. The time is ripe - please act now. Best Wishes Sally Daley

Sally JDaley (United Kingdom)

The United States says that every country has a right to self determination. Let Cuba determine their own future. Lift the embargo on them

Jackie Oversby (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with the Cuban people.

Mary M Dwyer (United Kingdom)

Freedom for all! Solidarity to the end. 👍🏼

Teresa Williamson (United Kingdom)

John Hemsley (United Kingdom)

Richard (United Kingdom)

Valerie Quinn (United Kingdom)

Frances Willson (United Kingdom)

Sabine Siewert (Germany)

Angela Peoples (United Kingdom)

Cuba is a sovereign country. It has a right to self determination. The blockade is criminal and unjust. it needs to be removed so that Cuba can continue with its humanitarian work and its international solidarity.

Catherine Newall (United Kingdom)

The blockade is criminal , genocidal and totally unnecessary. USA would benefit from cooperation with Cuba in areas of health, education and resilience to climate change.

Hilary Haynes (United Kingdom)

Please end the 60 year' Embargo on All Trade with Cuba'. It is anti-democratic and against all the principles of Internationalism. Covid 19 has demonstrated the need for international solidarity for global health and justice and for an International approach to global climate change. There is much to learn from Cuba and its sovernighty.

Rehana Minhas (United Kingdom)

The Cubans have run around the world helping many other countries, during this two year long virus crisis. They are a successful nation, in spite of the draconian actions of USA. Please withdraw those actions. and leave the Cuban people alone.

Charlotte Peters Rock (United Kingdom)

Keep on CSC....till the blockade is ended, Solidarity

Debashis De (United Kingdom)

Caterina Lai Cullinane (United Kingdom)

Russell Lowe (United Kingdom)

Paul McMichael (United Kingdom)

Marian Sedley (United Kingdom)

Daniel Carter (United Kingdom)

Erik Hansen (Canada)

Tola Ositelu (Belgium)

Tom Slatter (United Kingdom)

Thomas Hewis (United Kingdom)

Frank Winfield (United Kingdom)

Nick Johns (United Kingdom)

Christine (United Kingdom)

Samuel Micah (United Kingdom)

Paul Thomas (United Kingdom)

Frederique Robert (Australia)

For a supposedly civilized country you undertake the most inhumane policies against any country that does not do things your way and people suffer. Is your way really the only way? It is certainly not the right way if all you can do is make war and starve people.

Christine Randell (United Kingdom)

Please Mr President Biden

Lawrence Craig (United States of America)

Stop the Cruelty!

Richard Brinton (United States of America)

End the blockade.

Miriam Gomez (United States of America)

Tell THE U.S. to pull it's head in, because it will be chopped off soon; they have grown too big for their boots.

THOMAS W ADAMS (Australia)

Dino Philippos (United Kingdom)

Even Obama saw how unjust the sanctions against Cuba are.

Susan Thorpe (United States of America)

This is a continuing shame and you should put an end to it.

Silvia A Brandon Perez (United States of America)

It is long overdue that the U.S. end the immoral blockade of Cuba and establish friendly relations with the Cuban government to benefit all the people of both nations.

Gil Leib (United States of America)

Andreas Happe (Germany)

There is too much suffering in this world. An embargo from 1962 should not still be in place in 2022.

Matthew Richards (United Kingdom)

julia alegria (Spain)

The blockade is totally ineffective and only brings shame on the US

Pat Mitchell (United Kingdom)

Tony (United Kingdom)

Petronella Shutt-Schouten (United Kingdom)

Henry Emoni (United Kingdom)

Kim Fletcher (United Kingdom)

Jonquil Stewart (United Kingdom)

Long live freedok

Sergio contreras (United Kingdom)

Caroline Brookes (United Kingdom)

Phil Richards (United Kingdom)

Anne Watson (United Kingdom)

Colin Redmond (United Kingdom)

Unblock Cuba !

Anna Gudera-Mach (Germany)

James Johnson (United Kingdom)

In 1968 prior to be assassinated even Kennedy came to the conclusion that the blockade was useless and asked a French Diplomat according to his press secretary Pierre Salinger so I suppose that 54 years more of the same is more than enough

Jean-Pierre Daubois (Canada)

Eileen Foley (United Kingdom)

Michael Koch (Germany)

Lease find an end of the horrible blockade in Cuba. Its unbelievable, that some people do that to other ones.

Peter Sturm (Germany)

Jean Balibrera (United States of America)

in solidarity Heinrich Buecker, Organizer Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin

Coop Anti-War Cafe Heinrich Buecker (Germany)

Sanctions are contrary to international law

Claudia Karas (Germany)

Kurt Bovensiepen (Germany)

Nieder mit der Blockade!

Horst Koch-Panzner (Germany)

Janice Millington (United Kingdom)

Georg Neubauer (Germany)

Adrian Willmott (United Kingdom)

Gottfried Heil (Germany)

Willi Gerhard (Germany)

Susanne Huettig (Germany)

Sanctions hurt people and especially children. Dialogue not punishment works best for all.

Ismael M Parra (United States of America)

Donald Hewitt (United Kingdom)

If you’ve an ounce of shame, end the blockade

Brian Frost (United Kingdom)

Danny Anderson (United Kingdom)

Lars Wallin (Sweden)

Please see letter above

Tracey Nicholls (United Kingdom)

Miguel Alonso (United States of America)

Tony Brown (United Kingdom)

Irene Leonard (United Kingdom)

Michelle Brierley (United Kingdom)

Debs Miles (Spain)

Clive Walder (United Kingdom)

Free Cuba

Paul (United Kingdom)

Lift the blockade. Wouldn’t you rather have Cuba as a friend? Lady Lindsay Avebury, London, England.

Lindsay Avebury (United Kingdom)

Please help the people if Cuba

Helen Gray (United Kingdom)

I am with the people of Cuba all the way.

Peter (United Kingdom)

Terry webb (United Kingdom)

With no conditions

Catherine (United Kingdom)

When the powerful punish the weaker, it tells you what is wrong with the powerful. Such is US policy towards Cuba

Jonathsn Heal (United Kingdom)

Support for ending the blockade has overwhelming support at the United Nations. The US would increase its moral standing with the rest of the world by ending the blockade and could allow it to be a credible advocate of justice and human rights.

John Brooke (United Kingdom)

Roscini Gerardo (Italy)

It's time to stop!!!

Massimo Montinaro (Italy)

Franco (Italy)

Mick Helm (United Kingdom)



Please resume the good work that Obama started in normalising relations with Cuba

Richard Hull (United Kingdom)

Steve Jeggo (United Kingdom)


francesco monterisi (Italy)

Un block Cuba

Susy Sosa (Cuba)

Fix the mistake!

Yuanzhe Jiang (China)

Barney Winnett (United Kingdom)

Jack Benson (United Kingdom)

Evan (United Kingdom)

The US talks the talk on Democracy but walks the walk of a dominant undemocratic bully!

Roshan Pedder (United Kingdom)

Paul France (United Kingdom)

Tamara Sivanandan (United Kingdom)

This blockade needs to stop and anything instigated by Trump should have been cancelled by now - this is done out of spite not fear of Socialism.

Susan Hyett (United Kingdom)

Dear Mr. President, You must be aware of the appaling harm that punitive action in the name of 'the interests of the United States', or of any other powerful nation state has caused in the past. Such harm is still being felt in many parts of the world. Cuba is a case in point where three generations have been brought up under crippling conditions caused directly by United States policies. They were unjustifiable from the outset and they are even less justifiable now. Please do the right thing and loosen the Cuban people from your economic strangle hold. Yours sincerely, Mark Pear

Mark Pear (United Kingdom)

Andy de la Tour (United Kingdom)

Bill Kelliher (United Kingdom)

Simon Walsh (United Kingdom)

Joan Cutting (United Kingdom)

Susan Paget (United Kingdom)

#NoMasBloqueo #UnBlockCuba Elimina el Bloqueo, que tanto afecta al pueblo cubano y a liz que quieren tener relaciones comerciales con Cuba

Tamara Dovale (Cuba)

Dear President, Please speak to your heart and look at your family around. Well-fed, well cared for, well looked after,... would not you like that for others. Show us that you are a Good Christian and different person than Ex-president Donald Trump. Over 60 years of harm have been done to The Cuban people who have decided to live differently. It is high time to put an end to this unwanted suffering. Thank you

Madjid Mahrane (United Kingdom)

Rosabel Portela (United Kingdom)

Joe Brown (United Kingdom)

Steve Power (United Kingdom)

Kathryn Herbert (United Kingdom)

You have a moral obligation to do the right thing and end the unjust sanctions against Cuba !

Martin Bove (United Kingdom)

Please, President Biden, take heed of our plea! This embargo is morally wrong, I feel, in this day and age, when we need international co-operation and mutual support, to deal with the challenges faced by us all, from Climate Change. Cuba does not pose any dangers to us and in fact has been a huge friend to the world with helping with the giving out of Covid vaccines to the third world. Please break with the authoritarian attitude of the previous American administration.

Mary Connolly (United Kingdom)

Isolina Rivas (Spain)

claire groom (United Kingdom)

Gabriela Romero Alonso (Cuba)

Jose Leon (United States of America)

Todos necesitamos la misma oportunidad, Cuba ya es grande y sin bloqueos será inmensa.

Lindember Leonel Moreira Mendoza (Ecuador)

Mark Chivers (United Kingdom)

Ena Maria (Cuba)

Caroline Jennings (United Kingdom)

End the US Blockade against Cuba.

Mauricio Alvarez (Mexico)


Manuel (Cuba)

Viva Cuba! End the blockade and let Cuba live and share their achievements in health, education and culture with the world

Ruby Speed (United Kingdom)

Good morning Sr. President 60 years too long: End the US Blockade

Jorge Alejandro Loo Lara (Cuba)

Stop the blockade and reopen diplomatic relations with Cuba. 60 years of unjust punishment is intolerable

Wendy Stevenson (Canada)

Rosa Vargas (Puerto Rico)

Que vivan los #PuentesDeAmor y de #Solidaridad #AbajoElBloqueo #EliminaElBloqueo

Yulianna Diaz (Cuba)

Abajo el criminal bloqueo contra nuestro país,déjennos vivir en paz

Angel Luis Reyes Alberja (Cuba)

Please, President Biden, take heed of our plea! This embargo is morally wrong, I feel, in this day and age, when we need international co-operation and mutual support, to deal with the challenges faced by us all, from Climate Change. Cuba does not pose any dangers to us and in fact has been a huge friend to the world with helping with the giving out of Covid vaccines to the third world. Please break with the authoritarian attitude of the previous American administration.

Trisha Ireland (United Kingdom)

End the blockade against Cuba

Yolanda Prieto (United Kingdom)

Ronald Corbin (United Kingdom)

Celina Valadez (Mexico)

James Holland (United States of America)

James Marsh (United Kingdom)

TJ Milburn (United Kingdom)

More than 60 years of my life are marked by this oppressing Blockade. In all the normal things that any family do, no matter your nationality, we Cubans have to deal with the US sanctions, in one way or the other. The world has said enough, and you can stop the Blockade.

Miriam Palacios-Callender (United Kingdom)

Luis Alonso (Puerto Rico)

Wanda (United States of America)

Julio Cesar Guanche Zaldivar (Cuba)

Dear President Biden, I hope after 60 years you would realize how useless and wrong Kennedy was to carry out this action. As a fifteen year old child I remember walking up to school terrified as I thought that by the end of the day I would have witnessed the start of a nuclear war. Luckily I didn't, but I joined CND and have been a member since then. However I can't believe that the blockade still continues. I have been a member of Oxfam for 30 years and worked for them for 15 years, I hope you will read their report and cease to carry it out any longer and follow the actions that all but two with a further two abstentions have agreed to the suggestion that the blockade should end now.

Tony Makin (United Kingdom)

Laura Alim Aneiros Rodriguez (Luxembourg)

Mary Axtmann (Puerto Rico)

Mrs Cara Hodgson-Reed (United Kingdom)

Vivian C Otero (United States of America)

Mike Webber (United Kingdom)

Salvador Moncada (United Kingdom)

Rose Dixey (United Kingdom)

End the sanctions s please

Annie whitefield (United Kingdom)

The economic war against your miniscule neighbour is just wrong.

Seamus O Nuallain (Ireland)

Randal J Castille (United States of America)

James Robinson (United Kingdom)

Matthew Green (United Kingdom)

Caroline Coombs (United Kingdom)

LESLIE CLARK (United Kingdom)

Please support these people they are no threat to the USA. They are a poor nation and what a wonderful thing they have done medically to help other poor nations. I am sure if you lifted the blockade it would show the world that the USA has a conscience.

Mr Keith Nicholson (United Kingdom)

Gerry Nicodemou (United Kingdom)

It’s time to end the sanctions. People are suffering.

Vanessa (United Kingdom)

After all these decades isn't it obvious that the USA cannot break the resolve of the Cuban people.

Barry Healy (Australia)

Megan Holloway (United States of America)


Andy (Cuba)

End the blockade on Cuba

Stephanie mathivet (United Kingdom)

Gabriela Fernandez (Cuba)

Franklin (Cuba)

Laurie (United States of America)

Estos son tiempos de amor y no de odio. Yo firmó por el fin del bloqueo a Cuba.

Daniela (Cuba)

Lola (Cuba)

Lola (Cuba)

Luca Cesarano (Spain)

Unblock Cuba now!! No más Bloqueo vs Cuba 🇨🇺

Lia Paz Guerrero (Cuba)

#UnblockCuba #AbajoElBloqueo #EliminaElBloqueo, son ya #60DeResistencia de este cruel y genocida bloqueo

Ana Kattyren Ross (Cuba)

anairis carballea Alonso (Cuba)

The US #Embargo against #Cuba constitutes the longest, sustained, cruel and inhumane crime perpetrated against a people for 60 consecutive years, especially under a pandemic. It is condemned year after year in the UN all over the world. It’s one of the greatest shame of humanity.

Julio V Ruiz MD (United States of America)

The embargo / blockade is inhuman, cruel and unjust.

Eduardo Santana Castellon (United States of America)

Darsi Fernandez (Cuba)

Pablo Ferriol Martinez (United States of America)

I totally support the demand to president Biden. Enough is enough

Carlos (Cuba)

Basta de bloqueo contra Cuba, es inhumano contra su pueblo

Cely Cubanita (Cuba)

Ani Gonzalez (Cuba)

UnBlock Cuba now

Alexa (Cuba)

No más bloqueo, viva la familia cubana

Frank Rodriguez Perez (United Kingdom)

Unblock Cuba

DeborahLopez (Cuba)

The US Government must to end the war on Cuba! Let Cuba Live!

Ricardo Medina Amador (Cuba)

DEar President. I spent 3 weeks in Havana in 2004, it should have been longer however I was welcome by warm, sincere hosts ( casa familiar)walked 5 km into to town and with no problems. Once you say you are involved in music it's like you've got a new friend. Cuba is special! forget poliytics and make friends with them. They are so skilled in so many areas. Respect and don't go to war with Putin please. Andi 70 yrs old.

Andi Langford-Woods (United Kingdom)

Ana Karla Rojas (Cuba)

#EliminaElBloqueo #CubaVive #DeZurdaTeam

Ernesto Guerra Arias (Cuba)

Presidente Biden Elimina ya el bloqueo, lo que hacen es ilegal...de momentos puede reabrir la Embajada, autorizar las remesas y los viajes.

Frank (Cuba)

#NoMásBloqueo a #Cuba

Alva (Cuba)

Cuba Si Yankee No

Vaughan Greenberg (Australia)

K Shergold (United Kingdom)

Shirelle poge (United Kingdom)

Richard Cole (United Kingdom)

#UnblockCuba Mister President.

Samuel Santana Colmenares (Cuba)

Please normalize relations with Cuba, after fifty years of exclusion.

Hugh Hazelton (Canada)

Elimina el Bloqueo

Martha Fuentes (Nicaragua)

Queremos que Biden elimine el bloqueo contra mi pueblo.

Alejandro (Cuba)

It is to your advantage to end your sanctions on Cuba

Tim Law (United Kingdom)

In the name of freedom and democracy please end the blockade. Do not inflict suffering on the Cuban people. They have not done America any harm.

Richard Skyers (United Kingdom)

Omar Padron Capote (Cuba)

It’s time to move on and the time is now…the Cold War is over many years ago…..this continued economic blockade does nothing for America image around the world on the values of democracy and individuals rights!.

Mark usher (United Kingdom)

Brigitte Genest (Canada)

Maria Carla (Cuba)

Ya es hora de quitar este injusto e inhumano bloqueo contra todo un país.

Victoria (Cuba)

Joe Biden must end the embargo on Cuba.


Let's normalize relations with Cuba. This policy is benefitting no one.

Janet Singleton (United States of America)

How can your country disobey decisions made by the UN? What an example you make, shame on you.

George keenlyside (Australia)

Fenella Watts (United Kingdom)

Mark Stevens (United Kingdom)

Dave Aldwinkle (United Kingdom)

President Biden, I think the Cuban PEOPLE have suffered long enough. It is time for the US embargo to go and I hope that you will be the president that takes this long overdue step. Canada has had friendly relations with Cuba for many years now which has only enriched both of our countries. Thank you for considering our point of view.

Marilyn Hedrich (Canada)

Bernadette Callanan (United Kingdom)

Jim Farms (United Kingdom)

Eliminate once and for all the inhuman and criminal embargo on Cuba, which violates the human rights and international laws of nations.

Julio (United States of America)

Please reassess your genocidal policies.

orlagh duggan (United Kingdom)

Please put an end to this cruel blockade

Maureen Moss (Spain)

The embargo has caused enormous suffering for Cubans. Please, end the blockade now.

Jody Freeman (Canada)

Susan Caldwell (Canada)

Be friends with Cuba - allow others to be different

Frank Pring (United Kingdom)

John Gouvas (Greece)

Sylvia Goldfarb (Canada)

You claim to be a Christian. Act like one and stop punishing people for having a different viewpoint from you.

John Seggie (United Kingdom)

Do the right thing - end the blockade now. Millions will thank you for such an act of justice.

k beeman (Canada)

USA….Don’t intervene in Cubas Way of life! Lift the Embargo and look to you’re own problems

Alain Tanner (United Kingdom)

Sixty years of punishment for daring to challenge Uncle Sam. Well, now's the time to develop friendly relations and trade links with one of your close neighbours.

Peter Kilvert (United Kingdom)

Try having a holiday in Cuba! We did and it is a wonderful place! Please remove all the archaic sanctions that do no good to anyone. PLEASE Let the world move forward into a more peaceful era…..where all humans want the best for us all!

Christine Elizabeth Maddison (United Kingdom)

Piers Dyer (United Kingdom)

Susan Shepping (United Kingdom)

Robert Triska (United Kingdom)

Irene Gibbons (United Kingdom)

Mena Remedios (United Kingdom)

Stop this inhumane blockade now

George Cater (United Kingdom)

Cuba has achieved a lot, especially for it's health provision, despite the blockade. It deserves to be treated decently.

Nuala Anne Young (United Kingdom)

M NOONE (United Kingdom)

Please end the misery and suffering of the Cuban people by lifting the illegal US Blockade.

Mike Guddoy (United Kingdom)

Paula Carlyle (United Kingdom)

John Alun James (United Kingdom)

Roderick Fawcett (United Kingdom)

Avshalom Stoler Ezra (Israel)

Susan Spires (United Kingdom)

Berit Brandseth (Norway)

Stop this suffering.

James Faulkner (Ireland)

lauren Ornelas (United States of America)

Paul matosic (United Kingdom)

Jasbir Kaur Cargill (United Kingdom)

Angel Rodriguez (Austria)

This blockade is self-defeating and discourages Cuba from opening up to the world. Cuba's people are suffering unjustly and needlessly. If we want change in Cuba, we need to open up trade and tourism, just President Obama started to do.

Simon Hargrave (United Kingdom)

There can surely be no rational basis for continuing this embargo. It seems an increasingly bizarre historical anolmaly

Martin Davis (United Kingdom)

Paul Litobarski (United Kingdom)

I hear your representatives telling the world that you won't allow a big country like Russia to 'bully' a smaller country, Ukraine. All this while the united states continues to bully Cuba and funds destabilisation campaigns, organised both inside and outside of Cuba. This is frankly embarrassing from someone, who pretends to support democracy. Shame on you.

Patrick Gavigan (United Kingdom)

Quitar el bloqueo, reabrir la embajada,permitir los vuelos a provincias,permitir las remesas

Ada noidis Galano (Italy)

Chris Neville (United Kingdom)

The blockage is a wicked and malicious act by the most powerful country in the world (USA) against a struggling independent sovereign Caribbean island state.

Paul Burke (Jamaica)

Bernadette Barton (United Kingdom)

Jef Vanhemel (Belgium)

End the Blockade to Cuba

Brenda Cortes (Canada)

Anne Gerd johannessen (Norway)

Micaela Tracey-Ramos (United Kingdom)

Joy Vick (United Kingdom)

Enough. Stop strangling this nation. They are no threat. They have are skilled educated people that could benefit the US and the rest of the world

Janet Flaherty (United Kingdom)

Susan Bhaumik (United Kingdom)

Barrie Hunter (United Kingdom)

Amanda brown (United Kingdom)

It's time to right the wrong.

Karen Hepburn (United Kingdom)

Giuliano Valeriani (Italy)

Steven Grant (United Kingdom)

This is currently hypocritical. The USA, fearing a threat in its own back yard has had its foot on the neck of Cuba for 60 years, crippling its economy and thereby its people. Russia has the same fear, yet the USA is aggravating the situation because you and the EU want to expand markets to make more money for your blood sucking-corporations. Shame on you. You will get what is coming to you and sadly the craven UK government will do whatever you ask of it and then ask what more it can do. Enough. Not in my name.

Ian Whittaker (United Kingdom)

I traveled to Cuba in 2011 and met many lovely Cubans. It is with them in mind that I strongly support abolishing the ban on goods, particularly medical supplies and medicines needed now.

Sharon Bode (United States of America)

Basta con misure aggressive rispetto ad un paese straniero indipendente, senza alcuna macchia verso paesi terzi ma anzi ricco di esperienze di solidarietà attiva e disinteressata

Anna Serena Bartolucci (Italy)

Christoffer Blanco-Jensen (Norway)

End the blocade now!

Elin (United Kingdom)

Luisa Antonia Raby (United Kingdom)

Dorothy Newton (United Kingdom)

Pete Craine (United Kingdom)

No más bloqueo Cuba

Mauricio Figueroa (Norway)

60 years of sanctions has made the Cuban peoples resolve even stronger. Give up USA Stop the Blockade.

Gurpreet Bains (United Kingdom)

John Buckley (United Kingdom)

Geir Hansen (Norway)

Laura Macdonald (United Kingdom)

I think the blockade is immoral and unnecessary. In fact if you really wanted to achieve whatever your objectives are, then ending the blockade might go some way to securing them. As it is, I think you are strengthening the resolve of Cubans to determine their own future. People don't like being bullied.

Richard Clarke (United Kingdom)

Vivien Hughes (United Kingdom)

Marsha chatman (Italy)

Victoria Cervantes (United States of America)

I have visited Cuba and was profoundly impressed by the Cubans. But they are suffering, the US should offer the hand of friendship not just payment for Guantanamo Bay Prison.

Neil Bowler (United Kingdom)

Claire Jones (United Kingdom)

Yvonne Jones-Gill (United Kingdom)

Rita Berry (United Kingdom)

Hernando Fernandez (United Kingdom)

The world breathed a collective sigh of relief when the terrifying, hate filled Trump era came to an end. Now as the leader of the free world you are expected to prove that forgiveness, compassion and decency is still alive in the US, and a fine way to prove this would be to END THE CUBAN EMBARGO.

Dan Bartlett (United Kingdom)

evelin Frau atwal (Austria)


TJG Cadby (United Kingdom)

Rob Webster (United Kingdom)

After 60 years of economic warfare its time to lift the blockade and let Cuba breathe!

Kevan Nelson (United Kingdom)

To force your nations views by blockades onto another free nations people is not demacratic or right.

Peter Bradley (United Kingdom)

Patrick McLaughlin (United Kingdom)

Mick Bowman (United Kingdom)

Barry Noble (United Kingdom)

No country should have sanctions imposed upon it. I am sure if some one was to impose sanctions upon your country you would run to the high Court to change it. So you should do the right thing and stop.

Belinda Fowkes (United Kingdom)

'Stop punishing the Cuban People for failed us policys.

michael dolman (United Kingdom)

The American boycott of Cuba has failed to do anything but show the extraordinary ingenuity and resilience of the Cuban people. It is time to end this injustice now and to stop bullying Cuba

Jennifer Ainsley (United Kingdom)

John Sharpe (United States of America)

David Waldon (United Kingdom)

Liz Hobbs (United Kingdom)

Fiona Leach (United Kingdom)

Maybe the U.S. should be an ally instead of Russia and China.

Arnold Trujillo (United States of America)

Maja Begovic (United Kingdom)

Stop this inhumane barbaric blockade.

Andy Bonner (United Kingdom)

Please end this blockade as the world has changed so much the people of Cuba are no longer an enemy of the US and deserve the right to self determination, and the human right to be free in the world.

simon Mitchell (United Kingdom)

Naushin (United Kingdom)

My wife and I visited Cuba in 2016/17 and were struck by how amazing the Cuban people are when facing the continued blockade of their beloved island. PLEASE DO ALL YOU CAN TO LIFT THIS BLOCKADE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thank you Mr President

John Heddle (United Kingdom)

Jan Burgess (United States of America)

patrick francis brooks (United Kingdom)

Bosom (Canada)

Even allowing for the US's long- lived dislike of socialism,this blockade should be ended in the name of humanity alone.

David Savage (United Kingdom)

Michael Robinson (United Kingdom)

Shirley Sharp (United Kingdom)

Stephen McCloskey (Ireland)

Selwyn Williams (United Kingdom)

Nicole Gough (Spain)

Be the president who makes history for good not evil and lift the blockade.

JULIE (United Kingdom)

I voted for you because YOU PROMISED ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL that you would reverse Trump's sanctions. You get elected, and instead, you add to them!! End all sanctions against Cuba. It is no threat to the US.

Lowell Denny III (United States of America)

John Edwards (United Kingdom)

Richard (United States of America)

Jennifer Gunn (United Kingdom)

Jamie Dockery (United Kingdom)

Roland svensson (Sweden)

David Hanna (United Kingdom)

The blockade is against international law and is inhumane.

Juan Baeza (United Kingdom)

Elias (Greece)

Tennessee Woodiel (United States of America)

Hilary De Santos (United Kingdom)

Graham Fayers (United Kingdom)

Thomas Flaws (United Kingdom)

Nick Juss (United Kingdom)

In the last UN vote regarding the US blockade (embargo), only two countries voted to continue the blockade - the US and apartheid Israel. All other countries (except 3) voted against it. This shows how much the people around the world want the suffering of Cubans to end, and the US stands isolated and condemned. The blockade has not been able to overthrow the government of Cuba, nor does the US have the right to decide for peoples of other countries what government they should have. It is time to end the shameful blockade.

Saheli Chowdhury (India)

Irene Sedler (United Kingdom)

Lachlan Hurse (Australia)

Dear President Biden Cuba is a small island which carries no threat to a super power like the United States. Instead due to 60 years of economic sanctions, the people suffer from interrupted food and medicine supplies. I am married to a Cuban lady and have a 13yr old daughter who asks me why America is so nasty to Cuba. Please reconsider your destructive policy towards Cuba and rescind it.

Andrew Balcon (United Kingdom)

Clare Allen (United Kingdom)

Stop economic war

Owe Ohlzon (Sweden)

Tom Burr (United Kingdom)

Stephanie Muir (United Kingdom)

It is unjustified and inhuman to maintain this blockade. President Obama was the first President to state this publicly; don't be on the wrong side of history.

Mark Fitzsimons (United Kingdom)

Karen Donnelly (Italy)

Jonathan Dirks (United Kingdom)

Matthew Searles (United Kingdom)

Robin Cant (United Kingdom)

End the blockade NOW

S McLaren (United Kingdom)

Richard Williams (United Kingdom)

Kevin Curran (United Kingdom)

stop being silly buggers, Cuba has never been a threat, except to that fake-assed shite you call health services

phil badiz (United Kingdom)

Outi Pesola (Finland)

peter leeftink (Netherlands)

Please use your time in office to recognise and resolve the human predicament that that American sanctions impose on ordinary people in Cuba. Thankyou for reading this.

Celia Smallwood (United Kingdom)

Huma (United Kingdom)

Steve Farley (United Kingdom)

Enough is enough President Biden.

Anthony Hennessey (Ireland)

Joanne Nicholson (United Kingdom)

America should be making reparations to Cuba not blockading it.

mary dwyer (United Kingdom)

Jackie Simpkins (United Kingdom)

Kaleb Fowkes (United Kingdom)

Felicia forrest (United Kingdom)

The USA's vindictive and unjust blockade against a smaller country makes it look like the playground bully. Time to end this anachronism!

Denis R Underwood (United Kingdom)

Amanda Cruddas (United Kingdom)

Gerhard Ferdinand (Germany)

Moyra Jean (United Kingdom)

Dyrinda Arthur (United Kingdom)

Please please use your time as president to relieve the Cuban people from this totally unfair embargo, which affects every aspect of their lives. It is a very unfair policy which is causing unnecessary suffering to a peaceful nation.

Jenni Ford (United Kingdom)

Free Cuba!

Anthony (United Kingdom)


Frank Stappaerts (Belgium)

It’s time to listen to reason and make the change. Cubans deserve better and you can take a stand to deliver that change.

Carolyn Jones (United Kingdom)

Please end the blockade - give the Cubans the freedoms they deserve.

Yve White (United Kingdom)

Why has this gone on for so long?

Kate Frame (United Kingdom)

Mark Strawbridge (United Kingdom)

Melanie Bartlett (United Kingdom)

Ines Hetzel (Germany)

Janet Bungener (United Kingdom)

Benjamin (United States of America)

SHOMARI JAHI (United States of America)

Mr James Wylie (United Kingdom)

Martin Quinn (United Kingdom)

End the Blockade!

Saul Staniforth (United Kingdom)

Mirco Taliercio (Germany)

Sophia (United Kingdom)

Miss Christine Ternent (United Kingdom)

SUSAN LEE (United Kingdom)

Joby Thomas (United Kingdom)

End the blockade

Rolf Mehrens (Australia)

Darren (Canada)

Gail Harper (Australia)

Time to stop.

Carol Colomb Behm (United States of America)

Please be humane and stop the blockade on Cuban goods NOW

Sammy PALFREY (United Kingdom)

Jose Angel Carret Morejon (Cuba)

Hugh McHenry (Ireland)


Julio Pujol (Cuba)

Enough is enough

John Kelley (United Kingdom)

Kevin Donovan (United Kingdom)

US governments have tried for 60 years to strangle Cuba and not succeeded. Now do the humane thing.

Toby Moss (United Kingdom)

Sebastiao Viola (United Kingdom)

Keith Obbard (United Kingdom)

You continue to fight a non existent war with a peaceful people. That fact that successive Presidents are willing to use Cuba purely as a vote winner whilst subjecting its people to 60yrs of unnecessary sanctions shames the U.S. and it’s Presidents. End the blockade of Cuba.

Mark Rowe (United Kingdom)

Elba Lidia Romero (Argentina)

Rob Sier (United Kingdom)

Carlos Jose Cianchini (Micronesia)

End the economic war against Cuba

Abel Mejias (Cuba)

helen mcgreary (United Kingdom)

Steve (United Kingdom)

Gert Hillebrand (United Kingdom)

End America's bullying of this small beautiful island and it's incredible people

allan Mcleod (United Kingdom)


Tiziano Corsi Residori (Italy)

Surely it is time to end this economic deprivation of a peaceful neighbour? Please do that, Mr President.

james showers (United Kingdom)

The economic and psychological war on Cuba by the US simply punishes the Cuban people for wishing to build a fairer system that provides equitable rights, resources and opportunities for all and is a crime against humanity.

John McFadden (United Kingdom)

Ann (United Kingdom)

There is no humane reason to continue the blockade of Cuba other than petty politics. Seeking regime change through starvation and deprivation of contact with trade & family is contrary to the U.N. Bill of Human Rights. Is it fear of offending the supporters of D.J.Trump?

Carol Howard (United Kingdom)

Kevin Robinson (United Kingdom)

There is no justification for continuing this cruel blockade of Cuba. It has a right, like every country, to determine its own destiny, free from interference from a larger power.

Martin Stoolman (United Kingdom)

Simon Korner (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba

Jean McAulay (United Kingdom)

Horacio Pimentel de Carvalho Guerra (Portugal)


Mia Stubbendorff (Sweden)

Lynda Lumb (United Kingdom)

Norman Charnley (United Kingdom)

CLAIRE CRIGHTON (United Kingdom)

President Biden, Would you end the American blockade against the Republic of Cuba, it has gone on for too long now, and this should be put into history.

Leslie Beswick (United Kingdom)

We need a US feminist foreign policy that seeks peaceful and just sovereign relations. Let's apply this to Cuba.

Jan Strout (United States of America)

Stop the blockade.

Robert Osborn (United States of America)

Javier G Madrigal Jr (United States of America)

Geoffrey Holmes (United Kingdom)

Mark Mizzen (United Kingdom)

Ted Bains (United Kingdom)

60 years of cruel, archaic policies against the people of Cuba must end now. It's time for the USA to listen to the UN and the world. End this blockade now!

Councillor Iain Mooney (United Kingdom)

sarah shorter (United Kingdom)

60 years is a lifetime cease this destructive and senseless blockade, in the immediate future. We expect the likes of Trump to act in this manner not the Democratic Party President of the USA. Biden act NOW and act like a Democrat should end the destructful Sanctions....

steve murphy (United Kingdom)

No to Blokade agaist Cuba

Siamak Moayedzadeh (Germany)

David Betchley (United Kingdom)

Vivian Martin (United Kingdom)

John Andrews (United Kingdom)

Alice Lock (United Kingdom)

Barbara Birkle (Germany)

This blockade achieves nothing except hurting the people of Cuba.

Gini Dickie (Canada)

Rowena Luke-King (United Kingdom)

The Cuban people have suffered for too long and continue to suffer under the US blockade politics. The US is engaged in a petty Cold War policy that should cease immediately. Let’s be grown ups here and give the Cuban people their right to live without hideous sanctions.

Janet Beale (United Kingdom)

Annette Wild (United Kingdom)

Mark Hollinrake (United States of America)

Eric Berdell (United States of America)

Martin Evans (France)

Pauline Quek (United Kingdom)

Stephen Doe (United Kingdom)

Chris Auld (United Kingdom)

Anneli Karihtala (Sweden)

Sian Charnley (United Kingdom)

Please end the blockade it has gone on to long.

Mary Carlin (United Kingdom)

Chrysoula Hadjiconstantinou (Cyprus)

Stephen Gillen (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Milos (United States of America)

Solomon Samuels (United States of America)

sabine caspar (Germany)

Veijo Kokkarinen (Finland)

Teresa Mary MacKay (United Kingdom)

please stop the blockade it serves no purpose

Mike Adams (United Kingdom)

Jane Maxwell (Canada)

Enough – time to end this blockade.

Rod (United Kingdom)

Joan Brennan (United Kingdom)

Devon Smith (United Kingdom)

Wayne McCallum (United Kingdom)

Gaynor Richards (United Kingdom)

Winston Richards (United Kingdom)

President Biden remove the illegal and inhumane blockade of the free people of Cuba

Stuart Williams (United Kingdom)

Stephen Reid (United Kingdom)

The US government should end this cruel and illegal blockade that has punished the Cuban people for 60 years. End the blockade now.

Philip Street (United Kingdom)

Ruth Steigman (United Kingdom)

Enough is enough!!! Stop the cruelty… be known in the history books for our children the President with a backbone to stand up against this 60 year old policy that HAS NOT & WILL NOT WORK against the Cuban people or the Cuban government.

Iris Fernandez Mota (United States of America)

Andrew (United Kingdom)

your actions are stunting the growth of millions of people who have been born since you took this action 60 years ago. shame on you for continuing this punishment of innocents.

bryan crookes (United Kingdom)

Jennifer Kidman (United Kingdom)

Linda Clarke (United Kingdom)

Laura Elizabeth Murrell (United Kingdom)

FRANKO WATTERS (United Kingdom)

Stop being petty Presdient Biden, Act with compassion and kindness for the cuban people. Viva Cuba XXX

anna vogel (United Kingdom)

Stop this 60 year old fiasco for the Cubans on both sides of the street.

Sjoerd van de Wal (Netherlands)

Clemens Messerschmid (Germany)

Governments don't suffer, people do!

Dennis Kelly (United Kingdom)

This brutal blockade is completely unjustifiable when the USA placing US troops on the borders of countries that they have ideological differences with.

Philip Griffiths (United Kingdom)

Love thy neighbour not starve thy neighbour.

Gwynfor Hood (United Kingdom)

Juergen Schmiedl (Germany)

Phil Waldon (United Kingdom)

David W Clark (United Kingdom)

Time to end the dogmatic and unfair restrictions on Cuba. A powerful and confident nation such as the USA should really not feel so threatened by a small island state. What exactly is it you're so fearful of?

chris chilton (United Kingdom)

Anthony Griffiths (United Kingdom)

Colin Horwood (United Kingdom)

James Buckwalter-Arias (United States of America)

Clare (United Kingdom)

Dennis Smith (United Kingdom)

Cuba deserves support and good relations as a peace-loving nation that provides extensive medical and other support to developing countries. The blockade is causing untold hardship and suffering to Cuban people and should be lifted as soon as possible.

Mike Dukes (United Kingdom)

Bethany Murison (United Kingdom)

Irena Fick (United Kingdom)

Fin al bloqueo financiero, económico, comercial y genocida!!!

Deborah Himsel Lay Rodriguez (Cuba)

Nigel Ball (United Kingdom)

Ricjie Allen (Canada)

Ray Silk (United Kingdom)

Surely the irrational fear of 'the Red under the bed' was disproved long ago. The continuing US Blockade of Cuba is nothing short of mass genocide.

Gail Partridge (United Kingdom)

After 60 years this continued blockade is cruel and inhumane to the people of Cuba.

Ben Wanless (United Kingdom)

After 60 years of blockade and almost 100% of the United Nations opposing what the US has done and is still doing to prevent a small country exist, isn't it about time that the US resorted to accepting that Cuba has a right to exist and is capable of working together with you?

Graham Horsewood (United Kingdom)

Osmar (Cuba)

Sue Lefley (United Kingdom)

Cris Leaman (United Kingdom)

David McGeoch (United Kingdom)

Joe Mahtani (United Kingdom)

Pete (United Kingdom)

Peter Anthony Reilly (United Kingdom)

Hilary Williams (United Kingdom)

Peter Halsall (United Kingdom)

Riad Akbur (United Kingdom)

Jonathan Poxon (United Kingdom)

Be a humanitarian.

Stephen Watters (United Kingdom)

Peter Wickenden (United Kingdom)

Susan Keegan (United Kingdom)

Margaret Tyson (United Kingdom)

Dear Mr. President, 60 years ago the US proclaimed a ban on a country politically not behaving as planned. What is the result of this ban? Cuba still has the government you donnot like and they do. Besides this the ban only brought political problems, social and economic problems to the Cubans, but not to the government you donnot like. Maybe you should try another way to deal with politically different ideas to yours. If you lack ideas, I may submit some. Have an enjoyable day cp

casimir paltinger (Austria)

Neil Turner (United Kingdom)

Andrew Robertson (United Kingdom)

Jacqueline Horsewood (United Kingdom)

Rose Hunt (United Kingdom)

Rebecca Smyth (United Kingdom)

David Toller (United Kingdom)

Dr Dan Grace (United Kingdom)

Joe Kelly (United Kingdom)

Kevin Fitzgerald (United Kingdom)

Please Mr Biden end the blockade of Cuba which has brought the USA into such global disrepute over the past 60 years. Cuba is a model for sustainability at a time when every country, including the United States, needs to learn the lessons the Cuban Revolution has taught us about survival against all the odds. You have a golden opportunity to remove the blockade stigma that attaches to Washington so negatively. please take this opportunity to clear America's name. Many thanks.

Robert G Brown (United Kingdom)

Mandy Roberts (United Kingdom)

Peter wise (United Kingdom)


Andrea James (United Kingdom)

Yes we can 🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺

Yolanda Mourat (France)

¡Solidaridad con Cuba!

Anthony Rimmer (United Kingdom)

Dania Fuertes Vicente (Cuba)

Rsaal Firoz (United Kingdom)

Audrey (United Kingdom)

This has gone on too long. Cuba is not a threat to the US

Philip Williams (United Kingdom)

Frank Mcentaggart (United Kingdom)

Please do what is right & lift these cruel, inhumane, bullying sanctions

Mary Whitby (United Kingdom)

Steve Rogerd (United Kingdom)

Peter Michael James Dean (United Kingdom)

The Cuban people have expressed and shown solidarity with people across the world when their need was great and this despite shortages in Cuba. The Cuban people have a democracy, a different democracy but one that genuinely engages Cuban people. Set them free from this medieval blockade.

Jonathan Smith (United Kingdom)

Time to do the right thing, and realise that the U.S, and its entitled right wing sensitivities ARE NOT THE CONSENSUS, OR THE CENTRE OF THE WORLD!!!!


Rougemont (France)

Carlos Dabezies (United Kingdom)

Alison (United Kingdom)

Martin Dutton (United Kingdom)

Mrs Marie R Harrison (United Kingdom)

Paula Brady (United Kingdom)

Steve Millward (United Kingdom)

Gareth Jones (United Kingdom)

Long live human dignity.

ardi amigh (Australia)

Marijan Kubik (Serbia)

Irene Lindgreen (Denmark)

Neil Channing (United Kingdom)

Alan Coles (United Kingdom)


wishes goodearth (Australia)

Please !

Vincent Dostaler (Canada)

Andre Brochu (Sweden)

Richard (Thailand)

Dear President Biden, After 60 years please end the embargo on Cuba, not just for Cuba's sake and the poor nations it assists with educational and medical supplies but also to enable a calmer and more peaceful Florida. Thank you, Penny Parrish

Penny Parrish (Australia)

Dean Peters (United States of America)

peter abrahamson (Australia)

Stop criminal blockade on Cuba now

Maria Hilario (Australia)

Anthony Oldfield (Australia)

All the world says "no" to your inhumane,illegal,immoral Blockade of Cuba. The world is not wrong-you are on the wrong side of history. The US will be remembered for its cruelty and injustice especially in the time of a global pandemic when all economies are struggling and Cuba has the Blockade on top of everything. Viva Cuba! Vivan Los Cubanos y sus Lideres!

Linda Dahms (Canada)

Dear Mr. President Biden, 06/02/2022 Please leave a good legacy of yourself by lifting the Cuban blockade, whilst you are in oval office (white House)! Believe me that It will be appreciated all around the world by doing do! Sincerely yours, A. Navidi

Amador Navidi (Australia)

Lourdes Santos Planas (Cuba)


Haymee Santana Conrado (Cuba)

You have the potential to help 11,000,000+ people with the stroke of a pen. Punishing the government of Cuba should not the same as inflicting suffering on a whole nation of human beings. What does your religion have to say about that?

Carol Cross (United States of America)

Sana Irving (United Kingdom)

Leo Kandler (United Kingdom)

Robert Macklin (Canada)

Don't let the Florida vote get in the way of doing the right thing.

Victor Ochoa (United States of America)

Hugo Osvaldo Rangone (Argentina)

I am a member of a grou[ called Cubability based in Toronto Canada that is supporting the work of various churches in Matanzas, as well at the cultural life there. I experience the Cuban people to be very warm and open. They are currently suffering greatly from severe shortages of food and material necessities. The American policies need to be reversed in order to help the Cuban people lift themselves out of the dire circumstances prevailing at the moment.

Ralph Graham Corlis (Canada)

Dennis Kenneth Beddoe (United Kingdom)

Cynthia Wright (Canada)

Nina Hilton (United Kingdom)

Oliver Blensdorf (United Kingdom)

Adriana PEIXOTO (United Kingdom)

Roy Myers (New Zealand)

The pandemic provides the perfect reason to do what you and the whole world know is right. At the very least, reverse Trump's additional measures. You promised us that much, and we're very disappointed.

Ann Jefferson (United States of America)

Cuba is a country filled with happy people - you should support them, not penalise them.

Andrew Hodges (United Kingdom)

David Boyden (United Kingdom)

Maeve Mackinnon (United Kingdom)

Rob Hill (Australia)

Andrew Howard (United Kingdom)

I cannot understand why you are penalizing this country so harshly after so many years. They are no threat to you. I beg you to lift your embargo and enjoy a happy relationship with your neighbours.

Sheila Moore (United Kingdom)

Yadian perez (United States of America)

Jane McIver (United Kingdom)

The embargo is cruel and unnecessary.

Paul Heath (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Matos (United Kingdom)

Mr Michael Quinn (United Kingdom)

I L (Germany)

Julian Malcolm Gray (United Kingdom)

Susan Thomas (United Kingdom)

This is the longest us blockade on any country it’s a disgrace that generations have had to suffer..the Cuban people desperately deserve better..why oh why 😥

Joan (United Kingdom)

Angela Xavier de Brito (France)

Evelyn Turk (United Kingdom)

Please end the cruel blockade to Cuba. It is inhuman that only two countries can maintain the blockade. It is time the United Nations said that this blockade it is immoral.

Blas Garcia (Spain)

sean cullen (United Kingdom)

maria fernanda Oliveira (United Kingdom)

Ken Park (United Kingdom)

Tim Adams (United Kingdom)

Rodrigo Teixeira de Araujo dos Santos (Brazil)

Peter Lynch (United Kingdom)

Cuba has told against US for decades its time for the world to say Enough is Enough to US

Akil kata (United Kingdom)

John Chilvers (United Kingdom)


Silvia Natacha De la Rosa Almanza (Cuba)

Jane Finucane (United Kingdom)

Penny Fellbrich (United Kingdom)

End the illegal blockade now! it reflects on the US inability to accept democracy among nations that organize in a different way. Cuba has established itself as a nation that care about people, not only their own citizens but internationally.

Colleen Lundy (Canada)

It's time Mr. President. Please help erase this stain on the reputation of the United States as upholding the rule of law, and not using torture.

Sharon (Canada)

End this senseless blockade it was brought in by corrupt people because organised crime lost millions of illegal dollars

Mark Stanton (United Kingdom)

Ending the blockade on Cuba is the right thing to do.

Yaima Gonzalez Menendez (Cuba)

Bronwyn Best (Canada)

It is wrong for Russia to bully Ukraine so it is wrong for the USA to bully Cuba!!!

Granville David Credland (United Kingdom)

#UnBlockCuba The blockade is a genocidal act against the Cuban people. It affects not only the government, but the people in their daily lives. We Cubans are not collateral damage in the hate policy of the United States, we deserve to live in peace

Claudia Ortega Valido (Cuba)

Charles Dineen (United States of America)

Tony Mercer (United Kingdom)

El bloqueo es genocida

Daniel Alejandro (Cuba)

Cuba En Libertad YA!

Marci (Venezuela)

Jane Wright (United Kingdom)

Nick Howitt (United Kingdom)

Daniel Alejandro (Cuba)

David (Cuba)

Peter Pinkney (United Kingdom)

Ending the blockade of Cuba will make the US safer; allowing closer relationships between Cuba and the rest of the world is to everyone’s benefit. Besides, it is the right thing to do! Please take this step.

Cath Attlee (United Kingdom)

Time to end this criminal blockade.

Keith Heywood (United Kingdom)

Julie Hale (United Kingdom)

Sara De Witt (United Kingdom)

stella de garcia (United Kingdom)

Roy Aird (United Kingdom)

I love America, and with you,Jo Biden, the country can move to even higher greatness…but with the greatest of respect the sanctions against Vuba must stop. Please hear my plea, and that of many, many people across the world. Thank you.

Peter Gowland (United Kingdom)

Dick Westlund (Sweden)

Liam O'Hare (United Kingdom)

Please stop this inhuman blockade.184 country's are against it. If you believe in democracy we are waiting for your next step.

Ton Hosemans (Netherlands)

Kathy Morton (United Kingdom)

Kate Willan (United Kingdom)

Stop the US Blockade!!!

Jane de Alencar (Brazil)

Theo Spanellis (United Kingdom)

Grahame Nicholls (United Kingdom)

Margrit Schlosser (Switzerland)

Chris Wilde (United Kingdom)

Craig Johnston (United Kingdom)

Peter Vince (United Kingdom)

Harry Smaller (Canada)

Juan Carranza Cisneros (Canada)

Margaret Morton (United Kingdom)

Iain Cameron (United Kingdom)

please mr Biden, it is time, 1 year is to much but 60 realy

Sylvianna Vanhoegaerden (Belgium)


70 years is too long fpr this to e going on, especially when you inform yourself of how the previous regime treated the ordinary people of that republic.

Allan Clare (United Kingdom)

Charlotte Anstey (United Kingdom)

Edith Capote Dominguez (Canada)

End the inhumane blockade against Cuban people.

Rolando Hernandez (Canada)

This criminal,unilateral, inhumane ,genocidal blockade has no precedent in the history of humankind and all people of conscience in the world, should do whatever is possible in their own way, to strive to end this blockade.

Trevor G Brown (Jamaica)

Freedom to Cuba - End blockade - Viva Che

Dimitris Papageorgiou (Greece)

Mario F Venegas (United States of America)

Time to end the illegal blockade and start meaningful moves to normalise relationships.

Frank Wright (United Kingdom)

Time to stop the blockade. Cuba is no threat to the USA.

Andrew Kilmartin (United Kingdom)

Paul Cormican (United Kingdom)

Paul Hanson (United Kingdom)

Please end the Blockade

Kathleen Haldane (United Kingdom)

Bill Stansbery (United Kingdom)

It is terrible what the US has done to Cuba. I have been to Cuba a few times and they shouldn't be treated that way. Viva Cuba!

Lavina Shaw (Canada)

Jason Baines (Canada)

Ann McNee (United Kingdom)

Cees van Dijk (United Kingdom)

Alix Hughes (United Kingdom)

This blockade is anachronistic on a political level and cruel on a human level. Please show yourself to be the better person, in the better political party, and end this as soon as you can - Jasmine

Dr Jasmine Williams (United Kingdom)

Rose Dentus (United Kingdom)

Sean Gray (United Kingdom)

Joe Carrick (Ireland)

Birgitta Bengtsson (Sweden)

Enough! You were elected on a platform promising to undue Trump's additions to the criminal blockade. Now live up to your campaign promises! BTW, the Miami gusanos are never going to vote Democrat anyway, so do the right thing. The Principled thing.

Tony Savino (United States of America)



Sylvia Hargrave (United Kingdom)

Choose love not fear.

Robert Ashby (United Kingdom)

Mick Lane (United Kingdom)

An End with blockade against Cuba and other staes. We want peace,social living and fair justice for all people. Finish trials for war against russia, china and other countries. Look on your own country an organize good life, for the millions people that suffer in poverty !!

Monika Gottwald (Germany)

Margaret de Gruchy (United Kingdom)

This is long overdue - it would be a real contribution to positive new relations between Cuba and the US.

Ann Miller (United Kingdom)

Walter Pacchiani (United Kingdom)

Karen McMichael (United Kingdom)

Ed Grystar (United States of America)

Roel Sergeant (Belgium)

Lieve Polet (Belgium)

bill engleson (Canada)

Peter Sinclair (United Kingdom)

Sue Sabec (United Kingdom)

van camp marc (Belgium)

Ian Spilsbury (United Kingdom)

Sir, Please overturn the inhumane Trump sanctions against Cuba. As someone who fought alongside the USA against tyranny in the Korean War, it grieves me to see such policies enacted by the greatest democratic country in the world. Sincerely yours, David Gascoyne

David Gascoyne (United Kingdom)

Please stop the blockade against cuba

Ronald clarke (United Kingdom)

Doris Doberenz (United Kingdom)

John Hargrave (United Kingdom)

richard kane (United Kingdom)

Justice is needed now, what does it take for the US government to realise the harm they are doing around the World.

Chris Hayes (United Kingdom)

Hilary Stephenson (United Kingdom)

These Sanctions are causing Deaths in Cuba.

Stan Squires (Canada)

Cuban people live matter and the blockade is a Virus that kills too

Moraima Pride (Canada)

Finish the blockade, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emili Olmos i Pascual (Spain)

Please do the right thing.

Kevin Wilkie (United Kingdom)

Unblock Cuba Now, we deserve see our new generation of Cuban free from this brutal blockade ❤️❤️🇨🇺

Teresita (Canada)

Terence Lavelle (United Kingdom)

Margaret Ling (United Kingdom)

Sara Scott (United Kingdom)

The blockade should end, it is illegal, cruel, inhuman and goes against Human Rights. No more blockade to Cuba.

Ody Jones (Canada)

Julie Setchfield (United Kingdom)

Eleanor Lewington (United Kingdom)

Angela (United Kingdom)

Alan Lloyd (United Kingdom)

ABAJO EL BLOQUEO VIVA cuba libre y soberana

Leonel cespedes (Canada)

A 60 year blockade to achieve nothing.

Joe Tonner (New Zealand)

Miles Morgan (United Kingdom)

Steve Sugden (United Kingdom)

russell hickman (United Kingdom)

Joe do the right thing and lift the blockade this has gone on far too long

Tec (United Kingdom)

Val Morgan (United Kingdom)

Time to do the right thing and end the errors of so many former presidents.

Michael Morgan (United Kingdom)

Stop asfixiating the Cuban families. No more sanctions Let Cuba live

Association Cubans Toronto JGG (Canada)

Darlena Torres (United Kingdom)

Now is not the time to end the blockade, it has always been the time to end the blockade. Let us put an end to this historical travesty.

Sam (United Kingdom)

Michael Bills (United Kingdom)

Debra A M Weir (United Kingdom)

Please lift the embargo.

Chris Mace (United Kingdom)

After so many years, it does seem so sad that humans have not matured and that childish school ground games are still carried out by politicians who lead/represent ignorant members of the public who are unable to rationalize/understand fellow humans. At the time of the Cuban revolution, how could such a small country with such a small population ever cause a security risk? Sixty years later, they are still not a threat. They just want to be independent and not feel threatened by a much bigger and aggressive neighbour and if you do not understand that, well, take a month off and go back-packing!!

Tony Barnes (United Kingdom)

David Margolies (United Kingdom)

Donald Colman (United Kingdom)

Hugh Wallis (United Kingdom)

Bernadette Claydon (United Kingdom)

Bob bonner (United States of America)

Now is the time to do the honourable thing and end this illegal blockade of Cuba.

Ken Bleach (United Kingdom)

The embarkment imposed on Cuba is bad for the entire Planet. We are all going to face very harsh times starting in the near future. We need to co-operate with each other. failure to do this worldwide threatens the continued existence of the human species. You may see it as a very small part but, right now, we need every single step to be taken to Save the World. Please, Mr President, act now.

Nick Yapp (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with the Cuban people!

Kerstin Tuomala (Finland)

Nancy Goodwin (United Kingdom)

Basta ya

Nicholas J Collins (Canada)

The bockade should cease immediatly their freindship with The USSR which ended in 1992 when the USSR colappsed...Why continue with evil blockage.

Dave (United Kingdom)

Mark Luetchford (United Kingdom)

David Beadle (United Kingdom)

Nick Kouyoumdjian (United Kingdom)

Why this prolonged cruel blockade of a relatively poor, small country, that has as it's Top Priorities Health & Education, as well as Music, Dancing and the Arts? #StopTheBlockade

June Simmons (United Kingdom)

Iris Biblowitz (United States of America)

Hans Erik Hansen (Denmark)

Carel Buxton (United Kingdom)

John Upton (United Kingdom)

Professor Lucy Duran (United Kingdom)

Lena Eriksson (Sweden)

Diane Stradling (United States of America)

Yvonne Washbourne (United Kingdom)

Peter Mandle Ward (United Kingdom)

Chris Gibson (United Kingdom)

Achim Rollhaeuser (Greece)

Konstanze McLeod (United Kingdom)

Trump's policy should not be your policy. Obama's policy should be your policy. Let's return to a more progressive direction.

rick moniz (United States of America)

Mike Rowley (United Kingdom)

Lupe Torre (United States of America)

There’s absolutely no harm being done by Cuba to the USA now, in the 21st Century. Your country’s blockage is badly harming Cuban citizens and is even inconveniencing an ordinary Englishwoman like me by forcing English Banks and companies to ostracise Cuban activities and connections.

Bridget (United Kingdom)

60 years without achieving the original objective is simply vindictive. We hoped for so much more from the Biden Govt. Please relent for Humanity

Edward Keith Jerrome (United Kingdom)

Jane Irving (United Kingdom)

Make sanctions against Saudi Arabia and Pakistan,islamists dictatures,not Cuba!

Fabio Bordigato (Italy)

Do It

Patrick lee Shannon (United States of America)

Cuba is no threat to the USA. It is a country which has raised standards of health and education; produced a vaccine and protected its citizens against covid. Is it necessary to continue with this blockade?

Sonya Baksi (United Kingdom)

Let Cuba be Cuba!

Frank Valdez (United States of America)

It is time to halt the blockade on Cuba. It punishes ordinary people and keeps the country in poverty.

Jennifer Jones (United Kingdom)

Jean Porter (United Kingdom)

Bertil Egero (Sweden)

Beryl Fleet (United Kingdom)

Colin Fleet (United Kingdom)

David Hoadley (United Kingdom)

Restore Obama normalcies with Cuba! I voted for you in the hope that you would act accordingly against the policies of #45.

William Williams (United States of America)

Heather Rutledge (United Kingdom)

Michael Edwards (United Kingdom)

No need for a blockade. Please stop it now.

Hugo Wuyts (United Kingdom)

The blockade serves no useful purpose to humanity,it's high time it was brought to an end.

Helen Healey (United Kingdom)

end it now

Gene Shapiro (United States of America)

Maureen Luke (United Kingdom)

Wake up citizens of the world, let's free the Cuban nation.

Dr Lohmus Ramsurn (Mauritius)

Joern Janssen (United Kingdom)

Mrs E Clements (United Kingdom)

I have seen the harm that is caused by the US continuous embargo - it is more than time that it was lifted. The rest of the world wants this apart from you and Israel. Continued resistance is vindictive and spiteful. Cuba exports medical teams the US export war. You could learn a lot from your smaller neighbour and benefit into the bargain.

Hazel Roy (United Kingdom)

Quentin Victor Isaac (United Kingdom)

Janet Shearer (United Kingdom)

Cecile lumer (United States of America)

Get on the right side of history

John Carter (United Kingdom)

Judith (United Kingdom)

olive smiles (United Kingdom)

TIM WRIGHT (United Kingdom)

Maria Yeaman (United Kingdom)

Dr Caroline Wilkins (United Kingdom)

Sandra (United Kingdom)

jim gavine (United Kingdom)

K Sinclair (United Kingdom)

You’re an outlier on the world stage on this one, President Biden. Not only does your position on Cuba differ from Trump’s in no important way, you’re actions are condemned by governments all around the world. I’m not an admirer of Modi, Putin, Boris Johnson, etc. but everyone is better then you on Cuba. Including Obama. Remember, you beat Trump so why continue his cruel policies?

John McGrath (United Kingdom)

Don'nt end your days in lonely triumuph,show your humanity towards a horizon of hope and peace to all in the world.Your care can be,careless,when blinkered eyes stare evil at a people free and able to love and grow without the ever menacing shadow of your Florida voting superiors (How sad are your people that get up every morning thinking "how can i destroy the Cuban baby just born" John Lennon is turning in his grave.Give peace a chance? usa ? no chance!!!

richard manser (United Kingdom)

Dorrine Marshall (United States of America)

America..Catch Yourselves on.

Paul (Ireland)

This insane policy must be brought to an end. Not only has it demonstratively failed to achieve it stated objectives it has also failed the Cuban and the American people as well. It should be dumped in the dust bin of history where it belongs.

Bill McCaig (United Kingdom)

Now is the time, surely?

Josephine Evans (United Kingdom)

Stop bullying Cuba..

Julia Blalock (United Kingdom)

Ask Barack about his Visit to Cuba and whether he sees them as a Threat to the USA or anyone else. I have been 3 times and find them just oppressed by this unjustified continuation of the Embargo. After all you don't treat Vietnam like this. It's very SAD and a stain on American Justice.

ANDREW RAE (United Kingdom)

Paul Turner (United Kingdom)

Mr President It is a matter for history to judge the actions of today. Be on the right side of history END THE BLOCKADE TODAY. What are you afraid of? That Capitalism is failing? That another way is possible? Be brave - end the blockade.

Lin Newton (England)

Max Hyde (United Kingdom)

Kenneth Cridland (United Kingdom)

John Yandell (United Kingdom)


Julie Cuninghame (United Kingdom)

Dear Mr. President, It is time to end the embargo. It only creates hardship. Lift the sanctions now. Nigel

Nigel James (United Kingdom)

Cuba, although an economically poorer nation, spends more on health care, education, and other social programs than does the unites states. This, despite the blockade. END the blockader NOW.

Kathe Karlson (United Kingdom)

Cuba has provided fantastic health services around the world. Please lift this disastrous blockade and work with Cuba and other countries.

Susan Penny (United Kingdom)

Caro Urquhart (United Kingdom)

Help the Cubans like the Cubans have helped globally in ending the pandemic

Sean Young (United Kingdom)

Bronwen Malik (United Kingdom)

Eric Chipulina (United Kingdom)

Dave Szollosy (Canada)


Rigo (Germany)

John Rogers (United Kingdom)

Dave Rendle (United Kingdom)

Ann Papageorgiou (United Kingdom)

Robert Navan (Ireland)

Gillian de Wolf (United Kingdom)

Pam Tatlow (United Kingdom)

The island of Cuba has struggled for 60 years from the blockade by the USA. This has a detrimental effect on the people of Cuba who struggle to make ends meet. Surely the immorality of this act by America must be lifted. Cuba is no financial or military might, it's the only threat is its ideology. Surely a country as big as America can understand that Cuba only wants self determination and soverignty.

Gregory Hewitt (United Kingdom)

Cloo Potloot (Belgium)

Patricia McAuliffe (Australia)

Lee Davison (United Kingdom)

Hermann Klosius (Austria)

Please do the morally and politically right thing. The US blockade of Cuba is just bullying. It is not justified and causes hardship to the citizens. The US only does this because it can, because Cuba is a small country. The US would not try this with a larger country.

Barbara MacGibbon (Canada)

Is the votes of Cuban exiles in Florida, really worth 60 years of inhumanity ! Time to think again USA

Perry McMillan (United Kingdom)

Get out now. Don't be a bully

DErrol Sharpe (Canada)

Peter Osbaldiston (United Kingdom)

Mr President this has gone on for far too long. Please do the decent thing.

David PENFOLD (United Kingdom)

Michael Stephen Alston (United Kingdom)

dave lofthouse (United Kingdom)

Linda Bailey (United Kingdom)

Chris Overy (United Kingdom)

Una Walsh (United Kingdom)

Lauren Hine (United Kingdom)

President Biden, I would like to personally ask you to please stop the blockade on Cuba. I have talked to several Cubans recently and I can tell uou that although they, their family and friends are really struggling in life due to this outdated form of retribution, they are solid in their resolve to never give up on their country, which they are proud of. I implore you to give the people of Cuba a chance to improve their lives.

Terence Watts (United Kingdom)

Please listen to the pleas made for 60 years to end the cruel Blockade against Cuba.

Joan Smith (United Kingdom)

Jan O'Malley (United Kingdom)

Mike Watkins (United Kingdom)

Please end the racist blockage of another nation to foster peace and assist the Cuban people

Les Skarratts (United Kingdom)

Warren McGiveron (United Kingdom)

Cathy Page (United Kingdom)

eoin macneill (United Kingdom)

Judith Bonner (United Kingdom)

It is up to the Cuban people to decide the direction of their country. The USA does not own Cuba. I have spoken to many Cuban people and it is clear the vast majority want the USA out of their country, their business and their bank accounts. The USA was formed to escape tyranny. Now the USA has become the largest tyranny in the world. End the outrage of the Cuban Blockade now before we become the most hated country in the world.

Benedict Kavanagh (United States of America)

Roger Barcant (United Kingdom)

For God's sake starving a country for 60 years is disgraceful. You are a compassionate man show some statesmanship and end the blockade

Steve (United Kingdom)

Time to show leadership and compassion

Stuart Hyslop (United Kingdom)

Paul Burns (United Kingdom)

Colm McConnell (United Kingdom)

Cuba has suffered enough from US sanctions. It's time that the US starts to live in harmony with it's close neighbours rather than threatening them at every twist and turn. This is not the kind of behaviour that a so called civilised nation should be using to win friends and influence people.

Brian Woodward (United Kingdom)

Barry Richard Todman (United Kingdom)

President Biden needs to show that the Democrat Party stands for humanity, justice and human rights. These are the basic ethics a president should stand for. Cuba has been deprived for such a long time from its right to independence, the USA have deprived Cuba of the basic right of trading with the world and having a successful economy and therefore benefitting from the same advantages and wealth that the west enjoys for so long. And yet it has survived the embargo,supported by left-wing organisations and charities. What has been done to Cuba and Cubans is deplorable. The C.I.A in Guantanamo has proved to the world how bad successive administrations were. Though Barak Obama tried to make a difference, he wasn't allowed to do away with the embargo or close Guantanamo.

Annie Bevis (United Kingdom)

Dorte Lis Hansen (Denmark)

Sergio Lamarao (Brazil)

Come on, Mr President - it's time to do the right thing.

Phil Turner (United Kingdom)

Martin Aroven (Sweden)

Elizabeth Leavy (United Kingdom)

Alex Nightingale (United Kingdom)

End all trade embargoes with Cuba. It is the only humanitarian action that you can take which will have such a massive impact in reducing poverty in Cuba

Frances (United Kingdom)

End the blockade now

Tommy McKearney (Ireland)

Andrew Rogers (United Kingdom)

Sue Linton (United Kingdom)

Don Hoyle (United Kingdom)

Zita Holbourne (United Kingdom)

Philip Meek (United Kingdom)

Claudia Carrasco (Sweden)

Otro mondp es necessario.

Brian Mitchell (United Kingdom)

It's time to reconcile.

Gerwyn Moseley (United Kingdom)

Maggie Simpson (United Kingdom)

The USA administration needs to stop the blockade now. Ill wishes and actions towards neighbours is not acceptable to the majority of the world's peoples. Bad deeds are not acceptable - no matter what culture or religion one has - it leads to unhappy events for all. The USA has millions of people who hate what their administration has done for over 60 years. It makes no sense commercially nor humanly to continue with this policy, so why continue with it?

Monique Buchli (United Kingdom)

Neil Duffield (United Kingdom)

I guess you don't believe in karma

Kenneth Allan Zubko (Canada)

Jane Simpson (United States of America)

Please stop punishing the people of Cuba.Why does America feel it has the right to tell other people how to live when you dont even look after your own people.

sue oneill (United Kingdom)

Kate Hurley (United Kingdom)

And enable Cuba to obtain the syringes needed to defeat Covid19

Juy Palfreman (United Kingdom)

Jean Stubbs (United Kingdom)

Ian Sier (United Kingdom)

Keith chopping (United Kingdom)

Mrs Hilary Rock-Gormley (United Kingdom)

Robert Svorinich (United States of America)

Leif Bergstrom (Sweden)

Ellen Morgan (United Kingdom)

Rosemary Evelyn (United Kingdom)

peter mcnulty (Ireland)

Amanda Hopkinson (United Kingdom)


Salah Baban (United Kingdom)

Helena France (United Kingdom)

It really is time.

David Raby (United Kingdom)

Steve Cottingham (United Kingdom)

Help Cuba fulfill its worthy goal - To make another world possible for its people.

Joyce Hallmark (United Kingdom)

Please normalise relations with Cuba. The United States embargo and threats to Cuba are far too reminiscent of Putin's approach to neighbouring states for comfort. It brings the country into disrepute on the international stage.

Amanda Kent (United Kingdom)

Taking this action will help improve the United States' standing in the world under your Presidency and will be welcomed by US businesses such as farmers, wishing to trade with Cuba. Thank you for taking a decisive approach on this overdue issue.

Yvonne Wilkin (United Kingdom)

Francisco Diego (United Kingdom)

President Biden please show statesman like magnanimity to redress this outdated attitude and policy towards the Cuban people.

Don Wilton (United Kingdom)

Colin Roth (Thailand)

Sophie Hinds (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Lindsay (United Kingdom)

Sabah (United Kingdom)

Margaret Jeffery (United Kingdom)

Margery Anne Wilson (United Kingdom)

Please, End the sanctions on Cuba. It is only hurting the people.

Bud Eisler (United States of America)

The cold war is over why make these people suffer for an ideology that died when the Berlin wall came down over 30 years ago.

keith benham (United Kingdom)

Alison Henry (United Kingdom)

Colin Neiburger (United States of America)

Rob Street (United Kingdom)

John Pinto (United Kingdom)

John McGarrie (United Kingdom)

Soledad Poseck (United Kingdom)

Susan Olech (United Kingdom)

Steve Fuzy (United Kingdom)

Kenneth Doran (United Kingdom)

The Cuban people have suffered for long enough, Why a country like USA should be spiteful and frightened of nation of Cuba standing.

kenneth newton (United Kingdom)

The Cuban people like every other human beings need medicines in this pandemic. Please show humanity and end this blockade.

alpha kane (United Kingdom)

Chris (United Kingdom)

Sonia McCall-Labelle (Germany)

Viva Cuba!

Rickard Branzell (Sweden)

Stop the hardship that you're causing to innocent people.

Eibhlin Mc Hugh (United Kingdom)

Sean Hodges (Germany)

Do something good Joe! Be remembered as the US President who righted a wrong-who did something kind to a small progressive country.

MaggieChetty (United Kingdom)

Nicola Wearmouth (Belgium)

Julia Free (United Kingdom)

I studied Cuba at school in 1959 during my A level Geography course. I've been waiting for the US government to do the right thing by Cuba ever since. Instead the people of Cuba have suffered inhuman, cold-war policies designed to drive their country into the ground. Show a little kindness and do what you can to reverse decades of persecution, which serve to show the cruellest side of Uncle Sam and bring the USA into great disrepute. I suggest that you start by paying a friendly visit to your near neighbour. David and Ann (both aged 79)

David and Ann Morton (United Kingdom)

Richard Mart (United Kingdom)

Christopher J Green (United Kingdom)

John Knock (United Kingdom)

Matthew Screech (United Kingdom)

We are all human.

Benny Nilsson (Sweden)

The blockade has achieved nothing but suffering. Common sense and compassion demand that it ends now. Enough is enough.

Dan Willis (United Kingdom)

Robert Martindale (United Kingdom)

patricia fryd (United Kingdom)

Peter Hampson (United Kingdom)

Peter Godfrey (United Kingdom)

This blockade is totally unjustified and is being continued out of sheer spitefulness. Whatever happened to US values of freedom, equality and respect.End it NOW - it serves no purpose.

Chad Goodwin (United Kingdom)

No one country has ever sustained such an economic attack on the people of another for so long, in the face of almost universal condemnation.

Colin Groves (United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Beech (United Kingdom)

Please prove to the world that the dark days of Donald Trump are well and truly gone and renew friendly contacts with Cuba

Graham Bernard Bates (United Kingdom)

Patricia Hindson (United Kingdom)

60 years of unjustified and unnecessary suffering caused by this blockade which all like minded, honourable nations find abhorrent. Please end now.

Anne McCormack (United Kingdom)

Nigel Smith (United Kingdom)

Will Barton (United Kingdom)

Bob Thomson (United Kingdom)

Think it through, do not just slavishly follow the past.

George Murray (United Kingdom)

Jane Scott (United Kingdom)

Jeremy Neville (United Kingdom)

Philip Weaver (United Kingdom)

Do the right thing please !!!

Paul Thorn (United Kingdom)

End the blockade now!

Lena Brunzell (Sweden)

What could possibly justify denying children their basic needs and imposing sanctions on those generous people who want to support education, health, and housing for all.

Vicky Grandon (United Kingdom)

Jean (United Kingdom)

Please fulfil our hopes that you will be the president who stops the suffering of innocent Cuban people in line with the overwhelming consensus of the UN. Thank you.

Sheila Barton (United Kingdom)

The deliberate impoverishment of a country is a terrible policy. There is no basis in law for this and it should be ended immediately.

Baroness Bryan of Partick (United Kingdom)

Surely surely the time has come to build bridges and end all the restrictions placed on Cuba which bring such hardship

Joy Larkcom Pollard (Ireland)

Mr Biden, as President, the world urges you to have courage of your convictions and end America’s shameful abuse of human rights on the sovereign island of Cuba. They want a different way of life, that puts people above profit, let them get on with it in peace. Respect.

Carla Keegans (United Kingdom)

Duncan A Davidson (United Kingdom)

Michael Johnson (United Kingdom)

James Harkness (United Kingdom)

Nelly Takla-Wright (United Kingdom)

Per Bergmann (Denmark)

mike roberts (United Kingdom)

Peter Wilson (Australia)

I have visited Cuba in 2009 and am impressed with its achievements, many of which put our own countries to shame. Please stop the US' longstanding policy of victimising Cuba

Dr Nigel Speight (United Kingdom)

Let Cuba Live

Alan Hunter (United Kingdom)

Michael Horstmann (Germany)

Christina Davis (United Kingdom)

I am 63 now. The blockade has been with me all my life. I have visited Cuba twice. The people are a wonder and it remains an inspiration. I will go again. End the archaic and outdated blockade.

Mike Hemmings (United Kingdom)

The picture of President Barack Obama shaking the hand of President Raul Castro on 15th April 2015 hangs proudly by my computer. President Obama said "This shift in US policy represents a turning point for our entire region". You were Vice-President at the time and can now, as President, continue that shift.

Peter Harold Smith (United Kingdom)

Dean Ismay (United Kingdom)

Please remove this unfair blockade, based on historic fears about communist threat. All it is doing now is causing unnecessary suffering to the people of Cuba, who present no threat to the US or anyone else in the World; in fact Cubans do significantly more good in the world than many countries which are many times larger, by their medical brigades.

Robert Griffiths (United Kingdom)

Linda Coxhill (United Kingdom)

Roy Williamson (United Kingdom)

Dodie Ritman (United Kingdom)

DAVE WILFORD (United Kingdom)

Stop punishing Cuba!

Ian (United Kingdom)

Jamie Johnson (United Kingdom)

There never was a justification for the penalties imposed since 1962 and they should be lifted immediately and normal economic and trade relations restored

Peter Tatchell (United Kingdom)

After 60 years Cuba needs to be sanction free. Why are they still in place?

Oliver Pardo-Roques (United Kingdom)

Margery Thorogood (United Kingdom)

It is time to end this inhumane blockade, the world has moved on and USA needs to move on and do what is right for the Cuban people. Thank you

Tilly Heigh (United Kingdom)

Annette Webb (United Kingdom)

Ken Burton (Canada)

Rob Doughty (United Kingdom)

Leon Rosselson (United Kingdom)

Sean Maguire (United Kingdom)

Elaine di Campo (United Kingdom)

Per Holscher (Denmark)

Bert Hoflund (Sweden)

Ance Karlsson (United Kingdom)

Please reconsider your Country’s position regarding Cuba! It’s now the 21st Century and way past time to give the Cuban People the opportunity to make their own decisions unfettered by your Country’s obsession with that smal island, Please do the right thing both for the US and Cuba! Thank You, Kind Regards,

Des Byrne (United Kingdom)

Diane McKinlay (United Kingdom)

Ursula Naderer (Germany)

The Cuban people are justified to have their independence. And they have a the right to live without the blockade

Lynda Mary Walker (Ireland)

Hellmut Naderer (Germany)

Jan Plummer (United Kingdom)

pekin platinel (United Kingdom)

Sarah Speed (United Kingdom)

Please end the embargo ..we know Cubans who ate really suffering.

Mary lynch (United Kingdom)

Gillian Dalley (United Kingdom)

The blockade is inhuman and vindictive and has been from the begining, the USA. says it believes in freedom and democracy,this is clearly not the case when it comes to the Cuban people.It's for the Cuban people to choose which way to advance thier countrys progress, and not for anyone else to try and impose a particular way of living.

Daniel Mc Dermott (United Kingdom)

In solidarity

Tamsin Stirling (United Kingdom)

60 years is a long wait but do the correct thing.

Andrew Siddons (United Kingdom)

Owen W (United Kingdom)

Please respect the Friendly Relations Declaration adopted by the UN General Assembly on 24. 10. 1970 that every State has an inalienable right to choose its political, economic, social and cultural systems, without interference in any form by another State.

Gerhard Mertschenk (Germany)

Christopher Brook (United Kingdom)

Colin Adams (United Kingdom)

America's aggressive approach to Cuba must stop.

John Cowley (United Kingdom)

Arto Ahlakorpi (Finland)

As a global citizen I ask you to consider the global challenge we have all faced and the cohesive response we will need to face future global challenges. Planet earth needs leaders that will be on the right side of history, driving humanitarianism and peace forward.

Andrea Cifuentes-Poseck (United Kingdom)

Roger David Baverstock (United Kingdom)

Keith Owen (United Kingdom)

This is an important case - please stop the blockade!

Audun Eftedal (Norway)

Isn’t it time that the American government got over what happened at the Bay of Pigs and admitted they lost that confrontation and stopped persecuting the people of Cuba.

Frank Edmonds (Spain)

John Anthony Cassidy (United Kingdom)

Tim Weller (United Kingdom)

Stephen Lockwood (United Kingdom)

Please do the right thing by Cuba and it’s wonderful people President Biden. Make a difference while you have the chance. Thank you. In solidarity.

Yvonne Weaver (United Kingdom)

Julian Newell (United Kingdom)

60 years is 60 years too long; stop this madness now!

Oliver Charleston (United Kingdom)

Time to be kind.x

Jill Owen (United Kingdom)

Wendy (United Kingdom)

Please follow the principle of "Do unto others as you would have others do unto yourself".

Dr Jonathan Graha (United Kingdom)

This blockade is inhuman and is opposed by the overwhelming majority of working people in the UK. Mr President, please end this blockade today!

Nigel Green (United Kingdom)

Dr Peter A Smith (United Kingdom)

Please end this crazy injustice

Adam Samuels (United Kingdom)

Rae Street (United Kingdom)

John Miller (United Kingdom)

Louis Malyon (United Kingdom)

Meryl MacBride (United Kingdom)

Alan Webster (United Kingdom)

James Bishop (United Kingdom)

Richard Sorg (Germany)

Sabrina (United Kingdom)

It’s time to help a progressive Cuba

Elena Lopez (Ireland)

Laura McMenemy (United Kingdom)

Beryl Sabel (United Kingdom)

Eirene Houston (United Kingdom)

Allan Redfern (United Kingdom)

Alba Tardaguila Giacomozzi (Spain)

End the blockade please

Kim Ramkeeson (United Kingdom)

Trevor Yorke (United Kingdom)

President Obama opined that the blockade of Cuba wasn't working and took some steps towards easing it. President Trump reversed these steps and added still more restrictions on trade with Cuba. With respect, you need to be less supportive of the Cuban emigres in Miami and listen more to US businesses who are losing the profits they would have had if things were different. As for not allowing syringes etc. during a pandemic.....

Phil Sedler (United Kingdom)

Jennifer Bolgar (United Kingdom)

Time formthe US empire to stop the unethical treatment of a Country whose only crime was kicking out the CIA and the Mafia.

Christopher Oliver (United Kingdom)

You know it’s the right thing to do- please revoke the inhumane blockade on Cuba.

Elizabeth McLean (United Kingdom)

Patrick Humphreys (United Kingdom)

President Biden I have always considered you first and foremost, as a humanitarian. I trust that my belief will not be dented. With thanks 👍

Geoffrey Pollock (United Kingdom)

Please show some humanity. Please remove the blockade.

Alan Martin (United Kingdom)

Julia Worsley (United Kingdom)

David Wood (United Kingdom)

Jo Hammond (United Kingdom)

Ending the blockade is more than overdue. Show your leadership and stop pandering to anti-Cuban sentiments which are unjustified political propaganda.

Wendy Patterson (United Kingdom)

Tony Warner (United Kingdom)

Caron Kirkham (United Kingdom)

John Walford (United Kingdom)

Do the right thing

Anthony Conway (United Kingdom)

Please regularise relations between the USA and this small and poor island. Enable the Cubans to develop their economy with trade and tourism.

George Barratt (United Kingdom)

Janet Reed (United Kingdom)

Lis Gilager (Denmark)

In June 2021, the United Nations’ General Assembly voted 184-2 in favour of ending the US embargo against Cuba. Every year the result is the same. The image of your country is very much damaged by this. Please end it and therefore become the humanitarian nation you profess to be.

Peter Kitchen (United Kingdom)

Martin Leete (United Kingdom)

This is not about being anti-America, it's about being pro-humanity.

Jordan Phizacklea-Cullen (United Kingdom)

Christine Rawlings (United Kingdom)

Graham Jones (United Kingdom)

Dianne Beck (United Kingdom)

Jamie Ritchie (United Kingdom)

Eva Rapp (Sweden)

Haydn Greenway (United Kingdom)

Margaret Kashan (United Kingdom)

Ann Janssen (United Kingdom)

The punishment and deprivation of the people of Cuba has done on too long. As a democracy it ti time IS should now lift the 60 year old embargo. The UN Want it to happen and the US can regain the Respect of the world again

Gwen Vardigans (United Kingdom)

Peter Laherty (United Kingdom)

Ian Taylor (United Kingdom)

Karen Parkin (United Kingdom)

Anne Corkr (United Kingdom)

Dr Carol Packham (United Kingdom)

The time to end the blockade is long overdue, please take action to ensure that this is the carried out.

Walter Tavener (United Kingdom)

Isobel McMillan (United Kingdom)

Tony Wright (United Kingdom)

Tony Evans (United Kingdom)

Jackie Power (United Kingdom)

its for the greater humanity

jeffrey rawlinson (United Kingdom)

Max Simpson (United Kingdom)

please rnd the punishment of the Cuban people now

jack hazelgrove (United Kingdom)

Alan miller (United Kingdom)

Bob Buchan (United Kingdom)

Lesley Spillard (United Kingdom)

IAN JOHNSTON (United Kingdom)

The rest of the world consistently votes against this blockade on Cuba at the United Nations. Only USA and Israel support it. Says it all really!

Jim Ennis (United Kingdom)

Jean Bails (United States of America)

Your newspapers never wrote about the Cuban suffering under Batista and your newspapers never write about the Cuban suffering under your blockade. It is WRONG. End this punishment of Cuba now!

Rebecca Vincenzi (France)

Zed Holland (United Kingdom)

This is 2022 The boycott is cruel and unjust.Come on President Biden I thought you cared...History will judge you on your humanity and so far it's no better than Donald Trump. Time to act.

Bruce Findlay (United Kingdom)

In the name of God, Joseph, do the right thing.

Gerard Higgins (United Kingdom)

In the name of humanity, please end the blockade.

Chris Jefferson (United Kingdom)

Karen Harvey (United Kingdom)

Please end this cruel and inhumane Cold War US Embargo. Your current policy is costing lives.

Angie Birtill (United Kingdom)

Terry Brough (United Kingdom)

Mr President, It is long overdue that you put right a wrong from previous Democratic President Kennedy to blockade a country which was trying a new and radical social system.

David Beake (United Kingdom)

Deborah De Gale (United Kingdom)

Dai Morgan (United Kingdom)

Support the Cuban People

paul adriaanse (Ireland)

Please put an end to this inhumane treatment - show you are a humanitarian with a brain and a heart.

Suzette Markwell (Australia)

Dear President Biden I got the idea that you are a man that believes in social justice. Please confirm my belief in you as a good man and do the right thing for the Cuban people. Lift the embargo now. Yours Fraternally Philip Bottley

Philip Bottley (United Kingdom)

Roger Wortley (United Kingdom)

David Wales (United Kingdom)

The blockade has FAILED! Please do the sensible thing, and reverse it!

Christine Morgan (United Kingdom)

In the name of peace and justice, stop this illegal and immoral blockade now!

Pam Wortley (United Kingdom)

Alan Anderson (United Kingdom)

This embargo is inhumane and anti-dekocratic. What does the USA stand for under your administration?

Sue Lowe (United Kingdom)

Jonathan Fraser (United Kingdom)

Frank Chacko (United Kingdom)

It’s time to END the blockade. Cuban citizens will have a better life.

Miriam Perez (United Kingdom)

US sanctions against Cuba have been going on for over 60 years. As a pensioner myself and with health problems this ia a horrendous and inhuman process. It is coarse and indiscriminately affecting young children as well as the old and inform. It is undemocratic aiming to impose US processes and principles on the peoples of another sovereign country. I urge you to stop the US sections against Cuba.

Dave Baker (United Kingdom)

Charlie Browne (United Kingdom)

It’s time for the USA to stop bullying Cuba and treat cubs with basic respect

Stephen millar (United Kingdom)

Jim Lister (United Kingdom)

Manfred Groll (Germany)

Jenny Kassman (United Kingdom)

Michelle Laufer (United Kingdom)

A policy which deliberately makes people suffer through economic hardship, deprivation and starvation is unjustified. It goes against al our values as Catholics and is an affront to humanity. Please desist and lift the blockade.

Dr Tom Flanagan (United Kingdom)

Jim Malone (United Kingdom)

JOHN DALY (United Kingdom)

Stuart Wragg (United Kingdom)

Help build a united,just and peaceful world.

Malcolm Tedd (United Kingdom)

Walter Ronald Mac Lellan (United Kingdom)

The blockade has kept the Cuban government in power as any criticism for short comings is blamed on the blockade (USA) and not the Cuban govt.

Roger Baker (United Kingdom)

Elaine Birch (United Kingdom)

US policy over the last 60 years has not brought about positive change in Cuba;surely it is time now to end this misguided and shameful approach? The only way to bring Cuba back into the US orbit is through constructive engagement.

David Morgan (United Kingdom)

Sanctions just don’t work it just hurts ordinary people. There is no justification today. Start the dialogue.

Mr Michael Farrer (United Kingdom)

Mark Allen (United Kingdom)

Jean Francois Streel (Belgium)

Nick Bond (United Kingdom)

Barbara (Spain)

Maintaining sanctions against Cuba is assisting the hard-right Republican extremists in Florida who are your enemies.

Michael Thornton (United Kingdom)

President Biden - please, be better than your predecessors, be more humane than your predecessors. Like the cold war, the blockade needs to be ended and consigned to the history books.

Sean Hollinghurst (United Kingdom)

Roy Mayhew (United Kingdom)

In solidarity

Tom (United Kingdom)

Neil McCall (United Kingdom)

Bill Broom (United Kingdom)

Derek Sayce (United Kingdom)

Tim Barlow (United Kingdom)

Cuba is no threat to anybody, time to lift the sanctions

Ken Willingale (United Kingdom)

Joan Wall (United Kingdom)

Debbie McCall (United Kingdom)

Bernard Foy (United Kingdom)

Dave Chappell (United Kingdom)

President Biden enough is enough six decades of blockade on the people of CUBA. You are currently showing in your stance against RUSSiA which demonstrates you care about humans. The blockades imposed on CUBA is a contradiction to what you are doing in Europe I ask you to sort out all of the sufferings the families in CUBA 🇨🇺 Are experiencing due to the imposed blockades.

John Regan (Ireland)

Lesley Gouldbourne (United Kingdom)

Jane (United Kingdom)

Stop the illegal blockcade you always say your a democracy so prove that you are Cuba is NO threat to USA so USA do the right thing and STOP The ILLEGAL blockade

Paul Ames (United Kingdom)

Anastasia Twigg (United Kingdom)

Clifford Hughes (United Kingdom)

Jon Holyfield (United Kingdom)

Karen Marie Andersen (United Kingdom)

Alf Lindberg (Sweden)

Carlos Nunes (United Kingdom)

Adrian Banham (United Kingdom)

Rem Drew (France)

Francis Choules (United Kingdom)

Hugh Tunks (United Kingdom)

Apart from the historic problems this creates for the Cuban people, to hear that they did not have adequate access to medical supplies during the pandemic was shocking. This embargo is nearly as old as I am..... that can’t be right can it? Thank you for reading this letter and I hope that you can begin the process of removing these restrictions for the sake of humanity.

Catriona Logan (United Kingdom)

Good fortune in your Presidency. Be kind.

J M Hannigan (United Kingdom)

Biden,be someone who will be remembered for their compassion and end the cruel and undignified blockade of Cuba.

Stan Rupa (United Kingdom)

Please stop Embargo to Cuba. In 60 years nothing has changed, the embargo only cause suffering for this people. I consider the embargo inhumane.

Tommaso (United Kingdom)

Bridget Dunne (United Kingdom)

Kim Sterling (United Kingdom)

Rena Wood (United Kingdom)

If POTUS has a shred of humanity and compassion then he will remove the blockade, now!

Mark Campey (United Kingdom)

Martin Page (United Kingdom)

Cuba intends to vaccinate the world against COVID - the least we can do is lift the embargo.

Dave Postles (United Kingdom)

Tony Sowerby (United Kingdom)

The blockade of Cuba is immoral and must be ended immediately. Victoria a Cuba ✊🏻

Michael Cole (United Kingdom)

Celia Britton (United Kingdom)

Of all the countries I have visited, The Cuban people stand out as being both kind and unselfish.These people deserve, after 60 years of this harsh blockade, to be FREE of it.Please allow this change for the population and the children of, CUBA.Thank you.

Melissa Roberts (United Kingdom)

Sue Merrell (United Kingdom)

Jackie Lederer (United Kingdom)

Roy Luxford (United Kingdom)

Bernard Regan (United Kingdom)

Michael Foulkes (United Kingdom)

The people of Cuba have suffered since the days of JFK. Please consider doing what Barack Obama did and work for a useful relationship with the people of Cuba. Thank you.

George Conchie (United Kingdom)

sara gaynor (United Kingdom)

Time for your country to stop punishing an entire people simply they've had the audacity to choose - and defend - a way of living in the world that hasn't been 'sanctioned' by the US.

Allan Todd (United Kingdom)

do something good for a change, take a leaf out of Cuba's book. Thank you. The World will respect you for it.

Alan (United Kingdom)

Garry Strudwick (United Kingdom)

Resina Chowdhury (United Kingdom)

Lora Davies (United Kingdom)

This ridiculous 60 year blockade does nothing but show mighty America in a bad light. Why so petty and spiteful? End it now!

James Ennis (United Kingdom)

Jason Mayor (United Kingdom)

Agnes Kory (United Kingdom)

Hilary beavan (United Kingdom)

Ann Munsey (United Kingdom)

Nadia Perkins (United Kingdom)

Iain Reekie (United Kingdom)

Robert Sproule (United Kingdom)

Bryan Hutchings (United Kingdom)

Bob Allen (United Kingdom)

Louise Lee (United Kingdom)

DAVID EATOCK (United Kingdom)

Mr Michael Carr (United Kingdom)

Jim Whiston (United Kingdom)

If you don’t help the Cuban people, you’re inviting Russia and China into your back door! How can you be so blind?

Keith Reid (United Kingdom)

Dear President. Please stop the blockade and be remembered for something great

Richard Lockwood (United Kingdom)

Lesley Kazan-Pinfield (United Kingdom)

Isn Walmsley (United Kingdom)

A good Leader would know when enough is enough. Do the right thing now. Stop fearing the alternative, there is nothing to fear but fear itself

sherry dixon (United Kingdom)

Jean Gest (United States of America)

John Baguley (United Kingdom)

Dafydd Williams (Wales)

Tanya Garrett (United Kingdom)

Eli (Norway)

William Bohen (United Kingdom)

Juergen Suttner (Germany)

Peter Barton (United Kingdom)

Keith Close (United Kingdom)

David Plant (United Kingdom)

Andy Vidion (United Kingdom)

A simple message. End the blockade, NOW

Ramon Corria (United Kingdom)

Your sanctions are harming ordinary Cuban civilians especially children. Cuba is not a threat to the USA these days and all you are doing is holding onto an outdated dogma. I have been to Cuba and the people are good and honest so stop their suffering by lifting your embargo. You will gain global credit if you take this action.

Nicolas Ruch (United Kingdom)

Anders Kilefors (Sweden)

Babs Gisborne (United Kingdom)

Cuba is a peaceful country full of people just like yours in the US. They want to live in freedom, just like yours. They want good lives. The difference is they don't want your political and economic systems. If you truly believe in the freedom of people to make their own choices, please follow your own beliefs and allow the Cuban people the freedom to prosper on their own terms.

Keith Egerton (United Kingdom)

Ron Booth (United Kingdom)

l Hogarth (United Kingdom)

Jill (United Kingdom)

Lorraine Tillett (United Kingdom)

Humanity costs nothing: please cancel the embargo on Cuba. What a humanitarian legacy that would be for the Biden administration!

Anne Sadler (United Kingdom)

Its way too long for a country that harms no one

Gary shatford (United Kingdom)


ellie Poppitt (Australia)

David Granville (United Kingdom)

Rob Devenish (United Kingdom)

It is an unconscionable act of inhumanity and aggression on a tiny country that offers no threat to anyone.

Tom Simpson (Ireland)

US imperialism - a leopard that doesn't change its spots

William Podmore (United Kingdom)

Simon J Gibson (Philippines)

Graham Knight (United Kingdom)

Economic blockades are inhuman

Emeritus Professor Imti Choonara (United Kingdom)

Steve (United Kingdom)

Obama set the Democratic policy towards Cuba. Trump reversed it. You still following Trump's policies regarding Cuba.

Lorenzo Canizares (United States of America)

Mike Coulson (United Kingdom)

lease end the suffering of the Cuban people.

Dennis Flanagan (United Kingdom)

Amanda Parke (United Kingdom)

Dear Biden, do better than Barack Obama

Jan Kirstein (Denmark)

The time is well past for ending this pernicious blockade against Cuba. As a relic of the Cold War era, the blockade has perpetuated, for far too long, a grave injustice against a sovereign nation and its people. By what right?

Bryon Smith (United Kingdom)

Christopher Kirk (United Kingdom)

For equqality

Gil Tarschys (Sweden)

Remove the boycott now. This policy has done nothing but hurt ordinary Cubans. The US needs to get over itself regarding Cuba, and stop pandering to "little Havana ".

Anthony Dodsworth (United Kingdom)

Manuel Soler (Germany)

It is time to end the blockade and allow Cuban people to lead a life without restrictions on their welfare.

Andree Duguy (United Kingdom)

Marianne Hitchen (United Kingdom)

Ingrid Hildebrandt (Germany)

Barbara Patilla (United Kingdom)

You must reduce the shame which adheres to the USA for such long-lasting damaging attitudes to Cuba. The views of Cubans who have moved to the USA are not relevant in the light of the suffering inflicted on those living in Cuba now.

David Preston (United Kingdom)

Please do the right thing - the USA treats Cuba as Russia does Ukraine

Graham Partridge (United Kingdom)

Please end this blockade. It harms the American people as well as the Cubans.

Bonny (United Kingdom)

Robert Steel (United Kingdom)

Go down in history as the fairest, most sensible President for 60 years.

Rob Savage (United Kingdom)

Mr Biden, for once do something good for this world. Be a President that goes down in history for ending this old, out of date unhumane policy from the days of the Cold War and fear of communism. Cuba is a small country that has great principles of health , education, and solidarity. This cruel act has deeply affected the innocent people of Cuba, short of medical help, medicine and food. The leaders of Cuba are not affected. It is a waste of time. DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR THIS WORLD, AND BE REMEMBERED AS A GREAT PRESIDENT, NOT ONE THAT STOOD BY AND DID NOTHING WHEN GIVEN FOUR YEARS BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Paul Pattison (United Kingdom)

Hope that this year will mark the end of the blockade.It has not worked for 60 years so time for the USA to wake up and show respect for a country that is a sovereign nation that you can do business with but not on your terms.Why keep creating enemies when we can all work together. Regards lila zanrosso

lila zanrosso (Australia)

Katie Spalding (United Kingdom)

isobel fletcher (United Kingdom)

Robert Burke (United Kingdom)

Judith Mabbott (United Kingdom)

Rohina Ghafoor (United Kingdom)

Listen to the world End the genocidal blockade now. Respect Cuba’s sovereignty and independence

Robert Oram (United Kingdom)

Sue Wailoo (United Kingdom)

Claire Copple (United Kingdom)

Strange how the UN can be used an excuse for war but is ignored when politically expedient to vested interest

Malcolm Dunning (United Kingdom)

Michael High (United Kingdom)

I fear you are beholden to the Cuban American population. They are not representative of the vast majority of the American people who welcome normalization with Cuba. End this criminal and immoral blockade that is designed to cause human suffering that will instigate an uprising. It has not, and will not work.

Nancy B Kohn (United States of America)

Solidarity to the Cuban people!!

Julie Sheppard (United Kingdom)

Ian Webster (United Kingdom)

Ari Sulopuisto (Finland)

Pat Turnbull (United Kingdom)

Kulsoom JAFRI (United Kingdom)

Lindsay Popovich (United Kingdom)

Cerith Griffiths (United Kingdom)

Martin Brown (United Kingdom)

I fully support this open letter and I would like the USA and Cuba to establish most friendly relationships as neighbours.

Valeriy Arenov (Kazakstan)

Friedhelm Julius Beucher (Germany)

Paul Leon John Mackney (United Kingdom)

Pete Coxhill (United Kingdom)

Sara Narayan (United Kingdom)

Carole Geerts (United Kingdom)

This needs doing NOW !!

Paul Fowler (United Kingdom)

Steve Marsling (United Kingdom)

Adrian Weir (United Kingdom)

Emilia Lazarova (Bulgaria)

Malcolm Wallace (United Kingdom)

It’s time to move on

Pat coote (United Kingdom)

Curt Bender (United States of America)

Enlighten the world

Mr LGB WORMALD (United Kingdom)

David Wells (United Kingdom)

Kathleen McCarty (United Kingdom)

James (United Kingdom)

Dobidu (United Kingdom)

I've been both to Cuba and the United States, and it is the undemocratic, international-law and human-rights violating action of the U.S. embargo against the Cuban people that stands out as one of the worst examples of cowardly bullying, rank hypocrisy and unjustifiable interference of our times.

Ruth Stavris (United Kingdom)

This dreadful blockade designed to bring hunger & desperation. What kind of regime set out to do this to a small neighbouring country? Very evil. End the blockade now.

Mrs Rachel Munoz (United Kingdom)

Denis Lenihan (United Kingdom)

Sheila Garvin (United Kingdom)

Christopher Carrington (United Kingdom)

Rick Walker (United Kingdom)

Manuel Ramirez (United States of America)

Cuba will survive.

Alan Carr (United Kingdom)

Cuba is one of the finest countries I have ever been to.

Brett Manley (United Kingdom)

Marika Fusser (United Kingdom)

Nathan James (United Kingdom)

Trevor Parsley (United Kingdom)

Keith Robinson (United Kingdom)

Gill Griffin (United Kingdom)

You promised on the campaign trail that you would rescind the cruel and inhumane Trumps 243 sanctions against the Cuban people. 60 years of a policy meant to starve and hurt the Cuban people until they revolted and their country collapsed. You must stop the insanity and economic terrorism against a island nation who poses no threat to the US. PLEASE STOP THE ILLEGAL POLICY AGAINST THE CUBAN PEOPLE. THEY ARE NOT OUR ENEMY. END IT NOW!

Trude Kyle (United States of America)

Ray Gaston (United Kingdom)

Ryan Coley (United Kingdom)

Terry Hoad (United Kingdom)

¡Cuba Vive!

George Tsolakis (United Kingdom)

Paul Stygal (United Kingdom)

Do the right thing. End the blockade. Cuba and its people are not only resilient, but also generous in their help and support for those less well off. This is a wonderful characteristic that other more affluent countries would do well to embrace.

Richard Moore (United Kingdom)

Chris McCabe (United Kingdom)

Chris Remington (United Kingdom)

John Cooper (United Kingdom)

Jenny Hardacre (United Kingdom)

Andy Walsh (United Kingdom)

Catherine Midwinter (United Kingdom)

Pru Heath (United Kingdom)

Frances Kelly (United Kingdom)

Which other state supported the USA in the 184:2 UNGA vote in June 2021?

Owen Cooper (United Kingdom)

Kate Helsby (United Kingdom)

Robyn DASEY (United Kingdom)

Denise McDowell (United Kingdom)

During a recent visit to Cuba I was horrified to see how little food and medicine is available to the population. It is inhuman to make the whole population suffer, for what? What have they done? They are a democracy which is moving towards becoming more democratic.

JULIA SIMPKINS (United Kingdom)

Ellen cooper (United Kingdom)

Trump is over. time for everything to do with Trump to be over. ending the blockade is one straightforward measure - for cooperation and against hostility.

John Robert Nicholson (United Kingdom)

Bertha Beltran-Leon (United Kingdom)

Graham King (United Kingdom)

The US economic blockade against Cuba is illegal, immoral, criminal, genocidal and a violation of human rights. It must end. The US government must respect Cuba's self-determination and sovereignty. We call on all justice loving people in the world to stand in solidarity with the Cuban people and the revolution they defend.

Adela Brent (Australia)

david gray (United Kingdom)

Orlando Hill (United Kingdom)

Paul Jacklin (United Kingdom)

Please lift the blockade and allow Cuba to thrive in peace

Jane Daly (United Kingdom)

Surely the time has come to ditch this failed and outdated policy in favour of normal relations involving mutual respect. The Cuban people have a right to decide their own path free from outside interference and have shown the world that it is possible to create an equal society that involves and benefits everyone and stands in solidarity with all who struggle against poverty, war, disease and climate change.

Geoffrey Bottoms (United Kingdom)

Annette Gow (Canada)

Susan Holland (United Kingdom)

Loft blockade o cuba

Ray hall (United Kingdom)

Joanne mcclinton (United Kingdom)

Stop the foolish game of showing how powerful the U.S. thinks it is.the world watches as you unnecessarily let innocent people suffer.

Susan Virgin (Canada)

John Fisher (United Kingdom)

Lynn Fisher (United Kingdom)

Jesse Pozniak (United Kingdom)

Lisa Anzinger (United Kingdom)

Cuba, is the light of the World help it become a World leader now.

Stephen Thomas (United Kingdom)

As an American citizen I wish President Biden to immediately end the blockade of Cuba.

Caroline Anne (United Kingdom)

Paul Rutland (United Kingdom)

Lietys Blair (United Kingdom)

Cuba sends doctors, the US sends bombs.

Phil Brand (United Kingdom)

Claudia (Cuba)

End the cruel blockade

David Peat (United Kingdom)

It has been sixty years now of this economic warfare against the Cuban people which is designed to brutally strangle the Cuban economy. It is the primary cause of shortages in food, medicines and educational equipment. At this time of a worldwide health pandemic the US blockade of Cuba is shameful. 60 Years is Too Long. End the Blockade !

Rob Miller (United Kingdom)

Andy Google (United Kingdom)

Ryan (United Kingdom)

Trish Meehan (United Kingdom)

60 years is far too long! End the blcokade now! Viva Cuba

ryan smith (United Kingdom)

Add your name

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