London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield & Brighton actions

A special world day of action has been called ahead of the 2021 UN vote on the US blockade.


Saturday 19 June, 12-1pm, London

Meet 11.50am for 12pm start at Embankment Tube

Walk/cycle to Trafalgar Square via Thames Embankment & Parliament Square

Join the whole caravan or meet us along the route

Bring flags, banners and signs, or email us if you want to help carry CSC's.

Please confirm your attendance so we can plan ahead
by emailing

Saturday 19 June, 12pm, Hyde, Manchester

Car cavalcade from Morrison’s car park, Mottram Road, SK14 2NN
to The Sportsman

Contact for lifts and details.

Saturday 19 June, 12pm, Sheffield

Join Sheffield CSC on Devonshire Green to march to
Sheffield Town Hall for a rally

Bring flags and banners!

Sunday 20 June, 2pm, Birmingham

Victoria Square, City Centre, outside the Council House
'Walking Caravan' leafleting down New Street

Sunday 20 June, 2pm, Liverpool

Beatles 'Fab Four' sculpture by the Liver Buildings
The Strand (down hill from James St Station), City Centre

Bring flags, home-made posters/placards, wear Cuba t-shirts

Sunday 25 July, 11.30am, Brighton and Hove

Meet at the Volks Railway Terminus, Brighton Marina, to walk along the sea front to the Peace Statue in Hove. Join at the Volks, along the route, or at the Peace Statue.
Bring flags and banners.

All above events are part of the world days of action in advance of the UN vote on the blockade on 23 June. If your CSC group is organising an event and would like it listed here please email

Background and resources

Monthly caravans of car and bicycle cavalcades started in Miami in July in 2020 and have spread to several cities in the US since. They have been organised under the banner #Puentes de Amor (Bridges of Love) and led by Cuban-Americans calling for the US administration to allow families to be reunited by ending US travel restrictions, opening the US embassy in Havana for visa processing, and allowing them to send money home to families in Cuba - all actions that were restricted by the Trump administration and have not been reversed under Presdient Biden.

Get involved - download your FREE poster

Since March 2021, activists from around the world have joined the days of action from their homes and local communities. We recognise that it is not always easy for members to get to events held in city centres, even when there isn’t a pandemic. But there are many ways to show your support without having to travel far from home. You don’t need a car or to be part of a big group to take part.

There are many ways to join – be creative!

You can walk alone or with friends taking a Cuban flag, make your own sign or banner, use one of CSC’s designs, or just wear a campaign t-shirt for the day.

You can decorate your house with flags or signs, invite friends for a Cuban-themed event in your garden, fly a flag from your car or bike for the day. Anything that raises awareness of the blockade in your community is great.

If you are holding online events you can also get people to take an online action by holding up messages as we did at the All Members Forum.

If you want to find out if any local groups are organising caravan events close to you check out our events page and if you are a CSC local group organising an event, send the details to us so we can share them.

Whatever you do, just remember to take a photograph and send it to CSC or tag us on social media so that we can share all the UK-wide actions and include them in the next issue of CubaSí.

You can also share it yourself on social media using the hashtags #PuentesDeAmor, #NoAlBloqueo and #EndtheUSblockade.

Send your events, photographs, and any questions to and check the events page of our website to see if groups are organising caravans near you at

Free posters

We’ve produced two posters that CSC members can use: one with the message ‘End the US blockade of Cuba, End the occupation of Guantánamo Bay’ and the other, CSC’s International Caravan poster, which has a blank space for you to write your own message. You can download A4 versions of both versions below.

Download the 'End the US blockade of Cuba, End the oocupation of Guantanmo Bay' poster here

Download the 'International Caravan' poster with room for your own message here

Or, if you would like A3 posters to decorate your house, car, or to use at actions, please email or call and leave a message on 020 7490 5715.
Posters can be sent to CSC members for free (although donations are always welcome!) but postage and printing costs will need to be charged for non-members and bulk orders. Cuban flags are also available from our online shop.

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