Cuba and Dominican Republic discuss environment and energy saving

Campaign News | Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Dominican environment minister in Havana

Havana.- As part of his first visit to Cuba, Dominican environment minister Max Puig has been holding discussions on energy saving and plans to reduce the effects of climate change.

During a meeting with the Cuban science, technology and environment minister, Puig expressed an interest in Cuba’s experiences of using renewable energy and the country’s energy saving program, according to local media.

Puig described Cuban environmental protection experiences as “worthy” and said that the initiatives would be “very useful”.

“We are interested in making the most of them”, he said.

The Dominican minister said he was particularly interested in pollution reduction measures, biodiversity, species reproduction, river basin management and energy saving.

Puig said that the Dominican Republic is dependent on fuel imports, particularly petroleum, which exceeds US$2bn a year.

“We’re benefiting from the solidarity and support of our sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, but we also have to change our energy production and consumption patterns”, said the Dominican minister.

Puig is due to sign an agreement setting out concrete proposals for cooperation between the two island nations on Wednesday. He returns to the DR the following day.

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