Vets draft animal protection law

Campaign News | Wednesday, 11 April 2007

New law expected to go to the National Assembly of People’s Power soon

THE Scientific Veterinary Council of Cuba has drafted a law to guarantee the right to life of all animals in the country, according to Doctor María Gloria Vidal, an expert with that institution.

“Together with the Cuban Association for the Protection of Animals and Plants, a draft law was drawn up and presented to the Ministry of Agriculture, and we expect that it will soon continue on its way to the National Assembly,” she explained.

Legal protection for animals, sterilization as a way of reducing the stray dog population and safety for wild birds are some of the aspects to be addressed by Cuban specialists at the 6th International Congress of the Veterinary Sciences in Havana.

Dr. Videl said during a press conference that the event will give special attention to the issue of animal well-being, in line with the goals of the World Organization for Animal Health, of which Cuba has been a member since 1972.

“We approach our work from two standpoints. The scientific includes improving productive process and facilities, improving the quality of veterinary work, and facilitating comfortable, adequate systems in livestock units.”

“Our other task is educational. There are children who attack animals, individuals who sponsor dogfights, people who throw things at animals in the zoo, and others who have pets in inappropriate conditions... There are diverse manifestations of mistreatment. Therefore, we are carrying out educational work via the media and pioneers’ (schoolchildren’s) circles of interest.”

The 6th Congress will also feature events on Parasitology, Naturalist and Bioenergy Medicine, Veterinary Microbiological Diagnostics and Veterinary Medicine for Disasters. Experts from 22 countries are expected to participate.

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