Cuba Adds More Doctors to the World

Campaign News | Sunday, 22 July 2007

Havana, Jul 22 (Prensa Latina)

A total of 8,884 new health professionals, from dozens of countries and Cuba, will graduate in the coming days from universities in the Island.

This new graduation includes more than 4,000 doctors, 2,470 of which are Cuban, who got their degrees in different specialties, as medicine, stomatology, health technology, and nursing.

The first 746 youths that registered for the medicine specialty, and that were trained according to a teaching model that began in 2002, as part of the Revolution's new programs, will graduate this year.

Doctor Francisco Alberto Duran, director of national teaching of medicine at the Public Health Ministry, told the local press that 1,842 doctors from around 30 countries will also graduate this year at the Latin American School of Medicine.

Of that total, eight US youths will get their degrees, 1,551 others belong to the regional project for which the school was conceived, and the rest comes from the agreement of scholarships granted by the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

Almost 5,000 doctors have graduated from Cuban schools since 2005, through the ELAM free project and the Island's help, as solidarity with the world people, who need welfare and human development.

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