More doctors ready for China quake aid

Campaign News | Thursday, 29 May 2008

Fidel Castro has expressed Cuba's readiness to send additional medical personnel for earthquake relief efforts in China, adding to the three dozen doctors dispatched there earlier this month, official media reported Wednesday.

"Cuba has medical workers who are well-trained, and eager to help the Chinese people ... if the government of China wants us to," the former Cuban president wrote in an article in the daily Granma newspaper.

He added that Cuban medical personnel would be available to lend a hand in China "for as much time as necessary."

Havana sent 35 surgeons, orthopedic specialists and paramedics following the massive May 12 quake which devastated huge tracts of Sichuan province.

China is one of Cuba's main allies and its second largest trading partner after Venezuela.

Officials in Havana announced Wednesday that bilateral trade was up 17 percent in 2007, and was valued at some 2.6 billion dollars.

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