New website on Che Guevara launched

Campaign News | Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Che Studies Center launched a new website dedicated to Argentinean-Cuban Ernesto “Che” Guevara in commemoration

of the 80th anniversary of the birth of the guerrilla fighter.

The website,, was presented on Thursday in Havana at a

press conference by members of the Che Studies Center, the Pablo de La

Torriente Brau Center and the Casa de las Américas cultural institution.

A Notimex report said the organizations called on Latin-American

intellectuals and artists to supply the site with historical information

about Che, who was murdered in Bolivia in 1967.

The website features sections dedicated to keeping Che’s life and work alive through photos -some of which have never been published before-

as well as with personal documents, testimonies and songs written by Cuban “New Trova” musicians.

One of the coordinators of the internet site, Maria del Carmen Ariet, named some of the intellectuals who have contributed information to the

project, mentioning Uruguayan journalist and writer Eduardo Galeano, Brazilian Frei Betto, Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez, Cuban

writer Miguel Barnet and Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti, among others.

A section called “Palabra Viva” (Living Words) features recordings of

speeches delivered by Che, poems by Cuban national poet Nicolas Guille

and Julio Cortazar, and songs by Carlos Puebla and Vicente Feliu. The

materials can be downloaded, noted Ariet.

The website will be presented again on June 14 as part of the continuing

activities to commemorate the birth of Guevara. On the same date, a bronze statue of the revolutionary will be unveiled in his birth city of Rosario, Argentina.

The four-meter high piece of art shows the figure of Che wearing his

guerrilla uniform and beret. It was created by Argentinean artist Andres

Zerneri using 75,000 bronze objects that were donated by 15,000

individuals from all over the world.

Cuban News Agency

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